9 October 2013

&OtherOptions | OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster & Bright Lights - Big Color

OPI Bright Lights - Big Color | Models' Own Coral Reef | OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster

Last, but not least, i have the final &OtherOptions post in the series. I've really enjoyed doing these so perhaps i'll do more nail polish related posts, if you guys liked them too that is. This time i have two very similar OPI shades that are on offer, with one very similar Models' Own. These three are so, so similar that really i don't even need both of the OPIs.

Bright Lights & Mainely Lobster are actually scarily similar and i'm not entirely sure how they both managed to weasel there way into my collection. They're almost identical in colour, which is a pinky coral shade. However, the main difference between those two is that Lobster has a slight silvery, goldy shimmer to it and Bright Lights has a lot more gold shimmer in it. When you look at them in the bottle, Bright Lights looks like it has a serious amount of gold shimmer running through it where as Lobster is a lot more subtle.

The main difference with Coral Reef is that it doesn't have shimmer in it at all, but if you ignore that - the shade is so, so similar. So similar in fact that i feel ashamed that i even have all three. The finish is different but honestly, pay the £5 rather than the £18 give or take for the OPI.



  1. They are so similar, I would definitely go for the models own shade and save a few pennies!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. wow, they're really similar. Cute colour!
    x Shaniqua | Fashioniqua


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