31 March 2014

#NOTM | Nails of the Month: MARCH

March was not a good month for nail varnish! As you can tell by the image below, i actually went for good old OPI's Nail Envy twice this month. It's getting to the end of term, things are busy and frankly i just couldn't be bothered to do a full paint job. You may also notice that in my fourth picture, my nails are looking a little worse for wear - my fingernails are heavily affected by the weather, and the change from cold to sunny and back to cold again don't do them any favours so i had two breakages on this hand, this month and my other hand has all been trimmed short to try and help them not to break!

1 and 4. OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

By the end of February - and wearing six different nail looks - i was ready for a break, and to just go simple with some OPI Nail Envy. I just find that it gives my nails a really nice break but also helps with supporting their growth and health. And by the end of March, things were busy and i just could not be bothered to paint my nails properly plus, as you can see, i had some breakages as i explained before. So, some nail strengthener was definitely called for.

2. OPI Glitzerland

I painted my nails this colour for going home for the weekend as it was fairly neutral it would match everything i was taking home but it was still a little bit snazzy! I actually really love this gold, it's not a yellow gold that doesn't really match my skintone and i love that it's so intensely shimmery but it works day and night.

3. OPI Hands off my Kielbasa with Essie Hors d'oeuvre Accent Nail

I actually really loved this look! I never thought that peach shades suited me but i really liked this one on. It's quite a nice, bright, sweet peach tone and i loved how cute it looked paired with the Essie shade. I actually bought that Essie glitter that same day and couldn't wait to give it a go. It's such a thick, full coverage glitter and works beautifully as an accent nail. I love that this look was simple, and pretty neutral, but the glitter keeps it a little snazzy!


28 March 2014

Taking the Plunge: Essie

When Essie came on the scene probably a couple of years ago now, i didn't really jump on the bandwagon. After a few months, i picked up a shade or two and i fell in love with the super quick dry time. I can't even remember the first shades i picked up but i wasn't until the end of last year that i really jumped on that bandwagon, and now i can't get enough. I want them all.

The shade that really started this love affair i picked up probably at the beginning of last year and it's called Splash of Grenadine. It was like no other colour that i had in my collection, and it just really suited my pale skintone. I love that it's a pink toned purple, because i love purple but i'm really not a pink kinda gal so this just really suited my tastes and like i said, the dry time is amazing.

For Christmas, my lovely mum bought me the Winter 2013 mini collection and i really re-lit my love for the brand. It contained: Parka Perfect, Shearling Darling and Toggle to the Top. I have to admit that dark red is not a colour that i wear all that much, it's really a Winter/Christmas colour for me. Parka Perfect, however, i love. It's such a lovely grey/blue shade with a really subtle shimmer, and it was a lovely icey Winter colour and will take me all the way through Spring too.

Since, i've dove in head first and bought a couple of new shades named Sable Collar, It's Genius and a glitter topcoat called Set in Stone. In the bottle Sable Collar looks like a really strange, unique colour. It kind of looks like a red toned brown with lots of golden shimmer running through but when applied to the nails it's really not as exciting and actually just looks more brown, which i find to be a bit dull. It's not my favourite but i have a feeling it'll come back in next Autumn/Winter. However, one that i really love is It's Genius. It's just a beautiful berry toned pink and it'll work all year round. As i've said before, i really don't suit nudes all that much so for me this kind of works as a neutral for me that goes with a lot. I've got quite a few glitter topcoats in my collection, all from Models Own but one thing that really irritates me about them is that the glitter doesn't evenly spread across the nail and ends up looking patchy but Set in Stone is amazing. It's so easy to apply and evenly distributes, and it's full of larger hexagonal pieces mixed with lots of little pieces too. It's amazing and i can already sense that i'm going to need to buy another one soon enough!


26 March 2014

Birthday Wishlist (Twenty-Two)

Next week i'll be turning twenty-two! It seems only yesterday, i was turning twenty-one and i was visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour! Oh, how time flies. Well, this year i have really struggled to come up with anything that i wanted for my birthday. I've made a little montage of things that i would love but they aren't really things that i need! They're all pretty self explanatory, but i think you know you're getting old when you're asking for mugs and wellies for your birthday! There are always a few make up products that i'd love, as well as clothes. That Cath Kidston Safari playsuit is super cute! But i have to admit that i don't really like the safari line, like the mugs, etc.

