30 December 2013

Christmas Kisses

I am forever buying beautiful, bright lipsticks but when it comes down to it i either bottle it or simply forget to apply before leaving the house. Now, i don't know what came over me this Christmas; whether watching all those beauty gurus on Youtube has finally gotten to me or what, but i have been adoring the bright lip colours and i thought i'd share with you what i've been loving over the festive season.

Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie | I am usually not your typical pink kind of gal, but after seeing this shade on Tanya Burr i decided to give it a go. I already had it in my collection, but wasn't brave enough to wear it and i i finally decided to go for it. It's a really bright, hot pink shade that seems perfect for the Winter season as it's a fairly deep colour. I love the way it looks with my skin, and for my everyday make up look which just consists of concealer and mascara it's perfect to jazz it up.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon | I have to admit that i'm a little afraid of branching out into reds, so this is about as close to red as i'll get. I don't know what it is, but smudging it across my face scares me as well as finding the right shade of red for me. So, this is where i've landed when i comes to red. It's fairly sheer when it comes to the red scale, but it can be built up and it's edging on the pink side of red, and not true. I really like it on my skintone though, and i think it's really festive.

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie | This is the one shade that i've had for a long time, and have actually loved for a long time too. I wore this a lot last Winter too, and it's come back out for another season. This is what i would call a good 'your lips but better' colour that everyone seems to talk about, except slightly darker which makes it perfect for Winter. I love this shade because i think it really works with my skintone, and i love it for this season.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 19 Fuchsia in Rage | (Clearly, i can't spell Fuchsia in the above picture!) I picked this up this Summer while i was Florida, and i honestly half bought it because i thought it was beautiful but wasn't sure if i'd ever actually wear it (Awful, i know) but i this season i've gotten braver and decided to give some bright lips a go. This is a beautiful bright, bold purple colour and if you just apply one layer than it looks like a plum pink shade but if you build it up it turns into a beautiful bright purple. This is what i've been wearing most of all and i love it!

Korres Mandarin Lip Butter | I got this most recently and i love formula and the colour. It's beautifully moisturising and feels really lovely on the lips, but in turn has amazing pigmentation and looks like a nice orangey red shade. My one gripe is that because it's technically a lip balm, the colour rubs off quickly and it means for lots of reapplication but i love the colour and the feel, so i work through it. This would look great on lots if different skintones as it's fairly sheer and just adds a touch of colour.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Raplumzel | This is a fairly new shade to me as i've been umming and ahhing over whether to buy one of the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks but none of the colours were quite what i wanted and i didn't like the pigmentation. So when i was in Boots a few weeks ago, i went to um and ah again over a particular shade i was considering and found this. I swatched it on my hand and fell in love, and it was in my basket quick as a flash. Again, it's a nice glossy sheer shade but it looks beautiful on, applies amazingly and really adds a nice pop of deep colour for the Winter.

L'Oreal Colour Riche in 179 Cherry Tulle | This is another one i picked up this Summer and i instantly loved it. The shade is beautiful, and another branch into the red tones. It's a beautiful dark red tone, but the great thing is it's fairly sheer on first application but it's easy to build up and creates a beautiful deep red shade. I think this also works nicely on my pale skintone, and perfect for Christmas!

I'd love some new suggestions of bright lippys!


28 December 2013

Christmas in Covent Garden

If you're looking to get your Christmas on, a place i love to visit is Covent Garden, in London. Thankfully London really knows how to do Christmas, and my second place to visit is Oxford Street but that can get a little hectic. Although Covent garden can be equally busy, there seems to be a little more space and it doesn't feel so claustrophobic. Covent Garden always has a beautiful arrangement of decorations and you can't help but feel festive.

My favourite have to be the gigantic red baubles hung in the main area and the the big green & red candy canes strung in the alleyways between the shops. They're just so classically festive, and something that always reminds me of Christmas in Covent Garden each year. There's nothing i love more than wandering the halls of the markets and admiring the beautiful decorations, hung throughout. For me, Covent Garden has a real atmosphere and a really magical feel, especially at this time of the year.

