30 November 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational

Maybelline Color Whispers by Color Sensational in Made-It Mauve Maybelline Color Whispers by Color Sensational in Who Wore it Red-Er | Maybelline Color Whispers by Color Sensational in Orange Attitude

Last in my American Beauty series is one of my most anticipated products, as they're very similar to my most favourite lip product, the Revlon Lip Butters. They're packaged very similar, they look very similar but after testing them out they do have some differences.

I would say the main difference between the Lip Butters and the Whispers is that the LBs are very glossy in texture, whereas the Ws are definitely more of a cream finish. However, they don't feel drying and they're comfortable to wear.

Orange Attitude was the one i was a little scared of, as i'm not so sure orange is my colour however, it really is a beauty. It's such a wearable colour which is why i love these creamy, sheerer lip products - however, due to their creamy formula, they are a little more opaque than the Lip Butters. It's just a beautiful, bright, better than lips colour. Of course it has the orange tone to it, but it's nothing too out there and actually just finishes off a look. Who Wore it Red-Er is actually not even a red at all. This is the first bright pink shade that i actually think suits my skintone. It's a beautiful fuchsia pink, but because it's creamy it becomes so much more wearable. It's bold and bright, so would look great with a neutral eye but i also think it'd be fab for day or night, i really love this one. Last is Made-It Mauve which in the bullet actually looks very brown, but it turned out to be exactly as i'd hope it'd be. It's a beautiful berry, mauve colour perfect for the coming seasons and it's quite similar to my favourite Berry Smoothie from Revlon. I love this creamy finish and it is, again, just so wearable.

If you can get your hands on these you really must give them a go because they're just so darn wearable! Can i say wearable again? Wearable.


28 November 2013

What to Buy: A Student

Gift Vouchers | Skincare Essentials | Magazine Subscription | John Lewis Handel Slipper Boots in NavyJohn Lewis 2 Tier Fruit Basket | Culinary Concepts Watering Can Salt and Pepper Set | DVDs |  BHS Sleeping Fox Cushion | BHS Applique Owl Cushion | BHS Multi Love Cushion

Lastly in this years Christmas gift series, is the student. As a student myself i've kind of just suggested what i've really appreciated as gifts over my time as a student.

My personal favourite gift as a student is actually gift cards. As a student, you don't really have money just laying around to buy yourself clothes or treats, so gift cards are a lovely gift. It means they can choose what they'd like to buy without feeling guilty for splurging their student budget. I would suggest perhaps a Boots voucher, because we always need deodorant, shampoo etc, or maybe you know their favourite shop then that would be a lovely gift or even John Lewis where they can buy anything from beauty, to fashion, to stationary, to homeware.

Something else that i love to receive is my favourite skincare and day to day items, such as facial scrubs, face masks, cleansers, cleansing wipes, toners, etc. It just means that you don't have to worry about buying them for yourself and if you pick the items you know they use every day then they'll always be used. Here i've showed you some of my favourite skincare products but you can buy them whatever they personally like to use.

Something else that's really useful for a student is items that they need for their student rooms, for example here i've suggested a fruit bowl or salt and pepper set. If you know that haven't shopped for living away at university yet, then there's hundreds of things you could purchase, for example: pots and pans, calendar, books, laundry basket, blankets, bedding, etc. Especially as a first year, i found that all first year girls love cushions. So buying cushions to match their room would be a lovely gift. It means they can take them through their years away from home from first year all the way to the end.

Until next year, have a happy Christmas shopping season!


26 November 2013

What to Buy: A Foodie

Gizzi's Kitchen Magic Cook Book | Gok Cooks Chinese Cook Book | Cole & Mason 16 Jar Spice Carousel | Cath Kidston Santa Double Oven Gloves | Vintage by Wayne Hemmingway Carnival Cake Storage | Next Set of Four Platinum Glimmer Wine Glasses | Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel Set | Emma Bridgewater Biscuit Tin | Cath Kidston Daisy Rose Flour Shaker | Cath Kidston Provence Rose Bowls | John Lewis Polly's Pantry Measuring Cups

I often think the foodies are the easiest to buy for because there are so, so many options out there. You only have to walk into the kitchen section of John Lewis to flooded with ideas, and don't forget Lakeland plus all the homeware sections of the High Street, like Next and Cath Kidston.

