2 September 2011

Hello Summer, Where Have You Been?

So, the sun finally got his hat on (hip, hip, hip hooray!) and as the girl that is always cold, i have LOVED it. However, the weather is apparently going back to being Great British weather we know and love tomorrow, i enjoyed it while it lasted. I have spent the past 2 days getting my prep on for university (which has actually been serious fun) Who doesn't love home/supplies/clothes shopping, it's the best kind of shopping! Yesterday me and my mum went to Cambridge on the bus, which was probably a mistake as we had arms full of bags by the end of the day, we looked like a comedy act trying to balance the bags, as well as successfully accomplish the stairs (don't you just hate it when bus drivers drive off before you're even up the stairs?) However, we got pretty much everything on our list - spending a small fortune in Primark - but getting almost everything on our list none the less. This is what i wore for a day of lists, preparation and decision making.

Kimono: Primark | Shorts: New Look | Bandeau Top: New Look | Tights: New Look | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Belt: New Look

I know this little beauty (Primark Kimono) has featured on Legs before, as do the brilliant go-to shorts(!), but i love it and as i'm so cold allll the time, i take every opportunity to wear it! I wasn't originally going to wear this necklace but i couldn't find the one i wanted, however i quite like the final outcome, nice mix between the sheer, floaty kimono and the chunky neck piece.

& Today was spent in, and around, St. Neots picking up a few more bits & bobs needed from our list (and possibly picking up a new Cath Kidston, in my favourite fabric, bag from their sale..) It was absolutely glorious weather today so i took another opportunity to wear one of my favourite pieces, in my wardrobe.

Playsuit: Topshop | Denim Jacket: Topshop | Belt: Vintage | Tights: New Look | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins

Despite my love for my beautiful summer clothes, i am easily persuaded to leggings and jumpers. I have recently picked up some beautiful A/W pieces that i cannot wait to work into my wardrobe. I'm also looking forward to working in some of my newer summer pieces in too (it's amazing what a long sleeve top can do!)

- K ox


  1. Kat I love your kimono so much! And your playsuit is so snazzy too. Your look great and you really have made me want to go shopping with my Mum now- Mum's are ALWAYS the best shopping partners.

    Ohhh Cath Kidston, I want to see! I think me and you have too much in common♥ xxx


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