27 September 2011

Motel Rocks

So, i've had some exciting news while i've been here in Southampton. Before i moved, i applied to become Southampton Solent's Fashion Ambassador for Motel Rocks, and by total surprise i got it! I'm looking forward to writing other than here, or for uni, and for just enjoying myself with it.

I'm a little nervous, as i'm not sure what the future holds with it, but i'll be sure to keep you up to date and possibly even grilling you for ideas! The first assignment, i've chosen, is about what a great city Southampton is! I can't wait to write about how much i love this it here!



  1. Thats so cool, good luck with it! Obviously the futures bright for you:D Xxx

  2. ooh what does it mean to be their ambassador!?

  3. Congrats!!! I'm not exactly sure what it is but it sure sounds exciting! I just went to the website and it looks really cute!


  4. congrats!! I just got a new job, too :) yay for new jobs!!! such a blessing
    Lovely Little Rants


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