31 August 2011

Goodbye Southampton,

Hello Reality.

So, i'm finally home for good! Well, that is before i move, entirely, to Southampton in about 2 and a half weeks, crazy, just crazy. I will not miss living out of a suitcase for weeks on end, no-sir-ee. I've had a fabulous summer, so far, galavanting up and down our beautiful country but it is nice to be home for a while before i have to up-root and make a new home somewhere else. I can't believe that summer has gone so quickly, it seems like moving away is coming 'round at lightning speed! I can't say that i'm not excited, because i'm beginning to really look forward to it but i really will miss the home life too.

A couple of backdated outfit posts for you today! I have to say i am the furtherest away from a leggings and top kinda girl and i have been one of those people who scream "LEGGINGS ARE NOT TROUSERS" to all those girls who think it is perfectly acceptable to show their midriff while wearing a super tight pair of see-through leggings. And i still am. And it still is unacceptable, but ever since i picked up these amazing leggings from Topshop's Tall section in York (which, by the way, is the bets tall section i have ever embraced) i have really enjoyed the comfy chic. I picked up this top while i was away, in Brighton for the day, and i couldn't wait to try the look out. I quite like the top/legging combo, as long as the top isn't too short. I find this acceptable, strangely. Hey ho, i liked the look so why not! I like to try new things. What do you think?

Leggings: Topshop Tall | Top: H&M | Hoody: H&M | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Miss Selfridge
(Sorry for the shitty lighting!
I took it after we got back from the cinema, quite late, blogger fail!)

This was really worn for popping to get some milk and watching The Inbetweeners Movie, at the Odeon in Southampton (if you get the opportunity i would highly recommend you go and see it because it is HILARIOUS) The thing i really love about these leggings is they don't sag! YES. They do not sag. I have been looking for said non sagging leggings for FAR too long, finally they are in my sticky little mitts. They're a little thicker than normal leggings which make the extra comfy, i'm really not complaining and they've got cute panel detailing on the sides, all in all a BRILLIANT purchase, love love love.

On Monday, i got the opportunity to spend the day with some of my future class/flat/uni mates which was really fun, and broke the ice three weeks early! Perfect for some easy, slip into university life type feelings. We spent the day scouring the shops for (unsuccessful) dressing up ideas, devouring lunch at Bella Italia and walking down to our future homes, our halls of residence. It was good to explore the city together, and be able to part some of my 2 or so years of knowledge of the city. This is what i wore for this occasion:

Skirt: H&M | Top: H&M | Cardigan: H&M | Tights: Tesco | Belt: Boyfriend's | Necklace: Claire's

I love this skirt, which i also picked up in York. The colour is so bright and the fit is perfect, i'm really glad i didn't leave this gem behind. H&M has some serious beauties in at the moment and i'm finding it hard to say no! I'm still waiting for my sold out jacket to be delivered, but hopefully it should be here within the next 2 days, as i had to wait for it to come back into stock online (after it totally sold out in store and then online THREE TIMES) I'm just praying it fits!

I'm hoping to get some blogging in for the next 2 weeks, until i leave, but me and mum are in full get-ready-for-university-mode, so i'll be here, there and everywhere picking bits up and spending my days slowly packing bits up! Crazy that i have to pack up my 19 years of life and haul them to the other side of the country, but it brings a nice change. A welcome change.

Another little note, i've been picked as one of the Aussie winners, for their Aussie-versary, over on Kirsty's blog FashionChampagne! I can't wait to hear more about the Aussie brand, and get my goody bag in the post! I'm also intrigued by the challenge, i'm always up for a challenge!

Everything is so exciting at the minute, and i don't want it to stop! Tomorrow i'm off to Cambridge to get more uni bits and some A/W essentials! What have you guys been up to?

- K ox

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  1. So happy everything is falling into place for you Kat! It's so exciting times, I sure do hope we can stay in touch when you move to uni.

    I love your skirt, leggings and bfs belt! xxx


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