11 September 2011

A Week In #2

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- So, here i am again! I tell you, at the moment my emotions are on a rollercoaster! I was very down at the beginning of the weekend, but by the time i came to read all my new comments on Sunday morning, you lovely ladies made my mood sky rocket! Through blogging i have honestly met some of the nicest people, and i cannot wait to attend a blogger meet up to meet you all! My tweeties really know how to keep me up beat, thank you to those that made me smile on Friday night especially Emma over at The Daisy Chain & Fiona at Sugar For My Honey, they really helped me grin!

- The fact that it is now ONE WEEK until i move down to Southampton is probably having the biggest impact on my emotions, things that aren't as big as they seem are flared up because my mind is a buzz with the impending move and that is really not helping me sleep. However, my wonderful girls are keeping me up beat, but probably more likely that we're all just panicking together! I'm so lucky to have already met the most fabulous ladies, we're all keeping each other positive and picking up one another when they're down. I'm more than excited to start living the next chapter of my life, to do my own thing and really become the person i want to be. This past week has given me space and time to think, and it's just helped me realise that this move is such a brilliant decision so i can grow and blossom.

- The Mr being in China is also most likely impacting my lack of sleep, and i'm now just becoming more crabby that i previously was, but nevermind onto bigger and better.

- Unfortunately, some of the other Aussie winners haven't received their packs yet so we have to wait until tomorrow for the next part of the challenge. I'm quite looking forward to it, despite not having a clue what it entails! To be honest, i'm just chuffed that they considered my reason good enough to be picked. I'm really loving my Aussie products so far, i'd highly recommend them and frankly they smell divine!

- The nails in my photo are: Rimmel Black Cherries & 17 Glitter Top Coat and Rimmel Euphoria and it's my new favourite combo; light and dark! I have been loving brightly coloured nails for the past few weeks, but maybe my nails are now beginning to match my mood! Euphoria is a relatively new purchase for me, and i absolutely love it. It's one of those colours that every way you turn your nail, you see a different shade, such a lovely autumnal colour.

- I couldn't not take a photo of the forth coming storm on Saturday evening in the Lincolnshire countryside. We'd been visiting family, as my cousin has just had the most beautiful baby girl (Erin Rose for those that are interested, pictures to follow when i have been sent them!) As the dutiful honorary Auntie, i had my cuddle and she's absolutely to die for. So docile and chilled out, didn't cry once such a happy baby! When we came to leave, the weather was turning for the worst but it was so odd as where we were was just getting dark, not cold or wet, but in the distance you could see the pouring rain, the ash grey skies and the odd concentration of sunlight lighting the otherwise gloomy sky. Almost felt like twilight.

- Those are just a fraction of my nicely organised boxes, full to the brim with university essentials. I'm sure i have too much 'stuff' but frankly, i'd rather have it than not. I have plenty of bits to make my room mine and enough equipment to make sure i'm never without anything! Perfect. I'm sure i'm taking too many clothes, but when you're used to such a selection it's hard to not have it! My room is now looking a little bare and having to live in a pair of denim shorts for most of the week as my clothes are packed too! I always was known as the organised one..

To finish off this longer than expected Week In post, i'll show you a few purchases made recently!

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Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner | 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Honey Blossom | Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation in Ivory 1 | Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara in Ultra Black | 17 Hideaway Concealer in Fair | Collection 2000 Colour Intense Trio in 10. Fondant Fancy | Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen For Eyes | Collection 2000 Eyebrow Definer Lasting Colour in 3 Blonde | Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 064 Stormy Grey

Last but not least!

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River Island Black Wedge Boot

Aren't they beautiful!? Purchased for the Mr's brother's wedding in december, perfect winter heel with plenty of grip! Perfect.

Few Uni essentials and some bits i can't wait to try! Reviews to follow!

- K ox


  1. I know I keep saying it but I really am excited for you. You will have the best time at uni I am sure :)

    Yay you got the Rimmel Volume Flash mascara, I really do recommend it♥

  2. Oh i hope you have a nice start to uni life!
    I remember being picked up after first year, and having so much stuff we couldn't fit it all into the car!

  3. Blogging has opened me up to a whole brand new community I love it! Goodluck with your move and I hope you get some sleep soon.


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