31 May 2011

Crackle & POP

I'm still aliveee!

I hope you all had equally busy Bank holiday weekend, however i hope they were a lot more interesting than mine; as it involved lime green polyester (again), grumpy bank holiday shoppers, unbearable heat (inside) and heavy rain! I spent it earning my pennies to be saved for my summer & university funds, which however brilliant in the long run that will be, it wasn't made for an exciting weekend by any means! However, i spent my Bank holiday Monday evening painting my nails as next weekend is the infamous weekend away, hoorah, so i don't have to worry about having to take my nail varnish off this week - so i went a little varnish mad!

As i said in previous posts, i was interested in trying out the Models Own brand of Nail Varnish, and i've finally gotten around to trying the colours i bought:

Models Own Champagne & Fuzzy Peach

I absolutely love these colours together! I love the mix, rather than having all my nails the same colour - i've noticed that a lot of people in the blogging world, and otherwise, seem to be doing it a lot and i never thought i'd really like the mix but i proved myself wrong! As for the Models Own polish, i have to say i'm still a totally loyal Rimmel customer - not much can beat it's intense colour, drying time and price point in my eyes - but MO has cute packaging and funky colours on it's side!

Now, i know the whole blogging world and it's mother have jumped on the crackle polish ladder, but i hopped on a little late and am still loving the effect - especially on my toes, peeking out my glads for the summer!

Models Own Champagne & Fuzzy Peach / Barry M Black Instant Nail Effects

I LOVE THE CHAMPAGNE UNDER BLACK!! It looks super slick and i love it. The one criticism i have about the crackle polish is it's so hit & miss! I had to redo a couple of toes multiple times to get the desired effect, but i am happy with the end result.

Today i spent a lovely sunny (and showery) day with my lovely mother, pounding the pavements of St. Neots - well, not exactly pounding as my poor mum has a dodgy hip and it was giving her serious gip today, so it was more a slowly padding the pavements.. But there we go! I'll show you my purchases a little later on, but here is what i wore for the day in question:

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Strap Top: H&M / Spotty Top: Dorothy Perkins / Cardigan: H&M / Necklace: Claire's

Yes, yes! It's THAT top again, but i seriously love and it's ever so versatile & i love it paired with these camel jeans. I also wore my new gladiators from Linzi Shoes, which showcased my new tootsies perfectly!

Gladiators: Linzi Shoes

I had a wonderful day spent with my wonderful mum, and if you ever happen to be in the area - i highly recommend popping in to St. Neots! It has beautiful parks, a beautiful riverside and plenty of brilliant little country pubs! Me and mum chose 'The Priory' to stop for lunch in and it was super lovely, i'd give it a glowing recommendation! The food was yummy, the prices were excellent and the service was even better - i had a lasagne that made me melt, yummy! We spent a lovely day in Cath Kidston, sampling the food of St. Neots and popping in and out of the high street of St. Neots, which i really enjoyed.

I might show you some bits and bobs that came of my day soon! I hope you're all having a lovely week!

ps. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, FINALLY!!!!!!

27 May 2011

Friday Feeling #17

001. Well, it's fair to say Friday Feelings have well and truly been forgotten in the last couple weeks (due to a hideous work load and my 30 for 20) but i'm hoping to start them up again - however, next friday is the weekend i'm away so i'll try to post, but might save all my posting for when i return, but we shall see!

002. This week has been full of daytime TV, pyjamas, friends & (sadly) sniffly noses. I have seriously enjoyed not having to worry about anything and just doing what i like, but not so much enjoyed the fact my body has decided it's a good time to give me a hideous cold. I think i've had so much going on over the last couple months that my body has just been too busy to think about being ill, but now it's all come to a stop and everything has calmed down it's hit me like a tonne of bricks and come all at once! I guess i'd rather get it out the way now, so it's not plaguing me during my exciting summer!

003. During my lounging time, i was surprised to see that July's issue of Elle has already come winging it's way through my door, and it's not even June! Well, i guess that's one of the perks of being a subscriber! Anyway, i love to read the Elle Preview pages - in which they show interesting Artists, Designers, Films, Books, Fashion, etc - and this months was no exception. I thought i'd share with you the work of an Artist that originates from none other than my prospective University, Southampton Solent. He goes by the name of Tom Gallant, and has been challenging the 'taboos' around erotica since he discovered feminist writers while studying Graphic Design at Solent.

"Pornography is such a rich, loaded topic in society, it's a serious subject but there are moments when i like to create humour even if it's just in the title."

The collector III

When i like most about the work of Gallant, is that in all his work there is more than meets the eye. From merely the title, to the pornographic paper used to cut his images he is constantly trying to push the boundaries of art, and of society. My favourite work is these beautiful Moths, from The Collector I:

The Collector I

From afar they look simply like intricately cut Moths, made up of beautiful reds, creams, pinks, but when you get closer you realise these tones emerge from the pornographic paper, such as Readers Wives and other vintage top-shelf titles, used to create these magnificent creatures.

