27 September 2011

Motel Rocks

So, i've had some exciting news while i've been here in Southampton. Before i moved, i applied to become Southampton Solent's Fashion Ambassador for Motel Rocks, and by total surprise i got it! I'm looking forward to writing other than here, or for uni, and for just enjoying myself with it.

I'm a little nervous, as i'm not sure what the future holds with it, but i'll be sure to keep you up to date and possibly even grilling you for ideas! The first assignment, i've chosen, is about what a great city Southampton is! I can't wait to write about how much i love this it here!


25 September 2011

Life As A Fresher

So, as most of you probably know, i've begun my time as a fresher at Southampton Solent University. I have to say apart from all the homesickness and feeling unwell, i'm beginning to enjoy my time here. I've made some wonderful friends and am already looking forward to cracking on with the course!

I'm really not a party animal, but have graced the Southampton nightlife with my presence multiple times now (probably more often if i wasn't feeling lousy! (Too many late nights!)) I really think that getting horrendously drunk is overrated and not what being a fresher is all about, but that's just my humble opinion! I've enjoyed going out (most of the time) and haven't drank very much at all, however my flatmates are quite mental (but pretty sensible, thank goodness!)

The course officially starts tomorrow, after a week of induction lectures/talks/guest speakers/tours etc, and i'm already raring to go with the work and the lectures! To be honest, i'm looking forward to some routine and for freshers week/fortnight to start calming down. I'm a right nerd, really, but perfectly happy with being so!

Ring of Fire

Me & My Flatmate Emily

Chinese with the Girls

Freezing Theo, our flatmate's, keys as he never uses them and leaves the lying around!

Me & Clair

Me & My Flatmates!

I'm enjoying the "Fresher" experience but going out and getting hideously drunk really isn't my cup of tea, and once freshers week is over my going out with be considerably less frequent! I'm perfectly happy with a night, or so, a week as i don't want my uni work to suffer (the massive nerd coming out again, i know!)

I'm pretty happy with my little space, here in Southampton. It's homely and cosy, just the way i like it, with lots of colour and personality! It's pretty warm and snuggly, full of home comforts plus essentials like DVDS (friends 1-10, of course!), lots of storage in the form of cute tins collected from Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston and high street stores. Everything has a little space, which i really like but lets see how long that lasts for once i begin serious work!

Duvet Set: Primark | Blue Blanket: Primark | Keep Calm Pillow: Past Times | Turquoise/Black Swirl Pillow: Argos | Floral Cushion: Home Made/Fabric: John Lewis | Bunting: Gisela Graham | Union Jack Tins: Emma Bridgewater | Desk Tidy: W H Smith | Wooden Draws (At End of Bed): IKEA | Ipod Dock (On Draws): JBL

If there's anything else you can see that i haven't covered, and are interested in, do ask! There have been a few editions up since these photos were taken, such as my little telly to keep me company, some fairy lights going up the wall at the head of my bed (40 for a fiver in Amazon!) and also at the head of my bed, i've put up my collection of retro advertising (picked up while travelling around the country this summer, on postcards) which i'm sure i can show you at some point, for those that are interested (if i remember!)

I'm beginning to really settle, and get happier, bring it on.


PS. Promise i'm still alive! Please bare with me, this moving lark is harder than anticipated!

Rosie & Dolly

So, i really ment to post this before i left but never got around to it, so i'm finally doing now as i'm tucked in bed feeling unwell, eating fish fingers (which cure everything!)

There's the cutest little shop in Ely, a city near me and the home of my Mr, that houses many beautiful items and one of a kind pieces. Rose & Dolly sits on the train station. It's a little out the way so you probably wouldn't visit unless you were going to the station anyway, and usually everyone's in a mad dash so miss it! Fortunately, my many years of visits to the little city have shown me this little gem many a time.

It's ultimately a little retro/vintage boutique, full of beautiful one off items (dresses, skirts, shorts and the like) as well as shiney little gems, home made cushions and beautiful printed scarves (plus cards, trinkets and much much more!) My favourites lie with the homewares, they're bright, beautiful and often kitsch - just my cup of tea.

