31 May 2012

Good Things

Good Things is a brand i discovered through the lovely Jennie, and have been enjoying for a good month or so now.

Seeing as i don't particularly do that much to my skin, to help or hinder, i thought it about time i tried out some skincare. Now, i know there are all these parabens and what-sits and general bad stuff lurking around, so i wanted to try and avoid these where possible - so Good Things seemed like a great solution! They're free from "mineral oils or other petrochemicals, parabens, sodium laureth - and sodium lauryl sulphates, and nothing that has been derived from or tested on animals." Good Things products are packed with 'super fruits' which can range from keeping the skin calm and free from irritation to counteracting the environmental stress that skin goes through.

To be honest, the packaging probably pulled me in at first glance as it's clean but pretty, and looks lovely sat on a night stand, etc. I also love that they all smell delicious, as i know that they can be good for the skin but all this unscented malarky is a little dull if you ask me - so if i can have a product that looks after my skin AND smell delicious, then ya got me.

So far i own: Face The Day Moisturiser, Bright Eyes Eye Cream, Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser, Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser, Five Minute Facial Face Mask, Soothing Exfoliating Scrub and Soothing Body Lotion and am loving it all. I've been noticing lately that my skin is becoming more oily than usual and the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser and Miracle Mattifier is seriously helping to improve the oiliness of my skin, plus keeping my skin clean and looking more radiant than usual. After a good clean using the Purifying Cleaner my skin instantly feels refreshed and clear. I don't use the Miracle Mattifier every day, as i don't feel i need it and i switch up with the Face the Day and occasionally no moisturiser at all, or i do it the previous night.

Like i said, i'm also loving the Face The Day Moisturiser (not pictured) - i use this, in the morning, when i have a few dry patches where i've been trying to combat spots using my prescription gel, that just dries out the area. I also occasionally use at night when i feel i want extra moisture without putting make up on, etc - especially since the loss of their Dream Cream Night Cream (Boohoo, please bring her back! Would it help if i started a petition?) I've only ever really used moisturiser when i needed it but i've now began to build it into my routine, however not every day to try and combat dependancy and sometimes out of laziness!

I was a little hesitant about the Five Minute Mask, 'cause i mean come on - how much can really be done in five? There are so many other face masks out there on the market that have to be kept on for a good ten minutes plus, why would this one be the answer to my prayers? However, i was more than pleasantly surprised. After a recent bad experience with a Montagne Jeunesse face mask, i was a little reluctant but after such good feedback from all the other products and no ingredients to give me real problems, i thought i'd give it a go and i'm super glad i did. It left my skin feeling refreshed, clean and baby smooth. My skin was the softest it's ever felt. I highly, highly recommend this product - and this brand - however, i don't use the mask more than twice a week and only twice when i feel my skin needs some real help. Usually on a Friday or Saturday night as a little pick-me-up and as a relaxation tool. I never leave it on for longer than the recommended five minutes, but begin to wash it off probably 30 seconds after the recommended time to allow the full length of time for my skin to reap the benefits. I did use my Benefit Facial Polish before i used the face mask, as i'm yet to hunt down the Good Things Freshening Polish or the Blackhead Exfoliator, but i when i get the opportunity to buy that i'll be using that instead.

I love to use the Soothing Exfoliating Scrub while i'm showering, especially on my legs as it helps to keep hairs from becoming ingrown and also to get rid of any excess dead skin cells that are hanging around. The Soothing Body Lotion is great to be used after my shower, and especially after shaving my legs. It keeps the skin smooth and soft and generally just keeps my skin happy. I wouldn't say that these two products have changed my life, like the facial products have but i'll definitely be repurchasing as they've helped improve the softness of my skin.

When it comes to the Eye Cream, i'm really a little hesitant and worried to try this as all the Good Things products contain natural ingredients and one of the Eye Cream's main ingredients is Raspberry, which i am unfortunately allergic to. Now, since finding out that i'm allergic to this fruit i've not eaten or used any products containing them, so this will be a first. I'm sure that i won't have the same reaction i have when i digest them, but i'm not sure if i'll have no reaction at all. I'm still definitely going to give it a go because my under eyes are one of my most hated features of myself and anything that may help me improve them is much appreciated, and seeing as i've had such good results with the rest of the produce makes me a little less fearful. I'll keep you updated about this product, and i hope to report back with continued success.