He spent several seasons spent collaborating with Marios Schwab, on prints, which introduced Gallant to the world of Fashion:

"For me it was ideal to take my images and put them back on the female form"

All sourced from Google
Gallant would like to collaborate with Schwab again, but for now he is focused on his latest project: Collages of birds using pornographic images of older women, which form part of House of Beasts - a year long group show at Attingham Park, Shropshire - House of Beasts is on from July 2011 - July 2012.

004. I'm really looking forward to this next week, as i'm going to spending some quality time with my mum - as she'll be off for half term, some time to pamper myself; getting my hair done and my legs waxed - needs must! and finally getting to see my gorgeous Mr after what feels like a life time (however, the time has really flown due to the amount of work we both have!). I'll have lots to update you on and lots of love outfits to show you too, i'm sure. Hold on tight, my lovely readers, i'm sorry things have been a little slow of late but as we all know this term is the worst of the lot! So, good luck to all those with exams and hand ins - i'm sure you'll all be ace! xo

26 May 2011

Tea for Six?

I spent last night with 5 of my lovely girl friends, celebrating our friend's 19th birthday (which is in fact today, so Happy Birthday, Ella, My Darling!) As things get very hectic during the academic year, we always loose sight of getting together and just having a laugh! But when we do, we always think why don't we make the time to do this more often! So, it was lovely to be able to take the time out to just chat, laugh and dance like total lunatics.

Jeans: Primark Tall / Black Strap Top: H&M / Lace Top: New Look / Yellow Cardigan: H&M / Bracelets: Glastonbury & Gift

I actually really like this simple outfit, it was was a good ensemble for just some chat and games with the girls, but still looked interesting - i don't wear this little lace crop top very often but i'm not sure why as it is utterly adorable and was purchased in the New Look sale! What a bargain!

We celebrated with (non-alcoholic) punch - which, to be honest, wasn't as tasty as it looked! - pink & green cupcakes and bizarre looking pizza (plus minstrels & malteasers!) but not altogether, obviously!

Our delicious table set for (not so) high tea / Our delicious (looking) punch, adorned with strawberry! / Harry's pink & green cupcakes on a gorgeous cake stand / Ella's pink birthday cake made by Emily / Ella's piece of cake, adorned with a minstrel / Dancing like lunatics / Harry's gorgeous pup Sybil joined in the games / Playing Articulate at Ten o'clock on a Wednesday night!

It was lovely to spend some time with my brilliant friends, it always makes me think how lucky i am! How do you like to spend time with your girl friends? xo

25 May 2011

Private View

So last night was our Private View, and it was really lovely to see the exhibition full of people. It was really busy with parents, family, friends & photographers. It made me very proud to see mine, and my course mates, work being admired as i know we've all worked very hard this year. This is what i wore for the occasion!

Tartan Skirt: Topshop / White Strap Top: H&M / Rust Strap Top: New Look / Nude Cardigan: H&M / Footless Tights: New Look / Golden Ball Necklace: Claire's Accessories / Scarf: Old H&M / Bag: River Island Via Gift

I don't wear this skirt very often anymore, but it still remains one of my firm favourites. I'd quite like to get a nice black top to wear with it, to make it a little more dressy but i like this rust ensemble! I don't know why, but with the hair up* and the box bag, the neutral cardigan, the pencil skirt and the box bag i felt a little like a 60's housewife!

*As my hair was not co-operating with me, i decided i wanted to do something a little different so came up with this curled, messy, pinned up bun type effect - it's not something i've really done before but i quite like it, what do you think?

Here are some photos of the exhibition for you, there's a real selection of things but obviously i'm biased that the Fashion & Textiles work is the best!

The Gallery

Unknown Artist, Fine Art Pathway

As Above

Katie Prime, Visual Communications Pathway

Unknown Artist, Visual Communications Pathway

Blaithin Carline, Fashion & Textiles Pathway

Emma Roberts, Fashion & Textiles Pathway

My Work, Fashion & Textiles Pathway

Lisa Barnett, Fashion & Textiles Pathway

Keziah Newlove, Fashion & Textiles Pathway

As i told you yesterday you can view this brilliant exhibition for yourselves This Friday (27th) from 10am to 4pm at the Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Campus.

24 May 2011

Sniffly Noses

Sadly, i am writing to you from the comfort of my duvet & pyjama combo! I think that being so crazy and manic for the past couple of months has taken it's toll on my immune system, and now i'm calmed down it's hit me like a tonne of bricks! I'm suffering with a serious case of sore throat, sniffly nose & tender head - poor me.

This little illness has brought me to a decision - I've decided to end my 30 for 20 early. As this week is looking a little worse for wear, what with my horrendously sore throat and a serious lack of plans, as i'm taking it easy after months of hard work! It's not giving me much reason to dress in anything other than my pyjamas. Fortunately, next week is half term and full of things to get me up and out for so don't you worry, i'll be showcasing some interesting outfits as my 30 for 20 has really gotten me to think about what i wear and what i can wear and different combinations! At the end of half term is also the ever anticipated weekend away in Devon with the Mr & his lovely family, so you'll be graced with plenty of lovely new things!

