31 December 2011


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So, it's finally the end of this fabulous year; where has time gone!? When i was younger, i was told that 'the older you get, the quicker time would speed' and i remember thinking "How can that be? Time is time!" But they couldn't have been more right! I can't believe another year has been and gone, and what a wonderful year it's been. I'm not one for looking back and saying 'what a rubbish year, i hope 2012 will be much better' I'm just grateful for everything that i've been blessed with, and am looking forward to the following.

My 2011 highlights probably started with my 19th birthday, spent with my loved ones and best, best friends. I can't believe 2012 will see me turning twent(een)y, this getting older business is getting quicker and quicker. I find that the Spring months are lovely, but full of just pottering along and finding your feet in the new year, so April is usually the first milestone of my year. Before that, this year was really spent tooing and froing from Southampton, to visit the Mr, and working my ass off for my Final Major Project, at college. However, i did embark on a college trip to Amsterdam, earlier on in the year, that all i really remember is feeling freezing all the time and being absolutely overloaded with art. Oh, and thinking that Amsterdam was a little dull and all looked the same, not the most exciting city i've ever been to. Another favourite moment from 2011 was also college related, and was the moment i attended my own Private View knowing that i was finished, and that i'd passed with a Merit, more than i could have hoped. Goodbye college! Seeing my lovely Mr turn 21 was a special moment for me, and being able to share it with him and his fabulous family. 21! Can you believe it? I'm so proud of him and he's become such an important part of my life, and my year, that i don't know where i'd be without him. He's too wonderful for words! Starting university was probably my greatest achievement of the year, and i'm so happy to be where i am; i'm enjoying my course immensely, and am so grateful for everything that i'm learning. Since starting in Southampton, blogging has been forced into my life more and more, which i couldn't be more grateful for as it was getting a little slack; i've had so many opportunities from this little piece of internet, and i'm so, so proud. The latest highlight of my year was attending my Mr's brother's wedding; to some, it may not seem like a big deal but being able to share in such a special day with him, and his family, meant so much to me and it was such an amazing day.

There have been so many important people in my life this year, that there's no way i could name them all but most of you should know who you are; so the few i'll mention are, obviously, my Mr, mainly for just being there, for being the understanding, thoughtful, caring person he is, and for being my biggest support. Another person who i am so thankful to have met, is my fabulous university bestie Nicole; she really is one of a kind, a wonderful friend and like my equivalent. She's been such a support the past 3 months, and i'm lucky to have her in my life, here's to many more months together and to sharing our flat next year! A few more names i must drop in here are the ladies i've met through the blogging community; Alice, Michelle, Law and Fiona, to name but a few! These are some of the loveliest ladies i've ever met, and are so like minded that it's great to meet people who understand about the blogging world, and collectively inspire me to keep blogging and really build on who i'm growing into, so thank you girls!

So, all in all this has been a year to be proud of, and i'm thoroughly looking forward to what's ahead. There have been ups and downs, like no other, but feeling myself blossom into myself is something that i'll never forget witnessing, and something even more great is feeling me and my Mr grow in sync; we may be in very different moments of our lives but it's so special how we continue to support each other and make it work for us, and i so can't wait for whatever the future will bring us, and wherever it may take us.

I'm never one for making resolutions as i rarely keep them, but this year i'd like to have a few guides to keep to, at least:

- I'd like blogging to carry on being a big part of my life; and to use the skills that i'm learning at university to translate to Legs, so i can create some writing i'm really proud of.

- I vow to grab every opportunity that comes my way, and to create opportunities for myself, searching for prospects for my future career.

- I'm going to support my Mr all that i can, and plan to work on our relationship to keep us growing together (and also to celebrate our three year anniversary in style!)

- I hope to begin better saving, to put towards my future.

- This year, i'd like to do a 365, in which i take a photo a day to commemorate 2012.

- Overall, to keep happy, and positive, and to keep living my life to the full.

What are your resolutions going to undertake? I hope you all have a very happy New Year, whatever you may be doing and i hope 2012 is good to you! I will be spending my New Year just the way i like it, with my lovely Mr.

