31 March 2011

Pre-Friday Feeling #10

001. There are 2 very special reasons for this post number 1: i am writing this post from my new, super shiny, super pretty, brand new macbook pro!

Look how beautiful she is! She arrived in the post this morning, but i didn't open her until this evening as i've had a very busy day. I wasn't sure if my parents would let me christen her so early, as my birthday isn't for another couple days, but they said that it would be a waste just having her waste away in a box - i definitely agreed! The second reason for my early post is because, as i just informed you, my birthday is this Sunday and i am in for a very exciting long weekend. So, tomorrow evening will be taken up for prepping for my very exciting weekend (being a female is such high maintenance)! The posts may become a little sparse over the next couple weeks, as i have a lot of exciting plans but i can't wait to tell you about them.

002. So, on Tuesday i drove myself to Ely to indulge in a dermalogica facial. The Mr & his lovely parents kindly bought me a voucher for a dermalogica, for christmas and i finally got around to getting up and going. My facialist was super lovely and put me totally at ease, as i was a little nervous - not knowing what was going to happen, whether she was just going to peel my skin off or what! I have to say that as my first taste of facials, it was a very bizarre experience, very relaxing but very bizarre. I was exfoliated, moisturised, steamed, masked, it was just very odd! I have to say that immediately after i had i could not see any difference - i was a little blotchy and looked like i hadn't washed for several days, but as my skin began to relax it felt extremely smooth and did, in fact, look a lot healthier - which is never a bad thing, so i definitely recommend it!

003. Before it became more gloomy at this end of the week, i took some lovely spring photographs! They made me smile, so i thought i'd share them with you!


004. As i am becoming a lot more interested in writing letters and notes, i have invested in some beautiful stationary, and with Cath Kidston you can't go wrong! It arrived this morning and i can't wait to test it out (Alice, lets get writing so i can brighten your letterbox with this beautiful stationary!) I have already taken a beautiful green, spotty to: label to embellish my friend, C's, birthday parcel!

005. I am going to take this opportunity to say a very HUGE thank you to all you amazing, lovely ladies! I have to say a massive thank you for all the answers and photos that you gave me for helping me with my FMP. It was so kind and i was overwhelmed with the support and help, i'm still welcoming (please!!) photos and snippets of wisdom, from you lovely ladies, so give a the red writing in this post a little once over and put any suggestions, or/and allowing me to use images of you in my FMP in the comments of either post.

006. I'm very excited at the prospect of a very exciting month ahead, filled with plans that i can't wait to share with you - it'll be like having a month long birthday present! I hope you're all having a lovely week and that you have a non-hectic friday!

28 March 2011

Spring Clean

So, today has, yet again, been spent plowing through my FMP work. From looking at religious forms of women's dress to statement jackets, you name it - i've looked into it! & i've had a little helper along the way! Speaking of FMP, i was wondering if i could ask you fabulous ladies for a favour! For one of my research stages, i am looking into what 21st centuary women wear to make themselves feel good, day to day - my theory being that women make a concious decision, every day, about what they're going to wear, and there must be a reason for this decision (whether it be to make them feel confident, to make them stand out or to make them blend in!). So, my little favour is that i'm wondering whether i could borrow a photo from each of you? One of you wearing something you wear day to day, but makes you feel, well, however you want to feel! I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me via email at kathryn(dot)adams@btinternet(dot)com, or just let me know that it's okay for me to use an image from your blog - either is perfect for me! The image will only be used in my research work for my FMP, and for nothing else, i promise! I needed to take a break from thinking about FMP, for a while, so i decided to tidy up a bit. I've been meaning to organise my things for a while, but have never really got round to it since the last time i changed things around. I have a set of six book shelves, in my room, that are usually cluttered with year old books that i read once and never wanted to read again, so i took it upon myself to get rid of the ones that really ment nothing to me. As for the rest, i put the ones that i really couldn't bare to part with away, in storage (hiding in my closet) but left the ones that i occasionally pull out now and again (such as Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern) and all of my art/textiles books, and magazines, on the top 2 shelves. This left me the lower 4 shelves for whatever i wished for! This shelf is housing my stationary bits & bobs; from L to R: My glass sweetie jar (from paperchase) stores all my buttons, bits, bobs & the bracelets i wear day to day, A lovely letter that i received from Alice this morning(!), Boxes filled with paper, envelopes, labels, sequins and some thread, My little bags contain ribbons and pegs and at the back my Cath Kidston Make! book, that i now use for the pictures.
This seems to have turned into a 'stuff' shelf, from L to R: The scarves i picked up in Amsterdam for 1 euro each, The bag i bought at the fashion event in Cambridge, A bag a received free from Lady Luck Rules OK!, Plasters, Notebooks, Pin Cushion, Masking Tape, E45, The bottle my Grandad found while plowing the fields one day (He was a farmer) and My alcohol stash.

