7 September 2011

A Week In #1

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So, it’s currently 23:39pm and I’m in the mood to write, which is very unusual for me so late on a Wednesday? Tuesday? It’s definitely a Tuesday (My days are all rolling into one now I haven’t got work or college to go by) When I see other bloggers posting in the middle of the night; I think they’re crazy! Probably because I never have the concentration, or the attention span, to do something so time consuming, BUT here I am.

I always really enjoy reading people’s My Week In... (insert choice of how you show your week here) eg photos or bullet points, or whatever, but I never really had the willpower (to do it continuously) or the thought that my weeks are interesting enough, but now we’re into the final 2 week countdown before I move to uni, I thought what better time to write about then now. I think this will become a little diary, and maybe a little more frequent than a week in, maybe more a couple days and I’ll try to include thoughts, feelings, photos and what I’ve been up to. I know there are lots of you out there, in the same position as me, so it’d be nice to share!

- Well, the past week has been a bit mental, since getting back from Southampton I’ve spent the majority of my time with my mamma, which has actually been lovely (seeing as I’d spent the past week with the Mr) as I won’t be for much longer (boohoo)! Since getting home, and my summer pretty much ending, we’ve been on full steam ahead with the University dealio. We’ve been shopping to gather remaining bits off our list (which thankfully, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, is nearly empty; hoorah), having lunch and a natter, and all round preparing and packing for the impending move. So Wednesday through Saturday last week was spent almost entirely shopping, with lunch stops and sleep scattered in there too of course, however the most part was done on Thursday, when we went into Cambridge to get most of the bits. Sunday was spent having a lazy morning, and when my parents go back from their morning errands our house turned into packing central! Luckily, I got to escape the madness by the evening to spend some time with my Mr before he jetted off to Hong Kong for 10 days yesterday, but that’s another story, so I’ll fill you in on that later.

- I’m not quite show how I feel about moving yet, I keep changing my mind and having mixed feelings but overall I think I’m pretty excited, well at least I think I’m ready. I’m definitely ready for a well-deserved change. Moving away from my parents is a huge thing, as we’re pretty close, but I’m also ready to make the break from them and do things on my own. Although I’m sure I’ll talk to them when we both feel we need to, it’ll be good, for me, not to go to them at every decision and every opportunity, it’ll be all me for a change. I have to say that having my Mr close by is probably cushioning the worry for me, as although we won’t be seeing each other all the time, maybe not any more than we see each other now, but it’s just a comfort to know that if I need a helping hand (or a shoulder to cry on!) I have someone there, and close by (it’s going to be strange going from the closest we’ve been is 40 minutes away, to a ten minute bus ride; weird.) It really is going to be the biggest change/decision of my life, to date, but it’s also going to be more than exciting. Most of all, I think I’m looking forward to having my own little space (for me to decorate, my way! You’ll see pictures, when completed, of course!) And to start my course (BA (Hons) Writing, Fashion & Culture at Southampton Solent University fyi!) because it’s finally what I actually want to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved studying fashion and textiles for the past three and English for 2 years but it’s not what I wanted to do entirely. Making clothes and researching all the latest designers is more than fun, but when it comes down to it I wanted to use more of my English skills too; which is where the journalism comes into it! (I don’t know if I’ve ever explained, but my primarily is fashion and journalism, but also consists of photography, styling, PR type modules too, right down my street!) More than anything, it’ll be good to do something for myself, however scary that is.

- I knew I wouldn’t last (as it is now 10:20am on Wednesday and I’m still in bed) I got too distracted and couldn’t concentrate on what to write, but I’ll just carry on from where I left off! So today (Wednesday) is consisting of a lazy morning, if you can’t already tell, which I figured is allowed as I have to chauffer my mother around later as a family friend is borrowing our car to take their children to the airport. Not the most exciting of days today, but I actually really appreciate times like this as you get to do all the little things that you know you need to do but run under the radar the rest of the time. I plan on finishing this blog post, updating my diary with all the new events and catching up on all my months worth of magazine subscriptions, which have been flooding through my door while I’ve been away. My afternoon only gets better when I go to Tesco with my Mamma, but it’s alright because it’s the only place I know that sells my favourite chocolate bar (Caramel Aero) so I can pick up a sneaky treat! Tomorrow, I’m taking a trip into Cambridge to have a reunion with my college friends. I’ve barely seen them all summer, and I miss them! So I’m planning going in a little early to have a mooch ‘round the shops and then meeting them for lunch at 12 (I am so in the mood for Pizza Hut) Has anyone else been to Pizza Hut recently and got given one of those secret envelopes? I’ve got one that I’m going to take with me tomorrow, but I don’t know if there really is anything worth winning! Hey, I’m a student know it’s all worth winning!

- Last, but not least, as I said earlier on my Mr is currently gallivanting in Hong Kong, which I’m not happy about for many reasons (mostly selfish because I haven’t been out the country this summer) but also because it’s so hard to keep in contact! Luckily, now, I’ve heard from him that he’s landed safely and is all A OK but because they’re 7 hours ahead, it’s even more difficult to keep up. I guess it’s a little hard because we’ve never been able to do anything like Hong Kong, maybe I’m a little bitter, but I’ve always wanted to go somewhere but we never have due to money. Now he’s gone to China, I guess it’s just made me think about it, but never mind. He’s there and I hope he has a fantastic time.

Sometimes I think that maybe I think far beyond my years, when it comes to ideas about being in a couple and how you live as a couple, but maybe it’s each to their own.

I’ve enjoyed having the freedom to just write in this post, is anyone actually interested in reading anything so personal?

- K xo


  1. I loved reading this post. It was very real and I liked that you were honest about how you feel. I met my husband at 16 and was married by 20, which so many ppl thought was crazy but it was right for me. You should always go with what feels right for you. Can't wait to read about your adventures at uni. Good luck:)

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. I like reading more personal posts, they seem more real if that even makes sense.
    And I agree with the comment above, do what feels right for you. :) & similarly, my parents met at 17 and were married by 21 and have been together since. When I first heard I thought that was mental, but hey, it worked for them. :) x

  3. Kat, I loved reading this post.
    It sounds like the uni countdown really has kicked in! I'm really excited for you.

    I moved out when I was 20 and it definetly was the right time. I never looked back, the independence alone is so rewarding. To be able to do my own cooking, housework and chores without my parents having to nag at me, to look after myself and not have to follow anybody else's rules, it's kinda nice to be a 'grown up' at last.

    And of course it makes the bond with parents only stronger, because when you do get to see them it's all the more special xxx


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