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28 December 2011

Legs Turns 1 (and 2 Months)

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(& 2 Months!)

It's my blog's one year and two month birthday, as i was so busy with uni that i totally forgot about Legs' actual first birthday! So, i thought as it's such a special time of year that i'd like to take this opportunity to do a post commemorating my first year (and a bit) of blogging!

When i started Legs, it was just a place to write about my life, things i enjoyed and a place to sharpen my writing skills, but now it's blossomed into my little piece of the internet, and become a part of me and my life. It's ironic because the reason i started this blog, or the person who inspired me to write this blog, is now the leader of my university course. Just over a year ago i attended an open day at Southampton Solent University in which i sat in a talk on, my current, course BA (Hons) Writing, Fashion & Culture hosted by Sarah Cooper, my course leader. She said that the best way to hone your writing skills and get into the industry is to start a blog and get yourself out there, and that's what i did, so really it's all down to her. I'm proud to have created something that really represents me, and something that other people enjoy reading too. I never thought anyone other than myself would read my posts but now, at 42 followers, i'm happy that other people enjoy reading what i have to say too.

I'm proud of what Legs has become, and i'd just like to take this time to say thank you to everyone for reading and supporting me, i have met some of the loveliest people and gained some of the greatest opportunities through blogging, and i am eternally grateful, and thankful, for everything.

All my love,


27 December 2011

Picks of the Sales

I'm not really one for sale shopping, and especially not making a mad dash for the High Street on Boxing day or anything, but i am partial to a bargain so i never fail to have a browse through the sales items, usually not to much avail but here are my top picks for this months sales.

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Topshop is my favourite place for sale shopping, usually because they put lovely garments in their sales too, however the prices are still usually something i have to think about but the clothing is just as good in the sale as it is out. There's often good discount here though, with 50% off being typical so it's often worth waiting for those real high end prices to go into the sale. New Look isn't a go to sale for me, but this year they've really upped their game entering lovely pieces into the sale and giving great discounts. The three items i chose to show are my favourite pieces, and think they're well worth investing in for seasons to come.

H&M is a well priced brand anyway, but when the sales come to town the prices get even better. Unlike some sales, they still put it in popular pieces and usual stock, which is brilliant because i hate it when sales are just full of tack and rubbish. What's brilliant about H&M is that it's full of basics, and items that can be worn again and again in multiple styles, so the sale is a brilliant way of updating your wardrobe for future seasons. I always think of the River Island sale having those beautiful one off pieces that are a little more special and a little more up market, i don't know why, but this year is no exception. There are some gorgeous, sumptuous pieces that are fab colours, and patterns, and that are a little more luxurious than other high street sales. You can often find lovely going out outfits from the River Island sale, perfect for New Year!
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I love the Miss Selfridge Sale and i find that my favourite items always happen to be bottoms; like leggings, shorts and skirts. They do some beautiful bits, especially lots of lovely evening dresses that could be bought for, sometimes, half the price. My personal favourites are their shorts as, because i'm tall, the leggings are always too short but Miss S do a fab selection of stand out leggings too. Dorothy Perkins, like H&M, do some fab basics; like your colour jeans, your jackets and your skater dresses, everything you need to keep on trend in the coming seasons. Their prices are slashed, and you're bound to find something you honestly just need in your wardrobe!

Where are your favourite places to sale shop?


26 December 2011

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and spent it with your nearest and dearest, i also hope Santa was kind to you, this year, and gifted you all that wanted! Here's just a photo heavy, Boxing day post about my Christmas season until i'm back into blogging!

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25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Legs Eleven Readers!
I hope you all have a lovely, festive day and spend lots of time with your families, friends, relatives, partners, and anybody else who's special to you! I hope your day is full of magic and Christmas cheer!

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24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.
And mama in her 'kerchief', and i in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winters nap.

