30 June 2014

Next Citrus Zest & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

I love candles, but they're not always the most practical. They're lovely because they can add some warmth but also fill your room with scent too. However, when you're candles aren't alight they don't let off the same scent and for me that's what i love most. So, reed diffusers come to my rescue. If you don't know, a reed diffuser is a bottle of scent that you put reed sticks into and when the scents soaks up the sticks it releases into the air.

I've tried many diffusers in my time, but after browsing the shelves of Next i came across this scent line and honestly, it's delicious. It's right up my alley when it comes to fragrance, it's zingy and fresh which is perfect for Summer. The citrus and grapefruit work perfectly together to create the perfect sharp but refreshing Summer scent. The bottle looks really pretty too, but for me it looks really cute sitting in my Cath Kidston tea cup. What i love most is that when i come in and out of my room, the sent wafts around but it doesn't engulf the room and overpower my small space.

If you're looking for a refreshing Summer scent, i would recommend trying the Next reed diffusers because they smell delicious and you can buy them for £12 from Next.com.


27 June 2014

#OOTD | Peg Trousers

ASOS Tall Trousers | New Look Striped Top | Amazon Necklace | M&S Shoes

There is just something about this outfit that made me feel like a pirate. I'm not sure whether it's the stripes or the loose style of everything, but i did feel like a pirate.

I love these trousers from ASOS, they are so ridiculously comfortable. They fit perfectly for the Summer months too, and i actually love them so much i have them in red too. They nip you in at the waist but then skim over your hips and come in at the ankle. My hips aren't my favourite part of my body, and i love that these don't hide them but do seem to flatter them.

The top is something i wasn't sure if i liked paired with these, but when i tucked it in a little it seems to give the outfit a bit more shape. I love that it's loose, and flowy, and it flatters my shape. Although, i would like to pair these with a more figure hugging top to contrast the shape of the trousers.

I love how closely these sandals match with my the stripes on this top, and i just love the sandals in general. They're so comfortable and Summery too.

If you'd like to see my shoes in closer detail, then check out my Summer footwear post.


25 June 2014

A Blogger Made Me Buy It

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Aloe Fresh | Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer | Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm | Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm | Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter | Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow | Urban Decay Naked Palette | L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Mask | YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick | Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes | MAC Eyeshadow Quad in Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Honesty & Mulch

I think most of us are guilty of following our favourite bloggers and Youtubers, and buying products simply on their recommendation - well, i know i am! There has been many occasions when i've seen many bloggers reviewing a new product, and i feel as though i have to rush out and buy it like my life depends on it. Whether it's skincare or make up, doesn't matter what it may be - if it's something new, and i see lots of my favourite bloggers and Youtubers talking about it then more often than not it'll eventually worm its way into my collection.

Starting at the back, the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser is something i saw featured on blogs before it was even released and for me, moisturising is not my favourite thing. So anything that makes it easier is right up my street! The continuous spraying is perfect for easy application, and it's so light yet so moisturising that it sinks into the skin easily without leaving any residue. I've already reviewed this product on the blog, which can go and read here.

The Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer was something that i saw lots of the American bloggers talk about even before it was available here, and it's actually a fairly new addition to my everyday make up routine. When it first came on the scene i wanted to give it a go but it wasn't available here, so i couldn't get my hands on it. I then completely forgot about it until i stumbled across it in Boots one day while browsing, and i was after a new under eye concealer. I picked it up months ago but needed to finish my current concealer, so have only been using it for about a month or two and i'm really glad it's been added to my routine. It's got great coverage, and is easy to apply. The formula is creamy and when blending doesn't drag my under eye skin, and works great with my favourite Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer over the top (which is another product a blogger made me buy but i forgot to include!)

I think every blogger and their cat has at some point talked about Revlon lip products. They seem to be a favourite amongst the beauty bloggers, whether it's the new Lacquer and Matte balms or the cult favourite Lip Butters. I have jumped on all three band wagons because, honestly, they're such good quality products for the drugstore price. I've already posted my thoughts on my first lacquer balm here and you can also find a post on my opinions on Lacquer vs Matte. My love for the Lip Butters can be found all over the place on my blog but you can read my Lipstick Tag and Christmas Kisses posts for my opinions on some of my favourites.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are something everyone has heard of, thanks to blogs, and i own four of them myself but they actually don't get all that much love from me. Since buying them, i've bought some many new eye products that they're just a little redundant. The bronze shade, pictured above, is probably my least loved as it's my oldest and has become a little dry but is also a little dark for me. I do own some of the beautiful champagne and pearly colours that are great for all over lid colours and for the inner corner, but i think over time i've just come to love powder eyeshadows more - especially the buttery smooth formula of MAC and Urban Decay - but you can read about when  i picked up my newest three shades from the States last Summer.

