30 May 2014

Tiger Haul

We've had a Tiger in Cambridge for a few months now, and every time i've been in town i've longingly stared into the windows as i passed by but my goodness, that shop is always busy. It's cleverly laid out with a walkway style layout that you have to follow all the way 'round, and either side of you is ladened with all sorts of products that you simply need, but never knew you needed. They honestly seem to sell everything from glasses to kitchenware, and stationary to food. However, one morning i was in town pretty early and i took the opportunity to have a wander around when the store was a lot less quieter than usual.

I loved all of the kitchenware and when i eventually, whenever that may be, move out of my parents house i will definitely be going back to browse the glassware, napkins and appliances. They had a wall full of candles too, which is just a dream, with matching candle holders - tealight and stick. The stationary was beautiful too, they had all sorts from notebooks and pencils to art supplies, and what i loved was that everything was so well priced.

I picked up three things on this trip, as i didn't want to go mad - i could have bought the whole store. The sunglasses were first on my list, as you may not know it but i can never have too many pairs. They were the first thing i saw when i went in the door, and they had so many styles, most in black, but so many shapes. I picked the most perfect cateye pair that i love! They fit perfectly, and i love how dark the lenses are because often when i buy sunglasses from the high street the lenses aren't all that black. Considering they were only £4, they're really great quality!

I've seen blogger, after blogger, after blogger use paper straws in their photographs and tutorials. They're so pretty, but i really have no use for them! I'm sure i'll find something for them this Summer, maybe they'll be featured on the blog but i just thought they were something cool to try - i told you, Tiger sells everything you never knew you even wanted.

Lastly, i picked up two of the little glass jars with ceramic tops. I thought they were so pretty and i actually wanted to pick up more, but i really don't need them and would have no idea were to keep them. I think they'll be perfect for when i have my own place, maybe in the kitchen, but for now i'm loving the ones i have. They're air-tight so would be great for spices or condiments perhaps, but they'd also look really cute just for decoration maybe filled with beads or glitter, or something!

Have you got a local Tiger, because if you have i highly recommend giving it a look but only if you've got the money to splash!


28 May 2014

What's on my Feet? Summer Edition

So, i haven't even bothered to check before writing and posting this but i'm pretty sure i posted a Winter footwear post before Christmas and i cannot remember whether i posted a Summer one last year, but if i did - there may be a few similarities, but this is what i'm wearing on my feet this Spring and Summer. There's a real mix, as British Summertime can't always be counted on so i have a mix of sandals and enclosed shoes but this is what i'll be wearing this year!

Topshop Black Mambo Boots | I have always admired people wearing platform boots but as i can't really wear slip on shoes or boots i've never been able to wear them, that was until i found the Topshop Mambos. They're just such a lovely shoe and i love how they make an outfit look; if i'm wearing something girly they toughen it up or they can really dress up just jeans and a t-shirt. If you'd like a few review of these, you can find the link to the post i wrote about them in the title.

ASOS Molly Flat Shoes | When it came around to baring my feet this Spring, i came to realise that my shoe collection was seriously lacking in staple footwear. I actually owned no pairs of plan black shoes, so i got on the case for adding in a couple. I'm actually still on the hunt for a stroppy pair of ballerina pumps, as i ordered some from Topshop but they fit horridly. However, i did find this cute pair from ASOS which i think are great for jazzing up an outfit. I have to admit that they fit probably slightly smaller than true sizing, but i loved them too much to send them back as i think it has to do with the fact the toe is slightly tapered. Nevertheless, i love them and i they're great for pairing with dresses or jeans, or anything actually!

M&S Caged Toe Sandals in Black & Orange | The black pair of these sandals was a total staple for me last Summer, as i wore them with everything. They're just so versatile and look lovely with everything. They really make an outfit look  cute, as well as both dressy, relaxed and Summery. There's something about these that makes me think of a 1950's housewife, i'm not sure why. Anyway, i actually bought the orange pair right at the end of last Summer, in the sale, for only £11 when originally they were £30. I just couldn't pass it up, but last year i didn't get to wear them so i'm excited to include them in my Summer wardrobe this year. I think orange is such a perfect Summer colour, and these look great with all sorts of other colours that i wasn't sure that they would.

Converse All Star Low Top Canvas Sneakers in White & Blue Star Print | I love wearing Converse in the Spring and Summer, and my White pair is my go-to. They simply go with everything, and they take away the girly in an outfit if i'm wearing dresses or skirts and want to give it a little bit of an edge. My white pair i've had for probably about two years now, and they've seen a lot of good times. So, when i was in America last Summer i couldn't help but pick up this super cute, fun star printed pair that look great with colour blocking outfits in the Summer. I just think they're a lovely addition to my collection for something a little more exciting, this Summer.