Prices tend to vary, item to item, but often you can pick up a real steal! If you're ever in the area, do pop in and have a look - there are so many treasures to be found!


Gok Graces Southampton

So, on Thursday 22nd September me and a few of the girls from my course went down to West Quay Shopping Centre, in Southampton, to see the one and only Gok Wan recording his new series of The Clothes Roadshow. I am a huge Wan Fan, so to see him in the flesh was something special! I didn't get to meet him or anything spectacular like that but it was cool to see them recording the show, how everything worked and to witness Gok's humour and personality up close.

This season of The Clothes Roadshow sees Gok style up all 8 outfits, from the high street (that's right, bye bye Brix!) one half costing up to £250 each and the other only £50. I've followed the Clothes Roadshow through the years, so it was interesting to see how they film it all (trust me there's so much more filming involved than shown on the telly!) I haven't included any photos of the final results as i don't want to ruin it for you, but it's fair to say it was a tough call between pink and black in this episode! It was such a brilliant experience to witness all 10,000 Gok fans come together in one place to celebrate the Great British High Street, here's to the Wan!


I Promise

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I'm Still Alive!

Yes, yes i know it seems like i've dropped off the face of the earth but here i am! Life for the past week has just been incredibly mental (and busy). I know reside in my student residence, Deanery, in Southampton. Finally! it's been a crazy and emotional week, but with the beginning of uni on the horizon i'm beginning to feel settled. I'm not the biggest party animal, but have spent lots of time with my ever so lovely flat family, gracing the Southampton nightlife with our presence. I've thrown some shapes and given my new wedges an outing, so things are looking good. As our induction week starts tomorrow and my course the following, i'm not going to be going out as often but i'm still gonna spend some time with my little Southampton fam.

I'm really looking forward to starting the course and also for getting a routine, i've hated not knowing what to do with myself so some structure will be a god send. Sadly, i've been feeling really rubbish this week, so havn't been 100% but (finger crossed) it seems to be dying down. It's all just been so crazy it's probably just all the emotions! I few posts lined up, so you'll be hearing from me and my adventures very soon!


17 September 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting, my sweets! I was about to upload my latest pictures for a post, i realised that everything is packed. Everything. Including my camera lead. Boohoo. So, this will be my last post at home, yikes! I am Southampton bound tomorrow evening, staying in Winchester on Sunday night so we can beat the traffic and make it to my accommodation for mid morning Monday, before a long day ahead.

It's actually terrifying that i'm leaving tomorrow and tonight is the last night in my bed for a while, blimey, but like i keep telling myself i'm ready for the change.. I think. Keep your fingers crossed for me and i'll get you up to speed on the other side!


ps. Alice, i haven't forgotten you! Your card is winging it's way to Southampton with me tomorrow and i'll blog about in my next post, because it's far to sweet amazing to pass by!

14 September 2011


Just a little outfit post for some amusement! I literally have about three bottoms to choose from this week, two of which are shorts, as everything is packed! It's very frustrating. BUT! I'm making the best of a very bad, very annoying, very clothes-less situation!

Shorts: New Look | Top: New Look | Cardigan: H&M | Scarf: H&M | Tights: New Look | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Socks: H&M | Pumps: Cath Kidston

Such versatile, easy to wear shorts, they literally go with everything which is probably why i left them out! I love these Cath Kidston pumps, i picked them up for a snip of the price at an outlet. They just brightened up my outfit as it was otherwise a little lacklustre.

If i could also pinch a second of your time, i've entered the F&F Tesco A/W Competition and i'd really appreciate a vote! You can find my entry here.


11 September 2011

A Week In #2

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- So, here i am again! I tell you, at the moment my emotions are on a rollercoaster! I was very down at the beginning of the weekend, but by the time i came to read all my new comments on Sunday morning, you lovely ladies made my mood sky rocket! Through blogging i have honestly met some of the nicest people, and i cannot wait to attend a blogger meet up to meet you all! My tweeties really know how to keep me up beat, thank you to those that made me smile on Friday night especially Emma over at The Daisy Chain & Fiona at Sugar For My Honey, they really helped me grin!