Another 'stuff' shelf, from L to R: Tesco ice cream scented bubbles (Strawberry & Vanilla), My 2011 diary, Oyster card, My ear muffs, My file that contains important items (used to be a paperchase stationary set), Some little purses and pockets, Box full of hair accessories & My Mcfly CD collection!

L to R: My cosmo bought on my 18th birthday (Almost a year old!), My nail varnish collection in an old Fruit Pop tub, and my most important reads - the latest Elles & Harpers, etc.

I just can't wait to add my new stationary to this very tidy collection; i've just ordered some new Cath Kidston stuff & i am dying for the Kirstie Allsopp set! Perfect.

27 March 2011


Before i start, i'd just like to take this oppurtunity to say HELLO to all my new followers! Without you wonderful ladies, i don't think i would be where i am; and also a huge thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their day to comment, it never goes unnoticed and is always greatly appreciated! So, thank you.

On with the show!

So, now i'm a brunette/redhead, fake of course, i am having to treat my hair a little differently, and with a little more care. So, as suggested by my lovely friend, and hair stylist, Steven over at Halo, i have changed my regular Herbal Essences shampoo for a colour protect one instead. I started with the colour protect from pantene but after washing, it left my hair feeling heavy and greasy. After asking around, i have heard a few other horror stories from using Pantene products, with similar results - so i was totally put off that one! I moved on to Tresemme and although not as bad when letting my hair dry naturally, it felt sticky to touch and when totally dry my hair still didn't feel it's smooth, clean self - i still wasn't totally happy! So i went back to Steven to ask his advice, and he suggested one that they sold in Salon, a little pricey at £9.75, i was willing to try anything to get my old hair back! So after using this product, admittedly i did scrub a little harder in the shower to try and remove all shampoo, this one worked a lot better leaving my hair feeling light and soft. It claims to not only protect colour vibrancy longer and protect from colour loss, but also to be sulphate-free and smooth & shine, while helping to protect from UV damage - the perfect package!

I think that since dying my hair, as before my hair was a lot drying due to the bleaching, it's been a little bit of a shock to the system, with my hair, as my hair is now a lot more moisturised and soft, thanks to the dye. So, possibly the ultra smoothness of my hair is really not helping with the greasy issue, but it seems like i've found a shampoo that will help conbat my colour loss and keep grease to a minimum - highly recommend this shampoo! It feels a little thicker than other shampoos, and maybe a little stickier, but it has the most delicous caramel-y smell! (I've decided it smells like the Toffee Hoops Muller Crunch Corner!) Bedhead also do a colour protect conditioner, that they suggest you use with the shampoo - as always.

If anyone else has any suggestions, i'm more than willing to accept! Happy Sunday, lovely ladies.

26 March 2011

Spring has Sprung!

This is the top my mum bought me, from New Look, yesterday. I've been eyeing up a similar one, also from New Look, that's pretty much exactly the same except slightly darker in colour and this one has buttons, however it sold out super quickly, in store and online, so i never got the chance to grab one for myself! So, when my mum saw this in store, she thought that she'd just get it there and then, so the same thing didn't happen!

Top: New Look / Jeans: Topshop Tall / Cardigan: H&M / Necklace: Primark

It's sort of like a shirt, really, but a lot lighter - it's a fairly thin top, and with that comes very easy creasing(!) but i love it all the same. It's easy to layer, so through summer a simple cami will do, but when winter comes around again i can layer with long sleeves and cardis! I decided to style it with a simple orange top underneath and my leopard cardi over the top. I rolled the sleeves up so it wasn't too much, but did throw on my Red Military Blazer just for an extra layer, as it definitely hasn't been as warm today as it has been the past couple of days! Very dissappointing.

