21 October 2013

Top Three High Street Shopping Destinations

Following on from my last Top Three Online Shopping post, i thought i'd just round that off with a Top Three High Street Shopping post. I probably do equal amounts of High Street shopping as i do online, but i tend to do different types of shopping at each. On the High Street i tend to buy things i'm not sure about size, fit, etc as well as more products used for skincare, make up, etc. So, without further ado here are a few of my favourite places to shop.

The first is Marks & Spencer, which is actually a relatively new spot for me. When i was little, i hated M&S. To me, it was somewhere my mum shopped and i related it to mums and grandmas, but not somewhere i would ever dream of shopping. However, now i'm a little older when i head into the stores to help mum shop i actually spot a few bits that i like for myself. Another nice thing about M&S is that they actually do Tall items too, which as you know is great! Most recently i found myself some houndstooth trousers and some fab navy blue polka dot palazzo pants which i've fallen in love with. I actually love Marks & Spencers for the fact there are very few places where a mum and daughter can shop together, and this year especially it's been nice to share our finds and try things on together. My favourite Summer sandals are from here too. So, if you've ever thought M&S might not be for you and you're around my age or a little older, i highly recommend popping in and just having a look. You never know what you might find.

There are very few people in the UK who don't like Boots, especially the beauty obsessives amoungst us. I'll get past my only gripe with Boots first, which is their prices. They are a little pricey and sometimes you can even find products cheaper elsewhere, but i can totally push past that because of everything else. Their stores are always brightly laid out, with everything grouped together and in it's right place but most importantly i love their larger stores, which i'm lucky enough to have in Southampton. Their larger stores often boast great beauty hall type set ups, where all their slightly more expensive brands have beauty counters as well as middle brands having more special displays, and of course your High Street favourites. You can buy everything in one place, and they're introducing new brands all the time. Usually their assistants are knowledgeable and lovely, and are more than happy to help.

Last, i've chosen H&M. I hate H&M online, as their postage is hideously slow and i'm not a super fan of their website's layout. So i do all my shopping in store, which means i rarely buy anything i'm not 100% happy with because i always try things on and see them in person. I actually really like the layouts of H&M stores as they group their collections and style of clothing together, ie: the formal, workwear, the work out gear, the slightly more young and  edgy style, the list goes on. Their prices have slowly gone up but more often than not you can find some great deals and the quality is great. It's a shame you still can't use student discount but they do great sales and, honestly, most of the things i buy aren't all that much anyway. I also love H&M for basics and all my long sleeve tops, strap tops and cardigans were bought here. They're great value for money and last forever. Something else i love is that you can really find some great statement pieces here, at a great price and that's something i love about H&M; they sell the trends but often go for something that's not quite the same. I've really grown up with H&M; when i was a little younger i adored their brightly coloured, graphic print teen range and as i've grown up i've swapped to the slightly more classic with a little graphic print thrown in for good measure, of course. If you don't shop here already, give it a go but i'm sure i don't need to tell you twice.


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