31 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Another American Beauty post and finally, FINALLY, i picked up the Naked Palette while i was away. Ever since getting my Naked 2 Palette a year or two ago i knew i wanted the original too. I know there's a real divide in opinions when it comes to these palettes; some say that they're so similar you really don't need both and some suggest that one is warmer toned and the other cooler. I, personally, would agree with the later. After getting so use out of my Naked 2 i decided that some of the shades were actually a little cool for me and i tended to use my favourite shades of the palette in conjunction with other shadows from my collection. Now, that's fine for when i'm at home but if i'm ever travelling and want something compact then i wouldn't want to take the Naked 2 plus any other shadows i like to use alongside it. Whereas, this Naked palette is great. I love almost all the shades and they work really nicely with my skintone and hair colour. I think i'll actually like to mix and match both palettes in the long run but i'm so happy to finally own both.

I'm so happy to finally own Half Baked as everyone raves about that shade and i actually love that this palette has some great matte browns to use the crease and to go against all that shimmer. I think that the more pinky toned shimmers, like Toasted and Sin, will look great mixed with Tease from the Naked 2 and i can't wait to experiment.

I honestly think this is an asset to anyones collection, beginner or professional, as there's just so much durability.


29 October 2013

#OOTD | Speckled White

Dress: H&M | Top: ASOS | Necklace: River Island | Tights: New Look | Shoes: M&S

Another ode to layering today, i'm afraid, but we're coming into that season now so i think it's allowed. After falling in love with that grey H&M vest dress, i actually went out and bought it in white as well. I actually really like the white, it looks really crisp, especially in the ways that i'm styling it with layering. They're really comfortable, and affordable, so i'll probably end up building my collection of colours and patterns.

Now, the star of the show here is this rusty, orange top that i picked up in the ASOS sale. I love oversized, cosy tops and i've actually picked up the majority of my collection from ASOS, so when i spotted this i couldn't help but go for it. I actually loved it so much i bought it in blue too, but that's for another day. It looks so fun layered over this cute vest dress, with it peeking out the bottom but i also think it'd be great for pairing with leggings for a more relaxed look or perhaps jeans for an easy, boho feel. I honestly feel like it'd look great with anything.


27 October 2013

50 Random Things about Me TAG

As we all know, i'm a bit of a Youtube fanatic and i also love all the tags that float around the sphere. So, when i watched my billionth 50 Random Things about Me Tag by HeyKayli, i decided that it'd be a nice post to slip onto the blog. I really like these kinds of videos, and posts, as it's always nice to get a little more personal with the people you read and watch (oo-er).

So, without further ado here are 50 random things you may, or may not, know about me.

Waterloo Station | My Kitty | Harry Potter Studio Tour | Cocktails | Butter London's Knackered | A Summer Walk | Regent Street | Conversed Feet | Daffodils

1. One of my biggest fears is frogs, and more specifically stepping on them.
2. Currently i'm not sure whether i want to have any children, mainly because i imagine myself to be very career minded.
3. I'm allergic to Raspberries.
4. Up until about a year or so ago the only vegetables i would eat were potatoes and sweetcorn, now as long as their soft i'll eat almost any.
5. I buy myself a lot of brightly coloured lipsticks but i tend to always forget to put it on before i leave the house.
6. Like Kayli, i love musicals. I've seen Wicked more than twice.
7. Rather than having a sweet tooth, i have a savoury tooth. However, sometimes you just got a hankering for some Lindt Chocolate.
8. I studied Art, Textiles, English Literature & Geography at A Level.
9. I failed Geography at AS and dropped it moving on to A2.
10. I feel far from comfortable in the water, after i had a panic attack during a secondary school swimming lesson.
11. I love to travel.
12. I am a very punctual person, and i'm about always early.
13. I am highly against all types of drug use.
14. I'm a worrrier. I worry about almost everything, and in turn have a problem with anxiety.
15. Marc Jacobs perfumes are my all time go-to.

