27 October 2013

50 Random Things about Me TAG

As we all know, i'm a bit of a Youtube fanatic and i also love all the tags that float around the sphere. So, when i watched my billionth 50 Random Things about Me Tag by HeyKayli, i decided that it'd be a nice post to slip onto the blog. I really like these kinds of videos, and posts, as it's always nice to get a little more personal with the people you read and watch (oo-er).

So, without further ado here are 50 random things you may, or may not, know about me.

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1. One of my biggest fears is frogs, and more specifically stepping on them.
2. Currently i'm not sure whether i want to have any children, mainly because i imagine myself to be very career minded.
3. I'm allergic to Raspberries.
4. Up until about a year or so ago the only vegetables i would eat were potatoes and sweetcorn, now as long as their soft i'll eat almost any.
5. I buy myself a lot of brightly coloured lipsticks but i tend to always forget to put it on before i leave the house.
6. Like Kayli, i love musicals. I've seen Wicked more than twice.
7. Rather than having a sweet tooth, i have a savoury tooth. However, sometimes you just got a hankering for some Lindt Chocolate.
8. I studied Art, Textiles, English Literature & Geography at A Level.
9. I failed Geography at AS and dropped it moving on to A2.
10. I feel far from comfortable in the water, after i had a panic attack during a secondary school swimming lesson.
11. I love to travel.
12. I am a very punctual person, and i'm about always early.
13. I am highly against all types of drug use.
14. I'm a worrrier. I worry about almost everything, and in turn have a problem with anxiety.
15. Marc Jacobs perfumes are my all time go-to.

Gingham Bow Headband: Beauxoxo

16. Like many others, i really love to shop.
17. I find it really hard to take myself out of my comfort zone, but i try to push myself to more and more.
18. My middle name is Lucy.
19. When i was younger, i really struggled with jet lag. So much so that when we returned from holiday, i would cry when i couldn't get to sleep so my parents had to sit in my room with me until fell asleep.
20. Summer is my favourite Season.
21. Christmas is my favourite holiday season.
22. Despite my love for travel, i'm quite a homebody which i never thought i was.
23. I drink very little alcohol but i don't have an issue with other people drinking alcohol.
24. When i'm at home, more often than not i'm wearing lounge wear. When i get home for the day, i change straight into something comfortable.
25. I feel a little bit less myself when i don't have a bright colour in my hair.
26. It takes quite a lot to make me laugh, but when i do...
27... I love to laugh, it's one of my favourite things to do.
28. I'm stubborn in the fact that if i don't want to do something, then i won't do it. My mentality is why should i have to do something i don't want to?
29. I'm a real planner. I plan everything. I'm getting better, but i really like to know what's going on.
30. I hate using anything other than an electric toothbrush.

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31. Walt Disney World is practically my second home.
32. I don't watch very much television anymore, but when i'm at university i almost always have the TV on because i like the background noise.
33. I used to work at a Garden Centre.
34. I'm allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide.
35. I watch a lot of American TV shows online; my favourites being Pretty Little Liars & Keeping up with the Kardashians.
36. My birthday is the 3rd of April.
37. I am a real cryer. I cry at everything: films, tv adverts, nervous situations, when someone else is upset, the list goes on.
38. The first ever concert i went to was Hellogoodbye.
39. Since then, i've been to Glastonbury Festival where i saw Stevie Wonder, Gorillaz and Muse headline.
40. While i was watching the Scissor Sisters, and waiting for Muse, at said festival i got a migraine, turned green and had to be rushed out of the crowd.
41. I can recite most of the FRIENDS scripts before the characters say them themselves.
42. I was an obsessive S Club 7 fan and owned all their music, as well as their TV series; including Miami 7, Hollywood 7 and S Club 7 Go Wild.
43. I love rollercoasters, except if they go upside down.
44. I am the complete opposite of a procrastinator. I like to get things done straight away, so i don't have to worry about them later.
45. I love hot chocolate, especially Costa hot chocolate.
46. I don't like Starbucks.
47. My room is very rarely messy, i hate clutter and i find it really hard to work in a mess.
48. I used to own an Xbox.
49. Once a girl in my class plaited my hair into such tight plaits that my mum had to try and brush the clump out and ended up having to snip some hair out.
50. I'm quite particular when it comes to food. I don't often like my food touching, and i have specific ways that i like to eat different meals.

There we have it, 50 things. I hope you enjoyed and that you go to the end of the post! Phew.



  1. But you have forgotten a very high priority fact that will probably not surprise anyone. You are very expensive. Love Dad xx

  2. I loved reading this and learning a little more about you! I cry at everything too, happy or sad!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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