Everyone talks about the Naked Palette and i'm sure you're sick of hearing about it, so i won't go on but i think this is probably my favourite product that i'm glad i picked up after hearing about it on blogs. Without, i probably would have never known about it or splurged the price tag. I only more recently really got into using my palette, and you read about my favourite combinations here.

This L'Oreal Ever Riche Hair Mask was actually a real pain to track down, but i'm so glad that in the end i found it because it's the best conditioning product i've ever used. Is saw the lovely Fleur De Force talking about this on her Youtube channel as she dyes her hair blonde too and as many of you know i'm sure, dyeing your hair blonde - and many other colours for that matter - can damage the your hair, at the ends especially. This product is amazing, and can be left on for 5, 15, 30 minutes or even overnight and it smooths your hair beautifully. I declared my love for this, actually, in my Favourite Beauty Products of 2013 post.

The YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks are one of the more expensive products that bloggers have made me buy. When i was in America, i took advantage of the lower price and bought myself a couple of these because they are probably one of my favourite lip products, and the packaging is beautiful. You can read about these all over the internet, and they're pretty self explanatory but you can read about the two i picked up last Summer in my American Beauty series.

Clinique is a brand that you see all over beauty blogs, and when the Chubby Stick Shadow Tints released they were everywhere. It wasn't until early this year that i actually invested in one of these though because i wasn't sure that i really needed it. Originally, i saw Essie Button talking about these and particularly Lavish Lilac. That's a colour i never thought would be up my alley, but actually it's beautiful. Lavish Lilac is a purple toned grey with plenty of shimmer, and it's lovely for an easy all over the lid look for everyday or for the evening. I actually posted about this just a little while ago, and i show you how it looks on me too.

A few years ago, MAC was the brand that all bloggers talked about. Now, it's still a well loved brand but a lot more brands have produced products to rival MAC but i've always loved MAC products, especially they're lipsticks and they're eyeshadows so at the end of last year i decided to treat myself to an eyeshadow quad. I picked three shades that i've heard all about and one that i liked the look of - i should of gone with four that i'd heard lots about because Honesty is actually a little chalky, but you can read all about this quad and my love for it in a post dedicated to it, as well as how i wear them in a post about playing with the shadows.

So, that's what the bloggers made me buy - what did they make you buy?


23 June 2014

Nails of the Day | Essie Tea & Crumpets

Essie Nail Polish in Tea & Crumpets

Another day, another Essie. This time something completely different for me. I never go for the light pinks, i've never been interested in Fiji or Ballet Slippers as my skintone is just too pale but as i've said before, while on the hunt for some new neutral shades i spotted this and thought that i'd give it a go. In the bottle, it looks to have more colour than the likes of Fiji and Ballet Slippers but with the beautiful, pearly finish that i've come to love.

On my nails, although it is definitely pink, it does look far more pearly than it does in the bottle and that means that it does loose some of it's colour but after application, i can say that it definitely does work well with my pale skin. I actually really love the colour, and love how simple it looks - this would be a great one to wear for work. I think it's lovely for the Summertime for an easy, goes-with-everything shade as it's light and pearly but it's also quite professional, and would be lovely as a i'm-not-wearing-any-nail-polish-but-actually-i-am colour, i'm sure you know what i mean. Besides all this, i have to say that the application wasn't my favourite, which is unusual for an Essie. It applies very light coats, and the first is almost transparent. After two it's almost opaque, but for a perfect application i would say three coats is needed. Also, thanks to the beautiful, pearly finish you tend to be able to see every ridge, and defect on the surface of the nail. The light bouncing off the colour, casts shadows and light so if you have particularly ridged nails this may not be your favourite. Another thing, is that when applying each brush stroke is easily seen and if you don't have enough on your brush you can see streaks all over. However, if you have a loaded brush then it's much easier to apply with minimal streaks.

I think this will become a favourite of mine for wearing to work, as it does look professional and it actually looks quite elegant. It is a pain to apply, but once you've got the hang of it and the time to work with three coats, i would say that it's a firm favourite for the collection.


20 June 2014

#OOTD | Navy & Purple

ASOS Tall Skirt | ASOS V Neck Top | M&S Tights | ASOS T-Bar Shoes | New Look Necklace

I am really enjoying wearing skirts and dresses at the minute, as well as experimenting with colours, patterns and my personal style. When the Spring and Summer roles around i get far more inspired when it comes to fashion, during the Winter i get really lazy and go for easier, warmer outfits.

