30 June 2011

England When It Sizzles: Southampton

For this weeks instalment, i asked Michelle to let us in to the ins and outs of Southampton, my future city of living!

Perhaps not one of the more well-known or typically popular cities in England, Southampton is a lovely little city, home to shops, restaurants and nightlife aplenty. As a student in the city, I've become quite accustomed to visiting the same places for the same types of things regularly, as opposed to trying much by way of new stores, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

By far, I'd say the main attraction in Southampton is the shopping. Not quite as diverse as London's many spots for retail therapy, Southampton is famed for its' West Quay Shopping Centre, where you can find all of your typical High Street stores and a host of other lesser known stores. My only qualm with West Quay is its' awful structure and layout, where you are pressed to circle an entire shopping level before ascending or descending to the next. West Quay is also home to a department store (John Lewis) and a plentiful food court. My personal favourites are Cafe Giardino, Harry Ramsden's and Yo! Sushi. Aside from those usual suspects however, West Quay also plays host to MagiCorn, Dream Cupcakes, Millie's Cookies and Lovejuice, all of which I'd highly recommend as a little break from your shopping!

Southampton's High Street is rather awkwardly laid out: the immediate High Street outside West Quay has all of the British favourites, a Topshop, a huge Boots store, a well-stocked Primark, and other similar places. Debenhams can be found around the corner, and if you head further up on Above Bar Street, there are several little vintage and retro boutiques, where many a gem can be found!

As for food, Oxford Street, the Marina and the Docks will be your primary destinations. You can expect to find nicer, more upmarket restaurants in these places, I'd totally recommend Pilgrim House, Kuti's (an Indian restaurant), Prezzo and La Esquina (a Spanish Tapas bar and restaurant). Be wary though, any restaurant you visit on a Friday or Saturday night in Southampton will warrant a booking or at least an hour's waiting time. More recently however, a Caribbean restaurant has opened in the heart of the City Centre. Turtle Bay has the loveliest decor, cocktails and sharing platters! Perfect to feast on before a gig or comedy night.

In terms of nightlife, Southampton's offerings are especially plentiful. It is a student city, so you couldn't expect any less! I'm personally a fan of Pop, 90 Degrees and Vodka Revolutions, for reasonably priced drinks, great drinks deals and a pleasant music playlist. There are a whole host of bars and clubs for varying music tastes however! I'd also recommend Soul Cellar, tucked behind the Guildhall, for music lovers of almost any variety, who host excellent comedy nights!

If you are seeking a serene day of wandering and touristry, Southampton is, again, a perfect place to spend a day or two. Of course, the harbour city was once home of the Titanic, resulting in many a Titanic exhibition and musuem to be visited. The Marina is beautiful, as are the main Docks, but none compare to Old Southampton, a cutesy little area behind West Quay, all cobbles and old stone walls. There is a tiny little pub tucked away in Old Southampton, taking you a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

If you're willing to take a risk and explore a little-publicised city, I'd definitely recommend Southampton as a day out and for an exploration. And after all of your hard work and travels, you can relax with a caramel macchiato at Starbucks (or a Jaffa Cake vodka shot stick at Vodka Revolution!). Happy exploring!

If you loved reading this as much as i did, don't forget to drop by Michelle's Blog for some more fab posts - head on down to Daisybutter, you won't regret it!

Words & images by Michelle Chai at Daisybutter

28 June 2011

It Began As Sale Shopping

Just like Lil i now find Topshop beautiful and desirable, from a distance. Unlike my 16 year old self, i now rarely buy from Topshop as, although i find the clothes a different but nicely on trend, the prices are a little ridiculous for my feeble student budget!

So when sale time comes around, i always like to have a little nosey around! It was my first port of call when shopping with my mum, last weekend, and was extremely happy with what i came away with!

