23 June 2014

Nails of the Day | Essie Tea & Crumpets

Essie Nail Polish in Tea & Crumpets

Another day, another Essie. This time something completely different for me. I never go for the light pinks, i've never been interested in Fiji or Ballet Slippers as my skintone is just too pale but as i've said before, while on the hunt for some new neutral shades i spotted this and thought that i'd give it a go. In the bottle, it looks to have more colour than the likes of Fiji and Ballet Slippers but with the beautiful, pearly finish that i've come to love.

On my nails, although it is definitely pink, it does look far more pearly than it does in the bottle and that means that it does loose some of it's colour but after application, i can say that it definitely does work well with my pale skin. I actually really love the colour, and love how simple it looks - this would be a great one to wear for work. I think it's lovely for the Summertime for an easy, goes-with-everything shade as it's light and pearly but it's also quite professional, and would be lovely as a i'm-not-wearing-any-nail-polish-but-actually-i-am colour, i'm sure you know what i mean. Besides all this, i have to say that the application wasn't my favourite, which is unusual for an Essie. It applies very light coats, and the first is almost transparent. After two it's almost opaque, but for a perfect application i would say three coats is needed. Also, thanks to the beautiful, pearly finish you tend to be able to see every ridge, and defect on the surface of the nail. The light bouncing off the colour, casts shadows and light so if you have particularly ridged nails this may not be your favourite. Another thing, is that when applying each brush stroke is easily seen and if you don't have enough on your brush you can see streaks all over. However, if you have a loaded brush then it's much easier to apply with minimal streaks.

I think this will become a favourite of mine for wearing to work, as it does look professional and it actually looks quite elegant. It is a pain to apply, but once you've got the hang of it and the time to work with three coats, i would say that it's a firm favourite for the collection.


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