30 January 2012

Pick of the Globes, NTAs & SAGs

We've had a slow, but steady influx of award ceremonies this month so it's probably about time i put in my two cents on the fashions, and faux pas.

Golden Globes

Kate Beckinsale | Sofia Vergara | Emma Stone

With the Golden Globes boasting huge stars, and huge budgets, you expect the ceremony to be full of beautiful gowns, but sometimes money can blind you! Although i love the shape, and style, of Kate's beautiful number but i'm not such a fan of the colour or the unflattering 'balcony boobs' trend that seems to be sweeping the celebs. Again, although there are aspects of Sofia's dress that i like, such as the beautiful deep teal/grey colour and the fishtail skirt, the rest of the shape just doesn't suit her body shape. On someone with a slightly smaller bum, it'd probably fit their shape a little better. Against her delicate, porcelain skin this deep aubergine purple really pops and mixed with it's delicate tulle layering, Emma Stone looks completely flawless. Paired with her big, bold, statement belt she gives her otherwise girly look a rocky edge, matching her smokey eyes.

National Television Awards

Holly Willoughby | Jacqueline Jossa | Sam Faiers

I'd have to say, i was probably most impressed by the get up of the celebs that attended the NTAs. There was a beautiful selection of long, flowing ball gowns and The Royal Albert Hall was full to the brim of glitz and glamour. These are my three favourite picks, as there wasn't much to pick from that i didn't like (except for Fearne Cotton's granny chic!) The images don't quite seem to do justice to the first two images, as on the night they looked stunning but they both have a lot of movement to them so they'd never look as good static. Holly looked the epitome of a yummy mummy during the ceremony, and when she was lucky enough to win two awards, for programmes she's involved with, her beautiful flowing dress made her look like a Hollywood starlet. I adore Jacqueline's dress, and her very on the spot speech! She looked worlds apart from her character, Lauren Branning, and utterly gorgeous in this young and trendy gown. The detailed black top looks perfect against the berry hues of the skirt and along with that up do, she fits the award ceremony bill. The rest of the TOWIE gang didn't have a chance with Sam Faiers looking this lovely! Against her rich, and enhanced, golden skin this sparkly nude number suits her figure and her overall 'look'.

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Jayma Mays | Naya Rivera | Tilda Swinton

The dresses debuting at the SAGs weren't really my thing, they tended to be quite simple and neutral, whereas i like a little pizazz when it comes to the red carpet. These were the three that i picked because they stood out the most, but not completely because i loved them. Jayma looks lovely in this glitzy, sequinned number however the shape doesn't entirely suit her frame as it looks a little tight across her middle. Apart from that, i think she looks beautiful and with the hair swept off her face she exudes confidence and beauty. Nava's was probably my favourite dress, but it's still nothing to write home about. It's pretty plain, but quite a gorgeous icey blue colour, which is quite different. Without the line detailing it really would be nothing special. Everyone seemed to rave about Tilda Swinton's outfit, but i really don't think it's anything to rave about, frankly i think it's a little dull , and plain. Despite it's grecian style, there isn't too much going for it and with her exceptionally pale skin, i wouldn't have gone for something so.. white.


29 January 2012


Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Pout

This is the last in my three new favourite daytime lipsticks, and is another Avon find. Similar to Warm Sparkling Rose, this lipstick is very easy to wear and isn't anything too girly. It's super smooth, with a satin finish to create a beautiful slick result but isn't sticky or too glittery. It's the most gorgeous nudey, coral colour but in a shade that you can take from day to night, so isn't too overwhelming for a daytime look. It's quite sheer, so is perfect to dress up any day look. I really recommend this product for pigmentation and for doing what it says on the stick. Those were my three favourite lipsticks, for daytime, and i'm glad to have found shades that can take me to all occasions. I hope it's given you somewhere else to try, if, like me, you're struggling with your lipstick!


27 January 2012

Warm Sparkling Rose

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Warm Sparkling Rose

Here's the second in three new favourite daytime lippys, and this time it's from Avon. I actually ordered this, and the third in the series, about three weeks before i found the NYC product, still searching for that dratted favourite lipstick, but with not being able to pre-test i was hoping for much, but they were in the sale so it was worth a go.