Gingham Bow Headband: Beauxoxo

16. Like many others, i really love to shop.
17. I find it really hard to take myself out of my comfort zone, but i try to push myself to more and more.
18. My middle name is Lucy.
19. When i was younger, i really struggled with jet lag. So much so that when we returned from holiday, i would cry when i couldn't get to sleep so my parents had to sit in my room with me until fell asleep.
20. Summer is my favourite Season.
21. Christmas is my favourite holiday season.
22. Despite my love for travel, i'm quite a homebody which i never thought i was.
23. I drink very little alcohol but i don't have an issue with other people drinking alcohol.
24. When i'm at home, more often than not i'm wearing lounge wear. When i get home for the day, i change straight into something comfortable.
25. I feel a little bit less myself when i don't have a bright colour in my hair.
26. It takes quite a lot to make me laugh, but when i do...
27... I love to laugh, it's one of my favourite things to do.
28. I'm stubborn in the fact that if i don't want to do something, then i won't do it. My mentality is why should i have to do something i don't want to?
29. I'm a real planner. I plan everything. I'm getting better, but i really like to know what's going on.
30. I hate using anything other than an electric toothbrush.

Uggs in the Autumn Leaves | Mind the Gap | Perfume of Choice: Marc Jacobs Daisy | Oxford Street Christmas Lights | Wagamama Katsu Curry | Bonfire Night Fireworks | University Work | Big Ben | Tulips

31. Walt Disney World is practically my second home.
32. I don't watch very much television anymore, but when i'm at university i almost always have the TV on because i like the background noise.
33. I used to work at a Garden Centre.
34. I'm allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide.
35. I watch a lot of American TV shows online; my favourites being Pretty Little Liars & Keeping up with the Kardashians.
36. My birthday is the 3rd of April.
37. I am a real cryer. I cry at everything: films, tv adverts, nervous situations, when someone else is upset, the list goes on.
38. The first ever concert i went to was Hellogoodbye.
39. Since then, i've been to Glastonbury Festival where i saw Stevie Wonder, Gorillaz and Muse headline.
40. While i was watching the Scissor Sisters, and waiting for Muse, at said festival i got a migraine, turned green and had to be rushed out of the crowd.
41. I can recite most of the FRIENDS scripts before the characters say them themselves.
42. I was an obsessive S Club 7 fan and owned all their music, as well as their TV series; including Miami 7, Hollywood 7 and S Club 7 Go Wild.
43. I love rollercoasters, except if they go upside down.
44. I am the complete opposite of a procrastinator. I like to get things done straight away, so i don't have to worry about them later.
45. I love hot chocolate, especially Costa hot chocolate.
46. I don't like Starbucks.
47. My room is very rarely messy, i hate clutter and i find it really hard to work in a mess.
48. I used to own an Xbox.
49. Once a girl in my class plaited my hair into such tight plaits that my mum had to try and brush the clump out and ended up having to snip some hair out.
50. I'm quite particular when it comes to food. I don't often like my food touching, and i have specific ways that i like to eat different meals.

There we have it, 50 things. I hope you enjoyed and that you go to the end of the post! Phew.


25 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | EOS Lipbalm

EOS Lipbalm in Tangerine

If you've never heard of one of these then you've clearly never watched any American Beauty Gurus on Youtube, or read any American Beauty Blogs for that matter. In todays American Beauty post i bring you the infamous nipple shaped lip product, in the form of an EOS Lip Balm. I've actually owned one of these before but i was so desperate to try it that i ordered online from a questionable seller. I'm not entirely sure whether the one i owned previously was an original EOS or a knock off, but when i tested it out before i wasn't the biggest fan.

The Burt's Bees Lip Balm is my lip saviour in the cold, Winter months when my lips are sore and chapped so everything gets compared back to that as that's been my go to for years. Previously i owned the Strawberry version of this product, which isn't my favourite scent, so i thought i'd go for the flavour i'd usually pick which is Tangerine. I absolutely love citrus, fruity scents so this was right up my alley. However, sadly as before this is not my favourite. It's just so thick and textured, i find it doesn't glide on smoothly but more layers on which i really didn't like. This is the kind of balm that i think would be better to wear in the morning while you're putting on the rest of your make up to leave your lips moisturised by the time you're ready to apply lipstick. This is definitely not going to take the place of my Burt's Bees but perhaps it'll slip into my routine here and there.


23 October 2013

#OOTD | Galaxy Print

Jeans: Topshop Joni | Top: Topshop | Necklace: River Island | Shoes: Peacocks | Cardigan: Topshop

A really simple one from me today, but something i love to throw on when i can't be bothered but still want to look semi-presentable. Some how, the Joni jeans seem to make any outfit look effortless and chic so i love to pop those on in times of need, especially when i'm feeling a little worse for wear as they suck everything in and honestly make you look better than you feel. I have two pairs of these, and they're worth every penny. They're such great quality and fit like a glove. What i love most is they look great with anything, not just crop tops like the entire world and their mum seems to think. Here, i decided to hop on the bandwagon because this is the only way you'll ever see me in a crop top. I'm honestly not one for the crop top trend, as i'm really not one for getting bellies out - however slim you are, i just don't think it's classy or fabulous. But! Each to their own, of course.

