27 February 2016

The Boots for Skinny-Ankled People

I've probably explained before but i have long but very skinny feet, i wear about a 7 and a half but usually take 8s with innersoles, so have never been able to wear usual ballet flats or chelsea boots. I've had to stick to shoes with an ankle strap or a T-bar and lace up boots otherwise my feet just slip out and that's not fun for anyone. Since working at John Lewis i've had a lot of brands available to me that i've either never heard of before or never been able to afford, or try. Thanks to my discount i've been fortunate enough to buy things that i couldn't before, some i've hated but others have become staples in my life and Carvela is one of those brands.

The Kurt Geiger family, which includes Kurt Geiger London, Carvela, KG by Kurt Geiger and Miss KG, are all brands we stock at John Lewis both online and in-store, and frankly they're pretty pricey. When it started to become Autumn last year i realised that i really lacked in boots for the Winter, and was sick of wearing my ugly lace ups. So, browsing the John Lewis website brought me to a lot of new boot brands including Dune, H by Hudson, Steve Madden and John Lewis' own line called Kin. I ordered a few, went into stores to try them on but they were all just too big around my ankle making it impossible to not only walk in them but even keep them on. It wasn't until i fell in love with a pair of Carvela boots that i really looked at the brand because the price was putting me off. Unfortunately by the time i came to wanting them they'd sold out online and in-store, so then i found this pair;

The Carvela Tag Block Heeled Ankle Boots in Black Leather, i tried them on in-store and just fell in love. They're smart without being too dressy and i can wear them with anything from jeans to dresses. The amazing thing is that when i put them on they fit my ankle so well. The main issue i had was that the front of the boot never ran up the front of my foot, there was a huge gap which then made the ankle too big but these fit me like a glove. The feel isn't too high but makes me feel extra sassy when i walk, they're very comfortable and i love the gold hard wear.

These ones are the Carvela Splash Chelsea Ankle Boots in Black Leather, and this is the pair that my parents bought me for Christmas. I am still amazed that i can wear a pull on pair of chelsea boots without them feeling too big or falling off, and the novelty has definitely not worn off yet. I love the different textures of leather on this pair that really makes them a little more special than your average black boot. I also really like the triangular toe which usually isn't my thing, but again it just makes them that little bit different which i really like. Again, they're really comfortable but i would say that if you have wider feet then the pointed toe might pinch a little as my feet fit almost perfectly but, as i explained, they're abnormally thin.

Lastly is the Carvela Slow Leather Chelsea Boots in Wine Leather, which is what i spent my Christmas money and John Lewis gift cards on. They're the most expensive pair i've owned yet but they're definitely my most worn. I often end up wearing a lot of plain outfits and a lot of black or grey, and these just jazz up any outfit. Again, they're smart without being dressy but i can wear them with a dress or jeans and they look great with it all. They also do come in Tan but i just loved that these were a bit different.

Well, there you have it; my Carvela story. I'm so glad i found these boots, and i feel like i won't be buying any new boots for a long time. They're all leather and beautifully made, and will hopefully last me a very long time. So, if you're like me and own a pair of very skinny ankles then definitely give these a try!


24 February 2016

Spritzing My Face with the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

As i explained in my new skincare additions post i was watching a Youtube video when they mentioned about using a spray moisturiser which is a really strange concept, when you think about it. Like i said previously, i had tried the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray and really didn't like it so i haven't really tried anything similar since, until now.

Pixi says it's "a featherweight, skin-nourishing spritz, Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist is brimming with hyaluronic acid, to attract water and maintain moisture levels. The perfect way to boost dewiness without suffocating your complexion, just mist over clean skin pre-serum or day cream, to ‘plump’ up parched cells and diminish fine lines for a luminous, youthful appearance. Refreshing and revitalising, a blend of black oat, provitamin A and linoleic acid then works to reduce redness and sooth irritation, for skin that feels calm and contented."

