11 October 2013

Top Three Online Shopping Destinations

Who doesn't love to shop? I know i do, and sometimes if you just don't feel like going out in the freezing cold and pouring rain it's just safer and easier to do it from the safety of your own home. Online shopping sales have sky rocketed in the last five years and have lead some high street shops to transfer to online only. So, today i thought i'd share with you my top three frequented online shopping destinations.

The first is As Seen on Screen, otherwise and more commonly known as ASOS.com. I have to admit that i never used to get the obsession people seemed to have with ASOS as i never really found anything that i'd be willing to pay the price for, however i feel like they're really upping their game and offering a really great collection. The great thing about ASOS is it's kind of like an online department store in that not only does it sell it's own brand, but many other popular brands too. For example: Ted Baker, American Apparel and more recently Monki & Primark. Sometimes prices can be a little high, but nothing extravagant if you don't want to spend all your cash. There's a huge difference between the highest and lowest prices, so if you only want to pay £20 or £120 there's something for everyone.

What i love most about ASOS is that they sell a lot of different things, quirky and pieces that you can't find anywhere else and i particularly like their Jumpsuits & Playsuits category, as well as their Shorts and Jackets. The one thing you do need to look out for with ASOS is the quality, sometimes the quality is great but others it can be a little sketchy, and not so great so watch out for that one.

Another go to of mine would be Topshop.com. The one thing i hate about Topshop is their prices,  because more often than not i'm not willing to pay the outrageous prices but they are improving. Really, the main reason i shop at Topshop is for their tall section. As many of you know, i'm quite a tall lady usually buying a 36" leg which is where i have a problem. Most regualar store collections only carry up to a 34" and often not even that, so i find it very difficult to buy jeans, shorts and often skirts and dresses. I haver long legs and a fairly long torso so often usual store collections come up obscenely short on me.

Again, the Tall section isn't exactly cheap but that's where i'm willing to spend a little more as i find it so hard to get clothes that fit and that i love. I have to admit that i've never bought anything that i've questioned the quality of, which is great when you're spending quite a lot of money. However, the sizing is ridiculous so i've had to learn how things generally fit to shop online - although sometimes even that doesn't translate. I've bought anything from a size 8 to a size 14 in here recently, so perhaps it's best to start off trying things on instore until you find what size you generally are.

Last is New Look. A lot of people knock New Look for being childish or rubbish quality, but actually you really can find some gems. Albeit sometimes you have to search through the graphic t-shirts and the embellished shorts but i've found some of my favourite pieces in here and for a great price. What i love most is the pricing here, the quality is never awful and the prices are half that of Topshop. You can also find designer inspired garments and even things on sale in Topshop for a third of the price. Honestly, i recommend you give it a look, you may be surprised.

I've found that the sizing is pretty regular and true to size, nothing is ridiculously short and everything is very on trend. I don't think it's fair that New Look has it's teenager image anymore. They have a great range for teenagers too, but if you're careful you can find some really great, fun pieces. I especially appreciate their tall section too and have found some great pieces in their for a great price.

There we are, where do you like to shop?


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  1. I love ASOS so much, it's the place I always go to first!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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