30 August 2013

#OOTD | Colour Block

Disco Pants: Glamorous | Top: Primark | Shoes: Peacocks | Necklace: River Island | Sunglasses: ASOS

There's just something about this outfit that i've fallen in love with. I don't know if it's the simplicity, the colour blocking, or simply these fab purple disco pants but there's something about this ensemble that just works for me. Although i love this top, it does have an unusual boxy shape that sometimes doesn't work for me. I'm much more of a flow-y top kind of gal rather than the boxy kind but tucking the hem into my high waisted pants gives it a much more forgiving shape and i love it. What i love most about this top is it's colour blocking with neutral colours. It pairs great with all my colourful jeans, and tones things down plus it's actually quite a formal styling which dresses everything up a little.

As for my purple disco pants, i adore them. These disco pants from Glamorous are some of my favourites. Seeing as i can't afford the real deal from American Apparel, these are my next best thing and let me tell you, they're a real good dupe. What i love most about them is they're insanely comfortable and this pair is my particular favourite, as they're just so bright and cheerful.


28 August 2013

#DUPE | ORLY Oh Cabana Boy

Model's Own Pink Sorbet | ORLY Oh Cabana Boy

ORLY's Oh Cabana Boy is a name and brand i'd heard banded about the beauty community for quite some time. ORLY was a brand i wasn't really aware of but knew that it wasn't very accessible to being that at the time i could only find it in the states - now, of course, it can be found in larger Boots stores. Fleur De Force was the biggest instigator, as she adored the colour and raved about it in several videos. I fell in love with the shade there and then, but it really wasn't something i would usually go for.

I made a mental note to have a look for it while i was in America last Summer, and sure enough while in a Walgreens browsing the drugstore lines i came across and knew it was meant to be. I got it home, tested it out and it was better than i hoped. Gorgeous colour pay off, quick drying and applied like a dream. What was even better was that the colour didn't oxidise on the nails so was practically the same shade in and out of the bottle.

The one downside is that although you can now get it in larger Boots, it's a lot more expensive than it is in the states. So, i just decided on using it sparingly and making a note to pick up another bottle when i travel this Summer. That was until i went to the Westfield Model's Own Bottleshop, in London. There they have every colour imaginable and a great offer, that i can't remember. Five for three or something like that? Anyway, when i clapped eyes on this i immediately thought of Oh Cabana Boy and how similar it was. Well, when i got it home and  tried them out they were almost identical and i knew, again, it was meant to be. Model's Own is only £5 a bottle and has great lasting power, and drying time as well as applying perfectly.

So, if your heart hopes for Oh Cabana Boy, i recommend giving Pink Sorbet a go.


26 August 2013

(A Problematic Leg) Shaving Routine

I've probably mentioned this multiple times before but i have very sensitive skin. Not just on my face, but on my body too and that's one of the reasons i get such bad eczema under my arms, especially when i use products that are too harsh. One of my most problematic areas, besides my under arms, are my legs. This really flares up in the Summer because, obviously, i want to be shaving my legs more often. However, for years and years i have either not bothered shaving because of the horrific rash and sore skin that follows or i shave, suffer the horrible after effects and then hide them in tights. As i said, after shaving a horrible, red rash occurs which is very bumpy, sore and actually hurts to touch. This usually takes days to go down by which time the hair on my legs is growing back, so i would never feel comfortable having on my legs on show. It's become quite a joke in my house now that it has to be scorching weather for me to get my legs out, and that's how they now it's really hot. I tend to only get my legs out when i'm on holiday and just work with what i can to keep my legs hair free and as pain-free too.

I've always used the same razors which were the Gillette Simply Venus 2 Disposable Razors, mainly because they're cheap and give a good, close shave. However, after learning a lot more about skin and shaving routines i came to the conclusion that they were far too harsh for me, and my legs. This led me on the hunt for finding my perfect leg shaving products for the Summer months and finally, after years of hiding under tights, i think i've finally found the routine for me.