Topshop Apricot Wide Leg Trousers: £20 / Topshop Apricot Knitted Cape Cardi: £18

I've been looking for a bottom that's a little different to my usual attire, i thought i was looking for a skirt of a dress i could layer onto and then i came across these. The colour is gorgeous, perfect for my skin tone and they fit like a dream - i am in love! They were unfortunately, but obviously, too short for me as they're regular length (and as we all know i'm a leggy lady!) but LUCKILY the hem was merely tacked up so with a little unpicking later my lovely new trousers are long enough for me to not feel stupid, minus the turn up but i'm to phased to be honest, i just love them! As for the cape/cardi, i'd originally seen it online and wasn't too sure but when i tried it on in store it was winging its way to the till with me before i'd even taken it off! It's so snuggly and easy to throw on all throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn!

New Look Spotty Pussybow Blouse: £19.99 / H&M Pink Blazer: £19.99

I've been wanting this Pussybow blouse for the past month but i've been seriously lacking in funds until i was payed (today!) but obviously everyone, including myself, was also after this blouse as it went out of stock three times since it arrived on site little under a month ago! Fortunately my beady eyes spotted it hanging sweetly amongst other sheer shirts in store on Saturday and mum loved it just as much as i do, so offered to buy it for me so i didn't miss out! Now, that's love. It fits so nicely into my wardrobe and honestly goes with absolutely everything, so versatile and i can't wait to wear it with my red bottoms - which is what i originally wanted it for! I've also wanted a new blazer for a while, something different to the staple black/grey i already own. I was getting so frustrated as Topshop is way out of my price range but anywhere else was showcasing low quality, cheap knock offs.. Until i walked into H&M. It was such an easy buy! Literally walked in, first thing i saw, picked up, tried on, LOVED and bought. Deal! It's such a nice boyfriend style, not too big but comfy and easy to wear. It's more pink than in this picture, a blush pink, and it'll go nicely with all the reds, pinks, oranges, corals and nudes i seem to be wearing at the moment!

I thought that when it came to payday this month, i'd be falling over myself to get some gorgeous new pieces to add to my wardrobe but actually when i saw my bank balance had gone up this morning and admired my new pieces, i'm actually quite happy waiting! (Never thought i'd hear myself saying that!) I've got so much coming up this month that i'm more interested in spending my pennies on adventures, however i'm not saying i won't be buying anything when the Mr and i are in Southampton this week or when i'm in London for a few days with my friend in a couple weeks.. But for now, i'm happy working with what i've got!

Don't forget to stop by on Friday for Michelle's piece on my beloved Southampton, trust me - you won't want to miss it!

27 June 2011


I love beautiful images, and i love lounging and browsing through peoples inspiration posts so here is one of my own

Tomorrow, me and the Mr are off to Southampton until the weekend - a bit of time away is just what i need! xo


Enough Said.

25 June 2011

I'm Going Back To The Start

Just a little dedication there to Coldplay's set at Glastonbury last night, what i would have given to be there! It was spectacular as everyone expected but also so, so beautiful - brought a tear to the eye!

Anyway, i just wanted to do a little post to say that i absolutely love to spend my time reading all of your blogs - reading what you have to say, your opinions, your outfit posts and everything else. I just had to say that you guys really are my inspiration and i appreciate all your comments, advice and help. The people i have met through blogging are some of the loveliest people i have ever known and my life would not be the same without any of this.

So a thank you, to you all, for being so inspirational and keeping me creative xo

24 June 2011

Dinner Date

Today just brings a little post to share what i wore for me & the Mr's dinner date last week!

Shorts: Topshop / Top: New Look / Cardigan: H&M / Tights: New Look / Shoes: Peacocks / Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

It was absolute bliss to get away for a few hours and have some couple time, that we rarely do! We really must make time more often, because it was lovely and well worth it. We went to Prezzo as i had a voucher for 'buy one main course, get another for £1' (which you can print off here, hurry ends 4th July!) and it was so yummy! I had a pizza that was absolutely delicious and the Mr went for a calzone (aka folded pizza!) which he also said was yummy - however, it was humongous! He still ate it, which was pretty impressive if you saw the size!