- The fact that it is now ONE WEEK until i move down to Southampton is probably having the biggest impact on my emotions, things that aren't as big as they seem are flared up because my mind is a buzz with the impending move and that is really not helping me sleep. However, my wonderful girls are keeping me up beat, but probably more likely that we're all just panicking together! I'm so lucky to have already met the most fabulous ladies, we're all keeping each other positive and picking up one another when they're down. I'm more than excited to start living the next chapter of my life, to do my own thing and really become the person i want to be. This past week has given me space and time to think, and it's just helped me realise that this move is such a brilliant decision so i can grow and blossom.

- The Mr being in China is also most likely impacting my lack of sleep, and i'm now just becoming more crabby that i previously was, but nevermind onto bigger and better.

- Unfortunately, some of the other Aussie winners haven't received their packs yet so we have to wait until tomorrow for the next part of the challenge. I'm quite looking forward to it, despite not having a clue what it entails! To be honest, i'm just chuffed that they considered my reason good enough to be picked. I'm really loving my Aussie products so far, i'd highly recommend them and frankly they smell divine!

- The nails in my photo are: Rimmel Black Cherries & 17 Glitter Top Coat and Rimmel Euphoria and it's my new favourite combo; light and dark! I have been loving brightly coloured nails for the past few weeks, but maybe my nails are now beginning to match my mood! Euphoria is a relatively new purchase for me, and i absolutely love it. It's one of those colours that every way you turn your nail, you see a different shade, such a lovely autumnal colour.

- I couldn't not take a photo of the forth coming storm on Saturday evening in the Lincolnshire countryside. We'd been visiting family, as my cousin has just had the most beautiful baby girl (Erin Rose for those that are interested, pictures to follow when i have been sent them!) As the dutiful honorary Auntie, i had my cuddle and she's absolutely to die for. So docile and chilled out, didn't cry once such a happy baby! When we came to leave, the weather was turning for the worst but it was so odd as where we were was just getting dark, not cold or wet, but in the distance you could see the pouring rain, the ash grey skies and the odd concentration of sunlight lighting the otherwise gloomy sky. Almost felt like twilight.

- Those are just a fraction of my nicely organised boxes, full to the brim with university essentials. I'm sure i have too much 'stuff' but frankly, i'd rather have it than not. I have plenty of bits to make my room mine and enough equipment to make sure i'm never without anything! Perfect. I'm sure i'm taking too many clothes, but when you're used to such a selection it's hard to not have it! My room is now looking a little bare and having to live in a pair of denim shorts for most of the week as my clothes are packed too! I always was known as the organised one..

To finish off this longer than expected Week In post, i'll show you a few purchases made recently!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner | 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Honey Blossom | Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation in Ivory 1 | Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara in Ultra Black | 17 Hideaway Concealer in Fair | Collection 2000 Colour Intense Trio in 10. Fondant Fancy | Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen For Eyes | Collection 2000 Eyebrow Definer Lasting Colour in 3 Blonde | Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 064 Stormy Grey

Last but not least!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
River Island Black Wedge Boot

Aren't they beautiful!? Purchased for the Mr's brother's wedding in december, perfect winter heel with plenty of grip! Perfect.

Few Uni essentials and some bits i can't wait to try! Reviews to follow!

- K ox

9 September 2011

Happy Aussie-versary!

Now, i don't believe i told you but i was lucky enough to be the winner of an Aussie Party Pack over on Kirsty's blog, FashionChampagne, because i have something worth celebrating!

"I've got into University, to my first choice and am moving out in a matter of weeks! Eeek, to being a grown up but if that's not something to celebrate, i don't know what is! :)"

I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the Aussie brand and of all the 'Aussie Angels'. They're events are amazing, and they just seem to put their heart and soul into branding, which i love. So, winning this was just brilliant! And through my door, this morning, popped my party pack!

Heart Sparkler | Popping Candy | Sunglasses | Aussie Flip Flops | Party Poppers | Limited Edition Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner

I'm over the moon to receive the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, as after watching a past video on Emma's Blog, Oh Really?, she recommended it highly to help damaged hair, and as i'm having a bit of a nightmare with mine at the moment (and it's really not in the best condition, thanks bleach) i really wanted to give it a go. I almost bought it yesterday, but ended up just buying the other product she suggested, Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, so i am more than pleased to receive this product!