So, the big days is, now, one sleep away and i'm sure we're all fully into the Christmas swing. One of the things i love most about Christmas is that this season is full of Christmas traditions, and my family, and i, are no different. This year, the run up to Christmas has been a little different, which is sad but also very exciting, as i travelled up to Bristol to witness my Mr's brother and, now, sister-in-law get married in a beautiful Wintery service, so the beginning of my Christmas eve is being spent beating off the public to get home. When i arrive home, the traditions will fall back into place and my day will be spent with plenty of these:

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and this:

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(Church images sourced from We Heart It)

One of our great family traditions is that on Christmas eve, me and my parents go to our local church, or Peterborough Cathedral depending on how far we want to go, and attend the Christmas eve Midnight Mass. My parents attend church regularly, on a Sunday, and are active members of the community so we'd attend a service at some point of Christmas anyway, my personal favourite is Midnight Mass, as i just feel it's much more Christmassy, warm and festive.

How will you be spending your Christmas eve?

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled all the stockings and turned with a jerk,
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But i heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight!"


23 December 2011

Thursford Christmas Spectacular

On Monday 19th December, my family, my Mr & i took our yearly journey to the Thursford, in Fakenham, Norfolk.

The Thursford Christmas Spectacular is described as "the biggest and most exciting Christmas show of all time", and is held annually in the depths of Norfolk, UK. The show is full of singing, dancing and festive cheer, and will be sure to put you in the Christmas mood. People of all ages attend this show from coach loads of OAPs to young couples and children, however they do have a rule that says children under the age of 8 aren't permitted. As a child of the Thursford phenomenon, my parents have been going year after year, even before i was born, the wait is well worth it, so don't be down beat!

The show is split into two halves, of which the first half is lively, often modern, and aimed at children, laughing and the child inside of all of us. There's plenty of dancing, singing and joke telling to keep you smiling for weeks, and if you're lucky you might even spot Father Christmas! For a Thursford veteran, like myself, you know that there are treats and surprises, throughout the show, and you'll be spoilt with those as a newbie. Without being too over the top, or too untraditional, they include the audience in their festive activity, if only when the choir spread themselves throughout the stalls, but i won't spoil too much as this is a spectacle you really must see for yourself.

The second half turns more traditional, more instrumental and singing based, but it's still kept fun and frivolous with the orchestra dancing in their seats and dances gracing the stage for the more upbeat numbers. There's a very energetic percussionist that occasionally takes centre stage to show off his incredible talent, and to amaze you. Thursford wouldn't be itself without the Wurlitzer Organ, played by organist supreme Phil Kelsall, who's also played the stage of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. He plays along with the songs, and orchestra, but also given the opportunity to show what a whizz he really is and plays supremely in front of your very eyes, on the big screens.

Throughout the show to keep things down to earth, and to remind us why we're all there, readings are read from the bible, from poems or from stories to spread the Christmas cheer in the most traditional way.

I love attending this spectacular every year, and it's become a family tradition that my Mr has now been brought into too. It's a really special custom for us, and i'll be taking my family there for years to come, i hope.

Go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular page to read everything you need to know about booking seats, as they go well in advance of the next years shows. They're performed from mid-November to the end of December so there's plenty of time for you to go.

What are your Christmas traditions?


21 December 2011

Christmas is Here: Cream of the Coats

For this instalment of Christmas is Here, because it certainly is, i'm looking at the cream of the high street coats. Whether it's a trench, pea, faux fur or parka, there's something for everyone's shape and budget on our great British high street, you've just got to search and here's the best place to start.

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I adore New Look's Dolly coat and the Dorothy Perkins Hooded Cape, things that are a little different appeal to me (which i ironic as my current coat is a navy blue peacoat!) There are so many gorgeous coats on the high street, like this tweed Topshop number; it just looks heavy and well made. You'll begin to notice in this post that i'm a sucker for a fur collar! If you're not your typical coat person, why not try something a little different like a cape or a parka? A cape gives you the coverage to keep you warm, but has a totally different shape to many coats, and is often the fashion forward choice. I find that parkas are just a little more laid back than a lot of coats, it's easy chic and they can be worn for everything from walking to work to heading to the bar. I'm not a huge fan of white coats, but they can look very chic and classic (and also very dirty!) I think, although i'm biased, that anything showcasing fur is festive and perfect for the Christmas season!

