About Me

My name is Kathryn, but am more commonly known as Kat.

I’m a twenty-something journalism graduate with an interest in beauty and a penchant for personal style. I live in a town in Cambridgeshire and travel to central Cambridge everyday for work. I've lived here my entire life, but moved to Southampton, in 2011, for three years for University. I studied everything from writing to styling and PR to advertising. 

My spare time is filled with everything blogging, Youtube and social media, which has turned into a real passion. I have an infatuation with style and beauty, and enjoy spending afternoons perusing the High Street.

I love spending time with my friends, especially dinner and drinks after work. Summer was once my favourite season, but as i grow i'm yearning more and more for Autumn. I enjoy spending time in the capital city, and travelling when i can.

My hair has been a multitude of colours, including red, blue, purple and yellow. I once felt like i wasn't quite myself without something bright but i'm enjoying the new chapter with something a little more muted.

I love drinking Whittards tea, Costa lemonades or homemade hot chocolate. I love a good book, usually something by Jill Mansell, Ripley Pearson or John Green. My favourite film used to be Love Actually but now it's probably a toss up between P.S I Love You, Mary Poppins or Monsters Inc.

I'll always have a great love for Disney, and have spent many a Summer in Walt Disney World, in Florida. I adore sunshine, Christmastime and online shopping. I put my heart into everything and always try my best.

Legs Eleven is evolving into a personal style, lifestyle and beauty blog, full of heart, soul and ambition.

You can find me on Twitter Here, Instagram Here & LinkedIn Here.

I hope you feel comfortable enough to kick off your shoes, grab a cuppa and have a read. 

You're very welcome to stay. xo
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