17 September 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting, my sweets! I was about to upload my latest pictures for a post, i realised that everything is packed. Everything. Including my camera lead. Boohoo. So, this will be my last post at home, yikes! I am Southampton bound tomorrow evening, staying in Winchester on Sunday night so we can beat the traffic and make it to my accommodation for mid morning Monday, before a long day ahead.

It's actually terrifying that i'm leaving tomorrow and tonight is the last night in my bed for a while, blimey, but like i keep telling myself i'm ready for the change.. I think. Keep your fingers crossed for me and i'll get you up to speed on the other side!


ps. Alice, i haven't forgotten you! Your card is winging it's way to Southampton with me tomorrow and i'll blog about in my next post, because it's far to sweet amazing to pass by!


  1. Ahhhh, good luck with the move :D All my stuff's packed up for uni too, it's weird! xx

  2. ♥ eeeeee! I'm glad it arrived in time before you left. Soooo excited for you xxxxxxx

  3. lovely blog!xx



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