I've had this little number forever, and picked up in Topshop one day when the galaxy print was in it's height of popularity. It's so, so soft and cosy plus super cute and actually really love the length of the crop. Nothing too short for me, thank you.

Now, this boyfriend cardigan i've had for a good three years or so, and has seen me through many a weather. It's just so cosy and easy to throw on, again. I love easy outfits that look cute but don't take much time.


21 October 2013

Top Three High Street Shopping Destinations

Following on from my last Top Three Online Shopping post, i thought i'd just round that off with a Top Three High Street Shopping post. I probably do equal amounts of High Street shopping as i do online, but i tend to do different types of shopping at each. On the High Street i tend to buy things i'm not sure about size, fit, etc as well as more products used for skincare, make up, etc. So, without further ado here are a few of my favourite places to shop.

The first is Marks & Spencer, which is actually a relatively new spot for me. When i was little, i hated M&S. To me, it was somewhere my mum shopped and i related it to mums and grandmas, but not somewhere i would ever dream of shopping. However, now i'm a little older when i head into the stores to help mum shop i actually spot a few bits that i like for myself. Another nice thing about M&S is that they actually do Tall items too, which as you know is great! Most recently i found myself some houndstooth trousers and some fab navy blue polka dot palazzo pants which i've fallen in love with. I actually love Marks & Spencers for the fact there are very few places where a mum and daughter can shop together, and this year especially it's been nice to share our finds and try things on together. My favourite Summer sandals are from here too. So, if you've ever thought M&S might not be for you and you're around my age or a little older, i highly recommend popping in and just having a look. You never know what you might find.

There are very few people in the UK who don't like Boots, especially the beauty obsessives amoungst us. I'll get past my only gripe with Boots first, which is their prices. They are a little pricey and sometimes you can even find products cheaper elsewhere, but i can totally push past that because of everything else. Their stores are always brightly laid out, with everything grouped together and in it's right place but most importantly i love their larger stores, which i'm lucky enough to have in Southampton. Their larger stores often boast great beauty hall type set ups, where all their slightly more expensive brands have beauty counters as well as middle brands having more special displays, and of course your High Street favourites. You can buy everything in one place, and they're introducing new brands all the time. Usually their assistants are knowledgeable and lovely, and are more than happy to help.

Last, i've chosen H&M. I hate H&M online, as their postage is hideously slow and i'm not a super fan of their website's layout. So i do all my shopping in store, which means i rarely buy anything i'm not 100% happy with because i always try things on and see them in person. I actually really like the layouts of H&M stores as they group their collections and style of clothing together, ie: the formal, workwear, the work out gear, the slightly more young and  edgy style, the list goes on. Their prices have slowly gone up but more often than not you can find some great deals and the quality is great. It's a shame you still can't use student discount but they do great sales and, honestly, most of the things i buy aren't all that much anyway. I also love H&M for basics and all my long sleeve tops, strap tops and cardigans were bought here. They're great value for money and last forever. Something else i love is that you can really find some great statement pieces here, at a great price and that's something i love about H&M; they sell the trends but often go for something that's not quite the same. I've really grown up with H&M; when i was a little younger i adored their brightly coloured, graphic print teen range and as i've grown up i've swapped to the slightly more classic with a little graphic print thrown in for good measure, of course. If you don't shop here already, give it a go but i'm sure i don't need to tell you twice.


19 October 2013

AVON Cosmetics Haul

Avon Supershock Liquid Eyeshadow in Pink Reflects | Avon Glimmerstick Chromes Eyeliner in Burgundy Shock | Avon Colourtrend Non-Retractable Lipstick in Coral you Later

We've been receiving the Avon Catalogues through the post for goodness knows how long. I remember excitedly anticipating the next brochure, when i was still in school, to have a rustle through the pages and select a few products to eagerly await to be delivered three, or four, weeks later. That, to me, is the only downside to ordering through the Avon Catalogue. If you've never ordered from a catalogue before, then the procedure starts when you receive the book through your letterbox. You're then given anywhere from a few days to a week to decide on your order, depending on your Avon representative, and then all that's left to do is leave your catalogue outside your front door for you rep to come and collect. Then, in three or four weeks time your rep drops the next book through your door with your receipt and how much your order will cost, and then they'll back again anywhere from a few days to a week later to collect the catalogue and exchange for your order. Voila.