I am incredibly happy that i came across this brand because it's seriously changed my perspective on looking after my skin, and that you can do it without smearing all sorts of unidentified rubbish on your face. I feel happy in the knowledge that i'm looking after my skin with the best possible ingredients. I highly recommend these products, as you may have seen me raving about them over on Twitter. Follow me on there to keep up to date with all Good Things thoughts!


29 May 2012

Like a Virgin #3 Essie Who?

Essie Nail Polish in In Stitches

Back again with Like a Virgin, and now i can tick Essie off my list of brands. Finally picked up a polish, at the same time as picking up my OPI polish - that was a good day. I decided on this, after pros and cons-ing it with Angora Cardi as they're very similar in colour. They're both a gorgeous everyday colour, they're sort of coral like but Angora is a little more pink and Stitches is a little more orange. So, since i've been picking a fair few pink shades lately i thought i'd go for this one. I think this will become a go to every day shade for me, it's just the perfect simple shade but it's not too neutral so it doesn't become boring. I just love it!


27 May 2012

The Mean Reds

(Image sourced from Google Images)

"You know those days when you get the mean reds?
No. The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?
Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!"

Do you ever get the mean reds? I can honestly say that i do. I use that phrase coined by the charismatic Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's - and if you haven't seen that film, i demand that you do. It's one of my favourites, is an easy watch and just puts you at ease.

I get it when i feel so uninspired by my surroundings - my clothes, my hair and even the big wide world. When, maybe, you can even see the light at the end of the tunnel. I resort to time by myself and some music, but even that doesn't snap me back. It can last for days, weeks and nothing feels quite right - do you know what i mean?

I'm sure we all feel like this sometimes, but it's also nice to just get it out. I hope you can all take shelter here at Legs whenever you're feeling a little blue. You can also always contact me on Twitter and now thanks to the great new addition of my iPhone, you can now also find me on Instagram at @_legseleven. I hope you all find some peace!


25 May 2012

I'm an #AussieAngel!

So, since writing my plea to become an Aussie Angel i found out via Twitter that i'd successfully got my wings, along with nine other lovely girls - Sarah, Steph, Jade, Sarah, Danielle, Lizzie, Rosie, Lisa and Brogan! I can't express how excited i am for this opportunity, and especially to get to know the brand and also to meet the rest of the Angels!

We've already been sent a little package in the mail - which is exciting! - which included this adorable little necklace to confirm that we've all gained our Aussie Wings!

 And with our parcels came the first task for us Angels - to test out the new 500ml bottles that you may have seen in your local drugstores. We got given the Miracle Moist Shampoo - for hair that's dry/damaged/a bit unhappy - and this kinda describes my own state of hair, so i was super excited to give this a go. I've said in the past that i adore Aussie products so was already expecting great things from this product and i wasn't disappointed.

I love that this product wasn't heavy and didn't weigh down my hair, and with that classic Aussie smell you can't go far wrong. Even though it wasn't thick, it still lathered up well and seemed to deep condition my hair still leaving it soft and squeaky clean. I'd definitely use this product again, although in these humongous 500ml bottles you won't need to repurchase very often! Although they're not great for travelling, for home use you only need a little product to get a good lather so will keep you going for a long time.


23 May 2012

Like a Virgin #2 Oh Pea Eye

OPI Nail Polish in I Eat Mainely Lobster

Back again for Like a Virgin, but this time trying out the infamous brand OPI. I picked up my bottle from John Lewis, and trust me it took some time to choose. This brand has so many gorgeous colours to choose from, but i decided on I Eat Mainely Lobster. It's the perfect Spring shade, the most beautiful coral that's somewhere between the pink and the orange tones. I'd say that the finely milled golden glitter makes it seem a little more orangey, but in the light it does look pink too. It's just a beautiful colour that i haven't seen much of in the drugstore brands. It's the kind of colour that you can wear every day but it's still something a little special for evenings out. The consistency's great, it goes on well but is definitely a two coat jobby - however, is opaque once dry. What i really love about OPI's branding are the fab names of the polishes, i love their quirky names much more than any polish that uses numbers. Frankly, sometimes the name pulls me in.