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub | I've never been one to be a regular scrubber, i sure use body scrubs for the rest of my body and occasionally on my legs but i never used it regularly. After reading reviews of Flake Away and reading about other peoples leg shaving routine, i decided to add this step into my routine every time i shave my legs and it sure does make a difference. It seems to prep my legs and the skin for the razor, as well as getting all the hair follicles standing up to get the closest, cleanest shave. I love this scrub best of all because of it's moisturising properties. I leaves a sort of residue behind that's very moisturising, which i'm sure helps the razor glide in the long run. If you apply it dry it gives a very abrasive scrub, but if you apply to wet skin it turns into a paste and becomes even more moisturising, and this is how i like it applied.

Wilko Sensitive Shaving Gel | I've never been too bothered about buying fancy shaving gel, and i'm still not bothered. I've watched a lot of Youtube videos about people who use shampoos and conditioners in replace of shaving gel products, but i just gravitate to the shaving gels entitled sensitive. I've tried Wilkinson's, Boots', Superdrug's and many other own brand, and frankly they all do the same thing with the same results. I love the ones with Aloe Vera in because it really does soothe the skin.

Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive Razor | Now, this is the biggest change to my shaving routine and i think this is what has helped my skin the most too. I spotted this while i was in Wilkinsons buying my usual razors, i'd never seen them before and wasn't sure if you could buy them readily as i don't have a Wilkinsons close by to my home in Southampton, while i'm at university. So i held off buying them until i could check out Boots and Superdrug, to check they were available there too. Once i'd checked my local stores, sure enough they were available there too. Perfect. However, something that almost put me off was the price tag. As a student, i'm very aware about pricing and what i spend my money on so at £7.99 for three disposables, it worked out a lot more expensive than my usual £3 on the Gillette Simply Venus 2s. However, these are of far better quality than the Simply Venus 2, mostly because these boast five blades which help for an easier, cleaner, closer shave and in the long run help my poor skin. They also have a great moveable head that really helps getting into the grooves of the ankles and on the backs of your legs. When using these i get little to no rash which is a serious triumph for me. Even when my legs are having a sensitive day, the rash that occurs is only a sixth of what used to happen so i'm far more confident baring my legs in the Summer.

I did look at the price comparison of buying the disposables against the one razor and then just buying the razor heads, but it actually works out more expensive buying the disposable razor heads than the razors. Go figure.

Life Plan Aloe Vera Gel | This used to be my go to moisturiser and soother for my legs post shave, when i had sore skin and a rash. This used to soothe and protect the skin, as well as moisturise them to help with the pain. I do still use this sometimes, especially if the weather is really hot as we all know that Aloe Vera Gel is a great after sun and is really good at cooling down warm skin, however i wouldn't say this is my go to product now.

Nads Ingrow Solution | I picked this product up on a total whim long before i even thought about trying to find the right shaving routine for me. I had some free time, so i was just browsing around my local Boots and happened upon this. It's usual price is about £10 but it was on offer for half the price, and it sounded like something i could really do with so i picked up to give it a test. It claims to minimise ingrown hairs, razor bumps and rash as well as waxing irritations, which sounded right up my alley as i unfortunately had all those issues. It contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile to help soothe and protect the skin, so it works in a similar way to the Aloe Vera Gel however, this is much thinner in consistency and applies much easier. You can instantly feel the skin being soothed, however sometimes if my legs are feeling extra dry or sensitive it can burn a little but after a few seconds it's gone. I can't say whether this really helps for ingrown hairs but for soothing  protecting and helping with irritations and rashes it has definitely improved the sight of my legs. I'm not sure whether i would always buy this at full price but for now i'm really loving it, and i think i'll miss it when it's gone. The only qualm i have with this product is it's scent. It's really not all that attractive  although you can't smell it on yourself once it's rubbed in but when applying it kind of smells like toilets. Attractive.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter | Last, but not least, is my body moisturiser. I don't really stick to one and i usually go with whatever i have in my stash or whatever's on offer but one of my favourites, that i keep going back to, is The Body Shop Body Butters. They are so thick and luxurious, not to mentioned heavily moisturising which is great for dry, sensitive skin like mine. My current favourite is Cranberry Joy which i bagged for just £4 rather than the usual £13 in their sale. It smells fresh and fruity, perfect for the time of year, and it really moisturises my legs after shaving. I sometimes use this after i've applied the Nads Ingrown Solution or sometimes just on it's own, depending on how my skin is feeling, but it just love how thick it is but how quickly it soaks in leaving no residue. My usual favourite go to scent is Satsuma, but when you can bag these on the cheap i go for it.