I don't often feature the Mr here, on Legs Eleven, so here is a cheesy couple shot!

Mr: Shirt: Topman / Jeans: Topman / Watch: Ben Sherman

Looking lovely as always! I was totally spoilt this week as i also woke up to breakfast in bed on Friday! What a lucky lady i am!

I hope you all enjoyed Hannah's post on London yesterday, tune in next week for Michelle filling you in on Southampton! A guaranteed brilliant read, if you don't believe me check out Michelle's blog!

I have been spending my weekend watching the Glastonbury footage, half wishing i was there - half glad i'm not! The mud looks horrendous, i was extremely lucky last year to miss out the rain and get burnt instead! However, it still looks as amazing as usual with the Mumford & Sons and Jessie J sets looking amazing. Frankly, i'm pretty glad that U2 bailed last year as they were horrendous! It was so dull, and Bono was as awful as ever (however, i do have a secret crush on the edge who i saw perform last year!)

Have you been watching any of the footage from Glastonbury, any highlights? xo

p.s. I'd love to say a hello and welcome to my lovely new followers :) I hope you're here to stay!

23 June 2011

England When It Sizzles: London.

For part one of England When It Sizzles, Hannah from Bow Dream Nation is here to fill you in and share her secrets on London.

If you've done the whole museum thing, and most likely all the sights, it'll probably be more exciting if you concentrate on the alternative side of London - by which I mean the East and North. That's where all the fun little shops are, cute cafes, interesting looking people, atmosphere and sometimes (not always) less tourists. Going mid week is a good thing but also bad, of course the weekends are more busy but that's also when all the markets, etc, take place - but fear not because the shops (in my opinion) are better anyway (most of the time).

I'd probably spend a day looking around some of the tourist spots, then Camden and the Primrose Hill area (Chalk Farm tube). First of all, if you haven't been to the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgur Square I'd recommend you go there. It has some incredible modern art portraits and it's free! It's not as popular as the National Gallery but I adore it there. Spend an hour or so wandering and then hop on the Northern Line towards Camden. The markets wont be open but there will be plenty of Shops, plus Primrose Hill is a little more high end, so it's much nicer anyway. If you go to Camden Town Tube you can walk down towards Primrose Hill, crossing over the river where there might be markets and if not plenty of shops - Mary Portas' Living and Giving charity shop is there, which is lovely. In Proud Camden (which is on route to Chalk Farm/Primrose Hill) there is an excellent photography exhibition by Moby on at the minute. It's free and only takes 10 minutes, if you get the chance it's definitely worth a look.

NYC By Moby

After Primrose Hill you can then have a walk through Belsize Park and catch the tube back into the Central London. Maybe spend the evening exploring the bars around Covent Garden as there are plenty of them or go into Soho, which is a lot of fun (if you head to Leicester Square tube, off Tottenham Court Road, you'll be in the right place). One thing I love doing after a night out is going to China Town at 3am for a cheap (and greasy) meal!!

The next day I would say head East to Shoreditch. Again the markets aren't really happening mid week but there are loads of great shops and Tea Rooms. If you get the tube to Liverpool Street station you can walk through Spitalfields Market, visiting the shops, and then it's a further 5 minute walk to Brick Lane, with plenty of shops en route, where Beyond Retro and Rokit are definitely worth visiting for Vintage. There is also The Vintage Emporium, a lovely Victorian Tea Room and Vintage shop, plus Tatty Devine on Brick Lane (right at the top end) is worth a visit as they might have a sale! There are a couple of tiny free art galleries too that are worth popping into, like the Stolen Space Gallery, Brick Lane Gallery and East Gallery.