What did you/are you asking for your birthday?


24 March 2014


I don't know if i've mentioned it before, but i love London. I love the atmosphere, the people, the buildings, the attractions, all of it. There's something about this city that's different to anywhere else i've been, like there's magic hanging in the air.


21 March 2014

Taking the Plunge: Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara, Smoulder Kohl, Super Cat Eyeliner Pen and Lid Stuff in What's Nude

I haven't really dipped my toe into the world of Soap & Glory make up much since they launched, but when it comes to body care they tend to be my go to so i thought it about time to give things a try. However, the one product that is actually my holy grail mascara is the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara. The brush is my favourite kind, a big, fat fibre brush. It seems to give me lots of volume and length which is what my lashes need and it works really well with keeping the curl in my lashes, after i've used a curler.

The Smoulder Kohl i haven't really used too much, because i'm not really an eyeliner wearer but i've been practising, and giving it a go. It's such a creamy finish, it glides on very similarly to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliners. It stays really smooth and doesn't tug on the eye, and stays put all day.

I don't know why, however i think it has something to do with all of the beautiful beauty gurus i watch and read, but i had the real urge to get myself some liquid liner and give myself a cat eye. Baring in mind, i've never been able to do it and i still can't create the perfect flick but i still felt the need to get myself some liner. Well, i've read a lot about the difference between gel liner, and liquid liner, and liquid pen liners, and i've come to discover that my favourite is the pen. It's easy for beginners and they tend to dry quickly. So, the Super Cat was the one and i've given it a few goes but frankly, i am shit at liquid liner and i feel i always will. The liner is easy to apply, i just have a shaky hand so i can't even blame my tools.

I am an eyeshadow junkie and it was a natural journey for me to end up with a Soap and Glory quad. They are just beautiful. They're buttery, and smooth, easy to blend and have amazing pigmentation. They could even be compared to Urban Decay, i'd say. There really is very little to say about these but that i love them, and this neutral quad is amazing for travelling with.

I feel like i'd like to jump deeper into the world of S&G, any must haves?


19 March 2014

Chubby Stick Comparison

The big ol' chubby lip products are my all time favourite kind. They're usually balmy, they're not messy, easy to apply and they're not usually stains, which i hate. I thought here i'd share with you the pros and cons of the products that i've picked up along the way.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick | I'd been eyeing up these ones of a long time but honestly, none of the colours were really my thing until they more recently released the new shades. So i finally picked up this one, and it's a really nice product. It's very, very balmy and very, very glossy. It's probably more gloss than colour, so if you want something a little more pigmented then this is not the one for you. It's pretty moisturising and not at all drying, which is perfect for me.

Clinique Chubby Stick | What i feel is the original Chubby lip product, which when i first got them i loved but they really aren't all that pigmented, which is a shame. They're easy to apply, they're not drying and they do give a little colour on the lips but what really lets them down is that they're not super pigmented.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense | And that is why this is my absolute favourite. They have all the amazing features that the original does but they're also super pigmented. It was a lovely shade range, something for everyone and they're fairly glossy but not too much. Just enough balm to make them moisturising but not enough so that it takes away from the colour. It glides on and they're nicely 'sharp' to follow the shape of your lips.

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm | This is definitely not my favourite. They're not super glossy and they really don't have much pigmentation either. I actually had two shades of these and they practically looked the same when applied but different in the bullet. There's really not much to say about this one, they're just really not worth the hype - there are better out there. I'd go for the original Chubby Stick if you don't want something super pigmented, but still balmy.


17 March 2014

#Fearne's Playlist

I actually really enjoy reading posts about people's playlists and favourite songs of the moment, because it gives me inspiration for my own playlist. If you were wondering, Fearne is the name of my car. I'm not like a die hard music listener and tend to listen to it most in the car or when i'm travelling, so generally my music taste is judged on whether it'll be a good song to sing along to in my car.