Now, with my newly revamped routine my legs are much happier. As i previously said, i now get little to no rashes, occasionally bumps but i'm willing to forgive that as it's significantly better than i've ever seen it before. I hope that it you have sensitive legs and shaving is a problem for you too, that this has given you some ideas in which direction to go next. And a note to all you lucky ladies that shave your legs daily with no problems, think yourself lucky and don't take it for granted!


24 August 2013

#OOTD | Summer Trousers #2


Trousers: Topshop | Top: Topshop | Shoes: Peacocks | Necklace: LLROK | Sunglasses: ASOS

So i'm home! I had a lovely time away, but it's also great to be back. As promised, today i thought i'd show you another way to style comfortable Summertime trousers.

Rather than tucking in, i've paired them with a gorgeous floaty cami top which gives a more relaxed feel to the outfit but also gives it more of an evening feel. I also love the bright pop of colour, i still think that if you want more of a fun outfit then adding colour to them really lifts things. By pairing them with the same colour shoes, just a different shade really brings things together.

I love these shoes, they're so comfortable and they're really great for dressing up or down and can really change the look of an outfit. I just love that this look looks completely different to my first styling. These trousers are so versatile and could be dressed many different ways.


22 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Things you may not Know or Notice

Walt Disney was a stickler for detail, and that's what Disney has over every other theme park in the world. The attention to detail here is second to none and in actual fact there are thousands of hidden details that you may never know about. Disney love to enhance a guest's holiday as much as possible, so here are some examples of things you may not have known or noticed before.

Image sourced from Google Images

Ever noticed that there is actually a slight incline when you're walking up Main Street to the castle? This was added to build excitement and hold the castle as the central hub. When you've had a tiring day at the park, this means you'll be walking on a slight decline so that all the tired families find it a little easier to get home.

Ever noticed just how clean Disney World is? That's because they refuse to sell a certain gooey snack. Chewing Gum will not be sold on WDW property to cut down on gum being stuck all over the parks. Also, a trash can will never be more than 30 steps away from you, Walt was very particular about mess.

When walking up Main Street into the park, take a closer look at the castle. The bricks get smaller as you go up the castle to give a forced perspective to make it seem taller then it really is.

If you're really early in the Magic Kingdom, there are surprises around every corner. Make sure to be the first guests to enter Tinkerbell's gift shop as you will have the honour of 'waking up' Tinkerbell.

In the waiting area of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride you will see the two skeletal pirates playing a game of chess, their game is actually in a stalemate so their game will never be finished.

Image sourced from businessinsider.com

On the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios, in the Casablanca scene imageneers bought an actual plane and sliced it in half to fit it in the scene. Make sure when next on the Jungle Cruise in MK to look out for the back end of the same plane!

Image sourced from Google Images

If you happen to be around the Haunted Mansion at night, be sure to  have a look in the top floor windows. You may well spot the happy haunts playing around.

Image sourced from Google Images.

While in EPCOT, take a sip of one of the water fountains outside Mouse Gear. They tend to test out their comedy on every guest who grabs a drink.

On Tom Sawyer's Island, every day cast members hide five paintbrushes around the island. If you're one of the first five to find one you'll get a free fastpass to Big Thunder Mountain.

Image sourced from Google Images.

In the candy shop on Main Street in MK there is an old fashioned phone on the wall, pick it up and listen in to a conversation between a mother and daughter.

In the streets of America in Hollywood Studios, you will find an umbrella leaning high on a lamp post. If you pull the handle of the umbrella down, you will find yourself in your very own Singin' in the Rain scene.

When entering the Muppet Labs for Muppetvision 3D, look to your right and will see a door and on the window it states the staff is out and the key is under the mat. Below the window, there is an actual doormat and if you lift it you will find the key to the door.

Image sourced from Google Images.