21 May 2012

My (Past) Disney Summer

I don't think i've ever really declared my love for Disney, and Walt Disney World, on my blog before; probably mainly because i've only had my blog for a year and i've been having serious withdrawal symptoms for the past two since the last time i went was 2009. I was lucky enough to spend most of my Summers growing up there, so it really has become a big part of my life and will remain to be. I'm lucky enough to be going back this Summer and honestly can't wait to get there!

There are so many things to love about this place; Florida, as a state, has so much character and atmosphere, so it's the perfect place to house the happiest, most magical place on earth! I've selected a few of my favourite photographs, from my 2009 trip, to share with you; can you feel the magic?

There's so much to explore, and always something new! You're never too old for Disney. On this year's trip to Florida, although i kind of feel like i'll be betraying Disney, i'd really like to visit Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I'm determined to come home with a wand and the taste of Butterbeer under my belt! Frankly, i can't wait to have two weeks away from reality and the chance to be a real big kid!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
Walt Disney.


19 May 2012


These are my new slippers, given to me for my birthday! They're super comfy and i just adore the pattern - i'm a sucker for a good pattern and a good slipper boot! I wear throughout the year and not just Winter, so if all you shoe companies could produce them all year round, that'd be great!


17 May 2012

Like a Virgin #1 China's Glazed?

Since joining the blogging community, i've learned that certain items, products and brands are coveted by the blogging elite, which means it must be worth trying out if you can get your hands on it. I've been wanting to branch out my nail polish collection for some time, with China Glaze, OPI and Essie being top of my list for brands to test - so when i was browsing Amazon for some phone covers, and somehow stumbling across nail polish, i thought i'd treat myself to some varnish for the new season. So, here's the beginning of my Like a Virgin series, where i try out the brands that i've always wanted to but never quite gotten round to. I've been really lazy the past couple of seasons when it comes to nail polish, sticking to my staple Models Own Champagne colour every time i repainted, but the (little) sun we've had has tempted me into the bright colours of Spring and Summer.

I wanted some colours that would go with lots of things, so i don't have to worry about changing my nails all the time, so this is what i plumped for:

 China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Four Leaf Clover

I thought this would be a little more like OPI's Fly, but probably should have known by the name that i would be more of a green. However, the colour that it is is gorgeous - it's an amazing apple green, nice and bright for Spring and it such a versatile shade, BUT it did stain my nails pretty bad even after i only wore it for a couple of hours.. Note to Self: Use a base coat.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Flip Flop Fantasy

This is like nothing i own! The image really doesn't do it justice, i kind of thought this would be more of a coral colour but in actual fact it's an insanely neon pink with some coral mixed in! I'm not usually one for pink, well, anything(!) but i cannot get enough of this shade. It's amazing for Spring and will be even more perfect for Summer. It honestly is seriously neon, and until the weather picks up it's sticking as an accent nail to jazz up my hands!

15 May 2012

Summer Lovin'

Once the Easter break and my birthday are out the way - in my mind we're pretty much on the home straight to Summer - especially as i'm home from University ready for it to begin. I adore Summer, it's my favourite season for dressing and for events; no University, time to pursue all sorts of things that i don't have time to do for the rest of the year and, of course, a holiday. This year, i'm very excited to be going back to Orlando, Florida and more importantly, to me, Walt Disney World. This advert makes me smile every time i see it, and pretty much sums up the Disney experience and what Disney's all about, for me.

After my first year at University, it'll be great to have some time off to reflect and have some time to myself, as it's difficult to really do that when you're sharing a flat with ten other people and they're messier and louder than you are. It's been great to have the experience of living in halls of residence, but i'm really looking forward to having a much quieter, and tidier, flat next year sharing with my friend. The Summer is also such a great time to try things and do things you can't, or don't, do the rest of the year, i feel much more open to trying new things during the Summer months, although maybe that's because i don't have so much on my mind; what about you, are you more open?

Well, this is the first in a few posts about my love for Florida and why i love it so much!


13 May 2012

25 For 25

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(Image sourced from Google Images)

As you all know this year i turned 20, giving a me mere five years before i officially hit "mid-20s", and it's all downhill from there into the depths of your late 20s and before you know it, you're 30. Bam. So, after reading the lovely Jennie's blog, it gave me the inspiration and idea to follow suit and build my own 25 for 25; 25 things i'd like to achieve before i reach 25.