I'm not really one for pink lipsticks as i'm not a super girly girl, but in the book this looked shimmery and light, which is essentially what i was looking for in a daytime lipstick. It turned out to be one of those lipsticks that beauty vloggers always describe as being similar to your own lip colour, but better. It highlights my lips, and adds a little glam with it's beautiful shimmer, almost like a lipgloss but not as sticky. There isn't too much i can say about this product, it does what it says on the stick and creates a beautiful texture to take you from day to night.


25 January 2012

Caramel 401

NYC Caramel 401

As i said in a previous post, i've been lucky enough to find three perfect daytime lipstick shades at the beginning of this year, or what there has been of it so far.

My first lucky find was this gorgeous bronzey, red tone from NYC, called Caramel. While i was browsing my local Superdrug branch to pass the time and searching for that ever misleading perfect lipstick shade, i came across NYC that's a dirt cheap make up brand, so i wasn't expecting to find anything of any worth. However, i thought it best to look at the lippys as i'm so in-search of my colour, and they actually had some lovely shades. Buying this product was a total gamble, as many of their testers had either been lost, stolen or smooshed right to the bottom of their sticks, but on colour alone i decided to give this a go and i'm so glad i did. It's the perfect sort of there colour, because it gives of a gorgeous shimmery red/bronze on the lips, but sort of just enhances your natural lip. The only thing that lets this product down is the packaging, as the lid isn't super secure and the branding has a little to be desired but for £1.49, i can't really complain.


23 January 2012

Caramel & Leopard Print

An OOTD for you today, the last one i did while i was at home; with my usual, easy set up but with my new camera (which is far, far better for outfit photos!) My ensemble is pretty much all sale picks, but don't let that fool you into thinking that i got lots from the sales this year because i certainly didn't, and it seems as though all of you weren't very impressed with the turn out either!

Shorts: New Look | Top: New Look | Tights: Primark | Black Long Sleeve Top: H&M | Necklace: Claire's

One of the questions i always think you should ask yourself, whilst sale shopping, when you're not quite sure whether you're getting that bargain, or not, is "would i pay full price for this?" because if the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't be putting it in your basket. No, you shouldn't, put it back. So, when sifting through the racks of tat, going through racks and racks of 14s/16s/18s but then coming across these gorgeous rust coloured shorts, i knew they had to be mine. I almost bought them full price, before i came home for Christmas, so seeing them down to a mere £12 was a complete steal i knew i had to take. I often find my best bargains in the New Look sale, but this year was a struggle to find anything i really loved. However, this little cropped top is actual a size 16 so i thought i was really pushing my luck when i tried it on, but on the contrary i really like the oversized style it creates, especially when tucked into shorts and this was a brilliant example. I love the autumnal tones all mixed together; the browns, nudes, oranges and blacks, and i think it really works, i obviously had to throw on a long sleeve top underneath as it isn't quite arm flaunting weather just yet! I'm wearing one of my three, new favourite lip shades in this post and this one's from NYC called Caramel, number 401. I spent the best part of 2011 searching for the perfect daytime lipsticks, for me, as i'd really like to start wearing more of it as i think it brings a lot to an outfit, and i found three that i adore over two days in 2012. Typical, but it's making me sense that 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year already! I've got posts coming up reviewing all three of my new favourite daytime lippys so keep your eyes peeled, for those.

I finally took the plunge and ordered myself some business cards, that i cannot wait to receive, so i'll flaunt those when they arrive. I had a lot of help from my wonderful Mr making them, but i truly love them and can't thank him enough for all the help, and support, he gives me with everything Legs related! So, if you like what you see, why not hop on over to Banana Business for all your web business related needs?

Another exciting tit bit is that me, and my parents, have booked our Summer holiday for August! Seeing as i've moved out, and away to uni, it'll be nice to spend two weeks with them before i come back in September. I'm sure that me and my Mr will be doing something in the Summer too, depending on how my Mr's job applications turn out, but it's always been a lovely Summer addition for me and my 'rents to go on holiday, and this year is no exception as we're travelling back to Orlando, Florida home of Walt Disney World, Seaworld and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which i'm yet to experience!) We've been almost every year since i was seven, bar probably four or five years and i'm now 19, so i'm no stranger to the sunshine and palm trees of Florida. I'm super excited to return, though, as i've really missed it and sometimes even think of it as a second home, as i've been so often! This time i hope to return home with a wand and with tasting Butterbeer under my belt, the Summer can't come soon enough!