New Look Patent Brogues | I picked these up last year and never really wore them, but i love them. I love the way brogues look and again, they just give a different sort of look to an outfit. I just wanted something enclosed and slightly smarter. Again, they're very versatile and look great with everything from jeans to skirts. They're lace up, which is perfect for me and my skinny feet, and i like that they kind of have a masculine look to them. They're not your typical Summer shoe, but i love wearing these when the day is looking a little grey - the British Summer weather isn't always looking it's best - and they're also great for the evening too.

Topshop Mary Jane Flat Shoes in Leopard Print & Pink Poppy Print | I bought these last year too and wore them all throughout Summer. They're great because they have a strap, and i love the fun colours and prints. They're a little more difficult to wear, as i often wear prints and colours in my outfit and they don't go with everything but i make them work, and get the most use out of the leopard pair. I once heard a stylist say that she thought of leopard print as a kind of neutral and i sometimes go with that idea. They're really comfortable and have a great sole, so keep my feet safe when i'm doing lots of walking - usually shopping.

Matalan Buckle Peep Toe Heeled Sandals | These i was a little intimidated of, last Summer, and didn't wear them all that much - plus they are a real pain in the butt to put on. You can't really see from this picture but they have five buckles each which isn't the easiest to do up, but when i wear them i love the effect they give. They're really edgy and look great for dressing up an outfit during the day or giving a cooler vibe for an evening out. I have to admit that i don't love the fact the heel is cut out as i'm not a huge fan of feet, and it does look a little odd but i do love the peep-toe and it's nice to get a pop of colour peeking through from your toenails.


26 May 2014

Lush Dream Cream & How it works for Me

I'm not sure if i've ever mentioned it before, but i struggle with eczema. I generally have sensitive skin all over, but currently i'm struggling with bad eczema in between my fingers and on my chest. It's often very painful, the skin gets extremely dry, red and flakey and sometimes if it gets too bad the skin can even crack and bleed - gross, i know.

I had heard so much about the famous and, what seemed, magical Dream Cream from Lush. It was supposed to be every answer to the sensitive, bad-skinned girl's dream. I've heard that many other girls have used Dream Cream with spectacular results, it was supposed to have cleared up all the dry, red skin and restored the skin back to whatever it was like before.

So, after a lot of umming and ahhing, i decided to pop down to my local Lush store in Cambridge to have a look for myself and give it a go. It was right in the door, so i stood for a while reading the packaging and sussing out what it was it was really supposed to do and i have to say that the packaging really did sell it to me. However, it was a wonderful employee of the store that really helped me out. I didn't get a chance to grab his name, but he spoke very highly of the product, telling me that he used it himself and it really worked. He also gave me the best advice that i hadn't even thought of before; he said that moisturisers were very personal to the individual and although it worked for many, many other people i may not work for me so he suggested that i test it out of my fingers, finish my shopping and see how i felt. He didn't try to force the cream on me once he knew i was interested, he gave me some brilliant advice and let me leave not knowing if i would be back. Well, it took about thirty seconds for me to realise i needed this in my life.

Just about three minutes after i had applied and left the store, i could already see a huge difference the in the skin between my fingers. My skin hadn't looked like that for a very long time, and it was no longer sore, red or dry. It was amazing, and really did seem like magic. So, i purchased a pot and have been using it for weeks. I apply it overnight, as the cream is a little greasy but the skin really does soak it all up, and my skin is slowly transforming into what it previously felt like. It's no longer cracked or flaky, and is beginning to be a lot less dry too. If i used it more often, i'm sure it would have worked a lot quicker but because my problem area is on my hands i can't use it as often as i would like (seeing as i love washing my hands, and using anti bac!). The skin is no longer red, however, it it's becoming a lot more comfortable. The eczema on my chest is actually a lot worse than between my fingers, so is taking a lot more time to shift, but i am considering going to the doctor about that.

It's amazing, very soothing and does exactly what the tin (and thousands of other people) say it should.


23 May 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Roomiest Rose

So, i know that i recently posted about my new YSL lipstick in a pretty rose colour, but i think i have a thing for rose coloured lip products this Spring, because i couldn't help but pick up this beautiful rose shade from Clinique with my Boots voucher.

I absolutely love the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense line, they're possibly my favourite lip products of all time as they're just so easy to apply and now the intense line has the pigmentation to match.  I love the pencil tip of these products as you can just draw the colour on, line your lips and fill them in. The formulation of these products just further make me love them, as they're not at all drying. I wouldn't say they're the most moisturising, but they certainly don't dry out your lips either. Although, that makes them sound like they're not at all moisturising! Honestly, it's hard to describe but they feel lovely on the lips. The colour doesn't last forever, but it definitely lasts a few hours as long as there's no eating or much drinking involved so you will need to reapply but like i've said before, that's never a problem for me. The finish is a glossy finish, but it's definitely not like a lipgloss. It's not matte and not gloss, i'd say it's probably more of a satin which i really like and it looks beautiful on the lips.

Roomiest Rose is exactly what it says on the tin, a beautiful bright rose pink colour. If you love berry lips for the Winter, then this is kind of the perfect step up for Spring and Summer.