I would usually pair this navy skirt with a white top, which i have in the past, but i recently bought this gorgeous purple top in the sale on ASOS, and i actually really like the look of navy and purple together. It's not something i would automatically go for, but i like the way it looks. I love wearing these ASOS V neck t-shirts, they're so comfortable and light, plus they come in so many colours.

The skirt is something i bought nearer the beginning of the year, but the weather has only been nice enough to wear it in the past month or so. I love the white stripes across it, as it's not your typical stripe. They actually curve across the skirt which, when it's hanging, looks really pretty.

Because i've got a lot of colour, and pattern, going on in my outfit i kept my accessories simple and i love the silver statement necklace against the light purple. I paired it with my beloved ASOS T-bar shoes that give it some personality but also blend in with my tights.

If you'd like to see my shoes up close, then be sure to check out my Summer shoe collection post.


18 June 2014

Changing my Hair & Becoming a Grown Up

New Look Necklace | ASOS Crop T-Shirt

As i mentioned in my Mermaid Hair post i was planning on changing my hair if i were to get a job, and as of a couple of weeks ago i am now working full time. My role is working with a lot of people and for a company who has a very professional brand image, so i had to get rid of the mermaid hair rather pronto.

So, this is what i have dubbed my becoming-a-grown-up-hair. Because the underneath of my hair was heavily dyed in turquoise and purple the only real way of disguising it without damaging it was to go darker, and cover it. The bottom layer of my hair is now a chocolate brown shade, which wasn't ideally what i wanted but that really was my only option for now. I'm actually looking forward to a change, honestly, and also looking forward to the next chapter in my life and kind of feel like this helps signifies that change.

In the long run, what i'm hoping for is to go for a balayage effect, which is where the roots are darker and the ends lighter. I'm hoping to end up with my roots being all my natural hair colour, as at the moment the top layer of my hair is almost all my own colour. I don't want a dip dye, but a much more natural, blended brown to blonde look. I feel like it's all a step in the new direction i'm going in.

For now, this will do but it's definitely taken some getting used to! It was quite nice to have a job opportunity push me in this direction, because i don't think i would have done it by myself.


16 June 2014

Nails of the Day | Essie Truth or Flare

Essie Nail Polish in Truth or Flare

I've spoken about my love for Essie nail polish time and time again; the formulation is great, the application is always smooth and after two coats the colour is usually opaque. So, i'm always looking for new shades to add to my collection and i love it when new collections are released. So, when i saw the Spring collection had been released i researched the shades and decided that i only needed one, which was this one called Truth or Flare. I'm really into the more plain, neutral shades at the minute so this one is perfect. It was actually a struggle to find the collection, as it wasn't brought into any of my local Boots until weeks after release, however - i managed to track it down eventually.

Truth or Flare is a beautiful blue toned grey with a creamy formula and shiny finish. I actually think that this is exceptionally similar to one of my favourite shades, also by Essie, called Parka Perfect that was part of the Winter 2013 collection that i don't think is available easily anymore. It's probably slightly darker and more grey, as Parka Perfect is more of an icey blue toned grey.

I love this colour, it's just so simple but so pretty and it goes with everything. As always, the application went smoothly however i did find that the first coat was quite sheer. After two coats it was pretty opaque, but on some of my longer nails - especially near the top - it probably could have done with a third coat, but maybe i didn't apply it well as it was in a rush. However, overall it's a beautiful, easy colour to wear and i think would really suit all sorts of skin but especially cool skin tones.


13 June 2014

#OOTD | Poppy Print

New Look Tall Skirt | H&M V Neck Top | New Look Necklace | M&S Tights | ASOS T-Bar Shoes

I love this skirt.

If you'd told me a few months ago i'd be wearing a floral, silky circle skirt, i don't think i would have believed you. I was living in jeans and leggings all throughout Winter, but the Spring has really gotten me excited about fashion again which is refreshing. I really enjoyed styling this outfit, as the skirt is really 1950's housewife but pairing it with a simple v-neck t-shirt relaxes the whole look, and pairing it with a pair of t-bar 'school' style shoes gives it a little more personality.

This skirt is such a beautiful piece, and is easily added to your wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down, worn in the day or for the evening too. The floral print is different to anything else i own, and i love the mix of black, red, white and blue. I also love mixing textures, so pairing this silk skirt with this cotton t-shirt takes away some of the 'dressed up' style of the skirt and makes it more daytime appropriate. It's such a beautifully full skirt, and almost a full round skirt. It's the style that when you twirl, it flares out around you - don't you love that kind?