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Faux fur is a perfect way to keep warm and stylish, this Winter, as it's been a huge trend for the past few years and it looks as though there are no signs of stopping. There are so many styles of faux fur coat on the high street that you're bound to find something that you love, they really do keep out the chills! By cinching in your waist, in a coat, with a belt of some kind, it can take you from frumpy to fashionable, in seconds. It just helps to keep your shape as many coats don't tend to have much of a shape, except the select few. Instead of going for your run of the mill black or grey coat, why don't you try a pop of colour? Not only will you stand out amongst the crowd, but you'll keep yourself cheerful throughout the often gloomy season. I love the boyfriend style of the Motel number, it's super flattering and i love the fur running down the front of the coat, i helps to bring it shape and style.

I hope this brought you one step closer to finding the perfect coat for you!


19 December 2011

Christmas is Here: Gift Guide Pt 2

Part two of my Christmas gift guide, in the Christmas is Here series, may be a little controversial (but probably not to my readers!) I think that shopping for males is dull, boring and frankly very difficult, so i thought it'd be a lot more fun to create something you can show your boyfriends/husbands/dads to tell them exactly what you want: so welcome, boys, to my Here Come The Girls gift guide!

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Frankly, men have it easy when it comes to christmas; we don't ask for much, we leave hints throughout the year, i mean, how much easier does it get?! Us girls love Topshop, it's a fact of life and i think we all need to just come to terms with it. They have an array of items that we'd love to find under our Christmas tree; why not try a snuggly Christmas jumper? There are so many gorgeous fairisle prints that we go ga ga for, plus they'll keep us snug this Winter. There are so many other ways to keep us warm this season, why not try gifting a hot water bottle or one of those faux fur stoles that we seem to be going crazy for. If you don't fancy having to sell a major organ to buy your loved one the Topshop stole, try raiding the rest of the high street, they're all over the place. This lovely hooded dressing gown looks so sweet, and will be perfect for lounging around in this festive season. However, if you fancy something a little more seductive, why not gift your partner some silky underwear: like this gorgeous bralet, that can be worn under sheer tops as well as in the bedroom. It's quite fair to say that often enough, a way to a girl's heart is through her feet, and if she finds these little beauties in her stocking, i think you'll be keeping her sweet! New Look is another high street brimming with Christmas gifts just waiting to be opened, why not dress your Mrs for your Christmas doos so you'll be proud to have her hanging off your arm. This golden sequin dress will be sure to stop people in their tracks and get them looking at you. Socks. Everyone loves socks, i certainly do, and if they have a cute print then we'll sure to be in love.

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Candles are used throughout this season, and us girls love them all year round too so why not try these Jelly Belly tin candles? They come in a variety of scents, but this Very Cherry one smells delicious, like the real thing. They'll always be a hit! These Motel Jordan Jeans are a bestseller and have been flying off the metaphorical shelves, so if you could steal your girl a pair of these she's sure to be a very happy Christmas bunny. They can be worn over and over throughout the season for easy chic, and then for the rest of the year to be worn various ways. Despite the way to a girl's heart being through her feet, you can also find a detour through her wrist. Now, i'm going to say this once and once only, if you by the female in your life a Mulberry bag, you will forever be held in the highest respect and be loved forever more. Honestly. I'm not joking, take this advice to heart and remember well. Mulberry bags are coveted throughout the fashion blogging elite and filters out to the most fashion conscious females, and beyond. This Alexa is in a beautiful deep blue and will go with everything, so no need to take excuses like but i also need one in cream because then it will go with my favourite dress.. Well.. Maybe not. I found Lily Loves Lola through Kim's blog and fell in love instantly. The adorable charms can be worn, and kept, so many ways and any girl would love to receive a little token of love, like these. For a cute, special stocking filler why not go for one of these, and starting at £1.80, you really can't go wrong. Models Own is a brand that i love, as you can probably tell from my previous posts and the new Beetlejuice collection is something that i am dying for, lets hope Santa brings me some pennies to by some with after Christmas! You can buy a variety of sets from their online site for cheap as chips, and i'm sure that whoever you're buying for would love to decorate their fingers and toes this Christmas, how festive. All women love jewellery and Accessorize is a brilliant way to start, this gorgeous aztec style necklace would be fab to make anything a little more special this party season, so why not have a browse and choose something your partner would love (every girl has a style!) I love pyjamas. You love pyjamas. We love pyjamas. We all love pyjamas, so if you go that extra mile and pick some fancy sets, you're bound to go down in history as a damn good boyfriend/husband/partner/dad.