When standing by the bakery on Main Street USA, can you smell the freshly baked cookies? Or what you think is freshly baked goods, in actual fact what you're smelling is scented oils pushed through the fans to give the bakery it the old time bakery scent.

Image sourced from Google Images.

When flying over California on Soarin' at EPCOT, the golfer who hits that golf ball straight at you is actually a former CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner.

Image sourced from Google Images.

Thanks for coming along with me for another Disney adventure, back to regularly scheduled programming next!

All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

20 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Disney Vloggers

If, like me, you get excited for your holiday approximately six months before you leave for said holiday then i think you'll agree it's nice to catch up on what you're missing. Well, that's where Disney vlogs come in. If you simply type in 'Disney Vlogs' or 'Disney Vacation' into Youtube, you'll soon find that vlogging your Disney holiday is actually becoming a 'thing'. For me, this is great because i love watching people enjoying themselves at the same destination i do. So, i'm here to suggest to you two of my favourite Disney vloging channels. Both of these channels are pretty much Disney vlogging only, which just means hours and hours of footage to enjoy.

SeeYaReelSoon is the home of Joey and Ashley, two Disney fanatics like me. They regularly take Disney trips together and vlog their travels.

They do daily Disney vlogs as well as tips and tricks, recently they even embarked on the Draw my Life tag, with their Disney edition. They're so much fun and clearly enjoy each others company which is lovely to watch. I really like that their vlogs are part tour style and part just recording what they're up to. They have a great energy, and quite obviously enjoy showing people their vacation. They stay at lots of different resorts, so show off each one and tell you as much as they know - which is usually a lot - and often do different activities, like renting golf carts and driving around the resort. I recommend them if you're just looking for a bit of fun, and they're easily relatable as a young couple.

Phil, Emma & Ben are exactly who their channel name dictates. Phill, Emma & Ben are a family from the UK who love Disney too. Like me, they've travelled to many of the Disney resorts and documented their time away.

Phil, Emma & Ben have a slightly different feel to Joey & Ashley, they're a young family so they're orientated a little differently. They adore Ben and it's nice to see them getting involved with him and enjoying the Disney experience through a little boy's eyes. They've done a lot of cool activities at Disney that you might not see elsewhere, like parasailing on the seven seas lagoon, Ben has joined the pirates league and Phil even proposed to Emma their. Despite having a child in tow, it's nice to see the parents let loose to, for example Phil did the EPCOT challenge and tried the signature beverage from each country around the world showcase, which was great fun. They've met up with other vloggers and the Disney Mom's Panel and they clearly love sharing their holiday. They have a slightly different vlogging style, with a lot of things being more informative but i enjoy that and it's nice to know how they see things and what they're willing to share.


18 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | What I Wear at WDW

My main priority, on a holiday like this, is to be comfortable. Fashion is not at the forefront of my mind but if i can find myself cute outfits that also keep me comfortable then i'm more then obliging.

When it comes to theme parks, being up and about, and generally for practicality i love me some shorts. They don't get in the way, i don't have to worry about flashing my bum and they're still nice and airy in the Florida heat.

Shorts: Boohoo | Tank: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

I absolutely love these shorts, i think they're so cute and i love the tartan pattern. They're made of a really light cotton and it pretty much feels like i'm wearing pyjama shorts. They're really loose around the legs, which is perfect, but still cinches me in at my smallest part to enhance my figure which is still appropriate for holiday wear.

I love white tops for holiday because they just go with everything, so it makes it pretty simple getting dressed in the morning. These tanks from H&M are super stretchy and comfortable, which is great for pairing with my shorts.

Shorts: ASOS | Tank: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

I love this look, it's still so theme park appropriate but that bright pop of pink really keeps things fun. I feel so Minnie Mouse in this colour! These tanks come in a hundred different colours, so if you are looking for something a little more fun and for a colour to match then definitely check them out. I also really like the thicker straps than strappy tops, i'm not sure why, i just feel a little more supported.

These ASOS jersey shorts were a total impulse buy when i was searching for new clothes to take away with me, but they're so stretchy and comfortable that the impulse totally paid off. They're really light and floaty which is great and i love the fun print on them. It just keeps things from being too far from my own style. I like that i can keep things fun even while i'm away.

