9 June 2014

Nails of the Day | Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish in Caspian

I actually picked up this shade on an absolute whim, as in Boots they were doing 3 for 2 across all make up lines and without realising i took up five items up to the till. When the lady checking me out said i could get something else for free, i had that slight panic when you're at the till and you know everyone behind you is waiting while you nip off to the other end of the store to pick something else. Anyway, i needed something less expensive than my other products so it would become the free item.

Recently, i've been dipping my toe into the Barry M pool. I know that everyone seems to love the brand, but for me i haven't used Barry M nail polishes for probably six plus years and when i have previously i just wasn't happy with the quality. I found them to take forever to dry and they were a little on the gloppy side. However, at Christmastime i realised my collection was missing a true Christmas red shade and i was desperate to do a traditional Christmas manicure so i bought the bright red from the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine collection and was actually really impressed, so i more recently decided i wanted to give them a go. I already have the Models Own Beetlejuice collection so the rest of the Aquarium collection didn't really excite me, however what the Beetlejuice collection was missing for me was a gold shade and when i saw this i thought why not give it a try.

What amazed me was actually how much i fell in love with this product. The consistency is really quite thin, for a nail polish, and although this means it applies quite sheer in the first coat it also makes for a beautiful application altogether. It glides on smoothly, leaving no streaks and an even colour and after the second coat it's almost opaque. You could add a third coat if you'd like, but for me two was quite enough. As for the colour, it really is a beauty. A duo chrome gold shade that shines bronze and green, sometimes pink in different lights and i love that it really suited my pale skin. It dried in super quick time which surprised me because that's what i always feel is Barry M's downside, but it didn't let me down at all. Overall, it was a beautiful polish to work with and in future i would seriously consider buying more shades.


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