I haven't ordered anything for a very long time, as i think that Avon actually went through a stagnant period with their products. Nothing seemed new or exciting, and the prices were out of the question. However, more recently they've really upped their game and i highly recommend ordering a catalogue or ordering online.

I decided to start things small and just test out a couple of products, because sometimes the quality of Avon can be a little questionable but i'm pretty happy with the products i received.

Beginning with the one product that i'm not so thrilled with, the Avon Colourtrend Non-Retractable Lipstick in Coral you Later. This looked really appealing to me because i'm fully on the lip product stick bandwagon seeing as i love the Clinique Chubby Sticks. This one seemed like it could be a little more precise as the applicator is much smaller than many on the market, and i was right in thinking so. This is great for application, it's so easy to swipe on and easy to follow your lip line and get in the corners of you mouth which i often find difficult with fatter lip products. However, the formula is just awful. It's very, very dry and you can feel how dry it is even when you're applying. I suppose the plus point of this is it does stick around but i'm really not a dry lip product kind of gal and i really didn't like it. However, the colour is gorgeous. Exactly like it looks in the tube, a bright red toned coral.

The next two products i'm actually very happy with, and they look gorgeous together on the eyes. Firstly, the base. I'd heard about a new product not yet on the market from Rimmel called the Scandaleyes Shadow Paints and from what i've seen from them, they very similar and similarly packaged to these Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eyeshadows. I found the colour range of these to be great, including a fab gold, a bronze and some more colourful choices like a garnet, a teal and a gorgeous blue. I however, went for Pink Reflects as i thought that this would be a fab all over lid colour, which it did turn out to be. It's a beautiful, shimmery, silvery pink colour which is great for a base or just for an easy swipe of colour for day to day. I really do love this product, and i'll definitely be interested to try the Rimmel offerings now.

Last, but not least, is the Avon Glimmerstick Chromes Eyeliner in Burgundy Shock. I've been looking for a purple eyeliner for a while and i've actually got another one from Bourjois that's more of a bright purple that i love but this is gorgeous for going day to night or for a bit of colour when you're not feeling too brave. It's lovely and creamy, and applies like a dream. Honestly, there's little to say about this product. It's a great eyeliner, a lovely grey purple colour which a little shimmer. Just beautiful.


17 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Hollywoodland

Just before i went away, i saw this product on a blog and instantly loved the look of it. I'd been seeing the Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes all over the place and just hadn't gotten around the buying them, but when i saw this i knew i'd be able to nab it while i was away. It's very similar in context to the Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes, which in turn is all very similar to the crayon lip products which happen to be some of my favourite.

What i love most is the ease of the application, it's easy to glide along the lid and apply. However, it's definitely not as buttery and creamy as i would expect but that also probably helps the product to adhere to the eye. Despite not being as creamy as expected, it's still easy to blend and work into other products. It acts as a great base, or a sweep over colour for everyday but also as a colour to work with others. It's simply a gorgeous shimmery, champagne nude colour so extremely versatile, which is perfect for me. I love an easy product!


15 October 2013

#OOTD | Purple Knit

Jumper: H&M | Dress: H&M | Shoes: Matalan | Necklace: River Island | Belt: Topshop | Tights: New Look

Always loved layering as a versatile way to dress when the weather is so indecisive but never have i really thought about doing it through choice. It wasn't until i came in contact with an old friend, and i was reminded of her cute but simple layering style that i remembered how much i admired her when were at school. So, i thought i'd have a look in my wardrobe and see if i could do it my way and this is what i came up with - and i love it. Like i said, it's so simple but so effective. I really love the way this simple vest dress changes when paired with this light knit. This is another outfit that wouldn't take much to become Winter appropriate too, just slip a long sleeve underneath. I love the way the dress just peeps out the bottom too, and it helps such a simple dress to become two outfits in one. Worn as a dress and a skirt, as my mum proved to be the other day when she asked whether i had bought a new skirt and commented on how lovely it was. It was nice to let her know that actually this was the dress i had shown her previously, worn a different way. Score.

These simple, cosy, lightweight knits from H&M are some of my favourite and have featured before. I have this particular jumper in three different colours and i wouldn't take much persuading to purchase the rest. They're so, so easy to throw over anything as a cover up or layered to keep warm. I also love the neon selection available, like this purple. It's just so cute and and bright, working really well against this muted grey.

Again with the boots, they're just so fierce. They really do bring something special to an otherwise simple outfit. I highly recommend looking for something like this, a pair of statement shoes really does add something to any outfit.