Then maybe catch the tube from Aldgate East to Embankment and cross over the river to South Bank, at this time of year there's always loads going on in the afternoons and evenings, plus there is a massive second hand book market under Waterloo Bridge that's fun for browsing. There are lots of cafes and bars here and just a general place to soak up the after work atmosphere - I love it here, definitely one of my favourite parts of London, you can see Westminster etc too so worth just visiting to see some touristy stuff. If, in your free time, you want to do some high street shopping I'd say head to Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, which is around Liberty, as there are lots of fun little shops there.

Kensington, in the south is great, you can visit the Natural History Museum or the V & A, plus grab a cupcake from the infamous Hummingbird Bakery! You can walk through Hyde park, past the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall, before turning left onto High Street Ken which is my favourite place for High Street shopping as it has all the bog standard shops, it might be a little out the way, and it's not like it's any better than Oxford Street, just less tourists! You can visit Kensington Palace where I think they have a Fantasy Land Exhibition on, or something similar (The Enchanted Palace is now open showcasing the secret stories of Kensington's Princesses, it is now your Kensington Palace Ticket as The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, 'Diana Fashion and Style' and 'The Last Debutantes' are now closed due to the building works) Then i would suggest getting the tube to Notting Hill, check out Portobello Market and the surrounding shops (Friday or Saturday). The Windsor Castle is a great Pub for drinks and the Churchill Arms is a pub that does amazing Thai food, also the Notting Hill Arts Club is cool for live bands and if you buy something from Rough Trade Records on Portobello Road you get Two for One on beer and wine! I really like Notting Hill, it's such an electric area.

I recently went to Hoxton for the first time ever and whilst I didn't get to see much I could tell it was an amazing place, it's also towards the East and there are tons of cool bars.

London is such a great city, have fun exploring!

View London is a great website for finding out about all the best things to see, do and visit while you're in the Capital, it also updates with all the up and coming events.

Written by Hannah from Bow Dream Nation, Photos by Myself unless otherwise stated.

22 June 2011

England When It Sizzles

As i let slip in yesterdays post tomorrow brings the beginning of "England When It Sizzles", a new blog series on Legs Eleven that will, every week, showcase a destination in UK by a blogger that knows and loves it.

The posts will be full to the brim with the places these bloggers love, to maybe even the placeds they loathe. From the hot spots to wine and dine (or dinner dash) to the hidden gems that you'll treasure forever. Every post will be different, which is what makes this series so special, whatever theses bloggers think makes these destinations one of kind will be shared with you in the hope you'll love them too.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to have a gander at Hannah's post on the capital: London, but for now here's a sneak peek!

"You can visit the Natural History Museum or the V & A, plus grab a cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery! You can walk through Hyde park, past the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall, before turning left onto High Street Ken which is pretty good for shopping (and less busy then Oxford street!)"

Now, i know i've been droning on about how i want to give my style a little overhaul but i was more than pleased with myself, and my outfit, yesterday. I rarely wear dresses because i always feel far too girly but i bought this dress about a month ago and fell in love with it! It feels really retro, the Mr said i looked like i'd stepped out of the 80's, and i just love everything about it from the floaty sleeves to the Blue and White china pattern.

Dress: F&F Tesco / Tights: New Look / Denim Jacket: Topshop / Belt: New Look / Necklace: Claire's

I apologise for the awful quality of picture, i'm staying at the Mr's at the moment and his home isn't exactly self timer friendly! I just absolutely love this dress, and have seen that they also do it in a cream back/black spot combo! I'm going through a real denim jacket phase at the moment, and just love how laid back and SUMMER it feels, however if the weather doesn't pick up soon i'm going to have to throw on my chunky knits!

Me & the Mr are off out for a dinner and date night tonight, so i'm off to preen myself! I hope you're all having a lovely week! xo

Colour Pop

You will all be excited to hear that the new Legs Eleven is beginning to take shape, as me and the Mr have been working on a beautiful new look for her today. I am very excited about the changes and think it's going to be a great leap forward for my baby!

