31 January 2013

Be My, Be My Baby

LOVE Cushion: John Lewis | U & ME Cushion: John Lewis | Emma Bridgewater Apron: John Lewis | Love Hearts Tin: Ebay | Emma Bridgewater Heart Mug: John Lewis | This is for You by Rob Ryan: Amazon | Little Box of Love Messages: Topshop | Chopping Board: Tesco | The Perfect Match Chocolate: Hotel Chocolat | Heart Cushion: John Lewis | Lovebirds Chocolates: Hotel Chocolat

As Valentines Day is fast approaching i thought i'd give a little inspiration, just incase you're stumped for something to buy your loved one. When it comes to Valentines Day, when it comes to girls you're pretty sorted if you go for somethings girly and cutesy. Most girls love decorating their rooms so cushions are a great way to go, just make sure it matches their colour theme - of course! There's always the chocolate route, or really anything with hearts.

You know your loved one better than i do, getting them something that means something to them will always make their heart melt get you brownie points.


24 January 2013


Instagram: _legseleven

So, Southampton finally saw some snow over the weekend and it's the first time since living here that i've had such extreme weather to contend with (minus lashing wind and rain, of course).

Naturally, i spent the day bundled up in multiple layers keeping warm, watching endless movies and getting those little annoying tasks off of my to do list. I got the DVD Brave for Christmas and i finally had the perfect opportunity to watch it. It's such a sweet film and the messages are actually really thought provoking, i highly recommend for an easy watch - nothing too strenuous.

"There are those who say fate is something beyond our command; that destiny is not our own. But I know better. Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it." - Merida, Brave


21 January 2013


On the 10th January i hot (well, actually cold because London was freezing) footed it over to Somerset House, with ticket in hand, to have a look around Valentino: Master of Couture exhibition.

"This major new exhibition celebrating the life and work of Valentino showcases over 130 exquisite haute couture designs worn by icons such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Gwyneth Paltrow in an exciting installation created specially for Somerset House." (Somerset House on Valentino: Master of Couture, 2012)

I wasn't really sure what to expect as i'd only been to one other exhibition at Somerset House, Tim Walker: Story Teller, and that was a mere two months prior. Although i was thoroughly impressed with the Tim Walker exhibition it's safe to say that i was blown away by Valentino.

As soon as i walked into the first room, there was an overwhelming sense of intimacy and personality; i felt as though i was being allowed into someone's private home. I knew i was going to enjoy what's to come when i read this quote from the man himself:

"I get inspired by the close complicity that exists between a woman and her clothes. Her clothes are like secret friends or allies, they are not worn because they are in fashion but because they make her feel unique and confident.
A woman needs to feel attractive.
The essence of true style is not simply about looking good; it's about finding clothes that perfectly match one's character. Clothes which reflect who you are and hence provide the perfect link with the exterior world."
- Valentino Garavani

After passing through the first room and investigating all the memorabilia on show - vintage catwalk invitations, personal photographs, sketches and letters of awe and gratitude - you ascend a swirling staircase into the jackpot: a room filled with beautiful Valentino numbers. You enter a long corridor style room resembling a catwalk, with rows of cream chairs lining the sides.

The mannequins adorned with the beautiful, often glittering, gowns are set up in a mix of sitting, standing, talking, leaning poses to give them life and to give the appearance of guests attending a lavish affair, that has either just let out or is about to begin. However, it appears as though you are the main event. You walk though the room right up the middle on a catwalk like walkway.

Selected chairs were enhanced with labels showing names of infamous Valentino clients, guests, customers and celebrities: from Anne Hathaway to Jackie O, from Liza Minnelli to Madonna.

The setting was beautiful with atmospheric lighting, similar to a catwalk show, however some garments could have done with a little more light to truly show the delicate detail. I also wasn't too fond of the way in which the dresses were numbered; they jumped, in chunks, from one side to the other which was hard to follow, it would have made more sense, for the viewer, to go up one side of the room and come down the other not jump around. They could also have been ordered by date made or date worn which would have given more character to the collection on show.

The Number 36 dress shows two floaty pieces of fabric attached at the top, middle of the bodice and then they're allowed to flow free from the dress in a V  shape in the front. Recently Evans showcased some of their new season collection on This Morning and a coral and cream tunic top mirrored this style with the loose fabric. It just shows how things come back in fashion.

My favourite numbers were 28, 29, 25, 51, 50, 52 & 54.

After eyeing up the beauty in the catwalk room you then descend a similar curling staircase to be met with the most beautiful wedding dress that certainly deserves to be set apart from the rest. It's a grand, lace number with a flowing lace train with delicate butterflies built into it. It was heavily lit to emphasise every tiny detail of the beautiful work involved and the scene is set with stairs in front of the mannequin as though 'she's' about to descend.

Overall, this was a beautiful exhibition and you should definitely attend if you get the chance. It runs until March 3rd and tickets are available to book online from Somerset House.


All images sourced from Google Images.

