28 November 2011

OOTD 28/11

Jeans: Topshop Tall | Long Sleeve Top: H&M | Lace Top: New Look | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Slippers: Gift

Look, see, i am still alive! OOTD's have become a little sparse due to lack of room, workload amount and lack of light! However, here i am in all my glory. This little outfit is just something i wore to university for a morning lecture; something simple but colourful to brighten up these dreary Winter days.

We still haven't really got the full effects of the Winter season down here in Southampton yet, so i haven't had to really wrap up, which is a little disappointing; i've got a brand new coat that's just waiting to be worn! Home must be getting cold as i've noticed plenty of Tweets and Facebook statuses mentioning the scarping of car windows in the morning, oh how i can't wait to get home for a chilly Cambridge Christmas! At the moment my outfits tend to be made up of long sleeves tops under summery tops, to keep me warm. Most of my Winter tops are a little dull, and plain, so i've been working my bright and playful Summer tops into my Winter wardrobe, simply by adding a long sleeve top underneath (for extra warmth, add a strappy top underneath that!) which us a really good way to recycle your wardrobe, all year round and so cheap, and easy, to do. I swear by these H&M long sleeve numbers; they have a little bit of stretch in them to hug your figure, and they come in some gorgeous colours (i'm after the mustard one!) Old faithful Toppers jeans have been coming to the rescue this season, in every colour, they're my ultimate staple for the colder months.

I'm going to the Clothes Show on Friday, with my uni girls so i'll be sure to report back to you after the event!


26 November 2011

A Christmas Wedding

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dress: Karen Millen, £160 | Coat: Star by Julien Macdonald, £77 | Wedges: River Island, £60? Last Season | Necklace: M&S, £12.50 | Bag: Peacocks, £10 Sold Out Online| Tights, Primark, £2.50

In December, Jonny's brother, is getting married. Now, i'm all for a wedding; dressing to impress, bit of emotion and a bit of a boogie, excuse for a good old knees up, but when faced with December i became a little baffled. I am never the one who moans about being too hot, but quite the opposite; i am always cold. If you asked my Mr what i moan about the most, it'd most likely be my temperature gage, because i can't go very far without moaning about being a little nippy. So, when i had to begin thinking about what i was going to wear to the wedding, i also began to panic.

I wanted to make sure i was warm, so i didn't have to worry about it, but i also wanted to make sure i look a million dollars; someone the Mr can be proud to have on his arm (he's part of the best man party, you know, complete with tails). I spent the majority of 2 days putting together this look, but have actually only just completed it. I looked in all your usual suspects; Phase Eight, Coast, John Lewis, French Connection; but none of them had that dress. I had actually already visited Karen Millen once that weekend, but totally dismissed all their dresses as nothing took my fancy, and what i did like was black (i have a rule about not wearing black to a wedding; just wrong). In fact, i had already seen this dress but rejected it as i'd seen what i thought was the front, and not liked it. Turns out the back of the dress is a little different to the front; the top half of the reverse is plain black. Don't ask me why, but i'm not a fan of those dresses-that-look-like-tops-and-skirts, so when i saw the black top and stripy skirt it was instantly off my radar, but after getting a little desperate i ventured back to Karen Millen (as i'm a massive Millen fan) to cross my fingers and pray for a miracle. Clearly, the big guy up there was listening and there it was. I knew it was the one before i'd even tried it on, especially as every staff member i walked past couldn't help but gush over what a beautiful dress it was and how they all wanted it too.

I took it to the changing room, and it fit like a glove. As i'd already purchased my footwear months in advance (they were too perfect to pass up on) i had them at the ready to try with any contenders, and it gave the dress a new, edgy look. As i'm not the biggest girly girl, i like to be a little bit different and maybe a little bit fierce; this fit the bill. This dress is a little bandage number, a la Herve Leger, made from a fine knit that's just that little bit warmer that your average occasion wear. It's long enough to keep my dignity but short enough to keep me feeling trendy, a problem i had with a lot of shops; everything made me feel frumpy! It absolutely hugs the figure, but is somehow quite forgiving with your lumps and bumps; good old Karen, she really does know how to cut a fine dress.