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Mmm, fancy chocolates never go a miss! These Charbonnel et Walker are some of the fanciest chocolates i've ever seen, and my mum absolutely adores these pink chocolate champagne truffles. They're great for a stocking filler, if you're going all out, or simply as a sweet gesture for under the tree. Pink chocolates, who's not to love them! Women of all ages and professions use watches, so some glitzy arm candy, i'm sure, won't be sniffed at. Go for something chic, black and bling to get the girls hanging on your every word; us? Materialistic? Really? You should obviously make sure the giftee already owns a charm bracelet, or you're going to look a bit foolish handing over a charm for a charmless wrist, unless of course you're adding in the bracelet too? Well then, you're sure to be on to a winner. When it comes to charms, always go for something girly and personal, we don't want rubbish hanging from our wrists but memories and things we can look at and remember. Ted Baker really does know how to cut a fine purse, and this is no different. Mock croc is timeless, and in purple, like this, it'll get you bang up to date and bang on trend. These purses are as iconic as the infamous LV, so you'll be loved handing one of these over. Bootie slippers are cute and comfortable, we may act as though they're hideous and we're totally fashion conscious, but we're half lying and as long as they're cute we're happy to snuggle up in our new Victoria Secret pyjamas and booties to keep warm, this Winter. We all love perfume, so it's an obvious gift, but please, make sure you know what we like before you go out on a whim and guess! Every girl has a signature scent and something we know we love, so make sure you give it some research. However, i definitely recommend Viva la Juicy and The One! Delicious. Not everyone has heard of Jack Wills, but they're over the top prices have kept them selling to the elite. However, i am a great fan of their underwear as it's bright, fun and insanely comfortable. It's preppy and trendy, so the girls will love it. The blazers are absolutely to die for but completely bankrupting so make sure you know her size BEFORE you buy?

I hope this has given a few ideas, or at least got the juices flowing, but you better get a move on!


18 December 2011

Models Own: Purple Ash & Bronze Rage

These are two of the Models Own polishes i purchased at The Clothes Show, and this is how i'm wearing them at the moment.

Models Own Purple Ash & Models Own Bronze Rage (on accent thumb and finger)

17 December 2011

Christmas is Here: Gift Guide Pt 1

With it being the Season of giving, i though that in my Christmas is Here series i'd add in a couple of gift guides that are a little different to usual.

This first part is aimed at your Secret Santas. I hate Secret Santa. Sod's law says you will never get who you want; because you know you've been thinking about who you want to pick out of that damn hat, and you've been racking your brains and have come up with that perfect gift in the ridiculous budget for the person you wish you would pick. Nuh uh. Not gonna happen; you'll pick that guy that works on the 4th floor that you've smiled once over the coffee machine. Excellent. So, here's my fail proof guide to Secret Santa.

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The dreaded £5 limit makes us all tap our heads, because frankly you can't buy anything for £5 these days, but i've done the hard work for you and scoured the web to bring you the best items for under a fiver. These hangover bags are the best idea i've ever come across for a Secret Santa gift, because i'm sure we all know a fair few hangover sufferers. I found them in my local Whittard, so i'm sure you could steer around the delivery charge and search in your own Whittard branch. Sweets never go a miss at Christmas, especially if they're a classic, like these flying saucers. There are plenty of retro sweet sites online, as well as sites selling american style sweets so use your google search engine to find that perfect sweet for your Secret Santa. For the women in your team/flat, wherever you are, make up is always a good call. Just because you have a small budget, doesn't mean you have to scrimp on a rubbish make up brand that no-one's ever heard of. Models Own polishes are £5 a bottle, incapsulating every colour under the sun and can be found in many larger Boots stores and despite ELF make up being dirt cheap, it's a well known brand and the quality is quite the opposite to the price. Gloves. Everyone needs gloves, so you can't go far wrong there!

