7 September 2011

Topshop Frenzy

I'm in such blogging spirits at the moment! Probably due to my lovely followers, i really have to thank the 2 lovely ladies who commented on my last post; it honestly brought a tear to my eye and a warmth to the heart! I sometimes think i'm only really talking to myself, and writing for myself, but it's when you get comments like that that make you think "actually, i'm quite glad i'm writing to relate to other people too" It's people like you two ladies that really make me feel positive about people!

As i said in my last post, today has been a bit of a lazy day; actually, even more than planned as i didn't end up even having to my pick mama up from work! However i did go to Tesco and managed to sneak a couple Caramel Aeros (my current fave chocolate bar, seriously try one) into the basket as it's the only place i've found them sold! Today's outfit sort of reflected my laziness as i was definitely more dressed for comfort:

Leggings: Topshop Tall | Top: H&M | Scarf: H&M | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I think i bought this top a while ago in a H&M sale, if i remember rightly it was about a fiver? Please do correct me if i'm wrong! It's just such a cosy top, not too thick so perfect for lounging in early autumn, in this weather that can't really make up it's mind. I'm just really enjoying the leggings/tunics/tops combo at the moment, comfy but i feel leggings keep things smartish.

Sadly, as you may already have read, the beautiful green jeans i ordered did not fit and alas, i had to return them (boohoo again) BUT every cloud as they say, and now i am awaiting the arrival of these little beauties! I loved the green colour, and frankly if it comes back in stock they will be mine, but these will do in the mean time as they are such a deep, beautiful shade. They call it a raspberry, but i'd almost say it's more of a wine? Only time will tell, but they'll be making a fab edition to my A/W wardrobe. I also figured that a new pair of jeans deserves a new edition to work with, and that's how this little number wormed it's way into my basket. I loved it in the shop and not quite sure why it was left behind, but it's now going to have a new home with me. Lovely.

I am loving Topshop at the moment for Autumn/Winter essentials. What are your key pieces for this season?

- K ox


  1. hello :) I've given you a little blog award - have a look at http://beautifulsimplicity-holziepink.blogspot.com/ :)
    <3 Holz oxo

    p.s. I really enjoyed your previous post, I think it's great to be able to write on a personal level on here :) I experience similar feelings with my boyfriend, I think as long as your happy and staying true to yourself that's all that matters :) looks like you've got some great autumn/winter pieces, you've inspired me for my upcoming shopping trip :D

  2. I didn't know Caramel Aeros existed! I'll need to find and try one. :)
    Those skinnies are a brilliant colour.
    I've been loving big knitted jumpers recently. Slowly but surely filling my wardrobe with them. :) x


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