Now, i thought that as i am also going through a change, of sorts, where in my style and thoughts are going through a little bit of a change! I
don't know whether i'm growing up or just getting a little bored of my shorts go to but i'm looking forward to pay day when i can try out some new styles! I've decided to put together some looks that i'm hoping to try out! I own/WILL own at least one of the items in each collection, so am hoping to put it/something similar together.

Palazzo Pants: Primark / Sheer Shirt: New Look / Denim Jacket: Topshop / Sandals: Topshop / Necklace: Topshop / Lipstick: Barry M

I have owned this pair of Primark Palazzo Pants for about 3 Months now and honestly.. They terrify me (usually), however i am feeling brave at the moment! I genuinely do love them and just find that i don't have many tops that really go with them, luckily until i purchase this gorgeous New Look colour block sheer shirt, i have settled for an equally beautiful peachy/pink pleated top, also from New Look. I think i feel straight in love with this shirt, love at first sight, as i was looking for some fab coloured pieces to brighten up my wardrobe and after reigniting my love for this shirt - it seemed too good to b true! It also comes in a gorgeous, vibrant orange but i figured i could fit this colour far better into my current wardrobe.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins / Necklace: Topshop / Sandals: Topshop / Lace Top: New Look

I have been umming and ahhing over purchasing this beauty for the past month but have finally realised what an asset this gorgeous dress will be to my wardrobe. I love the peter pan colour, i love the beautiful, summery colour and i also love that it's sheer! It looks as though it'll be very versatile, as i have a lace cropped top similar to the one above that i think would love really adorable over this piece. I love that it suits all sorts of colour tones, especially the golds and tans, including leopard print, but i also think it'd look fab with the turquoise colour that's huge this season.

Dress: New Look / Belt: ASOS / Necklace: Dorothy Perkins / Bag: ASOS / Wedges: Topshop

I bought this fab dress in the New Look sale for about £8 and i wasn't too sure about it in store, but my mum persuaded me. The cape is actually really cute and with a belt to cinch you in, it creates a gorgeous silhouette! Now, this is a totally dream put together as i could never afford to purchase all these goodies (the wedges alone are £70! (but now £40 in the sale!)) but i absolutely love the yellow/orange combination, which i recently discovered when pairing my Mustard H&M Cardi with my Orange Fringed Primark Bag. I am also loving chunky gold jewellery at the moment, and practically always wear gold over silver (however, i would always wear silver rings...) and am definitely coveting colour blocking accessories - like this gorgeous belt!

Shorts: New Look / Top: Dorothy Perkins / Necklace: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop

I find this pairing the perfect balance between femininity and the androgynous style, the shirt has a male air but is the perfect fit for a woman, and costume jewellery keeps any look feminine! This pair of shorts is probably my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment, as they literally go with everything - and i DEFINITELY plan to purchase this gorgeous shirt! A brilliant way for working the colour block style is by keeping the basics simple and adding bright, colourful accessories.

I really enjoyed putting this post together, are you interested in seeing this sort of thing again? It's nice to see what sort of pieces people put together, like Michelle's fab Ways to Wear posts which is brilliant if you haven't already checked it out, see her latest post here!

Now, as i let you know in a previous post Legs Eleven is in for some changes, and i thought a good start was to get a good Post Series going for a month, or so. "England When It Sizzles" starts this week, so keep your eyes peeled for some guest posts from some of my personal favourite bloggers about fab places in the UK, to visit this Summer! This week starts with Hannah shedding some light on the Capital: London. It's a brilliant read, so don't forget to check back!

21 June 2011

Winds in the East,

"Mist coming in, like somethin' is brewin' and 'bout to begin. Can't put me finger on what lies in store, but i fear what's to happen all happened before." - Mary Poppins

I thought the above quote very fitting as there are going to be some changes 'round here. I have been waiting to have the gift of time so i can really put my all into blogging, and that opportunity is finally here!