21 January 2012

Sarenza Ambassador Competition

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So, when I think of that dream shoe, I think of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. It’s coveted by the blogging, and fashion, elite and is the perfect stand-out-from-the-crowd shoe, but there’s so much more to Jeffrey Campbell than is infamous Lita. Sarenza offer an entire range of styles and colours of Jeffrey Campbell’s, giving me too many to choose from to simply pick one pair, but that’s what Sarenza does best! With everything from boots to flats, there’s something for everyone and every season and here are my top six styles; one thing I really love about Campbell’s are their platform, despite being a tall girl I love a platform and don’t own a pair of heels without one, but I haven’t branched out to the flatform yet and these Jeffrey Campbell Papillon are hideously tempting. Wedges our my favourite form of shoe, apart from classic flats, and Sarenza offer plenty of Campbell choices. I adore all the details these shoes display; from the brogue-esque style of the Marials to the sweet floral print of Swansong Floral. Why not go on over to the Sarenza site and have a look at all they have to offer, as well as the beautiful Jeffrey Campbells!

If you haven’t heard already, there’s the chance to become a Sarenza ambassador after the sad departure of whatkatiewore from the blogging world! It’ll be sad to see the back of this amazing blog, and Joe & Katie will be sorely missed. However, one door closes and another opens, so now they’re giving us the opportunity to become an ambassador in her place. Read all about this amazing opportunity here, and this is my entry!


20 January 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to lovely Lucy, over at Hello Sunshine, i've been awarded with The Versatile Blogger Award. I think that these little awards may just be a post, but they're great for recognising some great work done by some hard working bloggers. Being a blogger isn't the easiest thing to do, keeping on top of a growing platform as well as the struggles of life but sometimes, it's just nice to be recognised.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The rules are:
- Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
- Share seven things about yourself
- Pass this award on to 15 recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading.
- Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

So, here are my things:

1. I love all things Disney, but most of all Walt Disney World and i spent many of my Summers growing up there.

2. Legs Eleven derives from a nickname Legs, given to me by an old friend, due to my long pins.

3. I love my independence, but i'm also a real home person and University has taught me that.

4. No matter how much i don't want to wish my life away, i can't help but always look forward to the exciting things; however far away. I'm a very excitable person.

5. I'm not your average University student; I don't procrastinate.

6. I really like good food.

7. I'd much rather go out for dinner, to the cinema or snuggle in front of the telly, with a cuppa, than go to a club.

So there are some things you may not have known about me before, and here are the bloggers i'm tagging; i'm not entirely sticking with the rules are they're not all just discovered bloggers, but people that i admire in the blogasphere (and 15's a lot so i'm picking seven for seven questions!)

So, thank you Lucy!


19 January 2012

Versace x H&M Cruise Collection

So the ever anticipated Versace for H&M's Pre-Spring Collection, entitled the Cruise Collection, has been launched. Donatella has given us no less than we expect from her, in her rumoured last collaboration, with a collection full of print, colour and fun. It's come at just the right time to give us all that boost for the Spring season, and is bang on trend fitting in well with the other styles being shown on the High Street. Here's a little snap of my picks from the Versace Cruise preview, found at H&M online.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Versace Silk Dress: £59.99 1 & 2

These dresses have a very Versace feel about them, and are sleek and bodycon style in design but are also quite tailored, making them easy to wear for a variety of occasions: from work to dinner, and beyond. The ruching at the waist, nips it in and keeps it really flattering, and feminine, and will suit all sorts of shapes.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I think this bright print is fab for the Summer months, as it'll really get you noticed, and i think it's easier to get away with something a little more fun in the Summer, so why not try something a little more bold. The shorts are perfect for the upcoming seasons; they're not too short, and are a beautiful colour. The cardigan is in a sweet cropped style and will be perfect for layering up in Spring and as a little cover up for Summer. Perfect.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I know this is titled a dressing gown, but i think it's so much more versatile; it'd look great draped over a bikini while lounging on a hot, sunny beach somewhere and then tied up for a sexy evening number or maybe even over a camisole and a pair of jeans, or shorts, as a kimono type top, the possibilities really are endless! Besides, for that price i'd really want to get my monies worth out of a silky dressing gown! This is a classic, timeless piece brought bang up to the 21st century featuring the consistent loud, sassy print. Would look great as a set or as separates, and also on it's own or underneath something sheer for a pop colour, and print.