If they love trying new things then cook books make for a love gift. I've given a lot of cook book gifts in my time, and they've always been well received especially if you pick a famous chef or one of the pretty books then they could be displayed or proudly shelved with their favourite books.

Are they a baker? Perhaps they love to bake cakes, cookies, brownies and goodness knows what else then maybe a selection of cake tins would be the perfect gift. Or maybe the famous Emma Bridgewater biscuit tin would brighten up a kitchen. I absolutely love this Cath Kidston flour shaker too. This would make for a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

I personally think that if you know the friend loves cooking then a spice rack is a lovely gift. I think that these can really add to any kitchen, and i think they're a really homely touch. You can buy these in loads of different ways, for example: the one above is a turnstile one that swivels around, which are my personal favourite, and it comes with refillable jars so you can choose what you want to add. You can also buy the turnstile racks with actual spice jars, like the ones you buy from the supermarket, and they just click into place.


24 November 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Drugstore Eyeshadow

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Barely Branded | Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Pomegranate Punk | Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Too Cool

If you remember long ago from last year, i actually picked up the infamous bronze shade last Summer and fell in love. Ever since i've been pining for some more shades but i actually don't really like the shade range here in the UK, so i was dying to pick up some new colours while i was away this time. The beauty of this product is that they're just so quick and easy to use. You can use your fingers, or brushes, and they sweep across the lid so easily as well as blending like a dream.

My all time favourite eyeshadow colour is a champagne shade, so when i saw Youtubers talking about Barely Branded i knew i had to get my hands on it. I was a little worried it was a limited edition colour, but sure enough when i headed to the drugstore it was the last one there. Phew. It's exactly what i love in a colour, a beige, champagne shade with lotsa finely milled shimmer. I actually think you can you get a pomegranate shade here in the UK but i just never got around to picking it up so when i saw it on the display i thought why not. It's not a shade i would normally go for but when i've swatched it it's actually quite beautiful. It's not as scary out of the pan as it is in, and it'll look beautiful as a crease option to add a pop of colour - especially for the Autumn and Winter. Last is Too Cool, which i wasn't sure if i wanted but once i opened it i knew i'd take it home with me. It's such a beautiful, delicate shade that will work amazingly as a base or beautifully with Barely Branded for an easy, bright day to day look. It really brightens the eye which is great, and it's just so versatile.

L'Oreal 24hr Infallible Pressed Eyeshadow in Iced Latte

I only one other shade from this range of L'Oreal Infallible pressed eyeshadows, and that's Sahara Treasure that i picked up quite a long time ago. From experience, i knew them to be really beautiful, shimmery shades that are so buttery and finely milled that they really pack some colour on the lid. Well, this just ticks all the right boxes for my favourite colour eyeshadow and in a formulation i know to be amazing.

Iced Latte is seriously the most beautiful shade and i'm so glad i went for it, it's awfully similar to Stila's Kitten but probably a little lighter. The formulation of these is seriously what make them stand out so if this isn't the colour for you, i highly recommend giving it a go and a different shade.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells | Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Knock On Wood

I'd heard everyone on Youtube talking about the Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trios, so i thought it only right to pick some up for myself.

Walking on Eggshells is the one you hear everyone talking about, probably because of it's everyday, neutral colours so i decided to go for that one and i wanted to try something i hadn't heard of so plumped for Knock on Wood because of it's beautiful Autumn shades.

I honestly didn't expect much from these because they're so, so cheap and because i know Wet N Wild to be a very budget drugstore brand. However, i shouldn't have judged a book because actually they're very impressive. They have a lovely buttery texture, not far from the Stila Compact Shadows which is amazing from the price. They're not at all grainy and very easy to work with. They blend beautifully into each other, and work very well together.