13 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | L'Oreal Colour Riche

L'Oreal Colour Riche in Cherry Tulle

This product totally makes up for the crappy L'Oreal Balm i reviewed a couple of weeks ago. This is the product i should have bought more of while i was away, i love it.

This is somewhere between the Revlon Lip Butters and a lipstick. It's a little less glossy than the Lip Butters which i actually really like, but it's still super moisturising. As for this colour, oh my goodness what a beauty! It's perfect for the coming Autumn and Winter months.

There really is little else to say about this product, other than what i've already said. I just love everything about this product, especially the formula. It glides onto the lips so easily and is actually pretty opaque with just a couple of swipes. It's a good on the go colour too, which is something i love for my lifestyle!


11 October 2013

Top Three Online Shopping Destinations

Who doesn't love to shop? I know i do, and sometimes if you just don't feel like going out in the freezing cold and pouring rain it's just safer and easier to do it from the safety of your own home. Online shopping sales have sky rocketed in the last five years and have lead some high street shops to transfer to online only. So, today i thought i'd share with you my top three frequented online shopping destinations.

The first is As Seen on Screen, otherwise and more commonly known as ASOS.com. I have to admit that i never used to get the obsession people seemed to have with ASOS as i never really found anything that i'd be willing to pay the price for, however i feel like they're really upping their game and offering a really great collection. The great thing about ASOS is it's kind of like an online department store in that not only does it sell it's own brand, but many other popular brands too. For example: Ted Baker, American Apparel and more recently Monki & Primark. Sometimes prices can be a little high, but nothing extravagant if you don't want to spend all your cash. There's a huge difference between the highest and lowest prices, so if you only want to pay £20 or £120 there's something for everyone.

What i love most about ASOS is that they sell a lot of different things, quirky and pieces that you can't find anywhere else and i particularly like their Jumpsuits & Playsuits category, as well as their Shorts and Jackets. The one thing you do need to look out for with ASOS is the quality, sometimes the quality is great but others it can be a little sketchy, and not so great so watch out for that one.

Another go to of mine would be Topshop.com. The one thing i hate about Topshop is their prices,  because more often than not i'm not willing to pay the outrageous prices but they are improving. Really, the main reason i shop at Topshop is for their tall section. As many of you know, i'm quite a tall lady usually buying a 36" leg which is where i have a problem. Most regualar store collections only carry up to a 34" and often not even that, so i find it very difficult to buy jeans, shorts and often skirts and dresses. I haver long legs and a fairly long torso so often usual store collections come up obscenely short on me.

Again, the Tall section isn't exactly cheap but that's where i'm willing to spend a little more as i find it so hard to get clothes that fit and that i love. I have to admit that i've never bought anything that i've questioned the quality of, which is great when you're spending quite a lot of money. However, the sizing is ridiculous so i've had to learn how things generally fit to shop online - although sometimes even that doesn't translate. I've bought anything from a size 8 to a size 14 in here recently, so perhaps it's best to start off trying things on instore until you find what size you generally are.

Last is New Look. A lot of people knock New Look for being childish or rubbish quality, but actually you really can find some gems. Albeit sometimes you have to search through the graphic t-shirts and the embellished shorts but i've found some of my favourite pieces in here and for a great price. What i love most is the pricing here, the quality is never awful and the prices are half that of Topshop. You can also find designer inspired garments and even things on sale in Topshop for a third of the price. Honestly, i recommend you give it a look, you may be surprised.

I've found that the sizing is pretty regular and true to size, nothing is ridiculously short and everything is very on trend. I don't think it's fair that New Look has it's teenager image anymore. They have a great range for teenagers too, but if you're careful you can find some really great, fun pieces. I especially appreciate their tall section too and have found some great pieces in their for a great price.

There we are, where do you like to shop?


9 October 2013

&OtherOptions | OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster & Bright Lights - Big Color

OPI Bright Lights - Big Color | Models' Own Coral Reef | OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster

Last, but not least, i have the final &OtherOptions post in the series. I've really enjoyed doing these so perhaps i'll do more nail polish related posts, if you guys liked them too that is. This time i have two very similar OPI shades that are on offer, with one very similar Models' Own. These three are so, so similar that really i don't even need both of the OPIs.

Bright Lights & Mainely Lobster are actually scarily similar and i'm not entirely sure how they both managed to weasel there way into my collection. They're almost identical in colour, which is a pinky coral shade. However, the main difference between those two is that Lobster has a slight silvery, goldy shimmer to it and Bright Lights has a lot more gold shimmer in it. When you look at them in the bottle, Bright Lights looks like it has a serious amount of gold shimmer running through it where as Lobster is a lot more subtle.