My favourite types of music are catchy, sometimes cheesy songs that i can blast in and sing to, and since while i'm at university i don't get to drive around in my little Fearne because she's at home, i decided to share with you what i would be listening to if i was at home. I miss her! So here are my top five favourite songs at the moment:

Let Me Go - Gary Barlow | If you didn't know, i'm a huge Take That fan (minus Robbie) and i come back time and time again to classic Take That songs. I wasn't a huge fan of Gary on his own, but i do like his tone and fell in love with his version of Here Comes the Sun last year or the year before. I first heard this song when he performed it at the Royal Variety with a huge band of people that filled the stage, and it was so catchy. They looked like they were having a great time and it really lifted my spirits, and it's one of those songs that is easy to pick the words up and sing along so it was downloaded pretty soon after. I haven't heard it played all that much around so i'm not sure whether it's been released yet officially, i never pay attention to that but if you haven't heard it you should definitely give it a listen. I imagine it to be a great Summer tune.

Love is on the Radio - Mcfly | I've been listening to this song for months and i still can't get enough. It's just so darn catchy, and i am loving the new Mcfly stuff. They just seem to get better with age! I've loved Mcfly all the way from Five Colours in her Hair. I remember them releasing that song, and seeing them play it all over the TV. They just seem to be such approachable, friendly guys and don't even get me started on Mcbusted!

Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield | I originally heard this song as a cover by someone on Youtube, and it was a really fun, uplifting song but i'd never heard it before. I thought i'd check it out on iTunes and found it was a Natasha Bedingfield number. I haven't heard anything from her in a long time, and once i was actually supposed to go see her in concert with my friend but she had to cancel so i never did. This one has a lovely message, and again it's nice to sing too. She's not got my most favourite voice in the world, but i really like the song so can forget about that.

Happy - Pharell Williams | This song i actually heard on an advert, and that actually happens a lot with me - i hear things on the TV and then Google what they are. I've never seen Despicable Me or know anything about it, so didn't know that that's where this song was from but man is it catchy! It's just so fun and bouncy, and this is a real car tune if ever i heard one!

Easy - Sheryl Crow | If you didn't know, i am a huge country fan. I love me some Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum, and Sheryl Crow is one of those classic country singers. I was just browsing the country section on iTunes one day as i fancied something new and came across her new album. It has some really nice, easy listening songs on it which i really like. They're just a lot of fun, and again this is a real Summer, breeze through your hair, sunglasses on kind of song.


14 March 2014

Taking the Plunge: Mavala

I had a taste of Mavala Nail Polish in 2012, when i received one in my advent calendar running up to Christmas. I received a really deep red shade, with a cream finish and it was perfect for the season but it's not an all year 'round shade, and i get a little bored of the cream finish. I'm all about the metallics and the shimmers. So, this Christmas i was lucky enough to be given these four shades in my advent calendar and they're all beautiful.

They've all got that metallic, shimmery finish and i love that i've got a great shade range. What i love is that they're only little bottles, i mean how often can you say you finish a polish before it goes dry or gloopy or you get bored of it. It means that it's much more likely for me to get through it. They apply beautifully, it's smooth and even, and what's most important to me is that it dries super fast. I love that! They only take two coats to be pretty opaque, although sometimes i give it three to be extra sure.

I think i've fallen truly in love with Platinum Marble, it's the perfect neutral shade and it goes with everything. When applied, it looks like a beautiful grey shade tinged with purple, which just makes it that little bit different to other shades. Dakar isn't something that i'd automatically go for, as i'm not huge into pink, but i actually really love this colour. It's perfect for Spring, and applies as a lovely light bubblegum pink but it's not like your usual pastel, which i like. It's kind of like a hot, light pink. Vertigo Red is almost exactly like the cream shade i received for Christmas last year, but in shimmery form which i'm very happy about because this is my go-to Autumn/Winter shade. It's a beautiful burgundy colour that has a slight edge of pink, keeping it from being too dark. I'm so excited to wear Cadiz this Summer. There's something about wearing orange in the Summer that i just love, and this is a lovely deep, bright orange. It's not like a bright Summer orange, it's a little more on the burnt side but to me that makes it all the more wearable!

I'm looking forward to dabbling more into Mavala, as it seems to be getting more popular.


12 March 2014

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist

When i was in London last month, i was in Covent Garden and i needed somewhere to shelter from the rain that seems to be plaguing the country. The closest shop that interested me happened to be the Body Shop, which happens to be one of my favourites. However, it never really ends well for the bank balance.

