9 September 2011

Happy Aussie-versary!

Now, i don't believe i told you but i was lucky enough to be the winner of an Aussie Party Pack over on Kirsty's blog, FashionChampagne, because i have something worth celebrating!

"I've got into University, to my first choice and am moving out in a matter of weeks! Eeek, to being a grown up but if that's not something to celebrate, i don't know what is! :)"

I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the Aussie brand and of all the 'Aussie Angels'. They're events are amazing, and they just seem to put their heart and soul into branding, which i love. So, winning this was just brilliant! And through my door, this morning, popped my party pack!

Heart Sparkler | Popping Candy | Sunglasses | Aussie Flip Flops | Party Poppers | Limited Edition Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner

I'm over the moon to receive the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, as after watching a past video on Emma's Blog, Oh Really?, she recommended it highly to help damaged hair, and as i'm having a bit of a nightmare with mine at the moment (and it's really not in the best condition, thanks bleach) i really wanted to give it a go. I almost bought it yesterday, but ended up just buying the other product she suggested, Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, so i am more than pleased to receive this product!

The next part of the competition is to be revealed to us, via email, on Monday at 1pm (on the dot) UNLUCKILY i'm meeting a few friends for lunch at 1 on Monday, so i'm hoping that i can either postpone the date a little or do whatever they ask of us over my Blackberry! We're in with the chance to win 9 tickets to the Aussie VIP Party in October, and that would be amazing so i'll do whatever it takes!

- K ox


  1. WOW I am so intrigued by the Aussie events & brand too. Keep us updated :)

  2. Congrats hunni, so happy you won it you are such a sweetheart :) let us know if it is really good I love hair products. Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Lovely blog.

  4. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you on GFC and twitter xx

  5. How fun is this,congrats on winning!


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