31 December 2012


All Images My Own.
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Can anyone else believe it's the end of another year? I feel as though it was only yesterday that i was writing this exact same post, last year. What a year 2012 has turned out to be. I can't quite get over what an incredible year it's turned out to be for Great Britain. 2012 will forever be remembered because of some of the occasions that happened this year. Like i say every year, i'm not one for regrets i'm just happy for what i've been blessed with however i feel as though 2012 has been a difficult but rewarding year, so far.

2012 saw me turn 20, visit Paris and Florida (again), finish my first year of University with a 2:1 and return to Southampton, hit a landmark of being half way through my University life, celebrate being in a relationship for three years, me watch my Mr graduate with first class honours and him turn 22. On top of this we saw the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics hosted in London.

2012 has made me even more thankful for my wonderful friends. The ones that i spend pretty much all of my time with, the five girls i spend my University life with. Kammy, Nicole, Abbie, Izzi and Izzi are five wonderful people and i can't be any more grateful or thankful that they're my friends. The ones from home that have taken the time to keep in contact, which sadly doesn't happen with all of them, but it lets you know who are the ones you want to keep.

Overall, despite 2012 having it's real ups and downs it's still been a brilliant year and one that i'll never forget. I hope that 2013 is an even more successful and thriving year.

2013 sees me turn 21, which i'm not sure why but although i don't plan to make a huge deal out of it i'm looking forward to it. It'll see me finish my second year of University and hopefully see a trip to New York with my other half.

I feel as though i've really changed in the last year, hopefully for the better, and i've watched and felt myself grow. I'm proud of what i've achieved and i feel as though i'm becoming far more self assured and independent.

I'm not going to initiate any sort of resolutions this year because a year is a very long time and who knows what's going to happen and change in that time; all i want for 2013 is to keep happy and healthy, continue to learn and grow and to do my best in everything that comes along.

I hope you all have had a wonderful 2012 and continue to have an even more wonderful 2013. I hope have a great New Years celebration in whatever you may choose to do, and that you spend it with the ones you love.

Happy New Year!


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29 December 2012

Not your Normal New Year #2

Dress: Topshop | Jumper: Next | Tights: Primark | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Boots: River Island | Lipstick: Revlon Lipbutter in Macaroon

This ensemble is a little more glam, for my freezing cold New Years Eve. Like i said previously, i don't want to be too glitzy because the occasion - in my case - just doesn't call for it, i'll be focusing on warmth and comfort, however this could be a, slightly on the formal side, option for fireworks.

I love this sparkly Topshop dress that i got for Christmas last year, it's so beautiful and despite it's glitzy exterior it's actually very wearable. I'm not really afraid to put myself out there with what i wear, so i'd probably even rock this during the day dressed down with flat boots, a printed scarf and a coat but dressed up a little more, like this, with a slight heel and a glam jumper could be a great way to keep it smart casual.

By adding this jumper, and keeping the glam at the bottom, i feel as though i'd be a lot more comfortable wearing this for my New Year occasion. It also means i could really layer up on top, underneath the jumper, and add a few more pairs of tights on the bottom - i'm all about the layers.


27 December 2012

Not your Normal New Year #1

Skirt: New Look Tall | Jumper: H&M | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Tights: Primark | Boots: River Island | Lipstick: Revlon Lipbutter in Macaroon

So, now that Christmas is over it's time to begin thinking about the inevitable; New Year. 

This is the first of my New Year outfit ideas. I'm not spending New Year in the traditional way this time around, as i'm hoping to be spending it freezing cold on the banks of the Thames with the other thousand people waiting to bring in the New Year with fireworks and a bit of cheer. So for this reason i don't want anything super fancy or super glitzy.

This is my kind of middle of the road style, it's not too glam but the sparkle in the jumper keeps it feeling festive. I'm not particularly one for going all out during this celebration, so by keeping things chic in black and adding a little sparkle it keeps it simple and not too overdone. An outfit like this is easy to layer up; so i can wear at least three pairs of tights (i kid you not), strappy tops piled with long sleeves under my jumper, add a scarf and my coat to top everything off. Maybe even a bobble hat or knitted headband to keep my ears warm.