Playsuit: River Island | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

I also really, really love playsuits. If you can get over the fact you practically have to strip off to take a wee then you're good to go. They're far easier while i'm away because you don't have to worry about faffing around with tights and it can just slip over your shoulders. I love this one because, again, it's so light. I bought it in the sale last year for only about a fiver and i couldn't understand why people weren't snapping it up because it's just so holiday perfect. It's really easy to get off and on, and i feel like i'm wearing pyjamas. See a trend coming on? I love the fun floral print too, and the gorgeous purple colour. It's just perfect for throwing on for a theme park or to head to the pool.

Playsuit: People Tree | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

Another playsuit, but this one's a little more flattering and bit more fitted. This is the kind of thing that still keeps in with my comfortable favourites but it's just a bit more dressy when i want something less theme park for when i'm shopping. It's still really comfortable, beind made from a jersey cotton material and i love the bright colours.

Shoes: Converse All Star Ox Low Optical White

Now, when it comes to Disney you just have to have a pair of comfortable shoes because if you don't, you're screwed. I love, love, love my converse. They just do me so well with the hundreds of miles i walk in the Disney parks and around the shopping malls. They keep my feet cosy and worry free, because i just don't want to risk any sore feet or blisters on a holiday like this one. They're super breathable too, so i never really find a problem in the heat.

These are all outfits i've packed in my suitcase and taken away with me, and they're just exactly what i look for in holiday attire. Make sure to dress comfortably and pack comfy shoes! Oh, and don't forget your sunglasses and a hat - don't want to be getting sun stroke either! Take care of yourself.

All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

16 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | New Fantasyland

New Fantasyland is the latest addition to the Magic Kingdom themepark, and it's not entirely completed as i'll explain later. It's been gradually opening since December 2012, after five years of construction and planning. It's MK's biggest ever expansion adding a new restaurant, tavern and nine new attractions. New Fantasyland boasts two new areas entitled the 'Enchanted Forest' and 'Storybook Circus'. The Enchanted Forest is home to: Belle's Village and Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure. The Barnstormer, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Casey Jr. Splash 'N Soak Station and Fantasyland station can all be found in Storybook Circus.

Starting with The Little Mermaid, here you can board 'Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid'. It's a musical attraction in which you take a seat in a large clam shell to experience Ariel's story. It's housed in the beautiful surroundings of Eric's castle and behold some incredible effects that take you into scenes from the animated Disney film The Little Mermaid.

There's also the opportunity to step inside Ariel's Grotto and snap a picture with everyone's favourite mermaid princess, Ariel herself.

In Belle's Village, why not stop for a drink in Gaston's Tavern before heading over to Enchanted Tales with Belle. Here you'll get the chance to take part in a lively retelling of the "tale as old as time". Enter through the enchanted mirror and meet many of you favourite characters along the way. You'll meet the Wardrobe, Lumière and of course the beautiful Belle, herself.

You can also stop for a bite to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant. You can feast in one of three incredible new dining rooms, all from your favourite story. Either the mysterious West Wing, home of Beast's famous rose, The Rose gallery and the beautiful Ballroom. You can try all the classic flavours of France, during the day as quick service dining and by night as a traditional table service restaurant. 

Take to the sky with the Great Goofini in the Barnstormer, previously found on Wiseacre farm but it's back with a whole new look. Goofy is now a stunt pilot, you'll be whirling and twirling your way in his stunt craft taken high above the grounds of Storybook Circus.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant has had a total rebrand, now with double the elephants! It's doubled in size, now, with two rotating squadrons. With your control stick you can control when and where you take to the skies or stay sweeping across the water.

The Soak Station is exactly what it says on the tin, if you fancy cooling off from that scorching sun then head here for a splashing good time.

Like i said, New Fantasyland isn't complete yet and there's a final attraction yet to open, in early 2014. Situated in the Enchanted Forest will be The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a merry, musical adventure starring your favourite dwarfs. Take this wild ride through the diamond mine, where a million diamonds shine! You'll twist, turn and weave in & out of the mine and through the countryside, with glittering gems and playful surprises! The journey will end at the cottage for a singalong withe dwarfs and Snow White too, so hold on to your hats! 