With the a an increase in the budget, you're given a little more leeway, however it can still be a complete pain the arse finding that generic gift that whether you know them or not, it can still be enjoyed. Hot chocolate, and a fab brand like Whittard, is always a lovely gift, especially in Winter. Add in some marshmallows, some cellophane and some ribbon, and you've got yourself a gift good for any colleague. Music and DVDs can often but specific to an individual, but something like the Inbetweeners is comedy and could be enjoyed by an array of people, but maybe not someone who's a prude.. or doesn't find sex jokes funny.. But Bruno Mars can be enjoyed my all sorts of people, as my mum and i both enjoy his music. Stationary is used by everyone, whatever they do, whether it be for work, studying or just your weekly shopping list so notepads, pens, letter paper, etc is always a good idea if you're stuck. There are so many lovely designs out there, on the high street, now you're bound to find something you like, try Paperchase as they're full of quirky designs. Moisturisers are said to be insulting gifts, but i think that a good moisturiser can be enjoyed by women, and men, but if you're uncomfortable giving a man moisturiser, try shaving products. *I know this Burt's Bees product is above £10 but i couldn't resist putting it in with a male counterpart, it would have looked lonely otherwise and i can vouch that the Burt's Bees body butters smell divine!

If you have a larger budget, lucky you (or not?) Anything over a tenner, i would say that Itunes/Apple App vouchers are a brilliant idea. It means that the person you're giving it to can choose what they like, i think they're brilliant for all occasions.

I hope this helps, Happy shopping!


15 December 2011

REVIEW: Models Own Make Up

As i explained in my Clothes Show post, at the Models Own stand at Clothes Show Live, if you bought three products for £10 you got a free make up bag full of goodies and i was dying to try the Models Own make up out, so i thought i'd bring it home with me to give a real go, now i have time! I haven't reviewed everything, as because i bought 6 products i got two goody bags so plenty of products, but not everything was to my taste (Such as lime green eyeliner? Who thought that was a good idea!?) But these are the products i liked the best, and wanted to try out, and thought that you would be interested the most! Maybe it'll entice you to give the brand a go.

Models Own Eyeshadow Duo in Pretty Baby RRP: £5

When i first looked at this eyeshadow duo, i originally thought it was a gold and a silver, but when i brushed the surface with my finger the silver turned more into a definite blue, which put me off a little but i gave it a go despite that. They're beautifully shimmered, but not highly pigmented. If you wanted an equally coloured and shimmery shadow, this probably isn't for you but i am a great loved of shimmer first with a hint of colour on the lid. The blue doesn't come out as a garish colour, when applied, but a beautifully cool shade, high in shimmer and the other creamy, golden colour comes out as a gorgeous warm colour. I very much love this product, as they're perfect me and not too highly pigmented but just a beautiful shine.

Models Own Lip Balm in Fuchsia Full, Ballet Pink & Glass RRP: £5

I adore this product! They're a lovely, soft texture that comes out as a sort of gel but feels very creamy on the lip, making me feel as though i'm doing some good while wearing it. As a lip balm, it feels very moisturising as opposed to other brands of colour balms. I was a little scared to try out the Fuchsia Full balm as i'm not a great lover of bright make up, i don't really think it's very me, but when i gave this a go it definitely is highly pigmented but it doesn't come out so scary on the lip. For starters, it smells divine; a gorgeous, fresh, fruity smell that reminds me of cherries, and frankly anything that smells of cherries is a winner in my book. Because of the high shine and seriously glossy finish, the colour becomes so much more wearable for day to day, for an evening look to give you an alternative to a lipstick. The Ballet Pink balm smells a lot softer, sort of like a soap but it isn't unpleasant, quite the opposite. It isn't as highly pigmented as the Fuchsia lip colour, but it's full of shimmer. You can definitely see a pink tint to the lip, which brings lovely colour and helps to brighten the face. Again, it's a fab product and creates a gorgeous look. The glass balm is a totally different texture to the other two, more of a gloopy consistency that isn't very appealing in the pot, i much prefer the hardness of the other two products but when put on the lip it does exactly what it says on the pot, and creates a glass look to the lip. Despite that, it does feel very sticky and heavy when applied that doesn't feel very nice to wear, so i don't think i'll get much use out of that one. However, the pink balms are both fab and will be using them throughout the festive season.