Something that you simply can't miss is the giant grass Rudolph Reindeer statue and the Christmas tree strung with big, red baubles. Here is something newer, and more modern and something very classic. It's like mixing the past and the future, and there's something i really quite like about that. I, personally, am all for the traditional when it comes to Christmas but there's something about that reindeer that's darn cute!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and i'd be interested to know your favourite spots this Christmas.


22 December 2013

Lemon & Peppermint Cremes

Today i thought i'd share with you one of the treats my mum and i made for Christmas, and this one is so simple that you can quite easily still make them before Christmas. Cremes only require a few ingredients, and you can tailor them to include your favourite things.

All you'll need is:

Fondant Icing
Food Flavouring - Some of mine are Lemon and some are Peppermint
and Chocolate - I use Galaxy

And honestly, they're so simple to make. All you need to do is put some of your icing - the amount depending on how many cremes you want to make - in a bowl and add your food flavouring of choice into it. Massage the flavouring into the icing, and add more flavouring if you'd like depending on how much flavour you'd like. Continue to massage it in until you're happy the flavour is evenly distributed. If the icing becomes too sticky, then add a touch of icing sugar.

Then, or while you're doing this, melt your chocolate either in the microwave or over boiling water in a pan and completely melt until there are no more lumps ready for dipping your icing into.

Then, shape your cremes - as you can see in the pictures above i cut mine into star shapes but i also did some just in classic rounds and the rounds are much easier to get out of the melted chocolate, the stars are more effective but they do get a little splodgy and loose there shape after adding the chocolate.

All that's left to do is cover your fondant icing with chocolate, and i did this by just popping the cremes into the chocolate, turning then around and then spooning them out. When they're covered place them onto greaseproof paper and then pop into the fridge until set.

And voila! You have yourself some cremes. The next batch i'm hoping to make are rose and violet flavour cremes if i can find the right flavouring, because they're my favourite!

Let me know if you give these a go!


20 December 2013

Christmas in Cambridge

One of the many things i love about coming home for Christmas, apart from the obvious family and friends, is going into Cambridge. When people ask me where i'm from, i always say Cambridge because i'm only about 20 minutes away but really i live near it. So, when i'm home i love going into the city when it's cold and frosty, when the Christmas lights are up and when the weather is a little grey. I honestly don't think Cambridge can look ugly, even on the dullest of days. I really miss being able to hop in when i'm in Southampton, as it's one of my favourite cities but perhaps i'm just bias.

This Christmas i've gotten in the mood to document my time at home as i brought my DSLR camera home with me and i'd forgotten how lovely the images are produced from it. I generally use my little point and shoot camera for all my blog photos, etc and i have no idea why i've gotten out of the habit of using it. So, anyway, as i was saying i've taken it upon myself to sort of document my Christmas period. With that being said, i needed to pop into Cambridge to do a little Christmas shopping and decided to take my camera with me. I just love the beautiful parks in the city centre, and one of the more overlooked is New Square which tends to just be a through path up to the Grafton Shopping Centre, it's a lot quieter than some of the larger more well known parks and i just love the criss crossing trees and string of lights overhead.

Parker's Piece is one of the larger, more well known parks slightly closer to the town centre and i love the beautiful fallen leaves here. Parker's Piece always reminds of being a teenager, spending long Summers in Cambridge with my friends as this is the place that big gangs of friends come and sit, and spend time during the Summer months. During the Winter it becomes a little sad and empty if you choose to see it that way, but i always think there's something quite magical about Cambridge in Winter and this is just one of the many spots that i think has undeniable yet overlooked beauty.

The marketplace is someone i don't tend to spend too much time, but when you take a moment to appreciate it's individual beauty it's quite a lovely space. It's nice to watch people hop in and out of each stall, browsing the wears, picking up apples, buying juices and bags of old fashioned sweets. It's a really individual place in the heart of Cambridge and it can be seriously overlooked thanks to all the High Street stores around.

As for Great St. Mary's towering over the Marketplace, i've never actually been inside but it's always something i admire and i feel as though it's a real Cambridge landmark. It, again, gets overlooked as King's College is just around the corner and it's one of those spots that i think every Cambridge-ian knows about but probably doesn't know what it's called or much about it.