I'd have to say that i pretty much agree with how Pixi describes this product, it does feel really light on the skin and when i've applied it, no matter how much, my skin never feels greasy or over moisturised. I have had some leak through the top of the bottle and when i've cleaned it the product does feel oily but not at all when it's applied to my skin. My only jibe would be that although i can't say that my skin feels dry, i'm just so used to traditional moisturisers that when using this my skin doesn't feel as hydrated as usual. Although, saying all that, never has my face felt dry or un-moisturised and when i wake up in the morning my skin does feel smooth and some-what plump. I wouldn't say that i'd totally forget about my other moisturises instead of this but i do enjoy using it occasionally when i'm limited on time or when i'm being lazy.


20 February 2016

My Not-So-Favourite US Beauty Buys

As promised here is my not-so-favourite american beauty buys post and, as i said, i think there will be products in here that maybe you wouldn't expect me to not like. Anyway, i may as well just hop on in and share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, and probably most surprisingly, is the big, old, Marc Jacobs-sized elephant in the room, otherwise known as the Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con Eyeshadow Palette in 204 The Starlet. I was absolutely dying to buy one of these and, don't get me wrong, it is beautiful but it's just not as amazing as i was expecting. The shadows are super finely milled and very soft but i'm not that impressed with the pigmentation, i'm not sure if it's because they're so metallic but they're very shimmery but with not much colour pay-off. I was really hoping that colours such as the khaki green or the orangey shade would look beautiful in the crease, and they're great when swatched but when applied on the eye they just seem to blend into nothing. I think maybe i need to try washing them all over the lid or perhaps trying them with some matte shades, rather than together.

Another eyeshadow palette that didn't live up to my expectations, especially after falling in love with another one that i mentioned in my US products i loved post, is the Limited Edition Lorac PRO Metal Palette. This actually ended up being very similar to the Marc Jacobs palette in that the shadows are super blendable, which almost makes it their problem as they're so metallic they just blend into nothing. They seriously lack in pigmentation and maybe they just don't work for me, or the look that they create is not for me because i'm no saying that the quality of the eyeshadows is bad, it's just the selection of metallic colours.

Yet another eyeshadow that i bought on a total whim, as i'd heard so much about the brand but i just wasn't sure where to start, is the Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Thunderstruck which, in the pan, looks white. However, when i swatched it in Sephora it turned into this beautiful duo-chrome, white, golden, silver, shimmering shade unlike anything i'd ever seen before. However, when i got it home and applied it to my eyelids it just went blotchy and uneven, and i'm just not sure the shade suited me either. I would love to try out some other Kat Von D products because people love them but this one just wasn't for me.

Last eyeshadow, i promise, is the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Pasiphae which is a shade i bought almost on impulse. I knew i wanted to try one of the Dual Intensity eyeshadows and decided i should go for something unlike anything else i have and this one really fit the bill. In the pan it looks like a green/gold/grey duochrome so i suppose i should have expected it to be pretty dark but i wanted something i could put all over the lid. This just came out way darker than i was expecting and when applied, although it is still a duochrome it's just not as impressive on the lids.

The last product to share with you is a lip scrub as, at the time, i was having a lot of flaky lip problems. This one is by Fresh and is their Sugar Lip Polish, i just found that it didn't do all that much. Maybe it's just me but i found that this didn't really do all that much to smooth out my lips. I was expecting to have super smooth lips after using it but sadly, not so much. Again, maybe the condition of my lips wasn't right for this product but i just hoped for better.


17 February 2016

My Favourite American Beauty Buys

This is way, way overdue seeing as i visited Florida last August but since i've been using all these products for a while now i thought it might be a good post to share with you some of my favourite purchases from my time in America. I had planned that i was going to stock up on beauty products, as there is so many things you can buy over there that you can't get here, and i shopped everywhere from Sephora to Ulta, to CVS and Bath & Bodyworks. I also thought it'd be a good idea to share with you some of my not-so-favourite purchases from my buys in America, in another post as i often find those types of posts even more interesting to read. If you're heading to the states any time soon, or live there, and are thinking of buying any of the items i didn't like then it might make you think twice or help you make a more educated decision whether it's something that would work for you. Anyway, here are some of the items that i fell in love with from my America haul.