Walking on Eggshells are great, light and shimmery shades; perfect for every day but Knock on Wood are a lot heavier, deeper shades but equally workable. I think that these two palettes could work well together, Knock on Wood could easily take Walking on Eggshells into the night.


22 November 2013

What to Buy: The Difficult One

New Look Cream & Red Snowflake Fliptop Gloves | New Look Cream Mohair Mix Cable Knit Bobble Hat | Philosophy Hollyberry Bubbly Bubble Bath | iTunes Gift Card | Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Tin | Accessorize Printed Bow Bulldog Clips | Fairy Lights | OPI Nail Polish Kit | Love2Shop Voucher | The V&A Gallery of Fashion Book

I know we all have that friend who has everything, or who's really picky, or never likes the gifts they're given. Well, i've given you a few options of gifts that could work for that type of friend or at least could be useful or at least a gesture for Christmas.

I think that for a friend who has everything, buying them something useful is a great option. For example, try a wooly hat and gloves for the Winter season. You can never have too many layers and they'll always be needed; that's, of course, assuming you live somewhere where it gets cold enough to need a hat and gloves. Or perhaps some pretty hair clips could be useful to them; if they have a lot of hair, or take pride in it, or put their hair up a lot them some pretty hair clips could be the gift they never knew they needed.

I think that vouchers are also a great way to go in this instance. It means that the person can choose what they want to do with them, especially if you gift something like the Love2Shop vouchers  These are accepted in over 100 different types of High Street stores, so they could buy anything from clothes to homeware. Or, perhaps you know they love buying music, games or books in Itunes, so an Itunes voucher would be perfect.

If you pick a topic or a hobby you know the friend likes, then try to find something useful amongst that. Even if you know they love to pamper themselves and take baths, why not try a fancy bubble bath like this Philosophy one. They do cost a little more but it's the thought that counts and i'm sure they'd love to be spoilt with something they can really use this Christmas.

And fairy lights; who doesn't want fairy lights? I know i do.


20 November 2013

What to Buy: For Secret Santa

Whittard of Chelsea Instant Tea | Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm | Soap & Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel | Accessorize Kaleidoscope Compact Mirror | Hope & Greenwood Sweet Shop with Candy Canes | FCUK Hair & Body Wash Sport | New Look Blue Mohair Mix Knitted Snood | Models Own Nail Polish | Accessorize Hair Pins | Haribo Starmix Tube | Paperchase A5 Notebook & Pen

If you take part in a Secret Santa at your work place, or something similar, sometimes it can be quite difficult to come up with something within the budget that's actually something worth having. Often if it's at work, you occasionally don't know the person you've been given very well so you need something nice but generic.

I know that a lot of people hate giving bath products, but honestly if you pick a nice brand and of nice quality then everyone needs shower gel, right? Soap & Glory is a great brand for bath products because they're well priced but really lovely quality. Another great gift that could be considered too generic but something that i'm obsessed with in the Winter is the Whittard instant teas. There are a lot of different flavours and they're so delicious, so i'm sure you can find something that your selected person would like.

I really suggest looking in Boots when you're selecting Christmas gifts, because that three for two offer is something you can't pass up. They have some really lovely gifts ranging in price from beauty to perfume, to food and home products. Here i've shown you the Hope & Green Sweet Shop filled with candy canes which i think would make a lovely Christmas gift. They come in a beautiful decorative tin too that could be used after eating the contents too.


18 November 2013

#AmericanBeauty | YSL Rouge Volupté & Rouge Volupté Shine

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in 19 Fuchsia in Rage | YSL Rouge Volupté in 9 Rose Caresse

This was one, or two, purchases that i had absolutely no intentions of buying before i went away. I had a long list of things that i knew i wanted to get, but it wasn't until i was in Sephora with the YSL stand in front of me that i decided i couldn't leave without one. Or two.

I have forever dreamed of owning a YSL lipstick because honestly, they're the most beautiful product in the beauty universe and they are definitely going to be displayed rathe than being stuffed in a draw. It was a real struggle with deciding what colour to go for. I was stuck between going for an everyday colour, that i knew i could get a lot of wear out of, or something that was a little brighter, prettier and special. So with a little persuasion from my mum, i decided to go with one of each - as a little holiday treat. They were actually a fair amount cheaper in the states than they are here, so i could just about justify it!