It's taken me so long write this post, quite literally months(!), as i really had to think about what i want to do and achieve in the next 5 (and a bit) years. On one hand that's a hell of a lot of time, but on the other not that long at all. I'm going to be at University for two more of those years, until i'm 22, so that leaves only two and a bit years after University where i'll be living in 'the real world' and when i can imagine i'll be achieving, or hoping to achieve, the most in that time.

So, here are my 25 for 25.

I thought it probably best to stick my two main priorities first and second, as they're what i want most from the next five years.

1. Graduate from University with a grade i'm proud of.
This is probably my main goal, as without this i won't be going nowhere! I also made sure to write 'with a grade i'm proud of' as although, of course, i'd love to come out of my degree with a first but who knows how the next two years will pan out and who knows if i'll get on with the rest of the modules as well as i have in my first year, so we'll see but all i can do is try my best to aim for the best grade i can get.

2. Secure a job, somewhere i want to be.
Obviously i don't want the grade i'm happy with to go to waste, so hopefully i'll be able to secure some sort of job, somewhere i'd like to be, doing something i love. I wouldn't even mind starting out as an intern, or just starting at the bottom working up or maybe even freelance, but something would be good to keep me occupied.

EDIT: Now that i really think about it 25 really isn't that old, or that much time, to do things in - seeing as i have a further two years of University to go. So many things i'd like to happen probably won't because, well, i'm a keen bean!

3. Continue Legs Eleven to her full potential.
I'm absolutely loving writing for my blog, at the moment, and i feel as though i'm at some sort of blogging peak - but i don't want that peak to ever dip. Legs is such a guilty pleasure of mine, i love that she's my little part of the internet and can project my thoughts and feelings here. I want to continue to watch her grow, and hope she can continue to bring me great things - i've met some of the loveliest people through her.

4. Find products that help me to take better care of my skin, and begin to take better care.
Up until recently, i really haven't cared for my skin. I haven't exactly abused it but i also haven't made it an effort to take care of it. I know that as we get older your skin gets really affected, so i hope to invest in some serious skin care - finding something that really works for me, and use it like i should.

5. Comment on the blogs posts i read.
I am an absolute terror for this. I love seeing people comment on my posts, and for the amount of blogs, and posts, that i read i do not comment enough. It's almost becoming a resolution that i need to comment on every post that i read. I'm sure there'll be days that i comment more than others, but i want to make sure to comment a lot more than i currently do.

6. Find my Scent.
Everyone seems to have their signature scent, but i've been through so many perfumes and am still yet to find my perfect scent. Something that i love, that can take me from day to night, throughout the year and something that can grow with me. I'm really looking forward to that.

7. Leave the country, without my parents, other than a University trip.
I'm looking forward to travelling with my friends, or my partner, as i think that's a step to growing up.

8. See one of my favourite artists live.
More recently have i decided that i'd really love to see Jessie J but there are plenty of acts i'd love to see on tour, like Take That, Michael Buble or Beyonce. I haven't seen as many gigs as i would have liked to over the years, but Glastonbury wet my appetite for live acts and i'd like to continue ticking them off my list.

9. Become engaged.
Maybe not too soon, but around my 25th birthday perhaps i'd like to think i'll be getting engaged. It's one of those things girls dream of, and i don't want to wait too long as there are so many other things in life that are to follow.

10. To be decorating my own home.
I can't wait to decorate my room in my rented student flat, next year, so the thought of decorating an entire home - wallpaper and all - is seriously exciting. I love interior design, and it's always been an interest, so i can't wait to get creative and splash my personality across the walls.

11. To own a MAC lipstick.
Oh my goodness, i can't wait for this day. They're a little pricey in my opinion, so are yet to be purchased. They're high end to me and something a little special, so will be a special purchase. I think i'll go for something daytime before i go for something out there.

12. Continue to find myself, alone and as part of a couple.
I think it's important to grow as a person and to learn to grow in a couple too. It's a difficult thing to know who you are but also how to deal with things in a relationship, and i look forward to a time when i have that balance.

13. Keep in contact with the girls that are helping to shape my University years, amazingly too.
They're amazing girls, there's not much else to say. I love them and hope to continue with our friendships. 

14. Know the tubes like a real Londoner.
When it comes to the underground, i know the names of the lines but not where they go and only know where to go if i look in advance/travel the same route often. I look forward to a time when i'll know where i'm going all the time, no matter where i'm headed.