To finish everything off this Lipbutter in Macaroon pulls it all together, in it's gorgeous red shade. I find red very hard to pull off because i'm so pale, but this brown toned red really works; plus it's very light weight and moisturising for the cold, London weather.


25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope your Christmas is Merry & Bright, 

21 December 2012

#OOTD Disco Pants Dupes

Jumper: Primark | Snood: New Look | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Disco Pants: Glamorous | Converse

I bought these Disco Pants from Glamorous way back in the Summer, thinking i'd get tonnes of wear out of them because well, frankly, they're awesome but when i got back to University i got myself into a bit of a pickle with my ridiculous workload and got back into the awful habit of just shoving on whatever was easiest. So, the past three months i've been living in leggings and jeans, mainly for comfort and i wasn't really feeling like standing out. However, now i've got the worst semester over i'm beginning to feel like myself again and wanting to go back to experimenting a bit more; so when i saw these hanging in my wardrobe i decided to give them an outing. They're actually surprisingly comfortable but do make me feel a little naked because they're so skintight.

What i love about them is that they're easily dressed up or down; they're so versatile and can be paired with so many different tops, accessories and shoes. I got them in both blue and black - which is more like a grey - which you previously saw in my knit on knit post. As i'm going to be spending my New Year in London, most likely freezing my butt off on the banks of the Thames waiting for the legendary New Year fireworks for the first time, i'm not sure whether i want to wear a dress of a skirt and i think these are a great alternative to wear at New Year. They're easy to layer and look great with knitwear. I'm hoping to show you some of my New Year outfit ideas if all goes to plan.

What are you doing over New Year?


17 December 2012

#OOTD Pop of Print

Long Sleeve Top: H&M | Skirt: New Look | Super Cosy Tights: Primark | Necklace: Topshop | Chelsea Boots: River Island | Kimono: Primark

I love the Summer. Don't get me wrong, i love Autumn, Winter, layering up and big, chunky knits, but i find that i come into my style own when it's the Summer. So, when the temperatures plummet i feel sad tucking away all my unloved Summer clothes.

One of my favourite, but probably most unworn, items is this beautiful kimono from Primark. I thought i'd give dressing this for the Winter a go. I find that at this time of year long sleeve tops are my saviour; they can make any outfit Winter appropriate. I think this simple black outfit really compliments the kimono; it actually has black in it so it matches perfectly. It entirely changes the feel of an all black outfit, but injecting some colour and actually the colours in this kimono could be seen as Wintery as it contains black and some icey purple tones.

I love finding different ways to wear some of my favourite items, how do you like to dress during the Winter?


13 December 2012

Winter Wonderland #4: Stocking Fillers

Whittard Hangover Tea Bags: £3.50 | Topshop Pacman Stapler: £5.00 | Topshop Eye Palette in Atmosphere: £16.00 | John Lewis Jelly Belly Fabulous Five Gift Box: £6.50 | Accessorize Sequin Fairisle Capped Gloves: £12.00 | Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream: £10.00 | Hawkin's Bazaar Magic Christmas Tree: £6.00 | Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray: £3.50 | Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Gel: £2.50 | Hawkin's Bazaar Christmas Origami: £4.00 | Topshop Navy Blue Stripey Robin Socks: £3.50 | Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15: £4.00 | Urban Outfitters USB Bolt Hub: £15.00 | Lily Flame Silent Night Scented Candle: £8.50 | Charbonnel et Walker Mini Red Heart Champagne Truffles: £3.85 | John Lewis Drumstick Pencils: £5.00 | Whittard Caramel Chocolate Stirrer: £2.50

So, it's finally the last instalment of my Winter Wonderland series and i thought i'd finish off with Stocking Fillers as i always find that's the hardest thing to buy for - if you do the stocking route, with your family or with your friends.

