25 September 2011

Gok Graces Southampton

So, on Thursday 22nd September me and a few of the girls from my course went down to West Quay Shopping Centre, in Southampton, to see the one and only Gok Wan recording his new series of The Clothes Roadshow. I am a huge Wan Fan, so to see him in the flesh was something special! I didn't get to meet him or anything spectacular like that but it was cool to see them recording the show, how everything worked and to witness Gok's humour and personality up close.

This season of The Clothes Roadshow sees Gok style up all 8 outfits, from the high street (that's right, bye bye Brix!) one half costing up to £250 each and the other only £50. I've followed the Clothes Roadshow through the years, so it was interesting to see how they film it all (trust me there's so much more filming involved than shown on the telly!) I haven't included any photos of the final results as i don't want to ruin it for you, but it's fair to say it was a tough call between pink and black in this episode! It was such a brilliant experience to witness all 10,000 Gok fans come together in one place to celebrate the Great British High Street, here's to the Wan!



  1. ahhh, i love gok wan! watching his clothes roadshow makes me want to customise every piece of clothing i own hahaha!



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