31 January 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

It finally came to the weekend where my mr came home! It's only been 3 weeks, but it's felt like forever & i think we both needed some time together.

We spent a fleeting (and freezing) Saturday morning in Cambridge, where i have to say - i am beginning to loose faith the Great British Highstreet. I know things are always hit & miss but i'm really feeling the miss at the moment! For example, i have a whopping £70 in vouchers to spend in Topshop, and after 2 trips i still havn't found anything i think is worth spending them on! What makes it even worse is that, it's absolutely ridiculous but you can't use them online - crazy! As we all know i am a leggy lady, and on the Topshop website they have some gorgeous Tall Camel Jeans and i am desperate for them! So i waited to see if they had them in Cambridge (so i could use my vouchers) and they had them in every size, but mine! When i get home, i decide that i am that desperate that i just have to have them, but when i go online they no longer have them in my size! Gutted. Maybe it was a sign, but i'm still seriously miffed!

But after a lovely morning, we came home and went for lunch at Pizza Express - as Jonny's sister & co bought us a voucher for christmas, and it was such a good pizza! Just what we needed after a chilly morning.

It's been so lovely to spend some quality time with the mr, i've really missed him! It's always an adventure with him, and sometimes it's difficult having the person that's your partner and your best friend far away for the majority of the year, i can't wait to go visit him in Southampton in a few weeks!

I was only supposed to be seeing him on Saturday, but we decided to make the most of him being at home so after a draining day at work on Sunday, i drove over to have a scrummy dinner with him & his parents. It's been so lovely to spend some quality time with him!

Despite a mad weekend, which ended in some hasty plans for the summer - exciting but i'm a complete plan freak and need to know all details before i can become excited! - I did make some time to take photos of my Saturday shopping and my Sunday snuggles outifts (excuse the more awful than usual lighting!):

001. Saturday: Jeans: Topshop Tall / Cardigan: H&M / Top (Underneath): Primark / Top: New Look / Blazer: New Look

002. Sunday: Jeans: Topshop Tall / Cardigan: H&M / Top: New Look / Scarf: H&M / Necklace: Primark

Overall, my weekend was perfect! How about yours?

A Fashion Fix

This post is way over due, but like i am constantly moaning about - it's crazy busy at the moment!

But last week i settled down, i'm sure like hundreds of other Wan Fanatics, to watch Gok's new series: 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow' in which he's scouring the country in search of women (so far) that are desperate to know how to dress themselves for their figure. Whether you're an apple, a pear or top heavy - Gok has the fix for you.

I really enjoy the part of the show where he gets together a large group of women, from wherever he is in that episode, gets them to bring clothes that they no longer like, or think don't suit them, and tells them all what shape they are. After putting them into groups he swaps the clothes between the women making them look a million dollars! - I love a good clothes swap, i think plenty more friends should do it!

I also always enjoy his clothes creations and this week i absolutely adored his seventies dress, shown below (best picture i could find!)

He always ceases to amaze me! After putting this plain, halterneck, navy a-line dress on the model - first showing it tied how any highstreet chain, or regular woman, would think to tie it (just straight back in a knot), he then showed us how to tie it to create a shape and shoulder to the dress (straight back, then wrap under the arms and over, then tie in the middle of the neck) This created a little sleeve, under which he put three shoulder pads trying to create a "football player" look. After doing this, and focusing on the dress he created those gorgeous gold shoulders but simply putting a hairband, with embellishment, over each shoulder! I mean, i would never ever think to do that but it really opened my mind! However, i'm sure i'll still never remember to think to do something as creative, and simple as that! After all this, simply putting the gold studs around the waist just set it all off.

Beautiful! And so, so simple.

Whether you're a Gok fan or not, like the gaurdian journalist in this article! I think you have to admire his creativity and flare; Goktastic!

28 January 2011

Friday Feeling #3

I'm so busy at the moment, i'm only having time to do my friday feeling! Blimey!

