22 October 2012

How to Style: Fur Stole | A/W Edition #2

So, i'm back again with another Autumnal How to Wear! I've found that through writing these style of posts, it's got my creative juices flowing and i'm far more enjoying the new season than before. This week was the first time i could see my own breath in the morning, which means that Winter is well on his way so these styles are are good for transitioning from Autumn to Winter, so have no fear!

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar | Topshop Sequin Tube Skirt in Oxblood | River Island Dark Red Check Shirt | Linzi Shoes Leah Boot | Dolly Bow Bow Freya Black Stone Knuckle Ring | Topshop Single Spike Bracelet | Topshop Ditsy Cross Stretch Bracelet | Topshop Traditional Leather Jacket in Black | Models Own Nail Polish in Thunder & Lightning 

After pairing my own tartan shirt with a pencil skirt for a recent event i thought i'd try it again but with something a little more daring. I love how the dark red check running through this lumberjack style shirt matches the sequins perfectly, it completely ties the outfit together. I think the length, and style, of the skirt totally transforms quite a casual, masculine style top into something a lot more girly and evening appropriate. I think it's great to mash your casual and smarter pieces together, sometimes, as it creates a completely new wardrobe. Try pairing things together that you would never normally consider, you may well surprise yourself.

I love how simple this outfit is. There is nothing better than jeans, a jumper and some chelsea boots to make you feel Wintery. Add a little fur and you're ready for a crisp Winter's morning! This style is all about accessorising, because you're keeping thing fairly simple with everything else, it's nice to be able to layer up your accessories, like rings, bracelets and brooches. I feel like brooches are underestimated, and have a lot of stigma attached to them, but something bold and beautiful like this can really add a lot to some simple knitwear.

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar | Rocket Dog Black Glitter Lace Up Boots | Miss Selfridge Black Quilted Jacket | Topshop Knitted Skater Flippy Dress in Indigo | Rock N Rose Grandma's Key Necklace | Topshop Black Pearl Tights | Lola Rose Statement Ring via ASOS | ASOS Pyramid Stud Stretch Bracelet | Topshop Fan Ring

I absolutely love this outfit and this, to me, is my perfect Autumnal style. I really love easy looks that are simple to do but look great on, so dresses and boots are perfect. Especially if you choose some beautiful glitter boots, like these from Rocket Dog! Quilted jackets are the perfect layer for this season because they're not really thick like a coat, but are perfect to keep the chills out. Adding a fur to something like this just makes an everyday outfit a little bit more special.


20 October 2012

Ecover Know How to Swish!

Almost a week ago, on Monday 15th, i took the rather rickety train down to London for an exciting evening in Shoreditch.

I don't particularly deal with nerves well; on the outside i'm cool as a cucumber but on the inside i'm shaking like a leaf. I'd spent the week prior worrying about everything there was to worry about and making myself feel ill with nerves which, in hindsight, i really didn't need to do. So, i spent my train journey calming myself down, listening to music and snaking because i'd been so worried i'd not had much of a chance to eat. My favourite part of the journey is that moment when you realise you're coming into London. The skyline starts to creep higher and higher, everything turns from red brick to glass and those little flying dots in the sky get bigger until you can actually see their wings and wheels.

An hour and a half sounds like a long time, but it seems as though i'm in the capital within the blink of an eye. As soon as the train starts to come to a halt at London Waterloo, those little butterflies begin to start their somersaults again. I try to brush them off and head for the Underground, Oyster card in hand. It was a day of trying new things for me as i was taking a whole new Underground line, thankfully it wasn't difficult to manoeuvre as Waterloo & City goes between only Waterloo and Bank. Thankfully i have a wonderful other half who offered to meet me at Bank and walk me to my destination, this saved a long and confusing Tube journey and the possibility of getting lost.

At about 5:35 i arrived at the Shoreditch House Hotel and hung around outside to see if i could spot any other swishers, luckily there were a few hanging around and i followed them inside. After checking in my jacket, i headed up in the lift to The Biscuit Tin function room and there i was, at the Shoreditch Swish.

This event, hosted by Ecover, was a beautifully put together affair. The bar was laden with champagne and the air was full of chatter & wonder. Racks full of second hand goodies and a table piled high with jeans, shoes and sorts of treats. Over the next hour the room slowly fills with people, and the hubbub increases. Soon italian waiters glide through the room offering miniature pizza, miniature meatballs and miniature fishcakes seemingly nothing like any usual fashion event; didn't you know fashionistas don't eat?

