25 September 2011

Rosie & Dolly

So, i really ment to post this before i left but never got around to it, so i'm finally doing now as i'm tucked in bed feeling unwell, eating fish fingers (which cure everything!)

There's the cutest little shop in Ely, a city near me and the home of my Mr, that houses many beautiful items and one of a kind pieces. Rose & Dolly sits on the train station. It's a little out the way so you probably wouldn't visit unless you were going to the station anyway, and usually everyone's in a mad dash so miss it! Fortunately, my many years of visits to the little city have shown me this little gem many a time.

It's ultimately a little retro/vintage boutique, full of beautiful one off items (dresses, skirts, shorts and the like) as well as shiney little gems, home made cushions and beautiful printed scarves (plus cards, trinkets and much much more!) My favourites lie with the homewares, they're bright, beautiful and often kitsch - just my cup of tea.

Prices tend to vary, item to item, but often you can pick up a real steal! If you're ever in the area, do pop in and have a look - there are so many treasures to be found!


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  1. omg I love the look of that shop.....all those cushions are to die for!!!
    x x x


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