7 October 2013

#AmericanBeauty | Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Coconut Water Chill, Midnight Pomegranate, Autumn Day, Bourbon Peach & Island Nectar

Welcome to the first in this years series of American Beauty! If you've been with me long enough, you may remember that last year i did a similar thing which i really enjoyed sharing, so i thought i'd go for it again as i picked up some great products this time around.

I don't think i've ever really admitted my obsession with hand sanitiser except for maybe in a monthly favourites, or two, but i really am obsessed with the stuff. I always have a bottle in my handbag and on my bedside table too, as i like to have one everywhere i'm likely to use it.

If you've ever watched an American, or sometimes British, beauty guru on Youtube then you've probably more than likely heard of Bath & Body Works. I so, so wish that B&BW would come to UK so i could buy some of their infamous candles and wall plug ins. Their scent selection is amazing, and they have a mass range of all things bath & body (obviously). Now, i can't be lugging home multiple glass jarred candles because that would weigh a tonne, so i decided to settle for the 5 for $5 offer on hand sanitiser, especially as i knew i'd get through them all. They had a huge range of scents, but as it was coming to the end of Summer and heading into Fall they had a lot of their new Fall scents on display. Now, that's really not my thing and i was a little disappointed at first as it looked as though they were the only choices; i'm not really a cinnamon/pumpkin scent kind of girl. However, once i moved to the back of the store and into the travel section they had a bunch of their permanent offers.

The 5 i went for are: Midnight Pomegranate, Coconut Water Chill, Island Nectar, Bourbon Peach & Autumn Day. I really love fruity scents so that's what i tend to gravitate towards. Starting with Midnight Pomegranate, this is definitely something i would usually choose as it's a definite fruity scent. It kind of has a floral back note keeping it a little sweeter but nothing too much as i'm certainly not into the sugary sweet scents. Moving onto Coconut Water Chill, this one is definitely slightly sweeter than the last but again nothing too much. This one kind of smells quite clean and fresh, but again keeping on the fruity side of things. I have to say i don't really smell the coconut as i think it smells slightly citrusy. Island Nectar is even sweeter still but probably the most floral so far. This is the least fruity, and kind of reminds of fully bloomed exotic flowers with a background of peach or something softly fruity. I think Bourbon Peach smells exactly how it sounds; rum and peach. I think you can definitely smell bourbon but the peach cuts through it and keeps it from being too overpowering. Last, but not least, is Autumn Day which is the only one i chose from their new Fall collection. This one smells so yummy and nothing like i'd imagine Autumn Day to smell like. This one, to me, smells super fruity and very citrus based. When i take a sniff i instantly smell pineapple, which is super yummy and keeps it quite crisp but something keeps it smelling very fresh too.


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