The next part of the competition is to be revealed to us, via email, on Monday at 1pm (on the dot) UNLUCKILY i'm meeting a few friends for lunch at 1 on Monday, so i'm hoping that i can either postpone the date a little or do whatever they ask of us over my Blackberry! We're in with the chance to win 9 tickets to the Aussie VIP Party in October, and that would be amazing so i'll do whatever it takes!

- K ox

8 September 2011

Mush & Gush

Before i get onto the mush & gush, just wanted to share with you a quick outfit post of my new beauties. I could NOT wait to get these on, and they do not disappoint. They're insanely comfortable and are pretty cool in the process! (So i'm getting my comfort kicks while looking fab, win win!) I got plenty of compliments on them today, including one either drunk or just loud man shouting "I like yer pants love, but are you actually american?" Hmm. Yes. Well. At least i'm causing a stir!

Shorts: Topshop | Jumper: Next | Tights: Tesco | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Bag: New Look

I really like this little number, and i'm pretty sure i've proclaimed my love for this jumper on Legs before, it just felt like a comfortable combo but i also felt quite myself, a little funky (are you allowed to use the word funky now?) It was just the perfect outfit for mooching around Cambridge with my lovely ladies.

I spent the day with my friends from college Jess, Lisa & Katie. I've barely seen them this summer, as we've all been doing our own thing and were never all around at the same time, so it was brilliant to finally get together before we all depart! It was a lovely day full of chatter, browsing, shopping, lunching and girl time, which we haven't done for ages. Perfect. When it came to the goodbye, it was a little emotional! I love my girls, and they've done so much for me. I'm closer to these few than people i've known for years, they mean so much to me and i have to thank them for being the brilliant and beautiful ladies i know and love.

Now we're onto the mush, i have to say that over the past couple days i've some of the lovliest comments, and it has honestly restored my faith in good people. I only think about writing for myself, so to know that it means something to someone else is just amazing. You've really made me week, ladies, and i can't thank you enough! To top THAT off, the lovely Holly over at Galaxy Glamour has put me up for a blog award (that is now sitting happily in my sidebar!) I'm over the moon, as it really shows that people like what i'm doing! So thank you Holly, it's ever so kind of you! I've never had one before, and i understand there are rules so here they are!

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.

1. Favourite Colour: Autumnal colours tend to be my favourite; Orange, Red, Mustard, Teal.
2. Favourite Animal: I love Orcas, i think they're truly beautiful.
3. Favourite Number: I don't know why, but it's three.
4: Favourite Drink: That's tough, it depends on my mood but it's a tie between Costa Mango & Passionfruit Fruit Cooler, Cafe Nero Banana Milkshake or a Malibu & Coke.
5. Facebook or Twitter: I think Facebook is genius, but i'm becoming addicted to Twitter.
6. Your Passion: Fashion (ha), Travelling, Writing, My Family, My wonderful Friends, Legs Eleven and Trying to catch every opportunity.
7. Giving or Getting Presents: I absolutely love giving presents, and tend to buy them all year round. I love that feeling when you've got the perfect gift, and you know they're going to love it.
8. Favourite Pattern: I love stripes.
9. Favourite Flowers: I love Tulips and Daffodils, they remind me of Spring.
10: Favourite Day: Friday (Gotta get down on Friday)

- K ox

7 September 2011

Topshop Frenzy

I'm in such blogging spirits at the moment! Probably due to my lovely followers, i really have to thank the 2 lovely ladies who commented on my last post; it honestly brought a tear to my eye and a warmth to the heart! I sometimes think i'm only really talking to myself, and writing for myself, but it's when you get comments like that that make you think "actually, i'm quite glad i'm writing to relate to other people too" It's people like you two ladies that really make me feel positive about people!