After taking those pictures, i decided that a different necklace would look better, so went for layering these two pendants instead.

Bird Cage: Accessorize / Cameo: American Apparel

I much prefer this look, as it makes it a little more sweet and how my mum described it as "Wuthering Heights"! Haha. I spent my Saturday doing yet more shopping, and payday is Monday! Hurrah, Happy Weekend!

25 March 2011

Friday Feeling #9

001. I'm afraid that this week, i don't have anything terribly exciting to tell you this week! The most exciting thing i've done this week has been turning brunette(!), but you can check that post out for yourselves! Apart from that, this week has gone fairly quick as i've been pretty busy! However, the past 2 days at college have really felt to drag - i've been quite productive though, so that's always a good thing, especially at such a crucial time!

002. I've been tagged by Alice to undertake the Handwriting Challenge and i have accepted it with open arms!

The rules are to write the following:
1. your name & blog
2. blog url
3. write: "a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
4. favourite quote
5. favourite song
6. favourite band(s) & artist(s)
7. anything else you wish to say!
I'd like to tag:

Becci from Faint Hearted Sparrow
'Elle from Ellieand
& Bethany from Tuesday

003. My mum has just bought me a gorgeous top from New Look, and i can't wait to show you and test it out! She also bought some Quality Streets for me, so i'm going to munch on those this evening while i watch Embarassing Bodies, well, if it's possible to eat while watching that!

23 March 2011


Now, i'm seriously Pro Primark, but whenever i took the time to venture in, i never really found anything i thought was really worth spending my hard earned pennies on, however i always seeemed to come away with something that i was sure i "needed". We all know that Primark is all about quantity and not quality, but when i heard that they were now selling Long Length Jeans - i had to take a look for myself! After reading it on Ellie's blog, i just had to get down there! Considering the £40 price tag i usually spend of my jeans, anything below is very much appreciated - and at £8 a pop, i just couldn't say no!

I have to say that i wasn't totally sold when i was rummaging through piles and piles of mixed sizes and a mish mash of short, regulars and long, but it was when i came to try them on that they really stood their ground. They fit me like a glove, i just could not turn them down. They were snug fitting and at the waitband they were well fitting, but also had that give that you need!

While also on my Primark spree, i spyed what i have been waiting for for months - Palazzo Trousers. I've been eyeing them up in topshop, but at their extortionate price i just couldn't do it to my bank balance. SO, when i was presented with all these gorgeous prints - it was too much to bare! I tried on a black pair showered with multi coloured florals but i just fell in love with the gorgeous cut of this grey, spotty pair. They're super floaty and are also quite smooth, and silky. They fit me perfectly and i think they're the first pair of 'bottoms' i have ever bought that aren't in a tall range!

I also picked up these adorable denim shorts, that fashion the odd trend of showing a piece of fabric below the hemline. I'm not so sure why it's a trend (enlighten me, please!) but i happen to really like it. They're such a fab denim, i love the distressed look and the fabric is also really sweet - just couldn't resist, i was looking at a similar pair in new look for over twice the price!

The gorgeous blazer i ordered from ASOS has arrived, and i just thought i'd share it with you as i have fallen in love! I've actually already received it once, in a size 10, but decided to exchange it as i wasn't happy with how it fit, but i'm now head over with my size 8. I'm planning to wear it when me and the Mr go to see We Will Rock You, can't wait!

I'll outfit post my new items when i get 'round to wearing them; I hope you're all doing me proud in the shopping stakes, bring on payday next week, eh!?

p.s. I definitely recommend you check out the Miss Selfridge online sale - i'ts packed with bargains!