The thing i love about stocking stuffers is you can go a little out there with your purchases. It's traditional to choose things that are a bit different and, of course, are in diddy sizes. My favourite ideas for stockings is the great travel range from Soap & Glory. They do some of their best sellers in little sizes. Their Hand Maid is used by many and is great to keep in your handbag, or if you'd like something a little nicer why not pick up a little body spray. They have a selection of scents and they're all delicious! Sticking with the toiletries branch, the Body Shop sell some amazing hand creams. There's a selection of them for different skin types and the almond one is perfect for a range of different people.

Something that i love for putting into stockings, or even secret santa ideas for your friends, are novelty gifts. Hawkin's Bazaar is great for these little bits and bobs: something that i used to love was their growing Christmas trees. All you do is add a little water, and wait. The previously naked stick that sits in the container begins to grow green fluff all over it. It's pretty cool and lasts a little while, so is great to decorate with too! Something else a little crafty and Christmassy is this Christmas Origami set. It contains the paper and instructions to make some great decorations for the festive period. You could string them into garlands and make great wall hangings for your room.

Foody gifts always go down well and who doesn't love Jelly Belly! This great set comes with samples from five of it's best collections, giving your giftee to try lots of things at once. Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are always a great gift, especially as they're packaged so beautifully. They comes in plenty of sizes, shapes and flavours so you're sure to find something for everyone.

These are just a few suggestions of gifts, what do you like to find in your stocking?


10 December 2012

Winter Wonderland: #3 Gloves

Accessorize Pheobe Chevron Capped Gloves: £12 | H&M Gloves: £7.99 | Emma Cook for Topshop Jingle Bell Mittens: £25 | Accessorize Diamond Fairisle Gloves: £12 | Alice Hannah for New Look Grey Sequin Heart Gloves: £17.99 | Accessorize Narrow Stripe Smart Phone Glove: £14 | River Island Brown Christmas Pudding Gloves: £13 | Accessorize Chunky Cable Fur Trim Mittens: £14 | River Island Black Studded Leather Gloves: £30 | Accessorize Two Tone Fairisle Chunky Capped Gloves: £12 | ASOS Fairisle Converter Gloves: £10

Wow, where does time go? I'm sorry i haven't posted for a while but let me tell you it's been an extremely long and tiring few weeks filled with presentations, late nights and lots and lots of writing. This makes for little time to blog but i've finally handed in the remainders of my work and i've got some time to spare so i decided to continue my Winter Wonderland series.

I don't know where it's come from but suddenly it's gotten very, very cold and for the first time this year i've had to pull out the gloves. This bitterly cold, frosty weather means that we really need to up our game at keeping our fingers warm so here are my favourite choices for gloves this year.

Accessorize is my go-to store for winter wear as their Winter Shop has yet to be rivalled. With a range of mittens, gloves and capped gloves to choose from there's definitely something for everything. I am a capped gloves kinda gal, so you can keep your fingers warm but when you want to use your phone or remove something from your eye (essential) you can simply take the cap off your fingers while keeping the rest of your hand warm. They've also got some of the infamous smart phone gloves this year with the special fingertips designed to be felt by your touch screen device meaning no need to get your tips cold!

I'm not a huge fan of mittens but how can you not love these gorgeous pairs! Novelty gloves are great for feeling festive this time of year, and this Jingle Bell pair is perfect for the Christmas festivities! If something so bold isn't quite up your street then this cream, fur lined, cable knit pair is perfect to keep your mitts warm this season. 

If you're more a simple gloves kind of gal but want something a little different, there are plenty of options on the High Street. Why not try a twist on some classic black gloves and give this River Island studded pair a whirl. They're perfect for someone who wants something a little different but don't want to stray too far from the classic styles. Another option is this beautiful green pair from H&M. They've got a great retro look about them, and would suit a multitude of styles.

What's your glove of choice?