The main difference with Coral Reef is that it doesn't have shimmer in it at all, but if you ignore that - the shade is so, so similar. So similar in fact that i feel ashamed that i even have all three. The finish is different but honestly, pay the £5 rather than the £18 give or take for the OPI.


7 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Coconut Water Chill, Midnight Pomegranate, Autumn Day, Bourbon Peach & Island Nectar

Welcome to the first in this years series of American Beauty! If you've been with me long enough, you may remember that last year i did a similar thing which i really enjoyed sharing, so i thought i'd go for it again as i picked up some great products this time around.

I don't think i've ever really admitted my obsession with hand sanitiser except for maybe in a monthly favourites, or two, but i really am obsessed with the stuff. I always have a bottle in my handbag and on my bedside table too, as i like to have one everywhere i'm likely to use it.

If you've ever watched an American, or sometimes British, beauty guru on Youtube then you've probably more than likely heard of Bath & Body Works. I so, so wish that B&BW would come to UK so i could buy some of their infamous candles and wall plug ins. Their scent selection is amazing, and they have a mass range of all things bath & body (obviously). Now, i can't be lugging home multiple glass jarred candles because that would weigh a tonne, so i decided to settle for the 5 for $5 offer on hand sanitiser, especially as i knew i'd get through them all. They had a huge range of scents, but as it was coming to the end of Summer and heading into Fall they had a lot of their new Fall scents on display. Now, that's really not my thing and i was a little disappointed at first as it looked as though they were the only choices; i'm not really a cinnamon/pumpkin scent kind of girl. However, once i moved to the back of the store and into the travel section they had a bunch of their permanent offers.

The 5 i went for are: Midnight Pomegranate, Coconut Water Chill, Island Nectar, Bourbon Peach & Autumn Day. I really love fruity scents so that's what i tend to gravitate towards. Starting with Midnight Pomegranate, this is definitely something i would usually choose as it's a definite fruity scent. It kind of has a floral back note keeping it a little sweeter but nothing too much as i'm certainly not into the sugary sweet scents. Moving onto Coconut Water Chill, this one is definitely slightly sweeter than the last but again nothing too much. This one kind of smells quite clean and fresh, but again keeping on the fruity side of things. I have to say i don't really smell the coconut as i think it smells slightly citrusy. Island Nectar is even sweeter still but probably the most floral so far. This is the least fruity, and kind of reminds of fully bloomed exotic flowers with a background of peach or something softly fruity. I think Bourbon Peach smells exactly how it sounds; rum and peach. I think you can definitely smell bourbon but the peach cuts through it and keeps it from being too overpowering. Last, but not least, is Autumn Day which is the only one i chose from their new Fall collection. This one smells so yummy and nothing like i'd imagine Autumn Day to smell like. This one, to me, smells super fruity and very citrus based. When i take a sniff i instantly smell pineapple, which is super yummy and keeps it quite crisp but something keeps it smelling very fresh too.


5 October 2013

#OOTD | White Lace

Top: New Look | Cami Top: H&M | Skirt: Topshop | Necklace: River Island | Shoes: Matalan | Tights: New Look

Another Summer orientated outfit this week, again i wore this throughout Summertime this year but never snapped it. This is another outfit that i could easily transfer to the colder months, although that's not something i want to think about, all i would need is a white long sleeve underneath and voila. In Winter, long sleeve tops from H&M are my best friend, they're just so easy to slip underneath normal outfits and make them Winter appropriate. For now, i'm enjoying still being able to bare my arms or just slip on a cardigan, but Autumn is soon upon us again. I adore this top though, and i almost left it behind. I'd actually left the shop and was walking home when i decided i could not live without and it would look cute with so much. It looks so sweet with a pair of jeans too, as well as with skirts and layered over dresses.

I'm always a little unsure about this skirt because although i love it and it's such a staple piece, it's not from the Tall section and i sometimes worry it's a little short but i can't bring myself to fork out for a Tall one so for now it will have to do. However, denim skater skirts are such an easy piece to pair with anything.

As for my beautiful boots, i had totally forgotten i had these at the back of my wardrobe and it wasn't until i saw my flatmate wearing them that i was reminded. They're just so fierce, and go with everything. They dress up anything and yet are so easy to walk in for daytime. I love wearing them with rolled up jeans or skirts & dresses for a grungey, girly look.

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