At Seven o'clock the swishing was declared open by the events hosts, ITV stylist Mark Heyes and ethical fashion designer Ada Zanditon. The aim of the game: to snap up the best cast offs and steer clear of the tat. There was plenty on offer from brand new Monkee Genes, in an array of colours, to ballgowns, knitwear and beautiful one of a kind items. It was a a little chaotic because as we all know, you never get between a girl and her clothes. The scene depicted some fashion hungry animals calwing at their pray, trying to fight for the best result. It didn't take long for the best items to go and the swishers began to take a back seat, to settle with all their loot.

Towards the end of the evening the VIPs began to fill the room, starting with MTV's Laura Whitmore, Sky's Olivia Godfrey, BINTM Winner Letitia Herod and TV Presenter & Actress Donna Air. Soon followed by The Sunday Girl Jade Williams and Made In Chelsea star Cheska Hull. Controversially, Cheska Hull entered the room sporting a real fur cape, questionably a bad move to an ethical event. However, if you've ever seen Made In Chelsea you'll know that the caliber of people filmed isn't quite your think ahead, worry what people think kind of deal. She probably still has no idea that maybe that wasn't the best fashion decision she's ever made. More excitingly, one of the dresses i took to donate to the Swish was picked up by none other than Laura Whitmore so i'll be forever scouring the media to see if she ever puts it to good use.

(Last Image Sourced from Felicities LTD)

It was a wonderful evening, in which i met new people and was advised to pursue blogging, so i think that's exactly what i'll do.


15 October 2012

#OOTD A Peplum & A Pencil

Jacket: New Look | Peplum Top: New Look | Skirt: Primark | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Super Cosy Tights: Primark | Chelsea Boots: River Island

I've always been a bit wary about wearing a peplum with a skirt especially a skater, as i feel it's just too much volume, however i think i've found my perfect match. I just adore the way this basic peplum looks with a nipped in pencil skirt. I love the smart but casual vibe to this outfit, i think it'd be perfect dressed up with a pair of heels in the evening or coordinated with some navy converse or some classic black pumps for the daytime.

I have to say that usually, my style is a little more plain and maybe even a little immature but what i love about this is it's utterly grown up and sophisticated. However, i don't think it's too old or even too much; i feel it's bursting with personality and certainly isn't frumpy. I also think it's absolutely perfect for this time of year. While we're still in this transitioning weather, into Autumn, you can still rock the bare arms under a simple black blazer or even a leather jacket, but when the weather turns simply slip a black long sleeve top - my choice would be H&M - underneath and you won't notice the difference.

This is the perfect style of outfit to rock some statement jewellery with. If you're keeping everything fussy on the bottom half, why not try pairing something big and chunky, dainty but blingy or something extravagant and spiky with your plain top. Make sure it doesn't cover too much surface area, like my simple pendant chain, and doesn't take too much from the rest of your ensemble - remember, it's just to enhance!


12 October 2012

How to Style: Skinny Jeans | A/W Edition #1

When it comes to the transitioning weather, there's nothing i love to read more than a ways to wear/how to style post. Somehow the new season makes me look at my wardrobe with a quizzical view. I don't know if it's the change in weather or the packing away of one season and the unpacking of another, but i sometimes forget how to wear what i love. So here's the start of some how to style for the season, sometimes it's great to note down what you love and what suits your style. Starting with the classic skinny jean, here are some ideas of how to rock them during the colder months.

I absolutely love this coatigan craze that seems to be hitting the High Street. I'm one for keeping as warm as possible, seeing as i'm literally always cold. I like the way it's got all the warmth of a cardigan but is more snuggly and less structured than a coat. It's like the perfect hybrid, meeting somewhere in the middle. I honestly think one of the greatest, easiest and chicest ways to rock a skinny jean is with a plain white tee. The great thing about this one it isn't too fitted and suits the cosy style of the Autumn. I love that it's a little longer in the back than the front, and it'll look great layered with a coatigan, necklace, chunky knit scarf and jewellery of your choice. During the colder months, because you're so wrapped up it becomes more acceptable to over accessorise; however i only advise two at a time, i.e.: necklace and earrings or rings and bangles, etc. I love boots for this time of year, they're the perfect addition to your wardrobe. They keep your toes warm and dry, as well as looking stylish along the way. Last, but not least, if you're working the chunky scarf matching a headband of some kind is a great way to show off your personality.

A classic jumper will forever be a great Autumn/Winter look. Why not bring it up to date with a fun print, a cable knit or little features like elbow patches. Again, i love to layer during this season so keep warm with snoods, gloves and earmuffs. Because you're wrapping up from the neck down, it's a great idea to accessorise your head with things to show off your personality. Just because you're wearing scarves and knit, doesn't mean you can't wear a statement necklace. Wear a pendant long enough to peak out below your snood or in-between the tassels of your scarf. Talking of statement, a coat is a great way to stand out. Why not try tweed to stay on trend this season, and add a fur if you rather than a scarf.