Models Own Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha RRP: £5

I am not a fan of these sorts of shadows, i just find the messy and a pain to get the right amount of product on the brush, for the look you want. I have many Barry M Dazzle Dusts but never use them for this reason, so was reluctant to give this a go but i really like the colour so tried it anyway. I was not disappointed with the colour! It doesn't come out as a deep brown, as i thought it would but as a gorgeous, warm bronze shade that's brimming with shimmer. It has more colour than the shadow duo, but still isn't intensely pigmented, which is perfect for me. However, the style of product just isn't to my taste; the product was very full so when i patted the brush to the surface it when all over the surface it was stood on and piled onto the brush that would have resulted in shadow all over my face but when i tried to reduce the product on the brush, it practically took it all off, so it was hard to get an in-between amount. I do like the colour, so i would consider using it again for that reason.

Models Own 2-in-1 Lengthen & Curl in Black RRP: £6

I was interested to try this mascara as i'm always looking for a good one, as i explained in my Scandaleyes Review post, i have very small, thin lashes that i generally have a bad relationship with so i am determined to look for something to help combat that. I'm not a fan of curved brushes, as i find them difficult to use and this was no different. I found the bristles to also be quite hard, and scratchy that, if you get too close to the lash line, can be a little painful. However, the mascara itself seemed to be pretty good; it dried fairly fast making it quick and easy to apply, and easy to build up. The brush did help to separate the lashes and lengthen them a little, but it separated them so much that they probably looked thinner, i personally prefer a thicker lash. However, overall the actual mascara was nice and was easy to apply, so if it had a thicker wand i'd probably prefer it.

Models Own Glitter Eye Pencil in Too Turquoise RRP: £5

If you're after a highly pigmented liner, then this is your brand. This gorgeous turquoise/teal colour comes out beautifully on the eye, probably not really my colour because it's so bright but it definitely does it's job well. However, if you use the smudger on the opposite end it helps to alleviate some of the colour, and creates a luscious smudged style, perfect for a smokey eye effect. Something i really like about this liner is that it has a beautiful glitter to it, in the pencil, and usually liners like this have shimmer in the pencil but not on the eye, but this definitely does show, which i love. It's a lovely, soft, creamy texture which makes it incredibly easy to apply as much, or as little, as you wish so despite it being a little bright for me, it's a fab product.

Models Own Lipgloss in Tangerine & Red Hot RRP: £5

These glosses are beautifully glossy, but aren't too sticky or heavy, perfect! Something that i find difficult about wearing red lipstick, is that because i'm pale the stark red looks a little bright against my skin-tone whereas this lovely red lipgloss is lovely. It's super shiny, and glossy, which helps the colour to be less harsh on the lip. It's fairly high in pigmentation but because of the fab gloss, it isn't too harsh but comes out as a gorgeous softened colour. They smell really sweet too, that's very appetising! I've always wanted to give orange lips a go, and this is the perfect way to ease myself in. Like the red gloss, it's intense in shine so the colour, despite being very pigmented, is a lot easier to wear. There isn't too much to say about this product as it does it's job very well, and the colour is great so i definitely recommend these too!

This was a great way for me to give the Models Own make a go, and it's definitely given me the bug to try some more of their products. It was a lot more than i expected and i was very impressed by all that i tried out. What about you, have you ever tried Models Own make up, besides their polishes? What did you think?

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