22 November 2012

Winter Wonderland #2: Boots

Miss Selfridge Africa Tapestry Boots: £65.00 | River Island Studded Western Boots: £75.00 | River Island Dark Red Ankle Boots: £40.00 | Linzi Dorena Chelsea Boots: £20.00 | EST. 1969 Black Studded Buckle Ankle Boots via New Look: £69.99 | Hunter Pearlised Wellies via Topshop: £90.00 | New Look Black Side Stud Ankle Boots: £24.99 | Topshop Penn Pin Stud Hi Leg Boots: £150.00

Boots are forever a Winter staple, no matter the style they'll always be wearable. There are a million styles of boot and there is for sure something for everyone.

Whether you like a tall or short boot, there are plenty of different shapes, sizes and colours that there's something for everyone; everyone can wear the boot. If you're looking for something classic and that you can wear with everything, than a classic black boot is the way to go. Both tall and short are very wearable, and are easily paired with everything in your wardrobe. They can be found both heeled and flat, as well as completely plan or often with a hint of sparkle or a stud, or two.

If you're looking for something a little more 'pizazz' there are plenty of statement boots on the high street. You can find them covered in studs, multicoloured or with a heel so tall you're be towering above your friends. You'll find that the studded kind are very on trend at the moment, and won't take you long to find a pair you like. They can be studded just on the back or all over and, like the ones above, they can even mix metals which is becoming far more accepted.

Why not try something a little different? Although black does go with everything, find a colour that you wear a lot and try something that'll go with it. For example, i find myself wearing a lot of blue so i bought myself a pair of cobalt blue ugg boots - perfect for the Winter - but i could also try mixing in a pair of cherry red boots, to contrast my favourite colour.

My favourite kind of boots are wellies, and there are all the more chances to wear them during the drizzly Winter weather. This Hunter pair is beautiful and would set off any outfit. Don't leave them just for trudging through a muddy field on Bonfire Night or on a Boxing Day walk, pair them with a cute black dress for dressed down chic.


19 November 2012

#OOTD Knit On Knit

Knitted Cardigan: Primark | Strap Top (Underneath): H&M | Knitted Top: H&M | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Disco Pants: Glamorous | Flatforms: Ebay

I think this is a really quirky look for the Autumn/Winter weather. This would be perfect for a cold, crisp Autumn day but maybe minus the flatforms and add some chelsea boots!

The Disco Pants are a real versatile piece, what i love about them is that because they're actually trousers - and have pockets and a zip - you can wear shorter tops or tuck tops in, something that you cannot do with leggings (leggings are not trousers, people). I love the mix of textures pairing them with this knitted top from H&M and this is a great piece to layer during this time of year. Just add a long sleeve top underneath and voila! You've got yourself a Winter appropriate ensemble.

I don't know why, but i've never really liked the knit on knit look, but this season it's beginning to grow on me - kind of like denim on denim, but i'm still opposed to light wash and light wash, at least mix it up. Anyway, the mix of the shiny Disco Pant material with a thin knit top and this chunky Primark cardigan really works in my book and makes for some great Autumn layers. As i said, it's easily adjusted for colder weather just add some extra layers and you'll snug as a bug.


15 November 2012

Winter Wonderland #1: Coats

Glamorous Lolita Boyfriend Jacket: £53.99 | New Look Black Quilted Cord Patch Jacket: £39.99 | Topshop Textured Fur Collar Boyfriend Coat: £110.00 | River Island Boucle PU Sleeve Jacket: £75.00 | Miss Selfridge Vintage Faux Fur Coat: £89.00 | Dorothy Perkins Neutral Textured Frock Coat: £69.00 | River Island Grey Faux Fur Collar PU Boyfriend Coat: £85.00 | New Look Black Herringbone Trim Dolly Coat: £54.99

Can we all believe it's the second week in November? Which means it's a mere five and a half weeks until the big day? Neither can i. However, it does mean we can start to think about being festive and certainly means we can think about the depths of Winter and what that may bring. Just like last year, i've decided to do some Christmas posts and of course i'm starting with coats!

Is it just me or are coats getting more expensive every year? It seems as though they're getting pretty pricey but i find that if you do spend that little bit more, and choose something well made they can last you a fair amount of time. There are plenty of new styles out this year and even some that have transitioned from last year, so you may already be prepared.

