16 June 2014

Nails of the Day | Essie Truth or Flare

Essie Nail Polish in Truth or Flare

I've spoken about my love for Essie nail polish time and time again; the formulation is great, the application is always smooth and after two coats the colour is usually opaque. So, i'm always looking for new shades to add to my collection and i love it when new collections are released. So, when i saw the Spring collection had been released i researched the shades and decided that i only needed one, which was this one called Truth or Flare. I'm really into the more plain, neutral shades at the minute so this one is perfect. It was actually a struggle to find the collection, as it wasn't brought into any of my local Boots until weeks after release, however - i managed to track it down eventually.

Truth or Flare is a beautiful blue toned grey with a creamy formula and shiny finish. I actually think that this is exceptionally similar to one of my favourite shades, also by Essie, called Parka Perfect that was part of the Winter 2013 collection that i don't think is available easily anymore. It's probably slightly darker and more grey, as Parka Perfect is more of an icey blue toned grey.

I love this colour, it's just so simple but so pretty and it goes with everything. As always, the application went smoothly however i did find that the first coat was quite sheer. After two coats it was pretty opaque, but on some of my longer nails - especially near the top - it probably could have done with a third coat, but maybe i didn't apply it well as it was in a rush. However, overall it's a beautiful, easy colour to wear and i think would really suit all sorts of skin but especially cool skin tones.


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  1. Such a beautiful colour, it looks really unique and pretty! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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