Once you've got the base, the rest is easy and just falls into place. For a Winter wedding, you can't wear anything other than fur, faux of course, and when i came across this Julien Macdonald coat in Debenhams with 30% off, i couldn't say no. Again, it's the perfect length; long enough to keep me warm but short enough so i don't feel like a giant teddy bear. My boots were taken care of months ago, during my Summer break on a shopping trip with my best friends. I was worried i wouldn't find fancy enough footwear that would also keep my tootsies warm, but when i laid eyes on these, they were mine the same day. They have good traction on the bottom for any weather incidents that may occur, will we have snow? Who can tell, but i'm not going to risk any head over heels moments, like i said i want to keep my dignity, it is a wedding after all. The rest of it was easy, if you've never experienced Primark super cosy tights, where have you been? They're honestly the best invention i've ever come across, and am surprised more haven't cottoned on. They're basically a cross between tights and leggings, tights with a lining so to speak, and they're super thick, and warm, but also appear sleek and shiny; my perfect tights. The bag and necklace, i sort of just fell across. I happened to be in town the same weekend as the dress fiasco, and saw this same necklace in store M&S but in a blue. I pointed it out to my mum, and we both agreed it was beautiful, so obviously i went online when i got home to find it but decided that blue, black, silver and red would be a little much to a Christmas wedding, but low and behold M&S had answered my wish by producing it in this silvery tone too. I haven't tried it with my dress yet, as they're both at home but i'm hoping it'll all work together nicely. I actually got the bag for only £8 with Peacocks hosting some sort of discount event, causing it to sell out online, but i'm not surprised as it's an absolute bargain and nice and roomy. The clutches i own are the perfect size for a purse, camera, phone and a lippy but as it's going to be weather permitting, i'm gonna need to fit at least an umbrella in there if not a mirror and hair paraphernalia, so it's the perfect fit to take upon the slim red stripes in my dress. (I also have a plain black, basic H&M cardigan to throw on over my dress, under my coat, for the reception when i may want something on my arms but not my big furry coat.)

Overall, i am in love with this outfit and am glad i waited to find the perfect bits, and it's safe to say i'll be nice and snuggly in the minus temperatures. However, it has been pretty mild of late!

I'm so excited to see Paul and Beth finally get married, as i know it'll be a beautiful day; Beth wouldn't have it any other way. I wish them all the happiness in the world and can't wait to share their special day with them, i know it'll be magic.

p.s Well done if you got to the end of this post, what an essay!

20 November 2011

Motel Christmas Collection Favourites

After getting the opportunity to work at the Motel Christmas Collection Bloggers Event, that i spoke about in my last post, and getting to sample the beautiful new collection, for this season, i began to fall in love with a lot all of the range.

Each ambassador that worked the event got to choose an item from the collection to wear, and keep, to promote the range at the event. I went for this gorgeous leopard print playsuit, made of a crepe, soft fabric that makes it easy to dress down for uni or up for dinner, or out with the girls.

Motel Breana Playsuit in Leopard Print £52

An item that i toyed with wearing was the Motel Laureen Dress, in City Scene (which i ended up asking for, for Christmas!) Frankly i loved the print, but the dress is so versatile. They can be layered with long sleeves, leggings or simply with a pair of cable knit tights. It comes in an array of patterns and prints, so there really is something for everyone.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Motel Laureen Dress £32*
* Motel Laureen Dress in Plain Sapphire £25 Not Shown

If you haven't already, i highly recommend you check out the new collection as there are versatile pieces, like the ones shown above, or beautiful stand out pieces for your Christmas parties, this season!


This isn't a sponsored post. Everything is my own opinion and i have chosen to write this post.

18 November 2011

Motel Rocks x Glossybox

On Thursday 10th November, i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work the Motel x Glossybox event on London's Great Portland Street. As a fashion ambassador for my university, for Motel i was given the great opportunity to work on the side of the brand for this event.

I got to the event in plenty of time, even running early, and was greeted with beautiful frosted glass with 'Motel' blazed across the front of a white splashed shop space. When buzzed in, i met the face behind the emails Selina, and she couldn't have been nicer, or more helpful. Selina is the social media and productions assistant at Motel, so had the job of single handedly putting on the Motel Christmas Collection event. But with a popcorn machine, a candyfloss maker, cocktails and a multitude of bloggers, it was bound to be a fabulous night.

Besides the less glamourous jobs, such as washing up and checking for spillages, i got to mingle and really take a step back to see how an event is really put on. Selina did the rounds meeting and greeting her guests, getting very positive feedback from everyone. The atmosphere was electric, i'd never seen so many bloggers in the same place at the same time!

The Christmas collection is online now, so you can go check it out for yourselves, but i can't help but rave to you about my favourite pieces! The colours are to die for, and something for everyone with teal to mustard to wine. The prints have really stepped up a notch the season, with my favourites being the crackle and aztec patterns, easily creating a statement in your Winter wardrobe!

Everything was really taken care of, with the brand knowing all about the blogging world there was even Boom Nails taking care of those blogging talons, as well as the Glossybox ladies holding a glossy competition, with a chance to win their very own Glossybox!

It was the most amazing experience, and i can't thank the Motel ladies enough!

All images sourced from the Motel Blog.


9 November 2011

Southampton Street Style

I mentioned, what feels like, forever ago that i'd had to produce a street style feature for one of my modules, and after being too lazy to put my images together for the blog, i've finally had a spare(ish) evening to do it. So here they are!

Me, and a friend, rocked up to the town centre in plenty of time to make the most of the day (and let me tell you, we needed the day!) We decided to set up camp outside of Toppers, as Southampton's most stylish seemed to concentrating on getting their Topshop on. I wrapped to battle (what i thought was) the forthcoming Autumn weather, but it ended up being pretty damn warm (to start). I had my camera ready to snap willing participants, of which there were few. However, we did get what we needed and i ended up with my "Only Way Is High Street" piece!