When it's entirely completed, and open, in 2014 Fantasyland will have doubled in size so make sure to check it out.

All images sourced from disneyworld.disney.go.com

14 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Differences Between Resorts

Disney has three types of resort hotels: Value, Moderate and Deluxe. Each type is still 100% Disney, they're just available so that as many different people can come to visit Disney and have the most comfortable stay possible. Honestly though, i would say in my experience that all Disney resort hotel standard rooms are pretty much the exact same. The only thing that differs is the decor, in and out. All standard rooms include two double beds, or one king, a vanity area with the sink, a bathroom/toilet combo, a TV and usually a desk and chair. Just what you'd need for a holiday away from home, right? So, personally i don't see the point in paying triple the price, in some examples, for basically the exact same room. You spend so little time in it anyway, and everything is always clean and tidy with everything you'd need. I have only stayed in value and moderate resort hotels and the main difference between them is the amount of children. Obviously, the value resorts are built for large families or families who can't afford to pay the rates of the pricier hotels, so value resorts are usually full of children, however i have never found this a problem as i've experienced young couples honeymooning in them too simply because Disney can be a pricey destination, so why not save some pennies? I've never stayed in a hotel i haven't liked and i just can't recommend staying on property enough.

Value Resort: Disney's All Star Music Resort

One of the resort hotels i've chosen to stay in is the All Star Music Resort. If the name doesn't explain it enough, it's a resort based and entirely decorated around the theme of music. Each hotel block is named after a different genre of music, for example: Jazz Inn, Rock Inn & Broadway. Everything is larger than life, literally, with bright colours everywhere and you can't help but feel happy. Everything is so well looked after, everything is easy to get too, it's calm and quiet - besides the pool areas - and there is attention to detail everywhere; can't you see the hidden Mickey in the pictures above? The food court is great too, there are four counters available all serving something different, plus a bakery and a grab & go fridge area. There's something for everyone from pizza, to sandwiches, to tacos. All the food i've ever experienced from any Disney outlet is at the highest standard and really good, so have no fear eating here! (Pun not intended, but welcomed)

Moderate Resort: Port Orleans Resort: French Quarter

Image Sourced from disneyworld.disney.go.com

Port Orleans: French Quarter is probably my favourite resort that i've had the pleasure of staying in, mainly because it's so beautiful. It has a river that runs all along the side of it, and you can even grab a boat from here straight to Downtown Disney and back which is a great advantage. Further up the river is the other half of the Port Orleans resort called Riverside. Riverside is probably the louder, busier section of Port Orleans with French Quarter being very relaxed and calming. It's beautifully decorated with a mardi gras theme, and even has the child orientated characters and styling like the value resorts. The charm of this resort is just a little more adult and there's even a cocktail bar available here for an evening tipple. The food court is exactly the same as the value resorts, so nothing new here. It's excitingly decorated and will keep the kids entertained. I would maybe say that the seating area in this food court isn't quite as large as the All Star offering, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the court itself. The rooms are probably not as bright and gaudy as the value resorts, with cooler tones of blue and purple but otherwise it's exactly the same room. There's plenty of activities here, as you can walk along the river or even cycle it with bicycles for hire. I really enjoyed my stay at this resort and you can pay a little extra to have a river view room if you so desire.

Deluxe Resort: Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Grand Floridian images sourced from Google Images

I have never personally stayed at the Grand Floridian, but you can't miss it as you have to pass it on the way to and from the Magic Kingdom park. It stands out and towers like a castles with it's signature red rooves. I have done a lot of research on the Disney resorts available and have seen plenty of great reviews about this hotel, but it's definitely on the pricey side. The rooms like very similar to those of the value and moderate resorts, they just may come with a little extra room for a sofa and often a balcony but who really needs either when there's so much to see outdoors? I think this seems like a lovely resort, and i would never knock anyone wanting to stay here but i just think that the money could be better spent else where. If you've got the pennies, go for it, but i've found the value and moderate resorts very satisfactory. If you fancy a look at  a Grand Floridian room, take a peek at Jen's hotel room tour from her 2012 WDW vacation starting at 9:23.

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