I'm sharing two powders with you here, the first being from Physicians Formula which is a brand i had heard so much about from beauty bloggers. I bought this one from CVS but i'm pretty sure you can buy it from Ulta too, and it's the Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl, which is a pink-toned shimmer. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to use this all over your face but it is way to shimmery for me to do that, so i love using this as a subtle highlight on all of the 'sun lit' spots on my face. It just adds an understated shimmer on my face which i really like and works amazingly on my very fair skin. It blends beautifully and is super soft, leaving no harsh lines and not much blending even needed. The other happens to be another highlight, actually, this time from Becca and this is definitely a product i heard all about before i left. This one is the Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfecter but you can also buy them in the 'poured' version which is a cream. This shade is Moonstone and is described as a pale gold shimmer, but i would say that it's slightly more champagne-y and not at all a yellow gold. This is probably my favourite highlighter that i own as it's so finely milled, applies beautifully and is about the perfect shade for my fair skin.

I would say that my most favourite purchase of the entire trip, as you can probably tell by the state of it, is the Tarte Coloured Clay CC Undereye Corrector and this is in Light/Medium. I was previously using the Bobbi Brown Corrector but i had a shade that was too dark for me and, honestly, i just fell out of love with correctors until i bought this one. It was the absolute perfect shade for my skin, it was creamy but didn't crease, almost melted into the skin and did everything it was supposed to. I'm actually back using a lighter shade of the Bobbi Brown offering and while it's good, it's just not doing it for me like this Tarte one is. So when i visit the states, later this year, i will definitely be picking up a few more from Tarte.

A very last minute purchase, while standing in the check out line at Sephora, was this Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in Fig & Date. It's just so handbag friendly and i love the nude yet rosy shades, perfect for everyday. I liked this idea so much in fact that i bought one for two of my closest friends too. They're creamy and buildable, and work great alone or with a gloss too. They're super hydrating and have an almost velvety finish as they're not matte but don't have a gloss either, making them very versatile.

An almost cult product are the Bath & Bodyworks Pocketbac Hand Sanitisers, which i think everyone and their cat has at least heard of. I've loved antibacterial hand sanitisers for a long time and in the UK it's not so much a thing to have fun scented ones like it is in the states, there are a few on the market but they're very limited. Over there, it's like a free-for-all - there are just so many to choose from and i love that they generally go by season. They're not at all drying on the hands, no matter how much you use them, and they're the perfect size to pop in your bag.

Lastly is a Lorac products, and not actually the one i went in for but i was so desperate to try out the brand that i picked this one up instead. I went into Ulta to track down the elusive Lorac Pro or Pro 2 Palette, which they were totally out of stock of which, i suppose, just goes to show how popular they are so i decided to opt for this Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette instead and i'm so glad i did. Buying this palette has just made me want all of Lorac's offerings. The shadows are so, so creamy and i know i've said this before but these shadows really do blend like a dream. They are so pigmented and versatile working amazingly together or with other shadows. If you get a chance to get your hands on any Lorac shadows then i highly recommend you try them out because, for the price, they're the quality of Urban Decay for me.

And there you have it, friends, a run down of my favourite American beauty products. I'll definitely be posting a not-so-favourite beauty buys post too as there are probably a few products in there that you wouldn't expect.


13 February 2016

My Fitness Journey

I know, i know that everyone seems to want to loose weight and get into fitness in the new year but i have been wanting to sort out my eating habits and get into some sort of fitness for a long time, the new year just gave me the kick up the butt i needed. Now, don't get me wrong, i am not becoming a gym bunny and i am not giving up hours of my week to work out, it's not like that for me because if i did that i would not keep it up and this time i really want to make some changes. I decided that i more just needed to make some healthier choices in my life, make a few changes and that way, hopefully, i can keep it up. I'm not going on any crash diets, i'm just changing the way i look at food, how much i'm taking in and what i'm eating.