One of my all time favourite scents ever is the Satsuma range from the Body Shop, and a couple years ago they came out with the Body Mists in some of their scents. I bought my mum the Pink Grapefruit because she loves that scent, but never got around to buying myself the Satsuma. I kept telling myself i didn't need it and it was a little pricey but here i was, browsing the Satsuma section while the rain poured outside and i couldn't stop myself any longer. As a body mist, it doesn't last all day but they do sell a perfume which would last longer, but i just love applying this as i run out the door as a little pick me up refresher. It's just so refreshing, and lovely, and it'll also be perfect for the Summer. It smells like juicy, ripe satsumas, citrusy and yummy. If you love the Satsuma range, or any of their scent ranges for that matter, i highly recommend taking a look at their perfumes and body mists. They're a little pricier than other places but they're delicious and come in beautiful glass bottles.


10 March 2014

A Lazy Girl's Dream: Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner

When it comes to showering, i've got my routine down. Before anything else i complete my skincare routine, and then i wash my hair, use some shower gel, condition my ends and that's it. If i've got newly dyed hair then i have to blow-dry my hair afterwards, for fear of ending up with a blue neck - for those that haven't noticed i have turquoise hair - and that's about as complicated as it gets for me. When i've finished in the shower, the last thing i want to do is hang around in the cold moisturising. All i want to do is dry off and get into my cosy pyjamas, don't you? Well, if you hand around to moisturise then i salute you! You're committed to your beauty regime, but for me it's never something i've gotten into the habit of doing. However, i love the feeling of moisturised skin. So, for me, finding this product was a dream come true.

The Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner really is a lazy girl's dream. It's just one, really quick, step added to my shower routine that makes your skin feel amazing afterwards. All you have to do is apply it all over, and simply wash off! It's honestly amazing stuff and when i've dried off it feels like i've full on moisturised. It's the last thing i do before i get out the shower, and takes so much less time and effort than moisturising afterwards.

I use the one for dry skin, which i actually don't have, and it feel amazing. It leaves no residue and is easily washed off. I highly recommend you give this a go if, like me, you hate moisturising!


7 March 2014

Taking the Plunge: Clinique

Sorry, for the slightly yellow tinged images here. You gotta work with the weather you've got to work with i'm afraid!

So, i was very thankful to receive some very generous Boots vouchers for Christmas and i have a forever growing wishlist for my favourite High Street drugstore. I love that Boots sells a selection of high end and high street brands, so you can mix and match, picking up all your favourites in one spot. Well, one high end brand i don't tend to buy for myself is Clinique. I love Clinique and have been lucky enough to receive some of their Chubby Sticks as gifts in the past, and i love those adorable pencil balms. So, i decided that this year i wanted to pick up some new products that i've been eyeing up for a while, and seen on blogs for months.

Since i'm so in love with my beloved original Chubby Sticks, i knew that i had to give the new Chubby Stick Intense a go. Let me tell you, they have the most beautiful, smooth formulation that glides on the lips and doesn't feel sticky or dry. It feels fairly moisturising, and light when you've been wearing it all day. It does require some reapplying but i much prefer that for this type of formulation. I decided to go for this gorgeous shade called Grandest Grape. It's a pinky, purple shade that's not super dark but is actually just a nice, bright shade that can be worn all year round.

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in Lavish Lilac

Something that is entirely new to me, and i was very excited to try, is the Chubby Stick for eyes. Since i loved the lip products so much, i just knew that i had to give it a go and i was well prepared for falling in love all over again. Thankfully, i wasn't disappointed and these shadow sticks have a beautiful, smooth formula just like it's sister products. I kind of has a powder finish, but not entirely as it stays really creamy when worked into the lid. This formulation makes it really easy to blend, alone and with other shadows. It works great as an eyeshadow base or just as an easy day to day all over colour. I love this shade that i picked up called Lavish Lilac. It's a beautiful, soft purple grey colour that's not too intense but leaves a lovely shimmer.

Which are your favourite Clinique products, and which are your favourite shades?