15. Get published in a publication i currently read religiously.
How exciting would that be? I was so excited and proud to see my name, and work, published in Cambridge's Style magazine so to see my name published in something considered to be a bigger publication, national or international would be incredible.

16. Hear Take That Sing "Never Forget" live.
This is one of the most moving songs to me, and it would be incredible to be sat in a stadium with thousands of other people singing along too. Just. Incredible.

17. Begin to see the world, out there.
I'd love to travel a bit, not necessarily all over but i'd like to see things that are out there, probably starting in my own back yard as i think the UK is a beautiful country with it's own gems.

18. Continue to grow my hair.
I know this is a simple one, but this is something i'm desperate to do. My hair seems to get to shoulder length and give up, so i'm desperate to grow it long. Especially as i want long gorgeous locks for my wedding day.

19. Meet Alice Bailey.
I must meet this lady. She's such a special one, and i can't wait to chat about anything and everything and hug her to thank her for everything she's done for me. Honestly, she's a gem.

20. Spend time in London when i'm not working or rushing and can enjoy our Capital city.
I really do love London, and i'd love to spend more time there when i'm not there for work or to shop like a mad woman. I'd love to see everything the city has to offer and spend time sitting in the parks reading on a sunny day.

21. Become an Iphone user.
I'm really hoping for this to come true sooner rather than later because, frankly, my  Blackberry is has been giving up the ghost the passed few months and it's just awful. I'm looking forward to giving the Iphone a go as my Mr has one and i love having a play, it's just so multifunctional and i like the thought of having everything in one place.

22. I'd like a puppy.
I really, really would. I can't be sure it'll happen before i'm 25 as i want to make sure i have the money, and time, to look after them but i just love the thought of walking them and having a little friend. I've always wanted a dog, so can't wait to fulfil this one.

23. Buy fresh flowers more often.
I love having fresh flowers, but my university room isn't very forgiving with amount of space so i'm looking forward to moving and getting the room to have flowers more often. I just feel like they brighten up the place, and they also make me feel better too!

24. Let go.
I think there comes a time in all our lives where we realise that it's the right moment to let go of things that have troubled you or that you changed from in the past. Whether it means your brain clicks and you feel a weight lift or physically get rid of memorabilia that you no longer feel attached too, but i think that's a time when you feel it's right to move on.

25. Know where i'm going, and as who.
I think the thought of this is scary but exciting. The thought of being settled, knowing how the next few years is going to pan out and the feeling of who i'm becoming to be is a wonderful thought. I imagine that's when i'll feel like a true adult, when life begins to become settled but content.

So, there are my 25 things. I know they're not mad, as i'm not really your bungee jumping, sky diving, jumping off a cliff kinda gal - i'm a little more down to earth and wanted to include things that i can genuinely tick off because lets face it, i'm never jumping off a cliff.


11 May 2012

Toppers Tall

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As we all know, i'm a leggy lass so pretty much rely on Topshop's Tall section to keep my pins dressed, and lately they've been excelling in this field. I've always complained that they've done the basics better than good but they seemed to think that's all tall girls wanted, basics. But since the new season has kicked in, they've been bringing out on trend pieces left right and centre, plus little added extras for a great selection.

I just wanted to do a little post to showcase such a brilliant collection, everything from jumpers to jeans, and beyond. My favourites are their jeans, leggings, shorts and playsuits as i'm not too fussy about tall dresses or skirts. 

I also commend Topshop for finally giving the option to pay by giftcard! I have been waiting for this moment for a very long, so i salute you Toppers!


9 May 2012

L'oreal Caresse

 L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in 301 Dating Coral

This product, to me, is very similar to the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, that i blogged about last month. I found this a little more moisturising, it glided on super easily. I originally decided to pick this one up rather than Revlon's Tutti Frutti but ended up buying both as decided although very similar, they are different enough to warrant having both. This one is a coral shade but is a little more pink, whereas Tutti Frutti is a little more orange but both are super versatile, and super wearable.  It's the lovliest texture on the lips, being quite sheer and ultra moisturising but still well pigmented transferring great colour to the lips. I'd be interested in trying a few other shades from this line as the product itself is lovely.