What are your thoughts on the new collection?


17 January 2012


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001. I'm here, today, with just a little update post! I feel that Legs is becoming a brilliant place for OOTDs, reviewing products and all things fashion, but it's also nice to write about the every day life of a fashion journalism student, every once in a while!

002. So, i'm back in Southampton ready to embark on semester two, after a lovely Christmas at home and then another 5 day trip home during my first week back down South. At the moment, i'm on a 'feedback week' so only have a few five to ten minute tutorials to get some feedback from my tutors about last semester's work. Other than that i have a lot of free time on my hands, so i'm taking the opportunity to get some bits done that'll be a little more difficult once the semester gets into full swing.

003. It was lovely to spend some much needed time at home over the Christmas break and my little trip home, last week, it was full of family, friends and not thinking about University! Since not going home, at all, last semester it'll be lovely to take some trips home, during semester two, so Uni life doesn't feel so far away from home! It's nice to have the space to get away and will break up a full on term up a little.

004. In just over a months time i'm going to Paris on a trip with Uni, with some of the girls on my course and some students from the other Journalism degrees. Paris is the city of dreams, for fashion student, so it'll be amazing to see the city at it's full potential as Paris Fashion Week will be in full swing, while we're there. Now, i'm not expecting to be sitting frow at any catwalk shows but it'll be amazing to see the sights, and sounds, of the city while fashion is all around. Keep your eyes peeled for some Paris related posts coming up, very soon, including what to wear and things to see.

005. My business cards arrived! I'm so happy with the design, they look fab; i'm always a little worried that something won't look the same as it does onscreen but these are exactly what i wanted, so i'm very happy. I bought mine from Moo and went for the mini card option, as i think they're just a bit different; they're probably a little smaller than i had imagined, but they're just what i needed for now (handing out in Paris, maybe?) Maybe when i next decided to get some, and for when i'm going to be needing them on a regular basis for jobs/internships, more seriously, then i'll go for a business card but for now, i'm in love!

006. Blogging is coming high on my prorities list, this year (besides Uni work, of course!) so make sure to watch out for post on everything from beauty reviews to outfit of the days.


14 January 2012

The Little Black (Velvet) Dress

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For Christmas, from friends and extended family, i was lucky enough to get a few High Street vouchers, here and there, but didn't want to spend them all at once so with my first i decided to look in Topshop. I've been eyeing up this dress online, but was never completely sure that was very me, so held off clicking that "confirm and pay" button; but after purchasing it's sister dress, shown in a previous post, i knew i had to have it. So when i saw it in store, whilst sale searching, it was at the till before you could check the size. At £30, it's a little more expensive than the other dresses, in this style, but as it's a gorgeous, buttery velvet and especially as they had it in tall (which is unheard of) i convinced myself that it was meant to be.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The easiest way to pair this number, and to fit this into your wardrobe, is to pair it with leggings; from black to print, this simple, black dress will do the talking. A plain, black pair of leggings will create a classic, chic style with the velvet keeping the ensemble up-to-date and on trend, as adding texture to an outfit is an easy way to keep fashion forward but a bold pair of patterned leggings will equally jazz up this simple number, to create a bolder look.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'd love to try wearing a wrap over the top of this dress in either something floaty, like silk or chiffon, or a woollen/cotton cape to mix textures. It'd be nice to wear something to create some interest to the top but keep the skirt out so you can still appreciate the velvet, and the beautiful shape of this dress. Capes are really in this season, and the kimono will be making a comeback for the following months so get well on trend and wrap up!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There are so many shoe styles that'll go with this dress and i'm not going to patronise you, by telling you everything you already have enough common sense to know(!), but the beauty of this dress, and all other LBDs, is that it can be dressed from day to night, and up or down so the options are endless.

What's your favourite twist on a classic staple?