Tunic/Dress: Topshop / Cardigan: Topshop / Belt: Via Clothes Swap / Leggings: Next / Long Sleeve Top (Underneath): Primark

I bought this tunic/dress about three weeks ago, and have only just got round to wearing it. I think i was a little nervous about it being too short (as a very leggy girl, i'm constantly concious of length!) but actually it's perfect. I don't know if i'd dare with just tights, but give me some leggings and i'm on board! For a start, it's absolutely adorable. The print, for one, is so cute; the daisies are white, mustardy yellow & green and it just makes me feel spring like! I took a photo of it's peter pan collar as it's hard to distinguish it from the rest of the dress, but i think i really like that - it's subtle but it gives it a sweet, girly feel. Putting it with this gorgeous chunky knit cardigan (originally bought for my chilly summer holiday to dorset with the mr - where it affectionately became nicknamed 'the g cardi' - short for granny, ofc!) really gives it a, for want of a better word, chunkier, hevaier feel - but not in a bad way!PLUS it keeps me snug on this chilly (FREEZING) spring days!

002. After spending, what feels like, a decade researching for this 'Hidden' project, i've finally come up with the route i'm going to take! It's absolutely NOT what i originally wanted to or thought i would take, but after looking further into it - i'm actually quite interested. I've settled on looking into covering up for religion, ie: burqas, hijabs, saris, nun habis' etc, but i think i'm going to focus more on burqas to start. I'm also taking an idea from how you have to cover your shoulders and knees in other countries when entering churches and temples, and from all this i'm going to look at the contemporary maxi skirts/dresses trend. I'm actually quite excited, however - it's only 2 weeks until hand and i've got LOADS to do (i'm screenprinting my own fabric!!!!!) I'm hoping regular blogging will resume soon, and i've got some exciting adventures coming up over the next few months so i'll definitely be keeping you updated!

003. I still havn't heard anything from my other university choices! People in my class are getting interviews left, right & centre and i still have nothing! Not that an unconditional is anything to sniff at, as i'm very proud of that!

004. To be honest, my week has been incredibly dull! I'm hoping that this will change in the next month!

Have any of you had a more interesting week than i have!?

21 January 2011

Friday Feeling #2

I can't believe how busy i have been this week! So busy, i've had absolutely no time to blog about anything, big or small! I've also only had time to do one days outfit!:


Trousers: New Look / Top: Primark / Cardigan: H&M / Necklace: Primark

I never ever ever wear these trousers, originally buying them in the sales last year, but they came in very handy when i took a trip with the mr to Dorset last summer, keeping me cool but also warm enough too! I have to feel a little bit brave to wear these as they're quite a statement for me, but they're incredibly comfortable and quite flattering on my height too! I got plenty of compliments when i wore them, so they're now moving to front of my wardrobe as a new firm favourite! This gold plastic necklace may have cost me only £2.50, the clasp may have broken not long after me buying it and it may be pretty tacky material - BUT i really love it! It goes with everything and makes things a little bit edgier, which always makes me feel comfortable! (You'll be pleased to know the clasp is now being held securely buy a safety pin - thank heavens for my textiles brain!

002. As i said at the beginning, this week has been incredibly stressful, and busy! Got about a gazillion things on the go, and am keeping intensely busy but it's good to be getting my creativity out. As my 'Architecture' project comes to a close, with only a final(ish) outcome to create, i am now hit with the newest project - 'Hidden'. I'm not quite sure where i'm going to go with it yet, as i only just got it today, but wrapping seems to be intriguing me initially (that, however, means nothing as i may have discarded that by tomorrow with further research!) I did find some cool references though, and Gareth Pugh's Spring '07 Collection is definitely something cool and interesting to check out! it may not be to everybody's taste, but i'm quite into something a little bit wacky and a little bit different.

003. HOWEVER, something that really, really did make my entire week was getting an unconditional offer from Southampton Solent University, to study 'Writing Fashion & Culture'! Unlike my friends, it's amazing to know that if all else fails i will definitely be going to university in 8 months time (which honestly sounds truely terrifying but truely exciting)!! I'm still waiting to hear from my other universitys but i'm just glad that i've finally heard something, and to hear such a positive outcome!