It turned out that the two shades i was deciding between were also two different formulas; the Rouge Volupté and the Rouge Volupté Shine. As you can see above, Fuchsia in Rage is the Shine and Rose Caresse a Rouge Volupté. The Shine lipstick is, as it sounds, a little more glossy with a shine to the finish whereas the other is a lot more creamy and has a far more creamy/satin finish. Despite their differing formulas they're both nicely opaque, which is great, as well as both being very moisturising and glide on beautifully - they're very easy to apply.

Fuchsia in Rage is not something i would normally pick up and if i hadn't swatched it, it certainly would not have even hit my radar. In the bullet it appears a bright violet purple colour but when applied it's actually a beautiful pinky purple, totally different to anything i already own but an absolutely stunning colour none the less. It's so glossy and pretty, and i'm so glad i decided to give it a go. Rose Caresse on the other hand is a wonderfully creamy, satin nude pink kind of colour. As i've mentioned before, nudes are definitely not my thing but these sort of dusky pink colours suit my skintone nicely and work for me as a nude colour. It's one of those pesky 'your lips but better' colours bloggers always rave about, me included.

I chose to talk about these products later because i knew we'd be getting close to the Christmas season. If you have a beauty loving individual in your life, then these would make a more than beautiful Christmas gift. Otherwise, why not treat yourself this season? I have no regrets bringing these home, they reach all my expectations and more - you really do get what you pay for, here.


16 November 2013

What to Buy: A Beauty Junkie

Urban Decay Naked Palette | Broadway Impress Nails | Smashbox Try It Kit | Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm | YSL Rouge Volupté | Real Techniques Starter Set | Cath Kidston Compact Mirror | Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter | Cath Kidston New Rose Bouquet Wash Bag | OPI Nail Polish

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year; November 1st and i'm ready to decorate. However, every year i dread having to write the infamous Christmas gift posts. I love the result and i love reading other peoples but they take a lot of time to compose, and being in my final year of university doesn't give me the greatest amount of time. So, this year i decided to create five seperate gift posts for five different types of people; starting with the Beauty Junkie and The Foodie, The Student, The Difficult One and Secret Santa are to come. I've tried to link where i can but in some of the posts, they're just suggestions so i've pictured an option but it's up to you to fill the gap for what your friend likes the most. You'll see what i mean in the posts to come. Also, i'm not going to be doing a tonne of explaining because a lot of the time because, honestly, a lot of the time it's self explanatory - i mean, what Beauty Junkie doesn't want the Naked Palette if they haven't already got it?

Anyway, first up is the Beauty Junkie and i'm pretty sure we all have one of these friends, i know i do! Here i've selected some of the my personal favourite products and a few that, as a beauty junkie, i'd love to try out myself and that i've seen great reviews on. For example, the Impress Nails are all over the Youtube world and on blogs too. They're supposed to last a lot longer than usual stick on nails and they come in a huge range of colours and patterns, so there's sure to be something your giftee will like. Similarly, i'd love to try out the Smashbox Try It Kit as i keep spotting it in my local Boots store. It contains five of Smashbox's best selling products and it's really well priced. Smashbox is a brand that i haven't personally tried a lot from, and i don't honestly hear all that much about it so i think this would be a great way for someone to try out something new.

Otherwise here are some other suggestions that i love, that would be great for any beauty lover. Make up hoarders always need new make up and make up bags, too. Something that i personally think would be a lovely gift is a YSL lipstick. As i recently acquired some myself, they're such a luxury product that any beauty lover would be ecstatic to be gifted. They're so beautifully packaged and the formulation is amazing.

I hope you can all find some inspiration from these posts, for your Christmas gift buying this year.


14 November 2013

My Winter Feet

When the weather started to get a little sour, and i started to pack up to come back to university, it got me thinking about how we change our wardrobes to suit the seasons. Honestly, i've learnt to buy clothes that i can transition from Summer to Winter just by adding a long sleeve, or layering, so the biggest change in my wardrobe is actually in my shoes. So, i thought it might be interesting to show my shoedrobe for this coming Autumn/Winter season.