5 March 2014

MAC Plumful Lipstick

Ever since i saw Estee from Essiebutton rave about MAC's Plumful, it's been on my to buy list. However, £15 for a lipstick was a little out of my price bracket as i'm so used to buying drugstore. Since going to America last Summer and buying two YSL lipsticks and testing them out, i've found that sometimes if you pay a little extra then the quality is better too. It's not always true but often for make up, it really is true especially in the way of eyeshadow and Urban Decay is a great example of that. So, when i was having trouble deciding anything that i wanted for Christmas i decided what better thing to ask for than a lipstick i've been meaning to buy for at least a year.

And i'm so glad that i did. This is honestly the most beautiful colour and finish. It applies like a dream and is just that little bit darker than a my-lips-but-better shade for me. It's such a beautiful berry shade, but i think that it can be worn all year round and it will suit a multitude of skintones too. This is definitely becoming one of my favourite shades and i think it's given me the MAC lipstick bug, as since getting this a few more have sneaked into my collection.


3 March 2014

#NOTM | Nails of the Month: FEBRUARY

I'm back for another month of what i've been wearing on my nails. I'm so proud that i've remembered to keeping snapping pictures when i've painted them! Things have been a little different this month, compared to last, i was feeling a lot more into neutrals and keeping things plain, mostly. So, here's what i've been wearing.

1. Mavala Platinum Marble

After going for all the flashy shades and glitter last month, i just wanted to start the month off with something simple. I've been dying to try this shade since i got it in my advent calendar, before Christmas. It's such a pretty shade that's different form a neutral, as real nude shades don't suit me and my pale skin. I love the shimmery finish and it's slight purple tinge, plus i love that it goes with everything. It dried beautifully quick, and i did give it three coats as after two  you could just see a little light through my nails and that really bugs me, but that's probably because it's such a dark shade.

2. Models Own Mystic Mauve

I love this colour in the bottle, i think it's really unique and again it's a nice, easy shade to wear - a little different but still fairly neutral. I love how metallic it is, this is the sister shade to my absolute go to Models Own Champagne. I love the finish and the drying time. Something that really annoyed me about this colour was that i am a very messy painter. I get it all around my nails, on my skin, and then i clean it up with a cue tip (is that how you spell it?!) But when i went back to clean this, where i had to touched my nail with the polish remover had removed the purple and just left a silver. It did look a little ridiculous having silver edges, and that puts me off trying it again but i love the result! Maybe i should learn not to be so messy.

3. Essie Buy me a Cameo

I think i wore this manicure for a day. I painted it and automatically knew there was just something that i didn't like. I love this colour, and was obsessed with it all last Summer. But now, i don't know what it is, but i'm not sure it suits me. I'm wondering whether it's my pale skintone and maybe in Summer i might get a little more colour but i took it after about a day. It's a shame because i love the colour, the pearly finish and we all know Essie kill with application and drying time. I'm thinking i'm going to give it another go nearer the Summertime.

4. Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise with Essie Set in Stones Accent Nail

I went home for a week this month, away from university, so wanted to wear something that i knew would go well with all the clothes i was taking home with me. As i was getting a little time away from university, i decided to go with something a little more fancy and went for this amazing pewter shade that i haven't worn all too much since i bought at the end of last year. It's got a beautiful, almost textured finish thanks to the heavy glittery shimmery finish and i think it's a really unique colour. To keep things exciting i went back to my new glitter love, from Essie. It just applies amazingly and the glitter is so even! I had to have an accent index finger this time as, thanks to the weather, my nails are breaking all over the place!

5. OPI I Have a Herring Problem

This is a shade that i have fallen in love with and i need it in my collection. I pinched this from my mum while i was at home, as my last manicure chipped. I love blue and i wear a lot of it, and this just has a little something different. It kind of has a little teal tinge to it and it was actually a really nice neutral for me. It goes with everything, but the subtle silver shimmer just keeps it a little bit exciting. As for typical OPI it dries like a dream and is super easy to apply, they are pricey but my goodness are they worth it!

6. OPI The Spy who loved Me

This was a little out of my comfort zone as i never, ever wear red nail polish. Occasionally at Christmas, but this was a lot brighter and bolder than i usually go for. It's a real show stopper with it's true red base and gold glitter running through it. There's really little to say about this one, apart from that i love it but it's not something i'd go for frequently however, i did enjoy going for something different after wearing neutrals all month.

What have you been wearing this month?

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