18 June 2014

Changing my Hair & Becoming a Grown Up

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As i mentioned in my Mermaid Hair post i was planning on changing my hair if i were to get a job, and as of a couple of weeks ago i am now working full time. My role is working with a lot of people and for a company who has a very professional brand image, so i had to get rid of the mermaid hair rather pronto.

So, this is what i have dubbed my becoming-a-grown-up-hair. Because the underneath of my hair was heavily dyed in turquoise and purple the only real way of disguising it without damaging it was to go darker, and cover it. The bottom layer of my hair is now a chocolate brown shade, which wasn't ideally what i wanted but that really was my only option for now. I'm actually looking forward to a change, honestly, and also looking forward to the next chapter in my life and kind of feel like this helps signifies that change.

In the long run, what i'm hoping for is to go for a balayage effect, which is where the roots are darker and the ends lighter. I'm hoping to end up with my roots being all my natural hair colour, as at the moment the top layer of my hair is almost all my own colour. I don't want a dip dye, but a much more natural, blended brown to blonde look. I feel like it's all a step in the new direction i'm going in.

For now, this will do but it's definitely taken some getting used to! It was quite nice to have a job opportunity push me in this direction, because i don't think i would have done it by myself.


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