Boohoo Ankle Strap Studded Platform Heels | These are the latest addition to my collection, but they actually didn't make it to university with me. I ended up deciding that they just didn't need to come along with me but they are a great addition. They're actually really comfortable, despite how huge they look. They have a huge platform that makes the heel all the more manageable and the ankle strap keeps you feeling really secure. For Winter, i like that they have a closed toe and they're pleather so rain and rubbish weather won't effect them.

River Island Wedge Ankle Strap Boots | I love these wedges, they're so comfortable and perfect for the Winter. They keep your feet nice and snug, and you can wear them with tights or thick socks underneath if it's really cold outside. They fit to the foot really nicely , especially thanks to the stretchy panel in the side and the buckle strap around the ankle. These don't have a huge platform in the front so you've got more pressure on the balls of your feet, so i've found that adding in some of the party feet really helps.

Matalan Cut Out Buckle Strap Heeled Boots | I love how these ones look but they are a real pain to put on because all those buckle straps you see? There is no zip. You have to undo them all every time you put them on or take them off, which really is a pain. However, i love how they look. Even though they're peeptoe, i don't mind wearing these with tights because the peeptoe is so small and on your heel, tights just blend in with the shoes so it doesn't look so bad. They're not too big a heel either so they're still very comfortable, and i love how secure you feel thanks to all the buckle straps.

River Island Heeled Chelsea Boots | I bought these when the whole heeled chelsea boot craze was in full swing, and i think they're so cute. I like that they're a little different from the Topshop versions that swept the Blogasphere. They're really comfortable, and i even added some fleecy innersoles for added snug. I have to admit that these are never my first choice, because i'm too lazy to bother with wearing a heel to walk to uni but i do love the way they look and they are fairly comfortable - obviously not as much as a flat.

Topshop Leather Buckle Biker Boots | These little babies have got me through the last, almost, three Winters. Before these i didn't really have any decent black Winter boots, and these really did save my poor feet from the Southampton cold, rain and snow. These are just so comfortable and go with everything. I love how they can make girly outfits look a little more grungey. They're easy to put on and are honestly an easy go-to.

New Look Patent Lace Up Brogues | These are a pretty new addition to my collection to, and i love them. They're so different to anything else i own and i really wanted something for the colder weather  that wasn't a boot and that would look cute with trousers. When i wore them for the first time, they did rub my feet quite a bit but i was wearing them with the half socks that you wear with ballet pumps, so you can wear socks and can't see them. So since i've worn black trainer socks and although you can see the socks above the shoes, it doesn't look too bad because they're black as well. However, i love the effect of these and they're really different to anything else i own.

Office Leather Lace Up Brogue Boots | These actually also pretty new for me. I wanted some boots that were a little bit smarter, and that might look nice for interning and work. I originally wanted some brogue boots that didn't have laces and that just slipped on, but thanks to my ridiculously skinny feet and ankles i can't wear those boots because they just don't stay on. So, these had to be my compromise but they are actually really cute and i love how well they fit my feet, and especially my ankles. I love the sleek, thin shape of these boots and i especially love the brogue detail, which is a little hard to see in the photos, as it just makes them a little different from your average black boots.

Converse All Star Canvas Low Tops | Now, i obviously don't wear them like this - a different colour on each foot - but these are the two colours i generally wear during the Autumn and Winter. I just think they're so comfortable and cute, and they obviously go with everything so much. The only downside is that i don't wear them when it's raining or when it looks like it's going to as the canvas and noone likes wet feet.

Ugg Classic Short Boots in Royal Blue | So, this is awkward! I actually forgot to take these images before i went back to uni so the background has changed for the last couple but that's okay! I love my Uggs, they're just so snuggly for the really cold, crisp Winter days. Again, they're not so great for rainy days but when it's freezing cold they're perfect. I bought this pair last year because i wanted a colourful pair, and i figured blue goes with quite a lot. I just love how bright they are and i also love the classic short style too - they're just so easy to wear.