But it's really quite beautiful, and one of the things i love about it's surroundings is the four classic red telephone boxes situated to it's side. I don't think i've ever seen anyone use them, but they've been in many a picture that's for sure. Again, they're a cool landmark of the city that i think people have come to love. Something else you may know about Cambridge is that it's famous for it's bikes. Everyone here seems to own a bike, and they're practically everywhere. You can't walk far without seeing someone riding one or being chained up somewhere, and they really make for a beautiful picture that's for sure. The ones above are parked just along outside Great St. Mary's and i love the sort of juxtaposition between the then and the now.

Thanks for coming around Cambridge with me, where do you love to visit over Christmas?


18 December 2013

Decorating For Christmas: At Home

So, last time i shared with you how i decorated my student room which is actually a lot simpler and probably a little less festive than how i like to decorate my room at home, at my parents house. Here, i love to go all out with lights, candles and decorations. It's a lot more fun because i feel like i can do a lot more, so i thought it'd be fun to share with you how i've decorated my room at home, this year.

Rather than having a chocolate version, for the past couple of years my lovely mum has been filling this super cute advent calendar for me. My dad bought it for me last year, from John Lewis i believe, and it's so cute strung across my room. So far i've found some Lindt chocolate balls, one pug sock (i'm hoping the other is coming, otherwise one foot is going to be mighty cold) and a five pound note - now that's my kind of advent calendar! I love the traditional look of it too, and it really adds to the decorations.

I know that some people really dislike tinsel, but i think if you buy nice stuff that's thick and fluffy then it can make things look so christmassy. I also really love the smell, it instantly reminds me of Christmas! I don't use a lot, just here and there usually to trim like around my pictures which is illustrated above. Now that my room is yellow, the gold tinsel looks so cute.

Like you saw in my student room, i have these super cute hanging stars that i bought in poundland. I loved them so much when i bought them for my student room that i bought them for home too! For two pounds for four, i just think they're so effective for the price. I have two at each side of my room and i just think they look so cute. I bought the gold versions for my room at home, as i just think gold matches with yellow perfectly.

This little surface is probably my most favourite in my room, as it's just so traditionally festive and perhaps a little grown up too! This little tree i've had for at least five years, and it was super cheap. It's really festive and fairly traditional with it's green, red and gold theme. It matches really nicely with my Roberts radio too, which i thought looked really cute together. On the top it has a little harp playing angel, which i actually have no idea where it came from but it tops it off nicely. The candlestick and gold candle are actually brand new this year and they're both from Matalan. It only cost me £9 for both of them which i thought was a steal, and although i never thought i'd be one for decorative candles i'm not going to be burning this one as i know it'll be a nightmare to keep tidy and it looks too cute anyway. I feel like when you've got yourself some candlesticks then you know you're grown up, am i right? Last here is my cute, cute little elf crown tealight holder. I have no idea how long ago i got this but it's definitely been an addition for the past five years. I just think it's so festive and so cute, and when lit the light shines through the little gaps in the crown and it looks so festive and warm.

On my main set of drawers, i just have a few bits and bobs but here is where the main event of candles sits. I have a christmas tree scent from Sainsburys, with the matching reed diffuser which so festive and fresh - i love it, as well as my usual Yankee Candle wild passion fruit but it's green so it works and then a couple of red snowflake tea light holders which i've brought out for the festive season. Here also houses my little fairtrade nativity, which was handmade in peru and comes from a local fairtrade store which i think is so cute. As well as a glittery merry christmas and a little white battery operated welcome light which is snapped up from Poundland last year.

My Christmas room is not complete without my multi-coloured flower fairy lights. Unlike in Southampton, i only have fairy lights up in my room at Christmas so it makes it all the more special and honestly these are what make my room feel the most festive. They go all the way around the perimeter of my room and they actually emit a good amount of light, so when it's dark i can just have them on and it's very calming and pretty.

In my window, i just have a few bits - the little christmas tree that i brought back with me from Southampton, from Paperchase, another glittery merry christmas and actually my christmas Tinkerbell is out all year round but she is actually a Christmas edition as she's sitting on a poinsettia flower and is titled "Festive Fairy". She's from the Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore, and i love the whole collection. I have my eye on an Alice in Wonderland, a Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat! On my window i just have a snowman cling so that everyone can see a little festivity from my window!