As i said in my last post, today has been a bit of a lazy day; actually, even more than planned as i didn't end up even having to my pick mama up from work! However i did go to Tesco and managed to sneak a couple Caramel Aeros (my current fave chocolate bar, seriously try one) into the basket as it's the only place i've found them sold! Today's outfit sort of reflected my laziness as i was definitely more dressed for comfort:

Leggings: Topshop Tall | Top: H&M | Scarf: H&M | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I think i bought this top a while ago in a H&M sale, if i remember rightly it was about a fiver? Please do correct me if i'm wrong! It's just such a cosy top, not too thick so perfect for lounging in early autumn, in this weather that can't really make up it's mind. I'm just really enjoying the leggings/tunics/tops combo at the moment, comfy but i feel leggings keep things smartish.

Sadly, as you may already have read, the beautiful green jeans i ordered did not fit and alas, i had to return them (boohoo again) BUT every cloud as they say, and now i am awaiting the arrival of these little beauties! I loved the green colour, and frankly if it comes back in stock they will be mine, but these will do in the mean time as they are such a deep, beautiful shade. They call it a raspberry, but i'd almost say it's more of a wine? Only time will tell, but they'll be making a fab edition to my A/W wardrobe. I also figured that a new pair of jeans deserves a new edition to work with, and that's how this little number wormed it's way into my basket. I loved it in the shop and not quite sure why it was left behind, but it's now going to have a new home with me. Lovely.

I am loving Topshop at the moment for Autumn/Winter essentials. What are your key pieces for this season?

- K ox

A Week In #1

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So, it’s currently 23:39pm and I’m in the mood to write, which is very unusual for me so late on a Wednesday? Tuesday? It’s definitely a Tuesday (My days are all rolling into one now I haven’t got work or college to go by) When I see other bloggers posting in the middle of the night; I think they’re crazy! Probably because I never have the concentration, or the attention span, to do something so time consuming, BUT here I am.

I always really enjoy reading people’s My Week In... (insert choice of how you show your week here) eg photos or bullet points, or whatever, but I never really had the willpower (to do it continuously) or the thought that my weeks are interesting enough, but now we’re into the final 2 week countdown before I move to uni, I thought what better time to write about then now. I think this will become a little diary, and maybe a little more frequent than a week in, maybe more a couple days and I’ll try to include thoughts, feelings, photos and what I’ve been up to. I know there are lots of you out there, in the same position as me, so it’d be nice to share!

- Well, the past week has been a bit mental, since getting back from Southampton I’ve spent the majority of my time with my mamma, which has actually been lovely (seeing as I’d spent the past week with the Mr) as I won’t be for much longer (boohoo)! Since getting home, and my summer pretty much ending, we’ve been on full steam ahead with the University dealio. We’ve been shopping to gather remaining bits off our list (which thankfully, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, is nearly empty; hoorah), having lunch and a natter, and all round preparing and packing for the impending move. So Wednesday through Saturday last week was spent almost entirely shopping, with lunch stops and sleep scattered in there too of course, however the most part was done on Thursday, when we went into Cambridge to get most of the bits. Sunday was spent having a lazy morning, and when my parents go back from their morning errands our house turned into packing central! Luckily, I got to escape the madness by the evening to spend some time with my Mr before he jetted off to Hong Kong for 10 days yesterday, but that’s another story, so I’ll fill you in on that later.

- I’m not quite show how I feel about moving yet, I keep changing my mind and having mixed feelings but overall I think I’m pretty excited, well at least I think I’m ready. I’m definitely ready for a well-deserved change. Moving away from my parents is a huge thing, as we’re pretty close, but I’m also ready to make the break from them and do things on my own. Although I’m sure I’ll talk to them when we both feel we need to, it’ll be good, for me, not to go to them at every decision and every opportunity, it’ll be all me for a change. I have to say that having my Mr close by is probably cushioning the worry for me, as although we won’t be seeing each other all the time, maybe not any more than we see each other now, but it’s just a comfort to know that if I need a helping hand (or a shoulder to cry on!) I have someone there, and close by (it’s going to be strange going from the closest we’ve been is 40 minutes away, to a ten minute bus ride; weird.) It really is going to be the biggest change/decision of my life, to date, but it’s also going to be more than exciting. Most of all, I think I’m looking forward to having my own little space (for me to decorate, my way! You’ll see pictures, when completed, of course!) And to start my course (BA (Hons) Writing, Fashion & Culture at Southampton Solent University fyi!) because it’s finally what I actually want to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved studying fashion and textiles for the past three and English for 2 years but it’s not what I wanted to do entirely. Making clothes and researching all the latest designers is more than fun, but when it comes down to it I wanted to use more of my English skills too; which is where the journalism comes into it! (I don’t know if I’ve ever explained, but my primarily is fashion and journalism, but also consists of photography, styling, PR type modules too, right down my street!) More than anything, it’ll be good to do something for myself, however scary that is.