Topshop Tall Moto Leigh Jeans in Mid StoneMotel Diana Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Crop in Red | Topshop Fairisle Hat | Rock N Rose Kora Inverted Cross Necklace | Topshop Trio Pearl Ring | New Look Silver Beaten Edge Rectangle Ring | Topshop Knitted Stud Tweed Cardigan | Miss Selfridge Silver Triangle Earrings | ASOS Mix Knit Snood

Finally, a great way to try something a little different but tailoring it to Autumn is to test out the crop top. If you're a little self conscious, try something a little longer but pair it with a chunky knit cardigan, snood and hat to take away from the fact you're flashing a bit of flesh. Like i said, i love layering and chucking on the jewellery is a fun way to show personality and add a little something to an otherwise simple outfit.


10 October 2012

#OOTD Red Converse

Top: Primark | Skirt: Primark | Jacket: New Look | Necklace: Topshop | Super Cosy Tights: Primark | Converse

Like i said last time, i'm loving pencil skirts at the minute. I honestly think they're just perfect for the season; covering enough to keep the drafts out but hug your figure to keep things on trend, and a little seductive. Easily dresses up or down but i love that this is somewhere in between.

Converse have to be my favourite footwear for the Autumn season, they're comfortable and despite being a style of trainer they seems to make any outfit look smart but casual. I think this outfit could be a lot more dressed up if you added a heal or a chelsea boots but i like the way the Converse keep things a little bit more laid back, making a perfect daytime number. They're also a great way to add a splash of colour, or in this case tie up the colour if you're using the same colour in a different place. I love the way my jacket matches my shoes, i think it looks really chic and tied together.

Primark's pencil skirts are some of my favourite as they're very well priced but still do everything want them to do. They're made of nice quality fabric, sucking you in and skimming where it needs to. They also come in a great range of colours and prints, perfect to style up with a casual tee or a sheer blouse.

I adore statement necklaces, but am usually one for a long pendant. However, this gorgeous spiky number from Topshop is the perfect length for this style of outfit. If i'd gone for one of usual styles, it'd have hit at the wrong point of my outfit; missing the plain colour of my top and clashing with the print on my skirt but something like this livens up the plain nature of the top, but doesn't take away from the skirt.

I think a plain white tee is the perfect addition to any girls wardrobe. There are hundreds of styles out there, as i have many variations of the classic white tee in my wardrobe, but a real basic type is perfect to pair with skirts, shorts or even just jeans. Every girl should own at least one!


8 October 2012

The Student Wishlist

Dunelm Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Cushion: £5.99 | Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska | Cath Kidston iPhone Case: £24.95 | Practical Magic DVD: £3.97 | Cath Kidston Rose Bouquet White Eiderdown: £120 | Glamorous Lolita Boyfriend Coat: £53.99 | Apple New iPad: Starting from £399 | John Lewis World Map Beanbag: £75 | John Lewis Home/Relax Cushion: £35 | Topshop Alvin Studded Western Boots: £90 | Topshop Tall Moto Wine Leigh Jeans: £38 | Missguided Seqtea Dark Khaki Sequin Sleeve Jacket: £46.99

Total: £892.89 ish.

Being a student ain't all it's cracked up to be, especially where budgeting and money comes in. We're strapped for cash as it is but when you've got books and specialist equipment to purchase, as well as feeding ourselves we don't often have the pennies to spend on things that we fancy. So here's my student wishlist, if i had the cash to splash on anything!

Cath Kidston is every female students dream, it gives the homely touches quite easily, adding colour and pattern to brighten any student space. Brightly printed duvets, throws and blankets are a great way to make a blank space seem more cosy and welcoming. Why not give your phone a make over while you're at it, even matching it to your bedding?

Another easy way to brighten up a space is to add plenty of soft furnishings in your favourite colours and patterns, even decorating for the season. I adore cushions, i find they're the perfect way to add a splash of colour. Mixing and matching prints and colours is a great way to show your personality, even in a small space. However, if you've got that little extra space, if you're not in halls of residence, why not try a beanbag? It's the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom to add extra seating or just as a touch of personality.

Up to date technology is any students dream, and the new iPad would come in handy in any student room. They're great for slipping in your bag to take to lectures or the library, or even on the train when you're popping off home for the weekend. If you're lucky enough to have a TV in your room, or in your house or flat, why not indulge in the Autumnal season and spend a night with your friends watching classic Halloween films like Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic?

