2 June 2014

Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Polish in Coral Glaze

I have heard plenty about the new Models Own Hypergel collection, but i have to admit i've never really been that into the whole gel nail craze. The Hypergel collection is supposed to be like going to the salon to get your gels applied, without all the hassle and the UV lights. It mimics all the high shine and gel-like finish of a professional manicure. They're highly pigmented, and very creamy, and are also enriched with lotus flower oil.

When the initial collection was released the original shades weren't really for me, as it consisted of some pastel shades which really aren't for me but more recently they launched some new colours, including a red, a deep purple and a beautiful coral. Although it may sound absolutely crazy, i don't really own any corals in my collection. I have reds, pinks and oranges but no corals. So, i picked it up from my local Boots and it's a really beautiful shade. It's verging on the pink side of coral, as it's like a muted neon coral which i really love, but in some lights it looks more orange but in natural light it looks like a very bright pink toned shade.

However, when it comes to application i have to admit that i didn't love it as much as i was hoping i would. It seemed thick and gloopy, and i found that the brush had to have quite a lot of product on to really apply smoothly but it also ends up being a bit too much. The first coat was very patchy, and streaky, which looked awful but it didn't take too long to dry and after the second coat is pretty much opaque. But again, you needed to apply quite a lot of product which does make the second coat dry slightly slower. Having said all of this, the final result is a very beautiful finish, opaque and glossy. I've never had gel nails before, but i would say that i can't see all that much difference between this and some of my more glossy regular nail polishes but i have to admit that it is a beautiful shade, and shiny finish.

It's going to be perfect for Spring and Summer, and i actually really loved wearing it. It's lasting power was pretty good, and i found that the tips ended up rubbing off rather than chipping and more from length of wear. I would say, overall, i would forgive the not so great application for the beautiful colour but i'm not going to rush out and buy anymore.



  1. This is a really pretty summer shade. I have to say many of my Models Own polishes apply quite thick & they take ages to dry. Is a shame because they have so many cute colours.

  2. Ahh such a beautiful colour! I'm not a huge fan of Models Own, but some of their colours are incredible! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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