31 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Another American Beauty post and finally, FINALLY, i picked up the Naked Palette while i was away. Ever since getting my Naked 2 Palette a year or two ago i knew i wanted the original too. I know there's a real divide in opinions when it comes to these palettes; some say that they're so similar you really don't need both and some suggest that one is warmer toned and the other cooler. I, personally, would agree with the later. After getting so use out of my Naked 2 i decided that some of the shades were actually a little cool for me and i tended to use my favourite shades of the palette in conjunction with other shadows from my collection. Now, that's fine for when i'm at home but if i'm ever travelling and want something compact then i wouldn't want to take the Naked 2 plus any other shadows i like to use alongside it. Whereas, this Naked palette is great. I love almost all the shades and they work really nicely with my skintone and hair colour. I think i'll actually like to mix and match both palettes in the long run but i'm so happy to finally own both.

I'm so happy to finally own Half Baked as everyone raves about that shade and i actually love that this palette has some great matte browns to use the crease and to go against all that shimmer. I think that the more pinky toned shimmers, like Toasted and Sin, will look great mixed with Tease from the Naked 2 and i can't wait to experiment.

I honestly think this is an asset to anyones collection, beginner or professional, as there's just so much durability.


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