5 September 2011

Stars & Stripes

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Aren't they beautiful?

Thankfully, these fit like a dream and i'm glad i bought the Tall versions as God only knows how the regulars would have fitted! (They fit beautifully 'round the waist, nice & high on the torso and not too short on the bum!) Unfortunately, the beautiful green jeans (that i have now fallen head over heels in love for) are a size too small, and i am begrudgingly returning them this afternoon (boohoo) I'm going to watch them like a Hawk, on the website, and pray that they come back into stock (as Topshop customer services were ridiculously unhelpful) But i'm very happy with these little beauties, and am looking forward to incorporating them into my A/W wardrobe.

- K ox


  1. I've been wanting shorts like these for ages, they're gorgeous :)

  2. OMG these are beyond words so incredible. Love these shorts so very much so ♥


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