Two massive trends for coats this season is fur collars and leather sleeves, and wearing them together is a huge trend. If you're after a fur collar and don't want to shell the extra just to don that fur, why not buy a budget faux fur stole - easily found on the High Street - and add to it to a coat you've fallen in love with to last year's coat that you want to bring up to date. Leather sleeves can be found on all sorts of styles this season, from jackets to coats.

If you're a curvy girl try a coat with a flared skirt; they nip you in at the waist and skim everything that you want to be skimmed. They're also a great option if you're a very girly girl as they're ultra feminine and create a womanly shape. There are a multitude of patterns and colours of this style on the High Street as it's a staple shape and suits all types of women.

Again both faux fur and quilting are great trends for 2012, they are so readily available on the High Street and come in a million different colours, lengths and shapes. They're both very classic and fit a multitude of shapes and sizes. If you're looking for something that'll forever be wearable, then i'd go for one of these styles.

What's your favourite coat trend this year?


12 November 2012

How to Style: Boots | A/W Style #3

Back again with another How to Style feature, and probably the last in the series as although i love putting them together, they're very time consuming and at the moment blogging is taking a back seat to the mountain of university work i have to do. So, this time i'm using my favourite Autumn/Winter accessory: boots! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours so there will always be something for everyone!

New Look Plum Marl Roll Sleeve Top | New Look Black Belted Skater Skirt | Glamorous Lolita Boyfriend Jacket | H&M Fake Fur Collar | Accessorize Chunky Knit Capped Gloves | H&M Headband | Topshop Martini Spike Stretch Bracelet | Rock N Rose Kora Inverted Cross Necklace | Topshop PAX Chain Riding Boots

I would really love a pair of beautiful tall boots but i am yet to find some that i love and more importantly fit into my student budget. They can be fairly pricey but if you get a decent pair they can be known to last you a life time. I think they're elegant and chic, and are so easy to pair with a multitude of outfits. I love how they look styled with skater style skirts and dresses, very Kate Middleton, and they can make any outfit look smart. They also look great paired with a simple pair of jeans, a chunky knit jumper and a snood for the freezing weather.

If you're looking for something a little more edgy than Dr Martin style boots are great, they're perfect to rough up any look and look great when paired with some ultra girly to toughen it up. The look above is super simple and really easy to pull of; it's comfortable and chic, perfect for throwing on which happens a lot in the mornings when it's dark and cold and you don't know what to wear! They're also a great boot to layer with as they'll fit a couple of pairs of socks in case your tootsies are extra cold!

My favourite style of outfit is a dress, a chunky scarf, some boots and a nice jacket; this look completely epitomises that. I find it easy but interesting and completely comfortable. I think that adding statement jewellery, knee high socks and boots really makes it unique. I adore these boots, i think they're gorgeous and very statement. They really will jazz up any outfit, and go with plenty of different styles and looks. Even paired with a simple pair of jeans would really create something lovely. I think statement boots are essentials this time of year, so why not grab yourself a pair!


8 November 2012

REVIEW: Lierac Early Wrinkle Correction Cream

 Lierac Energizing Smoothing Cream Early Wrinkle Correction*

This "wrinkle correction cream" suggests it will "help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Nourish, Moisturise and Protect." I have to admit that i perhaps didn't use it long enough to completely review whether this statement is true, but there are reasons for that.

The main reason being, i didn't particularly like this product. I didn't hate it but it's not something i would purchase for myself. I've never really been that interested in correcting the early signs of wrinkles, but this did get me a thinkin'.

When applied, this product feels lovely; it smoothes on great and sinks in fairly quickly, however my dislike comes after it's completely soaked in. It seems to leave a strange powdery feel on the skin, and i felt like i had to keep wiping at my face to get the strange residue off. In the time that i tested this, i didn't see any real changes in the wrinkles or fine lines on my skin. I didn't test it for longer than a few weeks, but in this time i saw no difference. For the after feel that this gives it's not something i would put up with to find if it really did make a change.