At work we have an amazing canteen that makes wonderful food for even better prices, but usually the food is very carb heavy, and often there isn't much that i like vegetable wise or otherwise, so i end up eating pizza, or pasta, or potatoes, which does me absolutely no favours. After eating a huge, carb-ladened portion for lunch i then came home to eat a hot, often carby dinner too and although i'm not huge, it's definitely not doing anything for the pooch i'm trying to loose, you know what i'm talking about. So, i now take my lunch to work with me and go for something like a ham and salad wrap, or a chicken salad, or brown rice with grapes, banana chips, sometimes a bit of popcorn and although i was worried it would leave me feeling hungry, it really hasn't. It's just shown how much i really didn't need the heavy lunches at work. Although i'm still having a home-cooked dinner when i get home, my mum and i have made the choice to take out pretty much all carbs for dinner and just eat meat and veg, with a few sweet potatoes thrown in. As i said, these are all easy changes and things that are easy to keep up as they're easily fitting into my current routine.

As for working out, as i said, i ain't no gym bunny but i have wanted to introduce some sort of activity into my life. I have participated in fitness classes before but my confidence is pretty low in that respect, so i've decided to start things at home and hopefully work my way up to being comfortable enough to attend some fitness classes. I'm currently doing a lot of home workouts from the amazing Cassey Ho, otherwise known as Blogilates on Youtube. She has all sorts of workouts from short to long, from Abs to legs and full body, honestly they're just so easy to watch and do at home and really easy to keep up with. Alongside that, as i said, my stomach is my least favourite area so i'm trying do sit ups every night, increasing in how many i do every week.

These may all sound like simple changes but that's what i'm going for. I want this to be an easy transition and not anything mad or huge which is going to make it hard to stick to. Just by making these few simple changes has already helped me loose some weight; since i started this in the middle of January i've already lost just over half a stone which is honestly amazing. I'm not sure if i can see that i've lost it, but just seeing the number on the scale is enough to keep me going.


10 February 2016

New Skincare Additions: February 2016

When payday came around this month i decided that it was about time that i treated myself to some new skincare bits that i've had my eye on for some time. I think it's really good to switch up your skincare routine, adding and taking away products for whatever you're targeting. Usually i'm using products to help with my acne or dryness but i'm really enjoying using things for helping with dull skin and radiance, plus a few other things. So i thought i'd share with you what i've picked up recently.

First is the Ren Radiance Perfecting Serum which is supposed to be formulated to boost the skin's energy cycle, whatever that means. It'll help to perfect your skintone and make it look more radiant and luminous. It's actually quite an all rounder as it contains ingredients such as Vitamin C and Glabridin (from liquorice) to help with anti-aging and blemishes as well as Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and plumping, all while promoting radiance. I'd apply this after my toner and before my moisturiser at night instead of my Chanel serum. I really hopes this makes a noticeable difference as i've been loving a more glowing complexion.

Next is the Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence which i've had on my wishlist, literally on the John Lewis website, for about six months or so. I've just been so intrigued by it as it's like nothing else i've ever tried. I read up on a lot of reviews before i took the plunge to purchase it and a lot of them where 50/50 as to whether it was worth it or just an unnecessary step in your skincare routine. However, i decided that i wouldn't be able to make a judgement if i didn't just try it for myself. It's supposed to be inspired by Asian beauty and is to be used after cleansing and toning, before serum and moisturiser. It's basically supposed to prime the skin and prepare it to receive the rest of your skincare, all while helping your products work to the best of their ability. Again it's supposed to help with radiance and create a more youthful complexion. 