Ugg Classic Tall Boots in Chestnut | This was my first pair of Uggs that i bought two or three years ago. I actually don't love them as much as i did when i bought them, mainly because they're a shade of brown and i don't really do brown. However, i love the tall style as they keep your legs nice and warm, and these are great for pulling on when i'm just popping to the shop.

River Island Studded Double Strap Ankle Boots | Last, but not least, is these little booties. I think i bought these last year to add to my collection. I love the studs and how short they were, i just thought they were different to all my other boots and they look really cute with almost everything. There's little to say about these, but i went through a phase of not really loving them but since coming back to uni i've been getting a lot of use out of them.

What do you wear for Winter?


12 November 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Coral Twist | Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Ruby Twist

EleventhGorgeous, on Youtube, have talked a lot about their love for the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balms so i made a mental note to pick some up while i was in the states. They're a very similar product to all the other crayon lip products on the market, and almost identical to my favourite Clinique Chubby Sticks.

I picked one up in Ruby Twist and one in Coral Twist, and they're actually very similar. As i said, they're simply a retractable lip crayon with a pointed tip. Comparing them to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, they're definitely not as moisturising but they do have better pigmentation. I imagined them to be a lot more smooth and moisturising but actually they left my lips feeling a little dry. They do have a slightly sheer look to them, but they have great pigmentation for a product that's named a balm. The Ruby Twist is a red shade but as it's a little sheer it makes it a lot more wearable, whereas Coral Twist is a the same style of colour but obviously a little lighter. However, i would not say Coral Twist is by any means a coral.


10 November 2013

I get by with a little help from Michelle

Michelle Chai, of blog Daisybutter, has come a long way from reading fashion blogger articles in Teen Vogue during her A Levels. Now, she’s being nominated for blog awards, attending events and even covering fashion shows back stage. Blogging began for her after a news journalism lecture in her first year at university: “I was working to deadlines, briefs and felt like my 'own' writing was beginning to lose focus; I felt a little confused about my place in the fashion industry. I went home after a lecture, made an account, and wrote my very first post.” 

Throughout her time at university she managed to keep Daisybutter afloat amidst tight deadlines. It wasn’t until her third, and final year, that she realised blogging had become more than a hobby; “I guess it became 'more than a hobby' when my blog was recognised by Marie Claire and nominated in their Blog Awards! It felt good to be recognised by one of my favourite mainstream print publications.” Since then, her blog has grown in strength, and in followers. She now has over 3,000 “dedicated, intelligent, supportive and sociable readers” that love and trust Daisybutter as a place to read all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. “I'm continually surprised by the things I experience through my blog. I went from doubting if I'd ever 'make' it in the competitive fashion industry, to being invited to fashion shows and to host collection launches in my own right.” Michelle has been lucky enough to provide backstage coverage of a Temperley London show at London Fashion week, host a party with 7 For All Mankind to celebrate the European launch of they're Black and White Collection, as well as design a mini bobble hat for the nationwide Innocent Drinks ‘Big Knit’. The list goes on and it’s fair to say she feels “very, very lucky”. After university her blog became a semi-portfolio to help her get a foot in the fashion industry door, and it did just that helping her secure a job with Arcadia. “Even now that I've graduated and am working within marketing and eCommerce, blogging is a huge part of my career. I work with bloggers and assist with brand blogs all the time. Digital media is very valuable at the moment with such a fast paced consumer environment.” Right now, blogging is a “prioritised hobby” for Michelle. She juggles Daisybutter while still maintaining her job and busy lifestyle. “I work on a freelance basis with several brands, and that has come about because of my blog: having an 'established' following shows that people care about what you have to say and it adds value to your voice.” 

Follow Michelle on Instagram at Winyeemichelle & Twitter too!