(*) I was sent this as a press sample for review, however all views are my own. I was not paid to write this post.

5 November 2012

#OOTD Simple Stripes

Top: New Look | Skirt: New Look | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Super Cosy Tights: Primark | Converse

For me, this is the perfect style of autumnal outfit and is easily transitioned into Winter. I find that when i'm in Southampton, i have to walk everywhere and despite the plummeting temperatures you can really walk up a sweat running your errands wrapped in multiples layers. So, i'm a great fan of three quarter length sleeves, cardigans and a nice coat. Perfect for the time of year! 

I often think that all black, or black and white is over looked as it can look very chic and is very easy to pull off. It flatters a multitude of figures, and suits pretty much everyone! I, however, do like to add a touch of colour as i feel a little underwhelmed in a complete dark outfit so adding a splash of red in my shoes is great for me.

To be honest, this is a real simple style and if you like this kind of ensemble you could work the style so many different ways, swapping out the style of skirt for a pencil or a different colour and changing a striped top for a block colour. It's so simple, everyone can find a way for it to work for them.

I'm sorry that things are so quiet here on Legs, University is getting a little overwhelming and there's plenty to be keeping me busy! However, i promise i'm still alive and still blogging. I'm working to make the time to write up some posts and i might even have to schedule some if i can write up a batch. Either way, i hope you'll be hearing from me soon! I hope everyone in the UK is battling the freezing temperatures we seem to be getting now and more importantly everyone on the East Coast of America is staying safe! I'm thinking of you all,


22 October 2012

How to Style: Fur Stole | A/W Edition #2

So, i'm back again with another Autumnal How to Wear! I've found that through writing these style of posts, it's got my creative juices flowing and i'm far more enjoying the new season than before. This week was the first time i could see my own breath in the morning, which means that Winter is well on his way so these styles are are good for transitioning from Autumn to Winter, so have no fear!

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar | Topshop Sequin Tube Skirt in Oxblood | River Island Dark Red Check Shirt | Linzi Shoes Leah Boot | Dolly Bow Bow Freya Black Stone Knuckle Ring | Topshop Single Spike Bracelet | Topshop Ditsy Cross Stretch Bracelet | Topshop Traditional Leather Jacket in Black | Models Own Nail Polish in Thunder & Lightning 

After pairing my own tartan shirt with a pencil skirt for a recent event i thought i'd try it again but with something a little more daring. I love how the dark red check running through this lumberjack style shirt matches the sequins perfectly, it completely ties the outfit together. I think the length, and style, of the skirt totally transforms quite a casual, masculine style top into something a lot more girly and evening appropriate. I think it's great to mash your casual and smarter pieces together, sometimes, as it creates a completely new wardrobe. Try pairing things together that you would never normally consider, you may well surprise yourself.

I love how simple this outfit is. There is nothing better than jeans, a jumper and some chelsea boots to make you feel Wintery. Add a little fur and you're ready for a crisp Winter's morning! This style is all about accessorising, because you're keeping thing fairly simple with everything else, it's nice to be able to layer up your accessories, like rings, bracelets and brooches. I feel like brooches are underestimated, and have a lot of stigma attached to them, but something bold and beautiful like this can really add a lot to some simple knitwear.

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar | Rocket Dog Black Glitter Lace Up Boots | Miss Selfridge Black Quilted Jacket | Topshop Knitted Skater Flippy Dress in Indigo | Rock N Rose Grandma's Key Necklace | Topshop Black Pearl Tights | Lola Rose Statement Ring via ASOS | ASOS Pyramid Stud Stretch Bracelet | Topshop Fan Ring

I absolutely love this outfit and this, to me, is my perfect Autumnal style. I really love easy looks that are simple to do but look great on, so dresses and boots are perfect. Especially if you choose some beautiful glitter boots, like these from Rocket Dog! Quilted jackets are the perfect layer for this season because they're not really thick like a coat, but are perfect to keep the chills out. Adding a fur to something like this just makes an everyday outfit a little bit more special.

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