When the Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum came out, the brand seemed to get a lot of bloggers behind it, writing reviews and hashtagging it on social media. The posts that i read at the time, although making the product sounded interesting, all felt very 'sponsored' and i just felt like the bloggers where posting good reviews because they'd been paid to write about it. Now that that has passed i went back to read more reviews and really there hasn't been many since. So, i decided again i wouldn't know what to think until i tried it for myself. It's supposed to be targeted at my age group, the people who are caught between harsh acne treatments and anti-aging skincare. You do kind of get lost in your 20's as nothing is targeted specifically for you, you just have to sort of find your way and what works for you. It's aim is to help with dull skin, the daily stresses your skin deals with, shrink pores and blur imperfections which, frankly, is a lot of heavy claims so i thought why not.

I was watching a Youtube video, i think a get ready with me, and they talked about using a spray moisturiser which i've heard of and actually even tried before. A long time ago, probably six months to a year, i tried out the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray and surprisingly i hated it. It just felt too much for me, and although it'd physically light it felt heavy on my skin so i haven't really looked back since. Until i began loving everything Pixi Beauty and they launched their new skincare, that is. I want to try everything but decided to stick with the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist for now, and i have actually begun testing this one. I'll be sure to review it but it's a 'deeply hydrating mist', perfect for dry skin, with a featherweight consistency and contains hyaluronic acid to plump and maintain moisture levels. 

I actually got the Estee Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II, wow that's a mouthful, for Christmas. I've been wanting to try this cult product for absolutely ages but it's pricey and hadn't plumped for it myself yet so what better to ask for, for Christmas? People rave about this product and i want to see what all the fuss is about. It's safe to use everyday, if you so wish, and is supposed to address the key signs of ageing with their exclusive 'ChronoluxCB Technology'. Sounds impressive, right? Basically it's supposed to help your skin renewal while you sleep and in turn help with anti-ageing and make your skin looks it's best when you wake up. Estée Lauder's consumer testing proves that lines and wrinkles paperer reduced, and skin feels smoother, more hydrated and stronger. Lets hope it lives up to it's expectations.

Lastly is Lush's Mask of Magnaminty which i've been hearing about for years but never taken the plunge as last time i used a lush face mask you had to keep it in the fridge and it would go off in about a week. Turns out Lush has it's improved it's formulas and they last considerably longer, four or so months in fact, so i now i definitely had no reason not to. It's actually 'self preserving' and contains deep cleansing oils rather than perishable ingredients. It's designed to be a face and back mask since it contains china clay and peppermint to clean deep down in your pores and has that weird tingle that lets you know that it's working. It also helps to exfoliate thanks to the aduki beans, vanilla and honey calm redness and soothe and it was created to be the 'ultimate face mask' - intense but not harsh.

I'll probably get around to reviewing these products but i thought i'd introduce them first and then take some time to really test them out and the revisit them to tell you what i think. It's always nice to try new things, especially in skincare but there is always that threat of a breakout too!


6 February 2016

Evening Skincare Routine: February 2016

I'm back with my Evening Skincare Routine, today, after sharing my morning routine with you on Wednesday. In the evening i do a much more extensive routine seeing as i have far more time after work than i do before i leave in the morning.

The first thing i do when i get home is remove my make up and usually i would use the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm but i've actually run out of that and i had this Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm that i trialled out a couple of months ago so thought i'd use this up first and then go back to using my Clinique. They both do the same thing, i just personally prefer the Clinique version. I dampen my face and neck, over my make up, with warm water, scoop some balm out, work it between my fingers for a minute and then massage it into my damp face and neck, working in circular motions. I start with my cheeks and chin, go down to my neck, then up to my forehead and lastly i massage my eyes and my eyelashes gently but repeatedly until i can feel the mascara breaking down. I then use a flannel to wipe off all the balm, dirt and make up and then usually go in for a second go at my eyes just to make sure that all that eye make up is gone. It leaves my face feeling clean, fresh and soft and i just give my face a second to breathe before i go in with anything else.

