30 June 2014

Next Citrus Zest & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

I love candles, but they're not always the most practical. They're lovely because they can add some warmth but also fill your room with scent too. However, when you're candles aren't alight they don't let off the same scent and for me that's what i love most. So, reed diffusers come to my rescue. If you don't know, a reed diffuser is a bottle of scent that you put reed sticks into and when the scents soaks up the sticks it releases into the air.

I've tried many diffusers in my time, but after browsing the shelves of Next i came across this scent line and honestly, it's delicious. It's right up my alley when it comes to fragrance, it's zingy and fresh which is perfect for Summer. The citrus and grapefruit work perfectly together to create the perfect sharp but refreshing Summer scent. The bottle looks really pretty too, but for me it looks really cute sitting in my Cath Kidston tea cup. What i love most is that when i come in and out of my room, the sent wafts around but it doesn't engulf the room and overpower my small space.

If you're looking for a refreshing Summer scent, i would recommend trying the Next reed diffusers because they smell delicious and you can buy them for £12 from Next.com.


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