17 January 2013


Westminster | London Eye | Mind The Gap | Chiquitos | Leicester Square | Big Ben | London Bridge | The Shard

In the words of Joey Tribbiani: "London Baby!"

I seem to be declaring my love for the capital quite often of late, but thanks to my Mr being stationed there full time now - for work - i get to spend a fair about of time there too.

Last week i got to spend the majority of my days in London, mostly while the Mr was at work so i got to the opportunity to do some exploring and wandering around.

There is so much to do in, and around, London and so many things to see. You could spend an entire day purely walking, not paying for anything, and you wouldn't be bored.

My favourite activity of the week actually did involve my partner. On Sunday, we went for a late lunch at Chiquitos - which was delicious - in Leicester Square and by the time we had finished, it was becoming dusky and dark. We decided to walk from Leicester Square to Westminster and then take a stroll down the Thames, all the way to London Bridge. Honestly, in all my time of visiting the capital it's definitely one of my favourite things i've done. As we got further down the Thames, it got darker and the lights shone on the river making beautiful reflections in the water. I got to see the Shard up close for the first time, and something i'd really love to do this year is go alway the up to the observation deck - despite the £25 price tag and the advanced bookings.

All in all, i'm declaring my love for London. The novelty never wears off for me, and i have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't even if i were lucky enough to call it home. I'm hoping to spend even more time there this year, and to take lots of opportunities.


14 January 2013

Whizz Pop, Whizz Bang

My New Years Eve Dinner @ Zizzi's | Westminster Station, 8:30PM, New Years Eve | My New Years Eve View | My New Years Day View | How I Brought in the New Year (Norwich Vs West Ham) | The Best Way to end a Cold Football Match | Dominos | Kensington Sunrise | Kings Cross Station, 9AM
Instagram: _legseleven

So, this is how i spent my New Year. I had a wonderful few days, in London, with my Mr and we had plenty of things to make our New Year one to remember. 

He surprised me with taking me out to Zizzi's for Dinner on New Years Eve. I've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity and i have to say, that was one of the most delicious meals i've had in a long time. The atmosphere was lovely, it was well priced and the food was fab. Double thumbs up and extra brownie points to the Mr. In the end we decided that as we were prepared for going out into the night to watch the fireworks, we couldn't not go. We had fully decided that we were not going to stand out in the rain for hours but the rain subsided so we braved the crowds and boy were their crowds. I'm glad that we've done it once but we wouldn't do it again. Most of the viewing areas were closed but we managed to get a spot on Waterloo bridge not too far from the front. I advise that if you ever get the chance to go, go early, take a seat and a picnic. People had been waiting since 3PM and we just weren't prepared to do that. However, the atmosphere was amazing, the view was amazing and i got to spend it with an awesome guy somewhere just as awesome, so win win.

On New Years Day i indulged in my first football match, at an away game at Upton Park - the West Ham ground. As an avid Norwich supporter (kinda) we were in the minority, obviously, but it was such an amazing experience and although i still don't get why footballers get paid so much to kick a ball around a field, i do finally get why my Mr loves it so much. I'm already looking forward to my next game and i love that it's something we can share. Of course, it was Tuesday and the day ended in Dominos and it was the first time i'd ever thought to go for a half and half pizza. It was a good decision.

This New Year made me love London even more, and i seem to fall in love every time i go back. Behind all the bricks and mortar, there's something quite beautiful really.


10 January 2013

(Not a) Christmas Haul

So, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and aren't too blue about getting back to reality. January's always a little on the gloomy side but this year, i'm striving to keep positive; so i thought i'd give you all a run down of the things i was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. Now, i'm starting to see "What i got for Christmas" Youtube videos and blog posts pop up all over the place and they all begin with the same spiel, so i will also begin mine with the same feel. I was a thoroughly lucky girl this year, and i am grateful for everything i received. I'm not bragging about what i got, i just feel incredibly lucky and i'd just like to share with you my thoughts and feelings about some things. There. Now that's out the way, lets get on with the post.

 Enrapture Totem Styler

I have been lusting after this styler since it popped up on the blogging scene. More recently, i have found myself wanting things that i see on blogs and vlogs. They're a great way to get an honest opinion about a product, and often you get a first glimpse at new things. The Enrapture Totem Styler is owned by blogging babes across the land, and this Christmas i was lucky enough to get my mitts on one too. It was, luckily, half price in the Boots catalogue so i was quick to let my Mum know about it. I'm yet to give this a full test run, but it looks promising and i love the amount of choice available; it's like ten stylers in one. I also love the barrel size, because i have fine hair i've always gone for the smaller barrels but actually i hate the tightly curled look so this is perfect. Now my hair is (finally) growing, i'm looking forward to experimenting away from my usual style.