004. I'm sure like the rest of the nation, you watched Mary Portas' Secret Shopper, well, as did i and that is why she is one of my favourite women, of all time! She's taking on something that i'm sure every shopper has had an issue with some time or another, as the UK seems to have a serious lack of well trained shop assistants (being one myself, i feel that this is a serious downfall) Her fabulous Pop Fitting Rooms will almost never appear in any other Pilot stores but the debut in the Braintree branch, was, hopefully, a kick in the right direction. The issue of shop staff always feels like it's the got the just a job label attached to it, but i think that the every shopping experience should be the right shopping experience, and not only banished to the high end retail stores. A Polite 'hello' and 'goodbye', a 'is there anything i can help you with?' and simply know the latest styles and trends of stock, doesn't seem too much to ask, but as Mary expertly shows - it's not completely down, simply, to the shop assistant alone. It's the company's job to instruct and guide, not to leave it's poor staff to fend for themselves in the shark tank of aggrivated shoppers. It's definitely made me want to be ever more smiley and availiable towards the customers that i am there to support of a Sunday!

005. Petite Annabel is the most adorable blog i have come accross in a while! Her beautiful photographs and intersting finds of inspiration have really caught my eye, and i think she deserves a new band of follows!

Anything made your stressful week, less, well, stressful!?

14 January 2011

Friday Feeling #1

I've decided to take a very fashionable leaf out of Jen & Lily's books and start a series entitled 'Friday Feeling', somewhere i can let you know anything interesting that has happened in my week or if i've found anything i think that you'd appreciate!

001. I have been super super busy this week, getting back into college life etc and havn't had time to do the outfit posts i had wanted to, so;

Skirt: Max Jeans / Jumper: Next Via Sale / Leggings: Next

This outfit is simple, but effective! I bought this jumper, in green, a couple of months ago and when i saw it in black in the sale i had to snap it up, for half what i originally payed! It's got a subtle gold thread running through it which really keeps it slightly dressy, which i think is never a bad thing. This ensemble is cosy and warm, but the skirt keeps it interesting - i bought it a couple of years ago and rarely wear it, but when i do i always think 'i really must wear this skirt more often!' as it always makes me feel good!

Skirt: Topshop / Cardigan: H&M / Top: Primark / Jacket: H&M Via Sale / Leggings: Next / Necklace: Via Gift

I absolutely love this jacket! I bought for something like £10 in the sale, and i think that's a bargain when it was about £30 originally! It has loads of colours in the floral, which i adore! I thought i was going a little out there with this outfit - wearing the green and purple - but i actually really like the outcome! The jacket pulls all the colours together, and this adorable strawberry pendent necklace keeps things sweet!

002. Like i said, i have been unbelievably busy this week! They've really thrown us into the deep end at college this week, as i'm still working on our current project, 'architecture', and next week we're given our new project, which i believe is 'Hidden'. I'm not looking forward to having to juggle two big projects, AND trying to finish both - making a final piece for both - in the next 5 weeks before our panel review (to let us onto the next stage of the course, for FMP). I think i just about have architecture sorted, it's just a matter of making the final outcome - which i plan to be some sort of head/hair piece. I also have two other smaller projects to think about on top of these but, after talking to my tutor, i'm hoping she'll hold them off for a while to get these projects over with!

003. I'm STILL waiting for replies from universities through UCAS! It's been weeks now, and my friends are beginning to get emails and interviews from their unis; It's beginning to stress me out a little bit! I'm trying to keep calm, as they havn't applied to the same ones as i have (Southampton Solent, Birmingham City, Middlesex & Nottingham Trent). I'm just hoping that as tomorrow is the UCAS deadline, i'll begin hearing things asap! Nervous!

004. Something that did brighten up my week was that i my prize from A Little Bird's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway arrived and it is the most gorgeous bag! It's the perfect size for taking out and about with me, it fits everything you need and doesn't leave room for junk! PERfect. This particular pattern is one of my favourite Cath Kidston patterns, in fact i even have a Cath Kidston Box Bag in this print!

005. I happened to stumble accross this fabulous little blog, Sadie's Wardrobe, while searching through blogs followed by the blogs i follow, it's a great way to come accross a good read, as the people behind the blogs you follow often have the same interests as you do!