12 January 2012

The Full Skirted Playsuit

I'm going to pre apologise for the shoddy pictures in this post as when i took these images i was residing at the Mr's, and apparently his house doesn't have many good spots for a self timer, so the lighting's rubbish and the images are all in all, just a little rubbish, but they're here all the same!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Playsuit: Topshop Tall | Tights: Primark | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Bracelets: Various

I find that playsuits are one of my favourite, most classic, timeless and versatile garments to wear, and fit into my wardrobe, despite them being a nightmare to go to the toilet in. There are, now, so many styles out there that there really is something for everyone, and every occasion. I now have many in my wardrobe, and this will make a welcomed addition. I love it's deep, seductive colour; it's a beautiful burgundy, that works with so many other colours, my favourite is with navy blue. The shape is super flattering, as there's a little volume in the top to give it movement but nips in right at the smallest part of your waist and then volumizing out into the shorts, giving it beautiful shape and creating a wonderful figure. It's made of a gorgeous, luxurious fabric that i thought would be a terror for creasing, but actually after a hard days shopping, and travelling, it's actually conquered pretty well, i'm impressed.

What's your favourite item of clothing?


11 January 2012

Park Avenue

NYC Park Ave Nail Polish

For Starters, this polish was only £1.79 so overall, it was a total bargain whatever i have to say about it! It also comes out as a much more grey/purple than the brown it looks in the above photograph. I was really excited to try this as the price is a total bargain, and the colour is really sweet but overall, i probably wouldn't buy this product again. The colour is lovely and pretty opaque after two coats, but i put on three to get the full coverage colour, for my accent nail but this polish took twice as long to dry as the Models Own Champagne colour i chose to paint the rest of my nails. Slow drying nail polish is a real pet peeve of mine, and i tend to stick to the brands that i know don't take very long to dry; such as Models Own and Rimmel. The colour is a gorgeous icy purple/grey and can be applied smoothly and evenly, but is a little transparent after one coat. It's a shame it takes so long to dry because i really love the colour, but i'd only use this now when i know i have plenty of time to paint my nails (which isn't very often, sadly!)


10 January 2012

Motel SS12 Baroque Print

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spring will soon be upon us, and after being layered in long sleeves and jumpers i don't know about you but i'm certainly thinking about the milder months ahead (although this Winter hasn't been too harsh, which makes me think the worst is to come!)

The Spring collections seem to be feeling the agitation for the brighter months ahead, as racer backs and bright prints are spreading through the High Street, like a rash, and Motel Rocks is no different. Renowned for their confident, forward prints Motel their Spring collection is no different, displaying this bright, bold Baroque pattern.

    adjective /bəˈrōk/

  • Relating to or denoting a style of European architecture, music, and art of the 17th and 18th centuries that followed mannerism and is characterized by ornate detail. In architecture the period is exemplified by the palace of Versailles and by the work of Bernini in Italy. Major composers include Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel; Caravaggio and Rubens are important baroque artists.

    • Highly ornate and extravagant in style.

    • You can definitely say that the latest outcomes from Motel are both ornate, and extravagant. With everything coming in both pink and blue, you're sure to find something to fit into your Spring Wardrobe. The Becka Bodycon skirt is probably the easiest for you all you shrinking violets out there, as it's a part of a beautiful Spring trend with only half of the strike, but my favourite has to be the beautiful Jordan jeans. These are worn by the fashion elite, and are loved by many but at that pretty steep price tag they're one for the fashion forward.

      What do you think of the trend?


      This is not a sponsored post.

      8 January 2012

      Ginger Tartan

      It's weird posting an outfit with home being the background, but i'm actually now back in Southampton! I've got lots of posts scheduled, so stay tuned for those! Uni, won't be stopping me from blogging as my resolution was to keep up my posts!

      So, as much as i love my Mr, he's not exactly the best gift buyer and if i want to receive something that i actually want/would use/like i have to give him a little help; a nudge, if you will. I've found the most productive technique is to produce a list, with a range of prices, styles and items, of things that you wouldn't mind receiving any of, and let them pick what they like the most; everyone's a winner, and it's still a surprise, simple! Of course, i'd love anything that my Mr would choose to give to me and i'm grateful, and appreciative, of him spending his (lack of) money on me.

      This Christmas, as i said in a previous post, i thought it would be best to ask for things that i can't normally buy for myself, like, clothes and my Mr picked what he liked; he really does have good taste!