21 March 2011

Goodbye Blondie

So today was a serious turning point for me! I have been blonde for as long as i can remember, when i was tiny i used to be like fluro blonde(!), when i grew a little older it became darker and i didn't really like what it was turning into - that dirty, drab, mousy sort of colour that did nothing for me, so i decided to go blonde again - bright blonde! I have been dying my hair blonde for at least eight years, but today i wanted a change. I wanted to go a little darker anyway as i was thinking that when i go to university, in september, i'm not going to have the time, or the money, to be going to hairdressers as much as i do now. So when i got to the hairdressers, this morning, i told my lovely friend, and stylist, Steven my dilema! We went from just going a more golden blonde to considering dying it entirely Rihanna red! I had always considered going brunette, but was never quite sure of how it would suit me. So, after a lot of consideration we decided that we'd do a happy medium between me wanting to go darker, wanting red hair and wanting my purple hair back and we finally came up with this beauty!

I absolutely love it and am so, so glad that i took that plunge! Don't get me wrong, i adored being my blonde self but i think this is a step in the right direction for me. I feel a little more grown up and a little more the person i want to be. This feels like the first step to my next chapter, and i really can't wait for it to get into full swing. I'm 19 in only 2 short weeks, and that's another milestone in itself. Only 2 weeks until easter, and the Mr are home, and then it's April - full of exciting adventures and the start of lots of events. This means only another 2 months left at College and then my Summer can begin! A little scary as there is a lot to do before then, but i have it under control so everything is right on track - Bring it on, is all i can say! This is also what i wore for my trip to the Salon (post appointment, obv!)

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Blazer: New Look / Top (Underneath): Primark / Top: Topshop via Sale / Scarf: H&M

All in all, i am very happy with the change! Is there anything you're a little scared to take the plunge into?

20 March 2011

Weekend Round Up

I'm (finally) home, fed, showered and settled after a long, and slightly humid, day at work; Working in a greenhouse is seriously the bane of my life, weather wise! Throughout winter i have to wear at least 2 layers, if not 3 just to insulate and through the summer, starting from the end of march, you have to strip to within an inch of your work acceptable life, utter nightmare!
Anyway! As i told you in my Friday Feeling, i spent my day, yesterday, in Cambridge exploring what the city's "FAB Weekend" had to offer. I think i may have had my expectations a little high, but i think they probably could have done a lot more. It was rather small, with a selection of stalls, housing high street stores, online boutiques and odd things like private hospitals! But they did have some things worth looking at, the fashion show could also have been done a lot better but hey, at least they showcased clothing from local stores. I think it was a nice idea to help promote the local area, as we all know that if we don't shop at our local stores, soon there'll be no sweet little cubby hole shops anymore, Tesco will take over everything! Here are a few snaps from the day:

Blue Inc. Fashion Show / Cambridge Corn Exchange / "Ribbon"'s Stall / Stalls / Thomas Sabo Stall

I also happened to snap up a few buys too! I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous box bag, from a stall at the fashion event. It's from an online shop called Gem's Boutique. She had a fab collection of vintage clothing, as well as bags and a beautiful array of brooches. I could have shopped on, but this bag was only £8.50 and i thought i'd quit while i was ahead, as i had a few things that i needed elsewhere.

I finally got my hands on the Henry Holland tights i've been after forever! I can't wait to take them for a test drive, i plan on wearing the suspender ones when me and the mr go to London for We Will Rock You. I definitely think that you should all check out the new range at Pretty Polly, including the range from HH - amazing; I've got my eye on the fringed hold ups!

I also bought my regular mascara, but to my dismay the already horrendous price has gone up even more, to £16.50! I have now decided that i do not need to be spending £16.50 every time i need some mascara, so i'm desperately searching for a new one. I have very fair, thin eyelashes and the good thing about Benefit's is the very large, bristley brush, i think my lashes need that - has anyone got any suggestions!?

This is the outfit i decided on for my adventure to Cambridge:

Skirt: Topshop / Top: New Look / Blazer: New Look / Tights: Tesco / Necklace: Dorothy Perkins / Scarf: H&M

I have been wanting to wear this skirt for SO long, i've had it for an absolute age and just not been sure how to style it, but inspiration hit me on Saturday morning and i decided to throw caution to the wind and try out this new colour pop trend! I was really proud of this little put together, and this blazer was dirt cheap in the New Look sale and it's done me so well!

Well, i've had a fab weekend - i hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend soon! PS. I finally ordered my Macbook Pro this weekend, in about 3 weeks time i will be blogging to you from beyond a 15 inch high resolution anti glare screen!

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