When i ordered the skirt online, i didn't think about what i'd wear without and when it arrived i suddenly realised i didn't own a red top. So, at the weekend when we were out shopping i picked up this t-shirt from H&M and i love it. It's such a beautiful quality, and it fits perfectly. Plus, it pairs perfectly with the red in the skirt and brightens it up, however it'd also look lovely paired with white too and maybe black for the evening.

If you'd like to see my shoes up close, then be sure to check out my Summer shoe collection post.


11 June 2014

Call The Midwife Virgin

I gave myself a bit of a laugh titling this it's a bit ironic, huh?

Anyway, it took me a long time - two series and a Christmas special in fact - to get myself onto the Call the Midwife bandwagon, and now i'm actually very glad i did.

I've always been into the easy to watch, chick flick or comedy TV series as you can probably tell from my FRIENDS addiction and my bad Gavin & Stacey accent. It wasn't until i started watching Pretty Little Liars and Revenge that i decided to branch out my television viewing. My mum watched this from the beginning with, what seemed like the rest of the nation, and told me how much she loved it but i really wasn't sure. By the time the third series was on TV i was considering giving it a go, as there wasn't anything better on, but i didn't want to start this far through not knowing what was going on. So, she kindly sent me the first two series on boxset to watch so i could catch up. The third series was finished by the time i finished the first two, so for my birthday i got the third series on DVD.

It's not like anything else i watch, but it's set in 1950's East London. It follows the lives and careers of the midwives and nuns of Nonnatus House, a nursing convent, taking care of the residents of the deprived Poplar District. I'm not really into Casualty or Holby City, so i wasn't sure if it would be for me but besides all the giving birth, watching the lives of the nurses and nuns blossom is quite lovely. You can't help but fall in love with the ladies, feel angry or unsure and really get stuck in right along side them. Yes, there's a little blood and goop but for me it's all about seeing what life was like for them, how they handled things and where relationships went.

If, like me, you've not been sure about it or you've been holding out then i highly recommend giving it a go. It's a beautiful series, and it might just surprise you.


9 June 2014

Nails of the Day | Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish in Caspian

I actually picked up this shade on an absolute whim, as in Boots they were doing 3 for 2 across all make up lines and without realising i took up five items up to the till. When the lady checking me out said i could get something else for free, i had that slight panic when you're at the till and you know everyone behind you is waiting while you nip off to the other end of the store to pick something else. Anyway, i needed something less expensive than my other products so it would become the free item.

Recently, i've been dipping my toe into the Barry M pool. I know that everyone seems to love the brand, but for me i haven't used Barry M nail polishes for probably six plus years and when i have previously i just wasn't happy with the quality. I found them to take forever to dry and they were a little on the gloppy side. However, at Christmastime i realised my collection was missing a true Christmas red shade and i was desperate to do a traditional Christmas manicure so i bought the bright red from the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine collection and was actually really impressed, so i more recently decided i wanted to give them a go. I already have the Models Own Beetlejuice collection so the rest of the Aquarium collection didn't really excite me, however what the Beetlejuice collection was missing for me was a gold shade and when i saw this i thought why not give it a try.

What amazed me was actually how much i fell in love with this product. The consistency is really quite thin, for a nail polish, and although this means it applies quite sheer in the first coat it also makes for a beautiful application altogether. It glides on smoothly, leaving no streaks and an even colour and after the second coat it's almost opaque. You could add a third coat if you'd like, but for me two was quite enough. As for the colour, it really is a beauty. A duo chrome gold shade that shines bronze and green, sometimes pink in different lights and i love that it really suited my pale skin. It dried in super quick time which surprised me because that's what i always feel is Barry M's downside, but it didn't let me down at all. Overall, it was a beautiful polish to work with and in future i would seriously consider buying more shades.


6 June 2014

#OOTD | Basic White Crop T-Shirt

New Look Tall Dress | ASOS Crop Top | Lady Luck Rules OK Pendant | Star Print Converse | M&S Tights

I really am not one for crop tops, in fact this is the first one i've ever owned. I'm not confident enough about my body to wear them in their intended fashion and would only consider wearing them like this or with high waisted bottoms and a tank top underneath. This is a way for me to wear crop tops and make them work for me and my wardrobe. I think this is such a fun look, and it's also a great way to give your dresses a whole new look.

These cropped t-shirts from ASOS are lovely, and come in a whole range of colours. I love the way they turn a simple strappy dress into something totally more exciting, and into a completely different style of outfit. They're really comfortable and are made of a lovely fabric. They hang beautifully, and come up true to size.