I have plenty of posts lined up and Legs Eleven is soon going to be getting a complete make over! I am discussing my design ideas with my Mr tomorrow, as he is getting the exciting job of putting together the new Legs Eleven.

So, say goodbye to Legs Eleven as you know, there's about to be a whole lotta change! xo

20 June 2011

Purple & Blue

The past two days have been spent with my wonderful friend Jenna. I've been waiting to spend some quality time with her for ages we spend most of the year apart as she's studying in Sheffield. So it's been fab to spend some time with her, now she's finally home. We are pretty renowned for having adventures, and generally do whatever the wind takes us and this meeting was no exception!

We decided, after a long thought provoking process, that we wanted to take a little trip - not too far as we didn't have the time by this point so, as J had never been and it's practically my second home, we decided to drive to Ely. I personally love Ely, it's quaint, gorgeous and such a lovely atmosphere, so it was lovely to do all the things i've always wanted to do but never had the time to (as the Mr lives there, i never like to drag him around the tiny shops etc!).

There's a certain shop in this little city that i've always eyed up:

Ely Beads is a gorgeous shop that is totally dedicated to beading, of all sorts. There window is adorned with a bead in every shade (similar to their header!), and they seem to sell every shape, size and colour - something for everyone! So, myself and J thought it would be a lovely idea to collect some beads (and elastic) for us to make our own bracelets, that would always remind us of the brilliant summer ahead of us! As it was nearing the end of the day we decided to put off our beading.. Until today, and this is our result!

We chose a gorgeous theme of blues, greens, turquoises & purples, and together it looks gorgeous! We have a lovely pair of matching bracelets that will always remind us of our brilliant summer!

I highly recommend Ely Beads, the beads range in price drastically - so you can make something simple, or a little more fancy! Ours cost £5 exactly and we have a beautiful mix of handmade glass, rainbow foiled, iridescent painted wood and plain filling beads. The woman we spoke to was very helpful and gave us lots of advice and help, on hand if needed! If you're looking for something a little different, and a little personal, i suggest giving Ely Beads a visit.

We spent the rest of our day, today, attempting (and failing) to bake American Chocolate Brownies (that actually turned out as Brownies Biscuits) and playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii - Now, if the Gym is not your thing (like me) then this is a brilliant way to work out and loose a bit of weight. It's fun, great exercise and you can sweat by yourself - what more could you want!

18 June 2011

Blog Inspiration

I'm going through what i'm feeling is sort of like a growing up/transition faze, and i'm feeling plenty of confidence begin to flood back. This summer i plan on doing plenty of coming into my own and getting ready for the next chapter. I'm feeling like a little change and i need a bit of growing room and with all these adventures on the horizon, away from the norm, there is plenty of opportunity.

I want to try and break out of my easy, comfortable day to day persona and try new things, maybe things that i wouldn't usually - be a little daring, and through styling is one way i'm desperate to give a shot at. When i catch up on all your lovely blogs, i always think "Why do i never think to put something like that together" or "I'd love to try that!" So i thought what better way to get some style inspiration, when frankly the sky looks like it's falling down out there (!), than from you lovely ladies!

What i love most is that you're always so on trend, yet it's not easy peasy stick-on-what-you-see-in-the-window-of-Topshop. It's so you're own style, and i love that. You work key pieces, timeless pieces, into your outfit so that you can wear items over and over and never get bored. I seem to going through a real comfort stage at the moment and i really want to step away from that, trying out dresses and skirts rather than my staple shorts - however, that's a little bit of me so i don't want to cut them out completely! Another things that you lovely ladies have over me is your brilliant use of colour, and colour blocking! I would love to have the skill to make the perfect colour blocking. To be honest, i think you're all amazing and i take inspiration of each and every one of you! I'm looking forward to trying so new things out!

I'd love to hear what you all think! xo
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