Once i feel ready i then go ahead and dampen my face again, and this time smearing the Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel liberally all over my face and neck. I'm not afraid to use plenty of this because i massage it in using my Clarisonic and i know that it'll work it all into my skin. The gel is amazing for those of you have super sensitive skin as it deeply and thoroughly cleans but without being too harsh or stripping the skin, and is supposed to leave skin soothed and calm which i can definitely vouch for.

I have the Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System and i've loved it ever since i got it about a year ago.  I actually did a review of my experience, so far, with the Clarisonic back in May 2015 if you want to read my initial thoughts. I've tried quite a few cleansers along side my Clarisonic but this has absolutely been my favourite, it works beautifully into my skin leaving it feeling super clean but without being tight or the dreaded 'squeaky clean' and i love the consistency. I should probably also add that i use the Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Heads on my system as i find that they're gentler but firm enough to work product into my skin.

I then very often go in with using the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel as a second cleanse if i feel like my skin really needs some TLC and extra cleansing. I adore this cleanser and learnt about this, again, from the skincare queen Caroline Hirons. It's a gel-to-oil like consistency and starts out life as a light pink colour, but once melted into the skin becomes more clear. I don't know what it is about this but it makes me feel so super clean but again without feeling tight or 'squeaky clean'. It makes my skin feel so soft, and it's full of vitamins and fruit enzymes that lift any dirt or makeup left on my face. It's supposed to illuminate and nourish the skin, which you can really feel and see after use.

After all my cleansing i switch between using the Pixi Glow Tonic, as my nighttime acid toner, and the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads which are pictured here. They both do the same job but it's nice to switch up every so often so your skin doesn't get too used to it. The First Aid Pads have the right amount of lactic and glycolic acids to make them safe for daily use, and also contain cucumber, Indian gooseberry, lemon peel and liquorice root. They tone the skin and leave it looking bright, getting rid of dead skin cells and taking away dullness.

Despite it's hefty price tag, i have repurchased the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum probably three or four times now because i love it that much. I apply this after my acid toner, mostly during the colder months but this does frequent my skincare routine in the Summertime too. I use this mainly at night but it is great under foundation too, and keeps you hydrated all day. It supposedly hydrates the skin for 24 hours, now i can't quite vouch for that but it really does keep your skin smooth and happy for a long old time. It contains 'camellia micro-droplets' which consist active ingredients that stay in their purest state until the moment of application, or so the Chanel website informs me. This supposedly helps with keeping the skin as intensely hydrated and plumped as possible. It doesn't leave a film on the skin, it doesn't feel sticky or wet and it absorbs almost instantly.

My next step is eye cream and my favourite is the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I've tried plenty of eye creams and this just happens to be my favourite one. I used to go for ones that claimed great things in the dark circle stakes but really, if you've got them you've got them and ain't no eye cream going to help. I'm sure some can help them appear lighter but really you just need sleep and lots of water. I love this one because it's so, so hydrating and up until last Winter i never really had a problem with dry under eyes but now, if i'm not careful, they can become flaky and super sore. This helps prevent all that and keeps things soft and a great base for my makeup. It's rich and creamy without being too heavy, it doesn't hurt my eyes and i just love it. I find it best if you warm it up between your fingers first or at least let it be warmed by your ring finger before you apply it, otherwise the texture can be quite strange.

I hadn't used this stuff in about 8 years or so, since i used to have really awful eczema. Someone who worked at my school actually used to be a Forever Living rep and suggested it to my mum for my sore skin, and when i used it before it was honestly the only thing that helped. So when one of my friends at work told me she was a Forever Living rep, it brought back all sorts of memories. I knew i just had to try the Forever Living Aloe Propolis Creme again and see if i still loved it as much, and i did but this time in a whole new way. I had never before tried it in this way but actually love using this on my face. I thought it would block my pores and break me out but it actually did the exact opposite; it kept my skin moisturised and help treat my acne making my skin much smoother and less spotty. Now i use it almost every night and it still helps with keeping my skin at it's best.