Michelle has been lucky enough to give herself the title of part-time blogger, but thanks to Daisybutter her career has sky rocketed. She confides that her readers increased mostly in her first year of blogging but reveals: “The scene has shifted considerably now, as media always will, but I always find that organic growth is more effective than advertising or trying to get your blog into print media.” She has come to learn this fast paced industry like the back of her hand and knows what her readers want to see. “Of course my outfit/personal posts are the most popular, but edits of collections and handpicking my favourites also do well - blog readers like to follow someone's life, tastes and style, not a churned-out press release.”

I so wanted to share Michelle's story because i interviewed her at a time i was feeling very down beat about my future job situation, about blogging, about interning and she gave me a little bit of hope. Michelle is a prime example of if you work hard, you can get somewhere. So, students of all kinds, if you're desperately searching for that internship, or work experience, or first job - you can do it!

Read Michelle's blog, Daisybutter, at Daisybutter.com


8 November 2013

Introducing: Glossybox Woman

Comfort Zone Glorious Skin Visible Lifting Tensor Mask | Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster | Redken Color Extend Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray for Color Treated Hair | Lulu's Time Bomb Glory Days Day Cream | Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream

While i was interning at Good Housekeeping Gillian, one of the lovely beauty writers, gave me a Glossybox she didn't want. I was thrilled and tucked it into my bag to rummage through when i got home. When i came to look at it i actually found that it was a new concept from Glossybox called 'Glossybox Woman'.

The new Glossybox Woman is targeted at women aged 40, and over, and is rolled every eight weeks. This subscription is priced at £14, which is a little pricier than the usual Glossybox but that's only £14 every two months. It's said to have a higher price because it will contain more premium products, which won't be so trend led, and therefore £14 is an appropriate price.

The box contained: a Comfort Zone mask, Ole Henrikson Truth Serum, Redken Colour Treatment Spray and Day & Night Cream by Lulu. I thought there was a nice selection of different products, that are nicely aimed at the boxes target audience with anti ageing products. Most of the products are a nice size sample, however i've only heard of two of the brands so i can't vouch that the others are premium. I know that Ole Henrikson is a premium brand that i've heard other beauty Youtubers talk about, however i wouldn't say that Redken is high end. It's not quite drugstore but it's not a brand i'd put in a premium sample box. The Lulu products immediately put me off as celebrity products really aren't my thing; and as these products are full of parabens it further puts me off from testing them out. As an older lady, you don't really want to be slathering skincare nasties all over your face. The mask really excites me as i love a good pamper, especially as this is a brand i've never heard of. I also like the sound of a Lifting mask, as i would imagine it helps to tighten the skin and for a 40 plus woman that could really help fight the signs of ages.

I'm yet to road test anything as i've had a lot on the go, but if i find that any of them are worth talking about then you'll be the first to know.

Glossybox Woman will be launched this December at £14, plus p&p, and could make a great Christmas gift for mums, aunties or even grandmas.


6 November 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Stila Kitten

Stila Eyeshadow in Compact Pan in Kitten

If you read my Battle of the Cream Shadows post back in April, you may remember my fury over paying £13 for the Stila Kitten Smudge Pot and it drying up within a month or two. So when i was in Sephora, i spotted the Stila stand and decided to shoot for the shadow as after writing that post i'd read up on other peoples disappointment with the Smudge Pot, but love of the shadow.

Well, why didn't i pick this little beauty up sooner? I adore this shadow, the formulation is buttery smooth. It's so finely milled that it takes no time at all to apply, it sweeps over the lid beautifully. As for blending, it only takes a second thanks to the buttery texture. Honestly, it's beautiful and it sounds like i'm gushing! But it's such a lovely product. Other than the formulation, i absolutely love the colour. It's so gorgeous, and when it's blended in it almost matches to a skin type of colour which makes for a great everyday colour. This would be great for a night look too with a brown in the crease to deepen the look.

Seriously, if you had a nightmare with the Smudge Pot go for this shadow because it's so worth it. Not only for the beautiful colour, but for the formulation too.


4 November 2013

#YOTM | Youtubers of the Month (October)

Another month of favourite Youtubers has come around, and this month two very different channels but also two i've been following for a long time now.