- I knew I wouldn’t last (as it is now 10:20am on Wednesday and I’m still in bed) I got too distracted and couldn’t concentrate on what to write, but I’ll just carry on from where I left off! So today (Wednesday) is consisting of a lazy morning, if you can’t already tell, which I figured is allowed as I have to chauffer my mother around later as a family friend is borrowing our car to take their children to the airport. Not the most exciting of days today, but I actually really appreciate times like this as you get to do all the little things that you know you need to do but run under the radar the rest of the time. I plan on finishing this blog post, updating my diary with all the new events and catching up on all my months worth of magazine subscriptions, which have been flooding through my door while I’ve been away. My afternoon only gets better when I go to Tesco with my Mamma, but it’s alright because it’s the only place I know that sells my favourite chocolate bar (Caramel Aero) so I can pick up a sneaky treat! Tomorrow, I’m taking a trip into Cambridge to have a reunion with my college friends. I’ve barely seen them all summer, and I miss them! So I’m planning going in a little early to have a mooch ‘round the shops and then meeting them for lunch at 12 (I am so in the mood for Pizza Hut) Has anyone else been to Pizza Hut recently and got given one of those secret envelopes? I’ve got one that I’m going to take with me tomorrow, but I don’t know if there really is anything worth winning! Hey, I’m a student know it’s all worth winning!

- Last, but not least, as I said earlier on my Mr is currently gallivanting in Hong Kong, which I’m not happy about for many reasons (mostly selfish because I haven’t been out the country this summer) but also because it’s so hard to keep in contact! Luckily, now, I’ve heard from him that he’s landed safely and is all A OK but because they’re 7 hours ahead, it’s even more difficult to keep up. I guess it’s a little hard because we’ve never been able to do anything like Hong Kong, maybe I’m a little bitter, but I’ve always wanted to go somewhere but we never have due to money. Now he’s gone to China, I guess it’s just made me think about it, but never mind. He’s there and I hope he has a fantastic time.

Sometimes I think that maybe I think far beyond my years, when it comes to ideas about being in a couple and how you live as a couple, but maybe it’s each to their own.

I’ve enjoyed having the freedom to just write in this post, is anyone actually interested in reading anything so personal?

- K xo

5 September 2011

Stars & Stripes

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Aren't they beautiful?

Thankfully, these fit like a dream and i'm glad i bought the Tall versions as God only knows how the regulars would have fitted! (They fit beautifully 'round the waist, nice & high on the torso and not too short on the bum!) Unfortunately, the beautiful green jeans (that i have now fallen head over heels in love for) are a size too small, and i am begrudgingly returning them this afternoon (boohoo) I'm going to watch them like a Hawk, on the website, and pray that they come back into stock (as Topshop customer services were ridiculously unhelpful) But i'm very happy with these little beauties, and am looking forward to incorporating them into my A/W wardrobe.

- K ox

4 September 2011

Just Purchased & Nearly Did

So, due to my impending move to Southampton in tee minus 2 weeks tomorrow (eek!) I have been shopping for bits to see me through the next few months on a minimum budget, as a student. Now that, for me, Summer is officially over as September has started and, frankly, the weather has never been more than toasty, i'm over it trying to Summer and i'm full steam ahead for Autumn!

I always love the Summer months and dread having to shop for Autumn/Winter as i am most definitely not a coat girl, as i know so many of you are! I don't know what it is but i have always decided against having one, not quite sure how i've managed the past few years in Great Britain's ridiculously freezing Winters, but it seems that have. Now i don't know if it's me growing up, wanting a new change or just worrying about being freezing (i'm always freezing) now i'm living(ish) by the coast, but i am absolutely loving shopping for A/W (I even bought a coat!! Achievement and a half!) And as i am far too lazy to take a picture of every single piece, i thought i would wrap it all together in Purchased & Want To post!