Last, but not least, i thought i couldn't share with you my Christmas decorations at home without showing you my Christmas tree. This is the epitome of Christmas decorations for me and this year i think it's extra cute. I took this picture from my Instagram, and you can follow me at @_legseleven and it's always in the sidebar to your right.


16 December 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas: Winter Nail Polish

Another follow on post for you today! During the Summer i shared my favourite Summer polishes, so today i'm coming back with my Winter favourites. I'm actually going through a bit of a naked nail phase as the cold weather hates my nails, and they keep braking so i'm loving my OPI Nail Envy at the moment but closer to Christmas i do like to dress up my nails too. The ones i've chosen to share are all Models Own so if you like what you see, you can get them online or in Boots.

I don't think you can do a Winter polish post without having a red in there, and i don't really like the blood red colours on my nails so much. This is a darker shade, and it's so glossy and perfect for Christmas. It was one of my first colours from Models Own, and i believe i bought it at the Clothes Show but it's such a staple that i've always got one on hand.

I never thought i'd be one for black nail polish, but give me one packed with glitter any day and i'm sold. These images really don't do this polish justice and i couldn't quite capture it but it's a gorgeous black base full of multi coloured, finely milled glitter which is perfect for the Christmas season. I have to admit it doesn't look quite as lovely when my nails are a little on the short side but it's beautiful none the less. I have worn this both on its own, however it does take three or four coats to become opaque, but it works better with a black or dark, navy blue underneath.

This is the navy blue i use underneath the previous shade, Thunder & Lightning.  It's hard to see but it's actually a very, dark navy shade. It's a beautiful blue in the right lighting and works great with glitter top coats too.

Emerald Black just reminds me from a Christmas tree. It's a beautiful duo chrome black/green shade packed with micro fine shimmer. This looks beautiful as an all over colour or just as an accent nail.

Purple Blue & Pinky Brown are both part of the Beetle Juice and are duo chrome shades; Purple Blue is pretty self explanatory as is Pinky Brown, however it's more of a bronze than a brown. They look so beautiful on and apply like a dream.

Copper Pot is one of my favourite all time shades, and is again a beautiful duo chrome that shines a mix of yellow bronze, orange bronze and a whole host of coppers. It really is just a lovely shades that goes with so much, and is some special for this time of year.

This is the sister shade to my beloved Champagne that i tend to wear all year around, even at Christmas, but i honestly love the consistency and the finish of these polishes so i'd wear it any shade! This happens to be a beautiful silver, purple shade which comes of as a lilac purple, just gorgeous.


14 December 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's real chilly these days, and one of the things i hate most is being cold. So, here is what i do to take precautions against the freezing weather that Winter brings.

Clarks Nessa Clare Boots in Black Leather | These are the newest addition to my shoe collection, and i literally can't get enough. I've worn them with literally everything but they just go with so much. They keep my feet and legs toasty warm when it's freezing outside, and they feel like they just give a bit more protection against the elements in this weather. They were pricey, but they're black leather and are so well made that it makes it worth the money. I know that i'll be wearing these for many Winters to come.

H&M Snood | This is new to me this year as well, it's a snood from H&M. There is so much material in this snood, and although it has got holes it in that really makes no difference  because it totally wraps you up with plenty of material to spare. As it's an ivory colour it matches everything and i really have to stop myself with pairing it with every outfit, although i usually do. Scarves really do help keep the heat in and they're great for the season.

F&F Knitted Bow Headband | I bought these last Winter and wore them so, so often. I hate wearing hats and i just don't think i have the hair for them so this is a great alternative for me. I wear my hair up a lot in the Winter due to the awful weather, so this keeps my little ears warm when my hair's all scooped up in a bun. It looks so cute and again thanks to it's colour it goes with everything.

Accessorize Fingerless Gloves with Mittens | Last but not least is gloves, and not just any gloves for me. Do you not hate it when you need to itch your eyes or your face and you either get fluff in your eye or have to take your gloves off to do so? Well, i do and that's why i love the gloves that have the little caps for your fingers. I buy a new pair almost every year from Accessorize because they do the best ones and they last me all Winter wearing them pretty much everyday and getting shoved in the bottom of bags. They're just so cute, and look adorable with thick scarves and coats. This pair is from last year, but you can check out this years pairs here.