New Look are on fire with their tall range dresses and skirts, they fit like a dream and come to a great length. They have a nice range of colours and prints, and come in a few different styles too. You'll see a few of them in my OOTDs to come, i'm sure. They're so comfortable and are fitting in nicely with my style at the moment. All throughout Winter i couldn't bring myself to put on anything other than jeans, leggings or trousers but come the Spring, i can't get enough of dresses and skirts. I love dressing them up or down differently, changing the shoes and accessories, making them girly or a little more edgy. Here, i wore them with my star print converse as i thought they matched perfectly.

If you'd like to see my shoes up close, then be sure to check out my Summer shoe collection post.


4 June 2014

Nike Air Max Fusion Women's Trainers

Nike Air Max Fusion Women's Trainers in Dark Grey

I am a complete exercise newbie. The last time i was involved in any actual exercise was probably during secondary school PE lessons. I have always been quite allergic to exercise, but have usually stayed pretty active. While at university, both my living situations called for a good, lengthy walk so i've always stayed busy. However, as i'm getting older i'm not keeping the shape i once had and i'm slowly beginning to feel not quite as comfortable in my own skin as i would like so now that i've finished university, got a job and can settle down a bit i've decided to take up some exercise as i've tried many times over the last three years. Now that i'm no longer in university, i'm looking forward to making a new life for myself and i'd really like that to involve working out.

I'm in no way a gym bunny, but i love the thought of exercise classes. I've been to a few in my lifetime and they're so much fun, and often don't even feel like i'm working out. My local gym and leisure centre has just had a huge makeover and now holds lots of different work out classes so i'm looking forward to joining a few, especially Zumba, Yoga, and some step classes. For this, however, i was not prepared as i don't think i've ever actually owned a proper pair of trainers. I've been through many Vans, Etnies and Converse over the years but not actual trainers. So getting a pair of those was first on my list.

I know that trainers can get quite expensive, especially for good branded ones but i really didn't want to splash out both arms and a leg. So, i made my way to a local outlet shopping centre where i made a bee line for the Nike store. What was great was that they displayed all the different types of trainers and what they were designed for, and that is how i found the Air Max Fusions. They said they were for gym workouts which is essentially what i'm going to be doing and as soon as i tried them on i knew they would be great. They are insanely comfortable, it's like walking on a cloud. The soles are so springy which will be great for taking the impact and keeping my knees safe. I have a history with bad knees so anything to help them keep stable is brilliant.

They have a cushioned and shaped ankle, which is great for my little ankles, with ventilation mesh panels for breathability. They have durable soles and lovely fusion cushioning, which is really what sold them for me. Have i mentioned how comfortable they are? 

If that's not all enough, how cute are they? I love the plain grey and pops of colour as it means they'll go with pretty much any sportswear i choose. They were brilliantly priced, at £49 but originally £78. Still expensive, but very discounted and exactly what i was after.

What's your favourite trainer brand?


2 June 2014

Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Polish in Coral Glaze

I have heard plenty about the new Models Own Hypergel collection, but i have to admit i've never really been that into the whole gel nail craze. The Hypergel collection is supposed to be like going to the salon to get your gels applied, without all the hassle and the UV lights. It mimics all the high shine and gel-like finish of a professional manicure. They're highly pigmented, and very creamy, and are also enriched with lotus flower oil.

When the initial collection was released the original shades weren't really for me, as it consisted of some pastel shades which really aren't for me but more recently they launched some new colours, including a red, a deep purple and a beautiful coral. Although it may sound absolutely crazy, i don't really own any corals in my collection. I have reds, pinks and oranges but no corals. So, i picked it up from my local Boots and it's a really beautiful shade. It's verging on the pink side of coral, as it's like a muted neon coral which i really love, but in some lights it looks more orange but in natural light it looks like a very bright pink toned shade.

However, when it comes to application i have to admit that i didn't love it as much as i was hoping i would. It seemed thick and gloopy, and i found that the brush had to have quite a lot of product on to really apply smoothly but it also ends up being a bit too much. The first coat was very patchy, and streaky, which looked awful but it didn't take too long to dry and after the second coat is pretty much opaque. But again, you needed to apply quite a lot of product which does make the second coat dry slightly slower. Having said all of this, the final result is a very beautiful finish, opaque and glossy. I've never had gel nails before, but i would say that i can't see all that much difference between this and some of my more glossy regular nail polishes but i have to admit that it is a beautiful shade, and shiny finish.

It's going to be perfect for Spring and Summer, and i actually really loved wearing it. It's lasting power was pretty good, and i found that the tips ended up rubbing off rather than chipping and more from length of wear. I would say, overall, i would forgive the not so great application for the beautiful colour but i'm not going to rush out and buy anymore.

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