I am so happy with the beautiful pieces i have managed to pick up recently, and am definitely looking forward to trying out some new looks and working them into my wardrobe:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have had a real Topshop dash the last week, due me knowing that i am not going to be able to afford they're outrageous prices while i'm a lowly student (boohoo) and i'm not going to have a parent to shop with (ah, being an only child!) So i thought i would spend my money on some good, classic, key pieces to work throughout the A/W months. Also LOVING H&M and it's Autumn ranges, they have some really beautiful pieces in at the moment, and it is SO hard to say no! I have been lusting over those iconic Flag print Topshop shorts for months, and wanted them the first time around, so when i saw a similar style out again i decided it was about time i treated myself. I'm trying out the Tall pair as i find that Topshop shorts are ridiculously short on me, because of my leggy figure but they're due to arrive tomorrow so time will tell, i just love that they're a bit different but am also loving my denim at the moment, so it's a nice compromise.

I am a real jumper fiend and as i've found the most perfect leggings (seen in this post) i'm looking for some bits for me to wear with them, especially that are a little longer (to cover my modesty) & This little beauty is one i couldn't make my mind up about, but then decided it couldn't be taken out of my basket. I love how big and baggy it is, however i did order it in the size down (6-8) as i usually find the 10-12 TOO big for my small frame, and also love how long it is! It just seems so versatile, i'm interested in trying to work with other pieces, like skirts & shorts (I also have a thing about red & pink at the moment, it's so wrong, it's right?) and this just seems the right shade of pinky red (It says it's called Raspberry Red, but i would class it as pink) As for these jeans, i am hoping and praying they fit (fingers crossed!) as i think i have been a complete numpty and ordered a size down (oops) but we shall see how they fit! I am always complaining how they never do interesting jeans (ie, coloured/patterned) in Tall/Petite sections so when i saw these i had to snap them up! I love the colour as they're a nice deep shade and will go with so much, i figure that stems are green and that flowers come in a multitude of colours!

This beautiful cable knit jumper, i ummed and ahhed about for ages, i went to other shops but nothing compared to this beautiful piece, which i had to go back for! It's so thick and delicious (can knitwear be delicious?) Well, this jumper is most definitely delicious, it also comes in navy but i wanted to brighten up my winter months and thought that red would look lovely with so much already in my wardrobe.

My new coat! It looks horrendous in the online photo, and if i had seen it online first there would be no way i would have picked it, but when i saw it hanging on the rack, i knew it was the one! It's cute little anchor buttons, it's leather detailing, it's huge lapels and the lovely deep pockets - perfect, it was truly a beautiful love affair with a definite happily ever after, it was mine within 5 minutes of trying it on (Topshop made an easy sale that day!) It's a little pricier than i would normally spend, but i figure it's an investment piece and in such a classic style, it'll last me a life time. Now this, little beauty, is my Freshers Ball dress, however i have got it in the bluey/turquoise but it's a bestseller and i can't, for the life of me, find a picture! It's nicely figure hugging and the fabric is ever so soft, i also like the shape - the caps sleeves and flared skirt look fab.

Another beautiful H&M jumper! I am obsessed with this mustard yellow, i buy it anything and everything! Again, this is a little oversized which i quite like, especially for lazy days and it just seems to be nice and easy to wear. THIS BLAZER. FINALLY. ARRIVED. It's a H&M bestseller, it totally sold in instore within a week of being stocked, and has sold out online THREE times, not one but three. Ridiculous. When i saw it in the pre A/W magazine sent through my letterbox, i knew it had to be mine and at only £20 you really can't say no to such a distinctive piece. I am also loving that loads of H&M pieces, this season, have elbow pads; including this! I own nothing else like it, so it's nice to have something totally different for a change of pace. You wouldn't think it, but it works with so much which i was i love it so much! I honestly can't wait to test it out. Coming to an outfit post, near you. FINALLY, this cute little basic number in 'Petrol' which is a gorgeous bluey/green (similar colour to my Freshers Ball dress) I'm loving the skater shape, at the moment, and they're just so easy to throw on and wear. It'll go with so much, layered up or on it's own so i just couldn't put it back (talked myself into how much i can wear it) Which is actually pretty true.