Treating yourself is a lot easier when you're in the supermarket, things can slip into your basket and you're not horrified at the price until you're at the till. Ben & Jerry's is the one of the most common things students wish they could buy but can't bring themselves to pay out for. The only time i ever buy myself ice cream is if it's on offer, so make sure to check out next time you're at the supermarket.

As a fashion student, buying clothes is my favourite pastimes and it pains me every time there's a beautiful item of clothing, or a cult product and i can't add it to my wardrobe. Topshop Tall jeans are my favourite items of clothing because they're comfortable, versatile and there are so many colour and prints to add to your collection but at £38 it's a struggle to part with the cash, even adding student discount. The sequin sleeved jacket is turning into a cult coat amongst bloggers and students alike. It's a gorgeous take on the classic parka, perfect to take you from Autumn to Winter with a touch of sparkle. Now boots are a classic for this season, and these studded Topshop boots are perfect to add an edge to any A/W outfit.


6 October 2012

#OOTD A Tartan Shirt

Tartan Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: New Look | Belt: Primark | Necklace: New Look | Super Cosy Tights: Primark | Chelsea Boots: River Island

I never thought i would say this, because it's really not my season, but i'm ready to completely embrace the Autumn weather. However, i really hate this in between sun and rain kind of weather - you just never know how to dress, i much prefer it to either be warm or cold and nothing in between. As you saw in my previous post i'm in love with pencil skirts and i think they're a great piece to dress up or down.

I love this outfit because it's something i can really take from day to night, i was considering wearing a variation of this outfit to an event soon because it's comfortable but paired with a statement necklace, bag and a heel it's that little bit dressier. I also really love it when you can 'shop your stash' ie, shop your own wardrobe and re-love something that you'd forgotten about or gone off of - like this shirt, for me. I bought it probably about two years ago and when i got it it was a boyfriend style, so really baggy, and hadn't been advertised as so on Topshop.com. I instantly didn't like it, but loved the print so took it in and made pleat panels at the back and i began to wear it. However, does anyone else get that when they put a stigma to something as soon as you get a bad feeling towards it? Well, i just couldn't shake the unlove and it's been sitting in my drawer ever since but now i've picked it up, dusted it off and i'm trying again. Now, i absolutely love it and think it's perfect for this season - and really statement.

This is just an ideal Autumn outfit for me, and this season i'm vowing to dress that little bit more me. I don't know why but during the colder months i tend to dress pretty dull, i hate the cold and i end up just plumping for easy, warm outfits like jeans and jumpers. So styles like this are a great alternative for me.

How do you like to dress in the Autumnal months?


4 October 2012

Living Like a Second Year

 Bedding: Dunelm Mill | Chests of Drawers: IKEA | Bookcase: IKEA | Full Length Mirror: Argos | Table Mirror: Argos | Curtains: Argos | Laundry Basket: Argos | Storage Boxes: WH Smith & Ebay | Lamp: Dunelm | Blanket: Primark | Bunting: Amazon & Ebay

I'm finally back and settled into my new flat, in Southampton. I'm just finishing my first week back at Uni and i feel like it's been none stop! I just thought i'd do a little update post and show you my new room like i said i would when i did my Home posts at the beginning of Summer.

I absolutely adore my new room and i've settled very well into it. The whole flat, including my room, is super homely, warm and inviting which is what my flatmate Nicole and i wanted from it. We spent a great deal of time, effort and money making the place our own and we're very happy with the result. We've had a few teething problems here and there, for example with our recycling bin and heating timer, but they've been smoothed out by the lovely maintenance man. We're in a lovely spot because we're not super close to the busy nightlife of Southampton, we're only 5 minutes walk from our friends and only about 10 - 15 minutes walk from University.

It's starting to get a little chilly down here in the South, and i'm really beginning to feel it! We get the weirdest weather here, on the coast, when it's warm it can be very warm but it also gets very cold here too and of course there are the days when it starts off crisp and sunny but ends up chucking with rain. So, dressing for the weather is a little difficult!

Uni's going well and i'm enjoying being back. There are a couple modules that i think are going to be a little tricky but i'm looking forward to the challenge. I love being back close to London and to Jonny working there, as well as easy rail links all over the place. It's great to have a bit more independence but it does take some getting used to; taking care of yourself ain't all it's cracked up to be, i mean it's a bit of a pain when you forget to re-buy your toothpaste - which i'm yet to do, thank goodness.

So, i hope you're all settling back into the new academic year well and are all happy & healthy!

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