I do often use a few other moisturisers either instead of or in conjunction with the Forever Living one, which you'll hear about in my morning skincare routine and my skincare arsenal posts.

Probably my absolute favourite skincare product is an oil and i never, ever thought i would say that coming from an oily skinned gal. But as i educated myself in skincare, over time i have learnt all the ways in which to care for my acne prone, sensitive, oily/combination skin. The one that i have fallen madly in love with and has made the most changes to my skin is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I heard about this from TalkBeckyTalk right at the beginning of my skincare love affair, she also said she had oily skin but loved it and i was so intrigued that i just had to try it. This basically packs your skin with moisture all while looking after it, helping keep it smooth and blemish free which i never realised oils could do. It also helps promote radiant skin and replenish to keeping it looking young and plumped. A little goes a long way but this is another product i have repurchased over and over again.

Lastly,  is the Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Balm which i apply last of all and it just helps keep my chapped lips feeling really smooth and looked after. The lemon helps to exfoliate and keep them looking fresh, and overnight it works it's magic to stop any sore lips by morning.

There we have it, my nighttime skincare routine. Please do share yours and what your favourite products are.


3 February 2016

Morning Skincare Routine: February 2016

The other day i realised that i haven't shared an updated skincare routine in a very long time. I've featured skincare products over the years but haven't actually shared with you what i'm using and when. In this post i'll be speaking about what i use in my Morning routine and then on Saturday i'll be posting about my Evening routine.

When i first wake up, i use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to clean off all of the skincare i used the previous evening and give my skin a thorough cleanse before i apply my make up. I just love the way this makes my skin feel and preps it for the next steps. It's super creamy and i massage this all over my face, and neck, while my skin is still dry, even my eyes, and then i remove it with a warm, damp Liz Earle Muslin Cloth. This gets rid of all the product, and the dirt, all while gently exfoliating the skin. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and doesn't sting my eyes, which is really important for a morning cleanser, for me.

Once my face is clean, i use the Pixi Glow Tonic as my exfoliating toner and i learnt about this from the skincare queen Caroline Hirons. This helps to tone, firm, tighten and helps my skin to look it's best before i apply my make up, giving it the best base. It contains 5% glycolic to help remove any dead skin cells, help your skin glow and look healthier.

The way i further prep my skin for foundation is to first apply the Clarins Pore Minimising Serum which helps to 'refine and smooth skin texture'. This is a lightweight serum that is supposed to aid in tightening, purifying and minimising enlarged pores as well as helping to control excess oils. It has a smooth, matte finish and all i do is add to pumps to the palms of my hands and press it into the skin all over my face and neck, but especially focusing on my nose and cheeks. After this i use the Clarins HydraQuench Lotion for Normal to Combination skin. This contains SPF15 which is a great start to my base, and i just feel like this preps my skin beautifully for foundation. Although i have oily/combination skin, without good moisturisation my foundation does not sit right on the skin. It's light, non-greasy and absorbs almost instantly into the skin. It's supposed to also protect against environmental factors and excess stress to the skin.

Lastly, in the mornings, i actually add some Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel, for oily to combination skin, in with my foundation. I bought this because everyone raved about it but i found that by itself it wasn't really doing anything for my skin and for a very long time i sat unused on my shelf. Until one day, my skin was dry and nothing i was using under my foundation seemed to be working and i saw a Youtuber use moisturiser in with their foundation and boom. My life was changed, and now i use a pump or so of this in with my foundation and it creates the perfect base. I don't compromise on coverage but this helps my foundation sit better and adds that extra boost of moisture that my skin needs during the day. It's oil-free which is perfect and is really lightweight hydration which, in this case, is absolutely perfect.

I'll be back to share my evening skincare routine with you at the weekend, Happy Wednesday!

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