How do you keep warm?


12 December 2013

Inside a Snowflake, like the one on your Sleeve

I don't know why but i've never really been a big movie watching girl. I really dislike going to the cinema, and i don't particularly watch movies at home on my own, but come Winter and Christmas there's nothing i love more than snuggling down with a good film.

My first favourite would be Love Actually, and i think there are few females out there who would disagree with me. It's just such a feel good film, and it has some lovely quotes that people on Twitter love to tweet!

Jude Law and Christmas time? What more could you want. I love the The Holiday. Again, it's such a feel good film and i it's so easy to watch. Something else that makes this film great is the music, the soundtrack is amazing and keeps me singing all day long.

The Grinch is a classic Christmas film, and it's a great family film. There's so little to say about this one, as it's just one of those that you go back to time and time again.

One that not many people i know have heard of is Santa Claus: The Movie but it's one that i've been watching for as long as i can remember. It's a real classic, traditional Christmas film and it's a great film to really show your kids that Santa is real! I highly recommend trying this one if you haven't already seen it.

The Polar Express is one you simply must watch. It makes you feel like a child again, and all warm and fuzzy inside. I can hear them, can you?

Mrs Miracle is one that you can't seem to buy on DVD in this country, unless you can play American DVDs at home but it's one i've watch on TV many times. It has such a feel good factor and really makes you think at Christmas time about other people, but it's a lovely family one too.

An honorable mention is Home Alone, i feel like it's been so over played now that it gets a little dull but you can't help but love it and it's sequels are great too!

What are your favourite Christmas films?


10 December 2013

It's Beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas: Winter Scents

Following on from my favourite Summer scents, i thought i'd share with you my favourite Winter fragrances. I tend to switch over in about November time and wear these all the way through until Spring. They're a little bit deeper toned, not so light and a little less girly to match the drop in temperature.

Hugo Boss Boss Nuit Pour Femme | I actually, about this time last year or the year before, got an email from Boots asking whether i'd like to get a free sample sent to me of this fragrance and i thought why not. However, i really didn't expect to like it and it actually took so long to come that i forgot about it. I'm a real Marc Jacobs girl so this wasn't something i was expecting to suit me, but when it came and i finally got around to trying it out there was just something about it that drew me in. It has heart notes of white flowers and jasmine, with a top note of peach which keeps it in the scent family that i love but it's base notes are crystalline moss and sandalwood which, for me, makes it a Winter scent. It's actually a really nice go to fragrance for this time of year.

Calvin Klein CKIN2U | Again, this isn't a typical fragrance for me if you look at my Summer fragrance post but i'm not actually a girly, sweet fragrance lover overall. I actually like scents that are a little more masculine and i would say that this one really is. It's top note is pink grapefruit but it's base note is neon amber which really keeps it Winter ready in my books. I, again, love this one for just spraying and going when i'm running out the door to university as it's a really nice daytime scent.

Marc Jacobs DOT | This is my newest Marc Jacobs scent, which i received last Christmas. There was just something about it that i fell in love with. It's totally different to my other Marc Jacobs perfumes, which is why i reserve it for Winter. It's quite a heavy scent and works great for the evening, i don't think this is something i would go to for the daytime but it works great as a slinky, evening scent during the Winter. It actually reminds of Winter nights now too. It's top notes are red berries, dragonfruit and honeysuckle with base notes of vanilla, driftwood and musk making a nice, heavy Winter scent. Don't be put off that i call it heavy, i think that in the Winter time a heavier scent works perfectly in the frosty weather.

Although they're not Winter perfumes, two scents that i can't live without in the Winter are Hollyberry and Pine. Hollyberry has long been a favourite Christmas scent in our family, and we constantly burn candles and have reed diffusers on the go in this scent so it's a very nostalgic, Christmas scent for me that come every November i like to indulge in a new Hollyberry reed diffuser. As for pine, i just love the fresh scent it leaves behind, reminding me of cold days and Christmas trees. Sainsburys do a lovely pine smelling candle that i love to get every year.


8 December 2013

#REVIEW | Superdrug Tea Tree Skincare

Superdrug Tea Tree Facial Wash | Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick

I'm having a fairly manageable skin situation at the moment, and i have a feeling that it has to do with my new found love for Tea Tree products.