The Classic 13" Navy Blue Cambridge Satchel

I actually asked for this little beauty for my birthday because they're not the cheapest option, but my lovely parents gifted me this for Christmas instead. It's perfect. I already own a purple 15" Cambridge Satchel which is great for carting around things i need for University, but it's a little on the big side for when i just want to pop out or go shopping. So this navy blue 13" Satchel is just perfect! It fits everything in that i need with me on a day to day basis, with little room for anything else which is even better so i don't end up carrying around rubbish. It matches my Topshop coat perfectly and i couldn't love it more!

GHD IV Professional Styler

My poor, poor six-year-old, original GHDs are finally beginning to give up the ghost. They don't heat up like they used to or keep the temperature up while styling, so it was about time i got a new pair. They're nothing too fancy, just your classic stylers but unlike my old pair these have a bleeping system for letting you know when they're hot - brilliant - and they're super fast too.

Ipad with Retina Display

Now, this really was a surprise and a serious shock. I was not expecting neither had i asked or ever let on that i would like one of these but my lovely Dad was spot on. I never, in a million years, would have said i wanted an iPad. I thought they were pointless and a halfway house between an iPhone and a Mac but how wrong was i. It's brilliant, especially for travelling. I can blog, read and watch on the go which is - when i'm not working - what i use my Mac for, mainly. I can store books on it which is making me want to and easier to read, as well as watching TV programmes on catch up, films and Youtube videos. It's amazing and seeing as my Mr and i live apart it's just perfect for travelling with and doesn't weigh a tonne. I'm in love.

Hugo Boss NUIT Perfume & Body Lotion

I was sent this fragrance as a sample from Boots and although it's not my usual bag, i was hooked and instantly loved it. It's a gorgeous half fruity, half floral, a little sweet, a little musky scent and i just love it. I've never own a Hugo Boss fragrance and am usually a Marc Jacobs girl (although i was lucky enough to be gifted Marc Jacob's new scent DOT by my wonderful Mr and it's my new favourite smell!) but this is actually something a little fancier than my Zara day to day perfume. I love it.

A Soap & Glory Bundle

It seems as though everyone knows that i'm a Soap & Glory nut because i was bought three S&G sets this year, including the mammoth Best of All set from Boots. It's official. I can bathe the nation and still have some left over. I'm so excited to try everything as i've heard a lot of the products raved about, especially Peaches & Clean. Most of all, i'm very happy that as a poor student i won't have to buy bath or shower products for a while!

So, there we have it. A peek into what i got for Christmas, i feel incredibly lucky and everything has got a lovely new home. What did you get for Christmas?


7 January 2013


After reading Jennie's 'Sometimes' post, i thought it was a lovely idea and decided to take inspiration from her! Go over to Sailboat to read what Jennie sometimes does, too.

- Sometimes i think i'm going to try a new Coffee Shop drink, but i always end up with my favourite. Hot Chocolate.

- Sometimes i buy backups of backups just so i never run out of products.

- Sometimes i have days where i don't do my make up, or my hair and spend all day in my 'daytime pyjamas'. Doesn't everyone have daytime pyjamas?

- Sometimes i panic and there's absolutely no need.

- Sometimes i like to do things on my own or just spend time alone, but not because i'm antisocial just because it's nice to have some space.

- Sometimes i wonder whether where i'm headed is actually the right path, but i figure you should always do it because you love it.

- Sometimes i think that just sitting around is such a waste of life and i'd much rather be out exploring, seeing something new or just doing something i enjoy (shopping).

- Sometimes i forget that there's always someone less fortunate than you.


3 January 2013

Not your Normal New Year #3

Disco Pants: Glamorous | Jumper: H&M | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Snood: New Look | Boots: River Island | Lipstick: Revlon Lipbutter in Macaroon

So, this is actually the style of outfit i ended up going for on my New Years Eve. I have a new found love for these Disco Pants; i think they're a great piece that can be dressed up or down, and for the reason they were the perfect item to wear over New Year.

They're already a pretty 'out there' piece so that keeps the outfit a little bit dressy, but by adding a thick jumper it dresses everything down a little bit and keeps things far more wearable. I didn't actually end up wearing this jumper but something that paired a little nicer, especially for the occasion. I wore a fab jumper that i received for Christmas, from New Look. The background was a gorgeous cream, edging on champagne colour (minus the sparkle) and was printed, back and front, with a gorgeous aztec style pattern in black and pink. It felt a lot more festive than this one and was super warm, and cosy. It was perfect for layering with and i made sure to pile up the tops, short and long sleeved, underneath.

The Disco Pants are also super stretchy which made it easy for me to layer some tights underneath for added warmth, and actually they helped keep the shape smooth because they're so skintight. I added my new River Island studded flat chelsea boots to keep things a little dressy, but with some edge, and a big, thick scarf with my coat and a knitted headband for maximum ear warmth. I absolutely love the way the Lipbutter ties it all together and keeps things a little more formal, it's such a gorgeous shade especially for such a fab occasion.

I had a lovely evening, despite it being pretty chilly, and it made for a memorable New Year.

What did you wear over New Year, and what did you get up to?

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