7 May 2012

Spring Favourites

I love watching Youtube videos and reading blog posts, and one of the best is the classic monthly favourites. So, i thought i'd give it a go myself! Rather than starting with a monthly, i thought i'd start with the season as i don't know how well i'll do with producing it monthly! So here are my products for Spring:

Lush Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar: £2.45

This is my favourite bubble bar of all time, and it was lovely to come home for the Easter break and have a well deserved bath - seeing as my halls of residence only has showers - with this delicious smelling bar. I love the sensation of crumbling it under the warm water and watching the bubbles rise from the swirling pink crumbs. It just smells amazing, and reminds me of some happy times when i was a little younger, and when i was a Lush enthusiast. The scent is light and sweet - not something i'd usually go for - but there's just something about this smell that makes me want to eat it. I can't wait for next year when my new flat has a bath and i can use these all the time, even try out some new ones.

 Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish: £17.50

Since winning this in the Debenhams Beauty Event raffle, i've been using it non stop. It contains really finely milled scrubbing agents, very similar to a body scrub but delicate - for the face- and when massaged into the skin, you can feel it shifting the dirt. I make sure it's well massaged in, scrubbing with a little vigour to make sure it's got rid of all the dead skin and dirt. When i wash it off, usually just using some cold water and a wash cloth, my skin is ultra soft - like nothing it's ever been and this helps my skin become brighter, plumper and cleaner. It's honestly a god send, and i like to use it in conjunction with the Benefit Facial Emulsion the next morning, after using (not pictured) - they're the most amazing combo and help to make my skin glow when it really needs a hand.

Models Own Nail Polish in Champagne: £5.00

This is my staple nail polish throughout Autumn, Winter and into Spring. When Spring gets a little warmer, i like to pop out the brights but until then this is my colour. I love that it goes with everything, but isn't a dull colour. I'm not really one for nudes on the nails, i figure if you're gonna paint 'em you might as well paint 'em good. It's the most gorgeous peach toned platinum/silver colour. I love it's deep, never ending shimmer and catches all sorts of light. It jazzes up outfits day to day and is perfect for evenings out, and all occasions.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One BB Cream in Light: £7.49

This is honestly a dream product for me. I'm forever on the search for a product to help me combat my dratted skin, and this does just that. It's amazingly moisturising, keeping my skin in plump tip top condition with in-built coverage, but nothing too dramatic for my pale skin. It evens out my skin tone and along with my usual 17 concealer it helps to disguise blemishes and scarring too. It works like a dream and i couldn't recommend it highly enough.

 Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait: £7.99

I'm so glad to have tracked down this product! It's what i've always been looking for in a lip product, and more. I have plenty of gorgeous colours i can wear for a more evening look, or bright day look if i'm feeling brave, but i've been wanting something i can wear day to day with little hassle. The formula is intensely moisturising and the right amount of sheer. This colour isn't quite my dream colour yet, but the pigmentation is nice and i can't wait to give a few of the other shades a go.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara in Black: £16.50

This has forever been my favourite mascara and right up until they upped the price, and i went to university becoming a student - with little money - i used this every day. I couldn't quite justify buying this all the time when i moved, so came across a Rimmel dupe but i will forever be in love with this product. It' lengthens my lashes and builds them up without being clumpy, what i also love about it is it's build-able without ever looking TOO much.

 Soap & Glory Think & Fast Mascara: £10.00

Like many others, i actually got this free in an ELLE edition. I'd previously been dying to give it ago, since knowing Soap & Glory has produced a make up line and i'm SO glad that i've finally tried it! It's amazing, and i almost love it as much as the Benefit edition. Price wise, it's somewhere between my every day Rimmel and the Benefit product, so when i'm wanting something a little more heavy duty, i know that this is still affordable. It does everything the Benefit mascara does, but is a little healthier on the old purse.

 Avon Nail Experts Grow Potion: £5.00

I'm forever having problems with my nails, always looking for ways to strengthen them. I was recommended this through a friend of my mum's and thought i'd give anything a go. It's a wonder product, helping my nails to stop peeling and cracking and thickening the whole nail, as well as increasing growth. It does it all and more, helping keep my nails right on track.

 Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner: £4.49

This product SAVED my poor defenceless hair! I use it every time i wash my hair, when it's still damp and brush it through. It smells divine and when my hair dries, leaves it feeling super soft and healthy, but never limp and over worked. It's honestly a life saver for anyone with damaged hair, i will you to give it a go!

So, there they are! My Spring favourites, i'll keep you updated!

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