28 October 2010

Legs Eleven

This is my fashion, Not high fashion.
A Little Bird Told Me

After years of wanting to create a witty and intriguing fashion blog, i decided to come to terms with the fact that i'm not exactly witty, intriguing or even outspoken, but i'd just like somewhere to house my ideas and to get some writing in before i make my journey off to wherever my life, and university, takes me.

After scouring the internet in search of inspiration, i finally landed myself at

A Little Bird Told Me

and fell madly in love with Jen's sheer passion for her writing and styling, so voila! and here i am!

So, by taking a leaf out of Jen's book and not going running in with what i want to do for the rest of my life and how many children i want, i think i'll just start with a few basics: -

My name is Kathryn, Kat and for the past 4 years i have also been known as Legs. It's a nickname given to me by an old friend, purely because i have always had height on my side and to go with that - longer legs than most. I used to hate it, but have come to terms with it and learnt to love them - and now, it doesn't stop me doing anything! (Even wearing platform heels, when i'm towering over everyone) I am 18 years old and am currently studying on an Art Foundation Course. It's not the most exciting thing in the world, but i know that it's going to help me along to where i want to go; which is university (next September (hopefully)) studying Fashion Advertising/Fashion Writing/Fashion Communication.
So, this may not always be my first port of call, due to my sheer work load (!) but at least i have set the ball rolling. I am always grateful for hints, tips & suggestions!

For Now,

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