25 September 2011

I Promise

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I'm Still Alive!

Yes, yes i know it seems like i've dropped off the face of the earth but here i am! Life for the past week has just been incredibly mental (and busy). I know reside in my student residence, Deanery, in Southampton. Finally! it's been a crazy and emotional week, but with the beginning of uni on the horizon i'm beginning to feel settled. I'm not the biggest party animal, but have spent lots of time with my ever so lovely flat family, gracing the Southampton nightlife with our presence. I've thrown some shapes and given my new wedges an outing, so things are looking good. As our induction week starts tomorrow and my course the following, i'm not going to be going out as often but i'm still gonna spend some time with my little Southampton fam.

I'm really looking forward to starting the course and also for getting a routine, i've hated not knowing what to do with myself so some structure will be a god send. Sadly, i've been feeling really rubbish this week, so havn't been 100% but (finger crossed) it seems to be dying down. It's all just been so crazy it's probably just all the emotions! I few posts lined up, so you'll be hearing from me and my adventures very soon!



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