21 May 2014

Essie Nail Polish in Naughty Nautical

So, i was going through my nail polish collection and had a bit of a tidy up. I threw away a lot of very old colours and a couple that i just wasn't going to use, and one that was looking a bit worse for wear was a Models Own turquoise shade. I had never really been that into it, but when i found it at the bottom of my pile i was a little sad that it was gloopy and unusable so i made it my mission to find myself a new turquoise shade.

I have been loving Essie lately so i made that my first port of call. I've actually heard a lot about Essie's Turquiose and Caicos and lots of bloggers seem to talk about it, but when i actually got to see in Boots it looked a little too mint green for what i wanted. Next door to that shade was this colour, and it was much more up my street. Naughty Nautical is a kind of turquoise/teal mix and it's a beautiful bright, bold shade rather than a pastel tone which doesn't always suit my skintone. It was beautiful to apply, as usual Essie polishes are, but after it'd dried i wasn't sure if it really suited me. I wore it for about a week, and it did grow on me but i'm wondering whether i'll prefer it when the weather is a little nicer, my skin has a little colour (as much colour as my ghostly skin can get!) and when the Summer months are upon us. However, it is a beautiful colour and it was exactly what i was looking for.

You can always count on Essie to produce a beautiful colour and beautiful polish.


19 May 2014

Revlon Colourburst Lacquer VS Matte Balms

Ever since i they started appearing on the market, the infamous chubby pencil type lip products have been my favourite, which i've shared with you before. They're easy to apply and are usually very balmy, which are also my favourite formulation. So when the Revlon Colourburst Balms were introduced, i knew that i wanted to give them a go and i've already reviewed my first lacquer balm which you can go and read here if you'd like a quick run-down of what i think of the Provocateur Lacquer Balm.

I always go for glossy finish lip products, and have never thought that matte was the finish for me. I thought they were drying and wouldn't work with my sometimes dry lips, but once i'd tried the Lacquer Balms and read reviews of the Matte Balms, i thought i might as well give them a go. I actually prefer the colour range of the Matte Balms, so i thought what have i got to loose? As the headline suggests, i thought i'd do a review style post comparing the Mattes Vs the Lacquers.

This is my newest Lacquer Balm in Flirtacious, a berry toned hot pink shade - perfect for Spring and Summer. As you can see, on the lips it's beautifully glossy but it's not like a gloss, it's more of a satin gloss finish, if that makes any sense. It's not at all sticky but very moisturising, and smooth on the lips. I would say that the Lacquers don't have quite as much pigmentation as the Mattes, but they are buildable as you can see in the images above. I sometimes feel that these can show the flakes and dry skin, despite the moisturising formula but it's really not awful and most of the time i don't have a problem with that. They stay put for a good few hours, if there's not eating or drinking involved so you will need apply afterwards. These have a tingly, peppermint feel to them and when you first apply them they're very cooling, unlike the Matte Balms.

This is the first matte lip product i've ever bought, and i am pleasantly surprised by it. Just like the Lacquers it's really moisturising, and glides on in application. I find that although mattes tend to be bad for dry lips, it doesn't at all cling to flakey lips. I would say that these do last a little longer than the Lacquers and have slightly better staying power against eating, but again they would need applying after meals. Sultry is a beautiful berry pink toned, brown colour which for me is such a versatile colour for all year round. Unlike many matte lip products unless it's been on for all day, i wouldn't say it's particularly drying.

Overall, i would say that the Matte Balms colour range is much better, as there's a red, a purple, an orange and a pink unlike the Lacquers that's pretty much made up of pinks and reds. If you're worried about dry lips when it comes to the Mattes, you really don't need to as they're just as moisturising as the Lacquers but i would say they last slightly longer. The formulation is also slightly thicker than the Lacquer Balms but honestly one is not better than the other, they're just different. So just make the decision on what you want, matte or gloss.


16 May 2014

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, Cambridge (April 2014)

Over Easter, i went for a walk in the sunshine at a local nature Reserve called Paxton Pits, in Little Paxton in Cambridgeshire. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the weather was a little breezy but perfect for a walk. I'd never been here before so wasn't sure what to expect but thought i'd document my time there. I'm hoping to go back over the Summer, so maybe i'll share my next trip too to show the difference as it's still early Spring. There's supposed to be plenty of wildlife at the pits but as it's still a little early, there wasn't all that much. We were told that Nightingales were starting to be sighted and you could hear Turtle Doves too, although might not be able to see them. Honestly, i have no idea what a Turtle Dove sounds like so i could have heard one and not realised.

Paxton Pits is actually a part active, part disused gravel pit. Those that are disused have been turned into nature reserves and there's 78 hectares of lakes, riverside, meadow, reedbed, scrub and woodland available to explore. Today, i thought i'd just share with you some of the photographs i took of my Spring walk.

And i'll leave you with a swan butt! Happy Spring!

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