19 October 2013

AVON Cosmetics Haul

Avon Supershock Liquid Eyeshadow in Pink Reflects | Avon Glimmerstick Chromes Eyeliner in Burgundy Shock | Avon Colourtrend Non-Retractable Lipstick in Coral you Later

We've been receiving the Avon Catalogues through the post for goodness knows how long. I remember excitedly anticipating the next brochure, when i was still in school, to have a rustle through the pages and select a few products to eagerly await to be delivered three, or four, weeks later. That, to me, is the only downside to ordering through the Avon Catalogue. If you've never ordered from a catalogue before, then the procedure starts when you receive the book through your letterbox. You're then given anywhere from a few days to a week to decide on your order, depending on your Avon representative, and then all that's left to do is leave your catalogue outside your front door for you rep to come and collect. Then, in three or four weeks time your rep drops the next book through your door with your receipt and how much your order will cost, and then they'll back again anywhere from a few days to a week later to collect the catalogue and exchange for your order. Voila.

I haven't ordered anything for a very long time, as i think that Avon actually went through a stagnant period with their products. Nothing seemed new or exciting, and the prices were out of the question. However, more recently they've really upped their game and i highly recommend ordering a catalogue or ordering online.

I decided to start things small and just test out a couple of products, because sometimes the quality of Avon can be a little questionable but i'm pretty happy with the products i received.

Beginning with the one product that i'm not so thrilled with, the Avon Colourtrend Non-Retractable Lipstick in Coral you Later. This looked really appealing to me because i'm fully on the lip product stick bandwagon seeing as i love the Clinique Chubby Sticks. This one seemed like it could be a little more precise as the applicator is much smaller than many on the market, and i was right in thinking so. This is great for application, it's so easy to swipe on and easy to follow your lip line and get in the corners of you mouth which i often find difficult with fatter lip products. However, the formula is just awful. It's very, very dry and you can feel how dry it is even when you're applying. I suppose the plus point of this is it does stick around but i'm really not a dry lip product kind of gal and i really didn't like it. However, the colour is gorgeous. Exactly like it looks in the tube, a bright red toned coral.

The next two products i'm actually very happy with, and they look gorgeous together on the eyes. Firstly, the base. I'd heard about a new product not yet on the market from Rimmel called the Scandaleyes Shadow Paints and from what i've seen from them, they very similar and similarly packaged to these Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eyeshadows. I found the colour range of these to be great, including a fab gold, a bronze and some more colourful choices like a garnet, a teal and a gorgeous blue. I however, went for Pink Reflects as i thought that this would be a fab all over lid colour, which it did turn out to be. It's a beautiful, shimmery, silvery pink colour which is great for a base or just for an easy swipe of colour for day to day. I really do love this product, and i'll definitely be interested to try the Rimmel offerings now.

Last, but not least, is the Avon Glimmerstick Chromes Eyeliner in Burgundy Shock. I've been looking for a purple eyeliner for a while and i've actually got another one from Bourjois that's more of a bright purple that i love but this is gorgeous for going day to night or for a bit of colour when you're not feeling too brave. It's lovely and creamy, and applies like a dream. Honestly, there's little to say about this product. It's a great eyeliner, a lovely grey purple colour which a little shimmer. Just beautiful.



  1. I am really loving Avon & seem to buy a couple of things each month.
    The liquid eyeshadow you bought looks like a really pretty colour!

  2. That liquid eyeshadow looks SO stunning! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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