I've always known that Tea Tree is a great thing for acne prone skin but as a blogger, you're always looking for new things to try out and review so it kind of got given a back seat but after going through a rough patch and trying some other stronger spot removers, i decided to give the Tea Tree spot stick a go. This has changed the way i look at treating spots. It doesn't have to be the strongest spot treatment available to get rid of something, this takes a little longer but it gets rid of it without scarring my skin and it intensely soothes the skin too even those pesky under the skin spots.

So, when i found out i love the spot stick i decided to add the facial wash into my routine. It's a really thick formula, but when you're applying it really feels like it's working into the skin. Since using it, i've seen improvement overall in my skin and i think it might have something to do with this little addition.

If you've never given tea tree a go, i'd recommend trying it out. I have oily, combination, acne prone skin and it really helps me out.


6 December 2013

Decorating for Christmas: My Student Room

Despite the fact i actually decorated my room on November 1st, now it's officially December i thought it more appropriate to show you how i decorate my student room, in Southampton. I always decorate early when i'm there because i'm only at the flat until early to mid December, so i like to make the most of it. I don't go quite as all out as i do in my room at home but i thought i'd share what i did with it this year, to give any students out there some inspiration and i'll let you know where things are from where i can.

Cardboard Star Lanterns: Poundland | Mini Tinsel Christmas Tree & Decorations: Paperchase | Christmas Stockings Advent Calendar: John Lewis | White Snowflake Chains: Poundland

As soon as Halloween is over, i find Poundland to be one of the best places to pick up cute decorations for next to nothing, and if you're careful they can actually be worth far more than what you paid. The little Star Lanterns are new to my collection this year, and i love them. I have four up on my ceiling, two in opposite corners and all i did was stick them to the ceiling using white tack and white cotton. They look so cute i'm considering leaving them all year round. You can actually also put these over lightbulbs too, but i think they're a bit small for that but they were only £1 for two.

The little tree is something i bought in my first year at uni because i had next to no space for decorations and this took up nothing. It was probably a little more pricey, but i've used it every year and it packs away nicely and shows no wear and tear.

The advent calendar was actually a gift from my parents last year, which they sent as a surprise. I think it is so, so cute and i've always wanted a fill-it-yourself calendar. My mum actually fills it for me, so it's all a surprise and these are far more up my alley as i usually get to about day 10 on a chocolate calendar and get bored. This way, who knows what will be inside!

The snowflake chains are also Poundland and were so worth the money, they're made out of plastic and are so easy to store and get out year after year. I have two of these and they just add a little more to the room. They kind of shine in the light which is really cute, and look just like snow.

Gold Tinsel | Merry Christmas Sign: Tesco | Jingle Bells | Fairy Lights: Amazon

The tinsel is something i have no idea where it's from, but i doubt it was expensive. I usually buy tinsel from places like Asda or Tesco, but i have to admit i do like the bushy stuff nothing too thin. Something i say to myself every year is i love the smell of tinsel, it just remind me wholeheartedly of Christmas and it gets me even more excited! I just add bits here and there, around door frames or on cupboards.

The Merry Christmas sign is something i decided to order on a whim with a food delivery last year, but i actually love it. It's so glittery and sparkly and makes a great addition to the room.

The jingle bells are something that my mum also sent me last year, along with the advent calendar. One of our favourite Christmas films is the Polar Express and if you haven't seen then well, you should, but jingle bells also play a big part in the film. All i have to say is, i can hear them.

The fairy lights are actually up all year round but get most of their work out around this time of year. I love the white because it matches everything, and i just don't think theres much else as festive as fairy lights.

Santa Hat: Poundland | Tree Candelabra: Poundland | Nativity

The Santa hat just sits on the end of my clothes rail as another little decoration, i never wear it but i think it's really cute and festive.

These candelabras are so cute! I bought two from Poundland last year and they're just so lovely. They're not super bright or anything but sat in a window or on a bedside table, or something they just look so lovely.

My decorating is never complete without a nativity, as i've always had one growing up. I'm not actually sure where this one came from, i have a feeling my mum gave it to me but it's so sweet and small, the perfect size for a student room.

That's how i decorate, how about you?

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