      Shorts: Motel via ASOS | Top: H&M | Tights: Primark | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

      I absolutely adore these shorts, and i'm so glad that my Mr chose them. They're super flattering, and very high waisted; nipping you in, giving you a lovely, curvy figure, even if you're a little lacking in the curves. I've always really wanted to own a tartan skirt, but i find they either come a little short or a little long; and when you do find one that looks wearable, i find them hard to work them into my wardrobe and pair with other things. These, however, have cured all my tartan woes; they're super versatile, and go with so much of my current wardrobe as they have lots of options of colours to pair with. They're also a lot more comfortable than a skirt, and i find i'd wear these to a lot more occasions; they can be dressed up, or down, and can be worn during the day, or night, so the options are endless, as they say!


      6 January 2012

      Hello Kitty x Liberty (Sale Snippet)

      As soon as i knew this range would be available, in stores, i just knew i needed something, anything.

      Hello Kitty x Liberty Eyeshadow Palette | Boots | £8 £4

      I'm not a massive bath products buyer, i'm one of those 'find something you like and stick to it' kinda girls. I've use the same shampoo, shower gel and bath products for goodness knows how long, but i know they work for me, so why fix something that ain't broke? As a student, i didn't wanna splash out on the larger make up sets/kits so found that this little product would make a great addition to my ever growing make up collection.

      I've lately become a lot more interested in make up, and interested in trying, and testing, all sorts of products. I've never been super interested in it, and am pretty much a concealer/mascara kinda gal, but as i'm getting older (and probably from watching all these fab vloggers: i'm looking at you Louise) i'm getting a lot more intrigued by the big wide world of colour and texture. My new favourite product is eyeshadow, as i find it can drastically change your look so i'm slowly growing my selection and this will help me figure out what my favourite shades are.

      I don't think matte shades suit me, and i generally just don't do matte anything, so lots of shimmer is what i'm after and this little palette keeps me very happy! All eight colours are beautiful, shimmery shades and have lots of pigmentation to keep your eyelids happy. They can be blended together, or used on their own to take you from day to night! I've seen this slipping into the posts of many a favourite blogger, and i'm glad to finally have it in my make up bag!


      4 January 2012

      Topshop Psychobilly

      Firstly, i'd just like to say a BIG Hello to all my new readers and followers, as i seem to have had a real influx lately, so hello to you all! I hope you can shake your shoes off, and make yourselves comfortable!

      So, being a poor student; shopping, for clothes, doesn't come very high on my list of priorities, because, frankly, i'd rather eat, but that doesn't mean that my love for clothes, shopping or for the High Street has dwindled. At all, in fact.

      Bearing this in mind, i thought it'd be a good idea, and make a lot of sense if, for Christmas, i asked for a few of my favourite High Street pieces. I gave my parents a list of my favourite pieces, ranging in price, and just asked them to pick a few out as i loved them all so would have been happy to receive any of them. I was lucky enough to receive about five or six items that i've just absolutely fallen in love with, and they'll be featuring in outfit posts over the next month.

      The first thing i've chosen to show are my ultra funky Topshop Psychobilly Leggings. I'm falling more, and more, in love with leggings as i'm becoming a creature of comfort, and now that the High Street are understanding that us tall girls want interesting clothing too, they're bringing out some fab coloured, print and patterned leggings. I'm quite an over the top dresser, sometimes, and i'll always go for the outfit that's a little bit different, but these are something like i've never worn before, giving me all the more reason to love them even more.

      Leggings: Topshop Tall | Dress: Topshop | Belt: Vintage | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Cardigan: H&M

      When i was lucky enough to get these, on Christmas day, it suddenly dawned on me what on earth was i going to wear with the, causing me to go online and buy this gorgeous ink blue 'fit and flare' tunic dress. This picture, honestly, doesn't do this justice as the colour is deep, delicious and sumptuous but nothing too outrageous, to take away from the print of these fab leggings. Apart from the amazing print, that's a gorgeous speckled grey/white and black cracking style pattern, these leggings are stretchy, but tight, and lovely soft cotton, making them super comfortable, and super versatile. I love Topshop leggings, especially they're tall range, so i highly recommend you check them out!

      Did you get any clothes for Christmas?

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