This is Shani, and what drew me to her was her beautiful knitted cardi, reminding me of something like this little Missoni number. My idea for the piece was to look at Autumn clothing, so i focused on beautiful knits and layering. I really wish i could pull of this simple, vintage look like Shani can because it suits her so well! Like her, i think shorts despite being able to show a lot of flesh, teamed in the right way can be the perfect Autumn staple! I love to pair mine with a pair of Primark Super Cosy tights (if you haven't found this fabulous invention yet, then you must get yourselves down to Primark's hosiery department!) and some knee high woollen socks to seal in the warmth!

Faye, Kathryn, Maz & Becky were too good an opportunity to miss! Four stylish friends, all shopping together and all with such different but perfect styles! I love their layering, perfect for this temperamental season. I loved Kathryn and Becky's maxi lengths, teamed with some snuggly knitwear to bring them bang up to season. Faye and Maz are working the layering; leggings, knitwear, tops upon tops, whatever the layer, as long as you're snug! My personal favourite at the moment are these thick, chunky knitted, over sized cardigans. I own one from H&M in a size larger than i would normally buy, and it's great to throw over everything and anything. These girls show that you can match them with anything, dresses, any length, jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings.

This is actually my friend that i went street styling with, Nicole, as i really liked her outfit of the day. I love capes this season, there are so many different lengths, shapes, sizes, colours and patterns all over the high street, at the moment. You can find them everywhere, from Primark to Toppers, and Nicole's is the infamous one from H&M, that comes in a variety of colours and is actually now in the sale! Snap them up! As i said before, shorts can become a staple, worked in the right way and, shown her, with a thick black pair of tights and simple black tank top; simple and effective.

I absolutely loved Rosie's dungarees! I am dying for a pair, but these purple check ones are just brilliant, as a nice twist on your classic denims. I loved her vintage style, and confident ensemble; it really takes some guts to wear purple check dungarees, a massive cream chunky knit and a bright red quilted bag, but she works it with style! By adding a floaty white shirt and a floral headband, she keeps the look nice and feminine but without being too girly. Paired with a pair of furry boots, this look is perfect for the upcoming seasons!

Alis' look was girly, but somehow her attitude helped to keep it a little different. Being brave and wearing her oversized jumper dress with knee highs, rather than tights, brave move for the season but she worked it well, and it seemed quite her style. The colour combination keeps the style less girly, and more workable. This kind of style is comfortable and flexible, and can be used for a multitude of occasions; but shown here to be perfect for mooching the shops on an Autumn day!

It was a lot more difficult than i first thought, but it was a brilliant experience to take on.

I'm going to the #MotelBloggersEvent tomorrow, in London, and am working on behalf of Motel. I'm really looking forward to attending my first, proper, blogger event especially being on the side of the brand, it's going to be a great experience! If you're going, don't hesitate to come and say hello, however i'm rubbish with names and faces, so if i don't know who you are, please don't think i'm being rude!


2 November 2011


So, i've been super slacking on the old outfit posts lately, mostly because i couldn't find a decent place to do them/balance my camera and because the lighting is awful (i apologise). However, here we are with two for the price of one, and two posts in two days! Aren't you lucky?

When it comes to uni, i tend to dress for comfort but am trying to incorporate some of my latest buys, before and during uni time, to make my outfits a little more interesting (now i'm a fashion student, i feel i should make some effort!) These two ensembles are from earlyish on in the semester, and i've become a little more creative but these are two of my favourites.

Jeans: Topshop Tall | Blazer: H&M | Scarf: H&M | Top: H&M

Sorry for the appalling photo quality. This is when i thought flash was a good idea, i have since realised it's not! I waited absolutely ages for this jacket to arrive, it went totally out of stock in store and online multiple times, but i needed it so decided to pre order it and wait for it to arrive! It was an absolute steal, at about £19 thanks to some discount codes so who could say no. It fits like a charm, and is a little bit different, which i like, and is often hard to come buy in the Autumn months. However, there's really nothing to say about these jeans, i have had them for years and they're a go-to for me. Probably the first pair that i really fell in love with, and they're still a favourite.

Shorts: New Look | Top: New Look | Cardigan: H&M | Tights: Tesco | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I bought this cardigan at the student lock-in at West Quay, last month. I'd been eyeing it up for ages, and finally decided to get it with the brilliant discount H&M were offering. They only had a large left, and was a little reluctant but i'm now really glad they only had that size, otherwise i would never have chosen to have it, but i love it! It's large, snuggly and is just perfect for those autumn walks to uni! It goes with everything, because of it's deep, burgundy red with flecks of black. The shorts and three quarter sleeve style has become a serious contender in the go-to stakes. It's just so easy to layer up or down, and wear to be comfortable. I love this stripy number, as the stripes aren't perfectly straight and look sorta like they've been painted on.

I hope to keep you posted more, as this really feels like a half arsed post and most likely is pretty rambley! Uh oh, must dash, i hear a smash in the kitchen..

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