25 September 2011

Life As A Fresher

So, as most of you probably know, i've begun my time as a fresher at Southampton Solent University. I have to say apart from all the homesickness and feeling unwell, i'm beginning to enjoy my time here. I've made some wonderful friends and am already looking forward to cracking on with the course!

I'm really not a party animal, but have graced the Southampton nightlife with my presence multiple times now (probably more often if i wasn't feeling lousy! (Too many late nights!)) I really think that getting horrendously drunk is overrated and not what being a fresher is all about, but that's just my humble opinion! I've enjoyed going out (most of the time) and haven't drank very much at all, however my flatmates are quite mental (but pretty sensible, thank goodness!)

The course officially starts tomorrow, after a week of induction lectures/talks/guest speakers/tours etc, and i'm already raring to go with the work and the lectures! To be honest, i'm looking forward to some routine and for freshers week/fortnight to start calming down. I'm a right nerd, really, but perfectly happy with being so!

Ring of Fire

Me & My Flatmate Emily

Chinese with the Girls

Freezing Theo, our flatmate's, keys as he never uses them and leaves the lying around!

Me & Clair

Me & My Flatmates!

I'm enjoying the "Fresher" experience but going out and getting hideously drunk really isn't my cup of tea, and once freshers week is over my going out with be considerably less frequent! I'm perfectly happy with a night, or so, a week as i don't want my uni work to suffer (the massive nerd coming out again, i know!)

I'm pretty happy with my little space, here in Southampton. It's homely and cosy, just the way i like it, with lots of colour and personality! It's pretty warm and snuggly, full of home comforts plus essentials like DVDS (friends 1-10, of course!), lots of storage in the form of cute tins collected from Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston and high street stores. Everything has a little space, which i really like but lets see how long that lasts for once i begin serious work!

Duvet Set: Primark | Blue Blanket: Primark | Keep Calm Pillow: Past Times | Turquoise/Black Swirl Pillow: Argos | Floral Cushion: Home Made/Fabric: John Lewis | Bunting: Gisela Graham | Union Jack Tins: Emma Bridgewater | Desk Tidy: W H Smith | Wooden Draws (At End of Bed): IKEA | Ipod Dock (On Draws): JBL

If there's anything else you can see that i haven't covered, and are interested in, do ask! There have been a few editions up since these photos were taken, such as my little telly to keep me company, some fairy lights going up the wall at the head of my bed (40 for a fiver in Amazon!) and also at the head of my bed, i've put up my collection of retro advertising (picked up while travelling around the country this summer, on postcards) which i'm sure i can show you at some point, for those that are interested (if i remember!)

I'm beginning to really settle, and get happier, bring it on.


PS. Promise i'm still alive! Please bare with me, this moving lark is harder than anticipated!

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  1. It's nice seeing another Solent fresher! I love your cute little bunting for your desk, how sweet!

    Sorry if this is being too nosey, but looking at your room photos it looks like deanery? (probably wrong) I now live in Deanery!

    Really enjoy your blog by the way! xx


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