006. I can't wait to get finished on these latest projects, get some replies from universities and get onto some adventures i have planned for the near future! February half term can't come soon enough!

Have you had anything exciting or interesting happen to you this week?

7 January 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

Jumper: Next / Skirt: Topshop / Tights: Tesco / Belt: Via Clothes Swap / Necklace: Accesorize

I went for lunch with 2 of gorgeous girlies, at the Taproom - which is the kind of bar/foody/snacky/loungey type establishment - i needed something comfy, warm but pretty, so i finally decided on this (i believe i did take the belt off, eventually, after one too many nachos!) I absolutely adore this jumper from next, my mum bought it for me for christmas - i had previously tried it on but discarded it due to lack of funds! It's just so incredibly soft that it makes you feel super, super cosy! I have also found it to be extremely flexible - i've worn it over skirts, jeans and leggings. What makes it even more cute, is that it has a really sweet hanky hem type edge at either side - which this picture really doesn't show to it's extremem cutness! I have to say, initially it was a passing love it but could leave it, and has now become a firm favourite, being worn to keep me extra warm in these early wintery months at college (however, there is a little splodge of white paint now on the right sleeve - ah, the life of a fashion student! i like to think it adds character!)

Have you got any staple items to get you through january's doom & gloom?

ps. i just though i'd let you all know that i have now added the completely adorable "Like" button at the bottom of my blog posts! So if you don't feel like making a comment, feel free to just add a little like - they'll brighten these extremely dark days!

2 January 2011

New Homes;

Just a little post to show you some of the treats i got for christmas!

(From top to bottom: JBL Ipod Docking Station / Alexander Mcqueen: Genius of a Generation / Cath Kidston Saddle Bag)

I hope you all got what you wished for!

& A Happy New Year!

Jeans: Topshop / Strappy Top (Under Jumper): H&M / Jumper: Topshop via Sale / Necklace: Accessorise / Scarf: H&M

So, this was my new years eve outfit; Nothing overly special, but i was pretty happy with it! Considering my evening was spent with my mr watching gavin & stacey, drinking hot chocolate, eating ben & jerry's (as the mr has just had his wisdom teeth yanked out!) and playing articulate, this seemed perfect - comfortable yet festive!

I have to just make a point about 3 new items of clothing! My new Topshop Tall 'Leigh' Jeans are superb. (I only ever buy my jeans from Topshop's Tall range, due to the fact my leg length becomes a slight issue when shopping for bottoms, and i have come to realise that i can rely on them, trusty and versatile!) I bought this particular pair not exactly knowing what i was letting myself in for, as i usually buy their 'Baxter' jeans. I wanted to buy a dark pair, after reading my new Lauren Conrad book (she suggests having a dark pair as their that little bit smarter!) and i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised when these little gems arrived through my door! Apparently their 'Leigh' jenas are "Super Soft Skinny", and when it says super soft it means super soft! I bought them because they looked ultra skinny, and they're super clingy - just how i like them! They're also a very light denim, which is nice - some of their other denims can be quick thick, and these will take me all year round!

This gorgeous Topshop sale gold jumper, was a treat to find! Now, i'm not one for sale shopping as i can't handle the mess, the time or the frantic shoppers! BUT after spending a mere 5 minutes having a little rummage through a nice, quiet rack brought me to this little beauty. At first, i wasn't sure, but after trying it on, it was the only thing out of my stack of other items that tickled my fancy! Suprising, it actually does keep heat in (despite the holes!) However, they do say that even a large knit does keep you snug! It's the perfect size and shape to wear with everything; jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings - everything. I think this will carry me right through to next winter, and will feature a lot in my outfits! I have to say, it made me a very happy shopper.

This lovely little 1920's telephone necklace was a christmas present from my mum! I had previously spotted it on a shopping trip to cambridge and she obviously saw my love for it! I havn't been wearing too much jewellry lately, and the gorgeous pieces i got for christmas are going to get me back into it! The sweet little details make this piece one of a kind, and it's different to anything i've seen - plus the size is puuuurfect!

I hope that you all had a lovely new year, and didn't have to spend too long picking out the perfect outfit!

Happy New Year!
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