4 September 2011

Just Purchased & Nearly Did

So, due to my impending move to Southampton in tee minus 2 weeks tomorrow (eek!) I have been shopping for bits to see me through the next few months on a minimum budget, as a student. Now that, for me, Summer is officially over as September has started and, frankly, the weather has never been more than toasty, i'm over it trying to Summer and i'm full steam ahead for Autumn!

I always love the Summer months and dread having to shop for Autumn/Winter as i am most definitely not a coat girl, as i know so many of you are! I don't know what it is but i have always decided against having one, not quite sure how i've managed the past few years in Great Britain's ridiculously freezing Winters, but it seems that have. Now i don't know if it's me growing up, wanting a new change or just worrying about being freezing (i'm always freezing) now i'm living(ish) by the coast, but i am absolutely loving shopping for A/W (I even bought a coat!! Achievement and a half!) And as i am far too lazy to take a picture of every single piece, i thought i would wrap it all together in Purchased & Want To post!

I am so happy with the beautiful pieces i have managed to pick up recently, and am definitely looking forward to trying out some new looks and working them into my wardrobe:

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I have had a real Topshop dash the last week, due me knowing that i am not going to be able to afford they're outrageous prices while i'm a lowly student (boohoo) and i'm not going to have a parent to shop with (ah, being an only child!) So i thought i would spend my money on some good, classic, key pieces to work throughout the A/W months. Also LOVING H&M and it's Autumn ranges, they have some really beautiful pieces in at the moment, and it is SO hard to say no! I have been lusting over those iconic Flag print Topshop shorts for months, and wanted them the first time around, so when i saw a similar style out again i decided it was about time i treated myself. I'm trying out the Tall pair as i find that Topshop shorts are ridiculously short on me, because of my leggy figure but they're due to arrive tomorrow so time will tell, i just love that they're a bit different but am also loving my denim at the moment, so it's a nice compromise.

I am a real jumper fiend and as i've found the most perfect leggings (seen in this post) i'm looking for some bits for me to wear with them, especially that are a little longer (to cover my modesty) & This little beauty is one i couldn't make my mind up about, but then decided it couldn't be taken out of my basket. I love how big and baggy it is, however i did order it in the size down (6-8) as i usually find the 10-12 TOO big for my small frame, and also love how long it is! It just seems so versatile, i'm interested in trying to work with other pieces, like skirts & shorts (I also have a thing about red & pink at the moment, it's so wrong, it's right?) and this just seems the right shade of pinky red (It says it's called Raspberry Red, but i would class it as pink) As for these jeans, i am hoping and praying they fit (fingers crossed!) as i think i have been a complete numpty and ordered a size down (oops) but we shall see how they fit! I am always complaining how they never do interesting jeans (ie, coloured/patterned) in Tall/Petite sections so when i saw these i had to snap them up! I love the colour as they're a nice deep shade and will go with so much, i figure that stems are green and that flowers come in a multitude of colours!

This beautiful cable knit jumper, i ummed and ahhed about for ages, i went to other shops but nothing compared to this beautiful piece, which i had to go back for! It's so thick and delicious (can knitwear be delicious?) Well, this jumper is most definitely delicious, it also comes in navy but i wanted to brighten up my winter months and thought that red would look lovely with so much already in my wardrobe.

My new coat! It looks horrendous in the online photo, and if i had seen it online first there would be no way i would have picked it, but when i saw it hanging on the rack, i knew it was the one! It's cute little anchor buttons, it's leather detailing, it's huge lapels and the lovely deep pockets - perfect, it was truly a beautiful love affair with a definite happily ever after, it was mine within 5 minutes of trying it on (Topshop made an easy sale that day!) It's a little pricier than i would normally spend, but i figure it's an investment piece and in such a classic style, it'll last me a life time. Now this, little beauty, is my Freshers Ball dress, however i have got it in the bluey/turquoise but it's a bestseller and i can't, for the life of me, find a picture! It's nicely figure hugging and the fabric is ever so soft, i also like the shape - the caps sleeves and flared skirt look fab.

Another beautiful H&M jumper! I am obsessed with this mustard yellow, i buy it anything and everything! Again, this is a little oversized which i quite like, especially for lazy days and it just seems to be nice and easy to wear. THIS BLAZER. FINALLY. ARRIVED. It's a H&M bestseller, it totally sold in instore within a week of being stocked, and has sold out online THREE times, not one but three. Ridiculous. When i saw it in the pre A/W magazine sent through my letterbox, i knew it had to be mine and at only £20 you really can't say no to such a distinctive piece. I am also loving that loads of H&M pieces, this season, have elbow pads; including this! I own nothing else like it, so it's nice to have something totally different for a change of pace. You wouldn't think it, but it works with so much which i was i love it so much! I honestly can't wait to test it out. Coming to an outfit post, near you. FINALLY, this cute little basic number in 'Petrol' which is a gorgeous bluey/green (similar colour to my Freshers Ball dress) I'm loving the skater shape, at the moment, and they're just so easy to throw on and wear. It'll go with so much, layered up or on it's own so i just couldn't put it back (talked myself into how much i can wear it) Which is actually pretty true.

So, as you can see, i've picked up some pretty classic, key pieces for the coming months, which i really cannot wait to try out. I'm so ready to embark on Autumn, i'm missing my layers! Despite all my shopping, there is always a wish list!

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As it's nearly Freshers, i'm looking at adding to my going out collection and i love this little ASOS number. It comes it loads of colours, and i love that it's bodycon but has a cute little cut out back. Revealing, but not too much as i'm not a massive fan of the serious cut outs. Matching shorts to my blazer! They just look so comfy and wintery, which i love! Blazer and shorts together? No? Really?

Seriously loving my denim at the moment, Topshop Leigh Jeans are my absolute fave and this deep blue pair is so cute. They're super skinny and they're TALL, what more can i ask for? I love bodysuits and i just think this would look so cute with a skirt for a night on the tiles, i think it'd be so easy to dress up or down, and wear it with anything. I really love things that you can wear with anything at the moment! I am really desperate for some cowboy-esque ankle boots! I fell in love with the iconic Topshop Allegra but didn't get my mitts on any, so have been scouring the highstreet. I really like the western details on these, and they can be worn with literally anything! I'm also scouring for some NONE peeptoe wedges for the Mr's brother's wedding on the 23rd December! I really want to wear wedges as they're easier to walk in, but as it'll be the middle of Winter, i don't want my tootsies getting frozen in peeptoes! So these are a nice alternative! They look far better on than they do off, and are just a classic black staple.

I love cord! I don't know why, but it just seems like everyone should have something cord for this A/W! It looks so snug for the colder weather, i also really love the texture of this fabric and it'll be lovely to mix with simpler styles. Last but not least, another pair of shorts (i'm a shorts fiend at the moment.) I love the suede fabric and the COLOUR is gorgeous. It'll go with soo much, maybe even a nice combo with my new H&M raspberry red jumper? Reason to buy them..?

WELL that's enough chattering for me! This is such an essay and if you made it this far CONGRATULATIONS! Gold star for you.

What have you been snapping up lately?

- K ox

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