So, as you can see, i've picked up some pretty classic, key pieces for the coming months, which i really cannot wait to try out. I'm so ready to embark on Autumn, i'm missing my layers! Despite all my shopping, there is always a wish list!

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As it's nearly Freshers, i'm looking at adding to my going out collection and i love this little ASOS number. It comes it loads of colours, and i love that it's bodycon but has a cute little cut out back. Revealing, but not too much as i'm not a massive fan of the serious cut outs. Matching shorts to my blazer! They just look so comfy and wintery, which i love! Blazer and shorts together? No? Really?

Seriously loving my denim at the moment, Topshop Leigh Jeans are my absolute fave and this deep blue pair is so cute. They're super skinny and they're TALL, what more can i ask for? I love bodysuits and i just think this would look so cute with a skirt for a night on the tiles, i think it'd be so easy to dress up or down, and wear it with anything. I really love things that you can wear with anything at the moment! I am really desperate for some cowboy-esque ankle boots! I fell in love with the iconic Topshop Allegra but didn't get my mitts on any, so have been scouring the highstreet. I really like the western details on these, and they can be worn with literally anything! I'm also scouring for some NONE peeptoe wedges for the Mr's brother's wedding on the 23rd December! I really want to wear wedges as they're easier to walk in, but as it'll be the middle of Winter, i don't want my tootsies getting frozen in peeptoes! So these are a nice alternative! They look far better on than they do off, and are just a classic black staple.

I love cord! I don't know why, but it just seems like everyone should have something cord for this A/W! It looks so snug for the colder weather, i also really love the texture of this fabric and it'll be lovely to mix with simpler styles. Last but not least, another pair of shorts (i'm a shorts fiend at the moment.) I love the suede fabric and the COLOUR is gorgeous. It'll go with soo much, maybe even a nice combo with my new H&M raspberry red jumper? Reason to buy them..?

WELL that's enough chattering for me! This is such an essay and if you made it this far CONGRATULATIONS! Gold star for you.

What have you been snapping up lately?

- K ox

2 September 2011

Hello Summer, Where Have You Been?

So, the sun finally got his hat on (hip, hip, hip hooray!) and as the girl that is always cold, i have LOVED it. However, the weather is apparently going back to being Great British weather we know and love tomorrow, i enjoyed it while it lasted. I have spent the past 2 days getting my prep on for university (which has actually been serious fun) Who doesn't love home/supplies/clothes shopping, it's the best kind of shopping! Yesterday me and my mum went to Cambridge on the bus, which was probably a mistake as we had arms full of bags by the end of the day, we looked like a comedy act trying to balance the bags, as well as successfully accomplish the stairs (don't you just hate it when bus drivers drive off before you're even up the stairs?) However, we got pretty much everything on our list - spending a small fortune in Primark - but getting almost everything on our list none the less. This is what i wore for a day of lists, preparation and decision making.

Kimono: Primark | Shorts: New Look | Bandeau Top: New Look | Tights: New Look | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Belt: New Look

I know this little beauty (Primark Kimono) has featured on Legs before, as do the brilliant go-to shorts(!), but i love it and as i'm so cold allll the time, i take every opportunity to wear it! I wasn't originally going to wear this necklace but i couldn't find the one i wanted, however i quite like the final outcome, nice mix between the sheer, floaty kimono and the chunky neck piece.

& Today was spent in, and around, St. Neots picking up a few more bits & bobs needed from our list (and possibly picking up a new Cath Kidston, in my favourite fabric, bag from their sale..) It was absolutely glorious weather today so i took another opportunity to wear one of my favourite pieces, in my wardrobe.

Playsuit: Topshop | Denim Jacket: Topshop | Belt: Vintage | Tights: New Look | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins

Despite my love for my beautiful summer clothes, i am easily persuaded to leggings and jumpers. I have recently picked up some beautiful A/W pieces that i cannot wait to work into my wardrobe. I'm also looking forward to working in some of my newer summer pieces in too (it's amazing what a long sleeve top can do!)

- K ox
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