First up we have the lovely Bunny, otherwise known on Youtube as Grav3yardGirl. Bunny has created a wonderful family community on Youtube, entitled the Swamp Family, in which the people that choose to follow her help each other out and support each other.

There's a Swamp Family group on Facebook for people to interact with each other, and Bunny really does have a loyal support group. From Grav3yardGirl you can expect follow me arounds, beauty videos, unboxings, and a lot of really different types of videos that are personal to her. Bunny is really different to a lot of other youtubers, but what makes her lovely to watch is that she's nothing but open, honest and most importantly she's herself.

A family that i can't believe i haven't featured before now is the Saccone-Jolys. Previously going by the channel name LeFloofTV, because of Jonathan's hair floof.

I've been watching Jonathan and Anna for well over two years now. It's been amazing to watch the birth of their six puppies, the birth of their first daughter Emilia and most recently the announcement that they're pregnant with their second child. This family gets a lot of hate comments but they continue stay positive and live their lives. Like many vlogs, they just live their everyday lives and share what happens and honestly it's lovely to watch their family grow, and evolve, and share in what comes next.


2 November 2013

October Favourites

Is it just me, or has October felt like the absolute longest month in the entire world? It's been a bit of a full on month so i haven't really been testing out any new products, so i've only got a few bits for you this time but they're some of my favourite products right now. Well, of course otherwise they wouldn't have made it into my monthly favourites.
Febreeze Air Effects Holly Berries & Frost | I spotted this new range of Christmas Febreeze scents when i was in Asda doing a little shoppin'. They were on a whole display of there own, and if you know anything about me then you'll know that i'm a Christmas fiend. As soon as Mid-October hits, i'm ready for Christmas. Nevermind Halloween, what a ridiculous holiday, i'm all about Christmas and for me one of the things i love about it so much is the smells. Roasting turkey, fresh pine and hollyberry. So, when i saw they now do Holly Berry and Frost scents in Febreeze products i snapped up an air freshener right away, not before telling my mum she must go have a sniff herself! It's the perfect scent and is keeping me Christmassy up to the big day.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion | All year long i deal with oily, acne prone skin but when Winter hits things get a touch drier. So now the cold is beginning to sneak in, although not much yet here in Southampton, my skin sometimes could do with a little more moisture than usual. This is an amazing moisturiser; it's a thin consistency but it really soaks into the skin. My skin feels amazing after use and there really isn't much more to say on the matter.

Sudafed Blocked Nose & Sinus Capsules | At the beginning of the month, i was stuck with an awful, stinking cold that i think the whole of my university seemed to have too. I had awful sinus pain around my nose, and eyes, and Day Nurse just wasn't doing it for me. So when i saw i had this in my little first aid box at uni, i thought i'd give it a go. Oh man did it help, after two awful bedridden days i was feeling on the mend and i think i have Mr Sudafed to thank.

Colony Hollyberry Reed Diffuser | Again with the Christmas scents, what can i say? I'm ready. Although the Febreeze is a great addition, there really is nothing better than the original Colony Hollyberry scent. I've been buying it for years, because of me this epitomises Christmas. It helps my room smell merry and bright!

Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo | After getting my hair did a whole lot blonder than before, i wanted to make sure i didn't get no brassiness. At home i was using the Lee Stafford Purple Shampoo that was doing it's job, but then i found this cheaper alternative and i love it. I use it once a week to once every two weeks depending on how my hair looks, and for the price it's just a great shampoo. It keeps my locks looking blond and bright, and takes any dullness away. Amazing.

Soap & Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel | When at home, i was using my all time favourite shower gel - the Body Shop's Tangerine scent, but at uni i've been using this. I'm nearly all out and i think that'll tell you how much i love it. I have really sensitive rash prone skin and this doesn't effect it in anyway. In fact, it actually helps to sooth and moisturise. If you have sensitive skin, i'd recommend giving this a go.

Bun Doughnut | I've been using this for the past few years now through the Winter months, when i just can't be bothered and special occasions. It just helps your hair look so well put together with minimal effort.

Another month been and gone, and honestly i'm counting down the days until Christmas.

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