4 June 2014

Nike Air Max Fusion Women's Trainers

Nike Air Max Fusion Women's Trainers in Dark Grey

I am a complete exercise newbie. The last time i was involved in any actual exercise was probably during secondary school PE lessons. I have always been quite allergic to exercise, but have usually stayed pretty active. While at university, both my living situations called for a good, lengthy walk so i've always stayed busy. However, as i'm getting older i'm not keeping the shape i once had and i'm slowly beginning to feel not quite as comfortable in my own skin as i would like so now that i've finished university, got a job and can settle down a bit i've decided to take up some exercise as i've tried many times over the last three years. Now that i'm no longer in university, i'm looking forward to making a new life for myself and i'd really like that to involve working out.

I'm in no way a gym bunny, but i love the thought of exercise classes. I've been to a few in my lifetime and they're so much fun, and often don't even feel like i'm working out. My local gym and leisure centre has just had a huge makeover and now holds lots of different work out classes so i'm looking forward to joining a few, especially Zumba, Yoga, and some step classes. For this, however, i was not prepared as i don't think i've ever actually owned a proper pair of trainers. I've been through many Vans, Etnies and Converse over the years but not actual trainers. So getting a pair of those was first on my list.

I know that trainers can get quite expensive, especially for good branded ones but i really didn't want to splash out both arms and a leg. So, i made my way to a local outlet shopping centre where i made a bee line for the Nike store. What was great was that they displayed all the different types of trainers and what they were designed for, and that is how i found the Air Max Fusions. They said they were for gym workouts which is essentially what i'm going to be doing and as soon as i tried them on i knew they would be great. They are insanely comfortable, it's like walking on a cloud. The soles are so springy which will be great for taking the impact and keeping my knees safe. I have a history with bad knees so anything to help them keep stable is brilliant.

They have a cushioned and shaped ankle, which is great for my little ankles, with ventilation mesh panels for breathability. They have durable soles and lovely fusion cushioning, which is really what sold them for me. Have i mentioned how comfortable they are? 

If that's not all enough, how cute are they? I love the plain grey and pops of colour as it means they'll go with pretty much any sportswear i choose. They were brilliantly priced, at £49 but originally £78. Still expensive, but very discounted and exactly what i was after.

What's your favourite trainer brand?


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