Tonight is the Private View of our exhibition that me, and my fellow Art Foundation-ers, have worked our butts off to put together. I'm excited to show my parents, and friends, the work that we have been working so hard to pull off. FMP is finally over, and this is the perfect way to celebrate! SO, if any of you happen to be around the Cambridge area this evening then hop on over to Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Campus to view our fab Final Major Project Exhibition any time between 6pm and 8pm, however if you can't get there this evening, why not pop in on Friday when it is entirely open to the public between 10am and 4pm. We're very proud of our work, so you're all very welcome!

Sneak Peek of my space in the Exhibition to wet your appetite!

23 May 2011


Sadly, i got asked to work overtime today so i am spending my day, yet again, in lime green polyester (which definitely does not warrant an outfit post!) So, i'll be one day down but the end is in sight (Saturday), finally! It's nearly over and i can't wait to show you guys some new bits & pieces - In the home straight, so sit tight! xo

21 May 2011

From Barry M to Models Own

Summer is finally here and college is finally over! After this week of living covered in paint, dirt and god knows what, i was nice to be able to dress myself again! I can't believe the year is over, it doesn't seem real yet, but i'm excited to take the next step and begin the next chapter - actually, i'm accepting it with open arms!

H&M Orange Splat Skirt / New Look Peach Tank Top / H&M White Strap Top / New Look Red Plait Belt / Claire's Acorn Necklace / Tesco 40 Den Tights

I loved this skirt as soon as i saw it hanging on the rail in our local H&M, the print is fab and the colour has summer written all over it! These skirts are the perfect type for either doing nothing or doing lots! After getting it home and trying it on again, i was unsure of the length and then i did what always happens when i become unsure of something - i stuck it in my wardrobe and forgot about it, but wrestled it out today (for a day of doing nothing, lounging 'round the house but poping to town to run some errands) and decided it was time to revive it! It was fabulously simple - unpick the labels and roll down the waistband, adding a belt for feature and voila!

As i told you a couple of posts ago, i got some lovely packages from Linzi Shoes & Models Own and as i now have the time to blog, i'd like to share their contents with you!

First Up Linzi Shoes; I had never heard of this site until i read about it on Becca's blog (Fashion Train) and was a little unsure as i'm very quite sure if buying shoes online is a good idea - my size tends to fluctuate between shops and i'm never sure of the quality, but i have to say that i could not be happier with these little beauties. I have been searching for the perfect wedges for months and after finding a few pairs on the high street, but after trying them on not being satisfied i gave up my search! Until i came across these:

I went for the size 8 and they fit me like a glove! I have pretty skinny feet, so often find that strappy footwear is too wide for my feet but these are literally perfect. They are heavenly to wear as they're super comfortable and the material used isn't too hard on my feet, and they're easy to wear - from jeans to little dresses! They may look high, but the fab platform brings your foot up enough to make walking a doddle (however, they do make an already tall me very tall! But i love them too much for that to worry me!)

I also received these beautiful gladiator sandals:

These also come in 'Mushroom' Beige & Brown, but the black is easy to wear with everything and these will carry me through the summer months! These are also intensely comfortable and again fit me like a glove - the straps fitting my skinny minnie feet perfectly! I love the little stud details and i think that these will take me from day to night, this summer.

Linzi Shoes is very well priced and even better when p&p is £1 per item (no more than £5). The fit is brilliant and the quality is also top notch! I definitely recommend the site, they have a great range of footwear from sky scraper heels to ballet pumps - something for everyone, so get on down there!

Now for Models Own! A few posts ago i was asking for opinions and experience on Models Own Polish, and after all you happy customers i decided to go on out and purchase the 'Jade Stone', 'Champagne' and 'Purple Ash' but i posted about my misfortune with the 'Purple Ash' bottle, however i was very happy with the results from 'Jade Stone', so was even happier with my package from MO! I received 'Fuzzy Peach' & 'Vintage Pink' and love them both! I'm really in to matte finish polish at the moment, as does the world and their mother actually, but the colours of Models Own are really intense, even after 1 coat, and as we all know i love a fast dry polish - these are no exception!

'Fuzzy Peach', £5

'Vintage Pink', £5

'Champagne', 'Jade Stone', 'Vintage Pink', 'Fuzzy Peach', £5 Each

I'm falling in love with this brand, i highly recommend it! The colours are fab and at £5 a pop, may seem a little steep, but i can vouch that it's totally worth it - for the colour, quality and the drying time alone!

Come payday i'd really like to try out some E.L.F products, at mostly £1.50 each it seems more than reasonable and if they're any good, could become my regular staple! I may, or may not, have mentioned that i was after some some nice lippy that i could wear during the day and i discovered 2 that fitted the bill nicely:

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour 'Sugar Plum' / Barry M 152

Both these colours are gorgeous: The Collection 2000 has a subtle shimmer to it and is fairly moisturising, whereas i love the colour of the Barry M but it's a lot dryer so would layer a clear/sparkly gloss over the top.

It's been lovely to actually blog again! I'm very excited to actually have the time to do more interesting posts, so thank you lovely readers for sticking with me! I hope to be filling you in with lots of exciting events this summer as it has officially started! I'm so glad to have finished college, now all that's left is to collect my results on the 6th June! Hellooooooo Summer xo
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